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Morris Cemetery

by Melissa Williamson
The Cemetery in Winter 2001
Morris Cemetery
Located near the old Jameson Community on the East Prong of the Sister Grove Creek
near the intersection of Edwards Rd. & Strickland Rd.


The Cemetery in Summer 2008  taken by Dusty Williams



by Dusty Williams

Davis , Resina A. son of J.W.& S.A.
   3 June 1857-30 June 1868
Lively, Tom  1803-1869
Martin, Malira May  wife of Willia ?
  Feb.1837-19 Apr.1913
Morris, George G.  24 May 1817-18 July 1887
Morris, George William Infant Son of Thomas M.&
Morris, Lucinda 20 Oct.1858-19 Nov.1858
Morris, Hardy s. age 68 years 5 months 2 days
    ( b. 1784)   died 10 Aug.1853
Morris, Infant son of H.S.& Kate age 12 days
   d.29 Oct.1877
Morris, Infant son Of H.S.& Kate age 7 months 1
    Day  d.29 Mar.1879
Morris, Infant dau. of H.S.& Katharine R. Morris
    3 Apr.1887-Dec? 2 1889
Morris, Mary  2 Jan. 1816-17 Apr.1879 on stone with
Morris Tom M. 1837-1917
Randolph, Jemmimah Formerly wife of Thos' Miller
    11 Feb.1784-28 Sept.1854 67 yrs 2 mos 9 dys
Shaw, Dollie May 4 Dec.1882-19 July 1883
Shaw, Edith dau. of E.N.& V.M.
   12 Oct.1909-21 Mar.1910
Shaw, Lieuttia E. wife of N.B.
    25 Feb.1862-6 Nov.1889
Shaw, N.B.            31 Mar. 1853-2 Jan.1894
Simmons, F.M. son of J.A.    4 Apr.1859- ? Mar.1917
Taylor, B.M.              5 Apr.1855
Taylor, Charles S.     12 Jan. 1864-16 June 1889
Taylor, Frances M.    25 Nov.1868-18 Feb.1891
Taylor, Malinda May  Wife of Willis Martin Taylor
   3 Feb.1837 - 19 Apr. 1913
Taylor, Wesley L.       2 Aug.1856-4 Aug.1873
Taylor, Willis M.       10 Aug.1827-25 Jun.1889
Thompson, Andrew Jackson
   son of Samuel & Catherine 1837-1923
Thompson, Eliza
  wife of A.J.  29 Jan.1848-8 Jan. 1905
Thompson, Catherine
   dau. of A.J.& Eliza 4 Nov.1884-9 Nov.1884
Thompson, Charlie Son of A.J. & E.
     21 Dec.1871-12 Apr.1879
Thompson, Eliza wife of A.J.Thompson
   29 Jan.1848 -  8 Jan.1905
Thompson, James R.
   son of A.J.& Eliza 27 Apr.1888-21 Sept.1900
Thompson, Joseph W.
    son of A.J. & Eliza 30 Dec.1876-21 June 1897
Thompson, Samuel  L. 11 Nov.1882-23 Dec.1899
Webb, Jamima A. Spearman   wife of W.H.Webb
   3 Apr.1835-5 May 1875
Williams, Mollie E.       1860-1949
Williams, Walter W.     1855-1933
Williams, Inf. Winnie  no dates
Williams, Tom Nubern   1883-1944

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