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 Holder Family Cemetery

The approach to the cemetery which is hidden in the trees.
Photo and the one below by Mary Urban , Summer 2001

The Large Tombstone below is a memorial to the Holder Family Cemetery
 is placed in the Georgetown Cemetery

View other side of stone
The graves were not moved from the Holder Cemetery. 

Please scroll down to see the cemetery census below 

Update-note & photos from Mary Urban -View Photograph of the Cemetery 2003
      The C. L. Holder stone was the only unbroken stone at that time, and it was not attached to a grave. Individual graves could not be identified at that time, except for the enclosed grave of Mrs. E. H. Giddens. No one knows who she is or why she is buried there.
     The property had passed out of the family and the wire fence surrounding it had been broken down enough over the years that cattle broke in to shelter under the trees, causing great damage to any stones that were there. There were known graves that did not have stones, but the inventory (from which we constructed the list to be engraved on the back of Bledsoe Holder?s new stone in the Georgetown Cemetery) was made in 1976 when there were still stones intact. Also knowledge of the other graves was conveyed by a couple of the older generation at that time. 
     Just recently I have discovered, in cooperative research with Ron Johnson whose wife descends from the Ridenour family, adding more members of the Ridenour Family to the list.
Holder Family Cemetery in Grayson Co. TX

Established  about 1875 on William Lawson Holder property just northeast of the intersection of the Preston Bend Road and Pottsboro Road, Highway 120, west of Denison, Texas in Grayson County.  Some of those buried there did not ever have stones.  Now the stones that were erected are broken and weathered.  There may be family members buried there that no one now living knows about, but the names and dates of those we do know about have been engraved on the back of a new headstone (view it above on this page)for their progenitor, Bledsoe Holder (1783-1861) erected April 2003 in the Georgetown Cemetery north of Pottsboro, Grayson County, Texas. 

Inventory of this family cemetery was in about 1975 by Frances Holder Arnold and Tom E. Arnold in consultation with Roy Rexford Holder and Julia Gabbert Lewis.  Additional comments and relationship notes, as well as more complete names added by Mary Urban of Provo, UT, a Holder descendant and researcher, public records and other sources as found.

Nancy Clementine Young Strait Crabtree   abt 1830 ~ abt 1905  [no stone]
[mother-in-law of Clinton Lafayette Holder]

Infant Son of Ed & Julia Holder Drennon (Death Cert. hard to read last name may be Drummon)
   7 Feb 1911 - 19 Feb 199. He was premature 

Clara Pauline Gabbert   22 Nov 1906 ~ 9 Apr 1912   [no stone]
[daughter of Paul B. Gabbert and Clara Josephine Holder]

Buried in this cemetery is an unrelated woman who had a nice stone:
Mrs. E. H. Giddens   12 Jan 1822 ~ 11 Mar 1891   'Wife, sister, mother' [She appears to be the Mrs. E. H. Giddens widow age 58 in the 1880 Red River Co. TX census.  Additional research shows her name to be Elizabeth Harriet Fuller Jacobs, the second wife of Richard F. Giddens of Red River Co. TX]

Clinton Lafayette Holder  18 Nov 1845 ~ 18 Jan 1897
[stone had only C. L. Holder 1845-1897]
[son of William Lawson Holder and Mary Looney]

Dennis Holder   28 Aug 1883 ~ 2 Mar 1900   [stone]
[son of Isaac Bledsoe Holder and Hattie E. Bilderback]

Harry Richard Holder   4 Mar 1881 ~ 11 Dec 1899   [no stone]
[son of Milton E. Holder and Rebekah J. Moreland]

Louis Holder   23 Nov 1899 ~ 6 Jun 1900
[stone said died June 6, 1900, age 6 mos, 13 days]
[son of Rufus Irving Holder and Iva Forisha]

Milton Evan Holder    15 Dec 1849 ~ 25 Aug 1933   [no stone]
[son of William Lawson Holder and Mary Looney]
and his wife Rebekah J. Moreland    1 Aug 1850 ~ 12 Apr 1902 [no stone]

Ruby Ruth Holder   13 Dec 1898 ~ 23 Jan 1899   [stone]
[dau of Charles Frederick Holder and Margarite Louise 'Maggie' Anderson]

William Jackson 'Jack' Holder  14 Jan 1849 ~ 12 Mar 1874
[this date on his old stone seems to be wrong, since we find him with his wife and children in the 1880 Grayson Co. TX census] [son of William Lawson Holder and Mary Looney]

William Lawson Holder   abt1821 ~ 23 Nov 1876 [no stone] [son of Bledsoe Holder and Elizabeth Stewart]
and his wife Mary Ann Looney Holder   19 Nov 1819 ~ 26 Nov 1876 [no stone]
[daughter of John Looney and Elizabeth Littleton]
[William L. Holder and Mary A. Looney married 16 Apr 1840 Polk Co. MO]

Infant of Henry H. Reeves and Julia May Holder
 [no stone and no dates known]

Mrs. Elizabeth Powers   Died in Oct of 1908   [no stone]

Earnest Albert Lloyd Ridenour born July 28, 1927 and died Dec 15, 1933.  6 year old son of Jeffie Ridenour and Pearl Reed

Mrs. Elizabeth Ridenour   8 May 1834 ~ 12 Oct 1908 [mother-in-law of Ellen Elizabeth Holder Ridenour]
(on back of her stone is the name of her daughter, Eliza J. Stevens listed below)

William Jefferson Ridenour born Mar 1852 MO (according to the 1900 census) and died 20 Oct 1920. [He was the husband of Viana Pearson who is buried in the Georgetown Cemetery, but apparently without a stone.]

Amanda L. 'Mandy' Looney    11 Mar 1875 ~ 19 Aug 1883   [stone]
[daughter of Burton Allen Looney and Elizabeth Ann Holder]

Clarence Looney   10 Oct 1875 ~ 2 May 1877   [stone]
[son of William C. Looney and Mary M. Fisher]

Elizabeth Ann 'Betsy' Holder Looney   11 Feb 1845 ~ 26 Dec 1889   [stone]
[daughter of William Lawson Holder and Mary Looney, and wife of Burton Allen Looney]

 Eliza J. Stevens   3 Jul 1865 ~ 8 Nov 1889 (who is on the back her mothers -' Mrs. Elizabeth Ridenour's' Stone)

Also reportedly buried in this cemetery are an unknown woman and her small child-
and several slaves.

from Mary Urban

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