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Lindsey Springs Cemetery
aka, Sears Chapel Cemetery / Doss Cemetery

      This Cemetery is located on a hill one mile east of Whitewright was used by the early settlers
    who lived near the Sears Chapel. It is located near Lindsey Springs and is mentioned first 
    under that name Some early obituaries.
    The Doss family owned land there and buried there later.  Originally a road was on the East 
    and the North Side of the cemetery. Today you can get there by following Grand street 
    eastward out of Whitewright and  after the large curve look for a drive to the west. It is now 
    behind a large workshop , the sign reads Push Pull Power on the gate. It is located behind the shop building. It is fenced but not tended, very full of poison ivy and snakes! Because of the copperheads there, early land owners put pigs in the cemetery to catch the snakes, they did quite a bit of damage to the tombstones.
  • Atkins, Jackson P. 24 Jan.1858-11 Dec.1862         son of J.G.& Pauline Atkins
  • Aldridge, Infant Son 1 Apr.1866-3 Apr.1866           child of W.W.& M.E.Aldridge
  • Aldridge, Margie A. 11 June 1861-26 Aug.1862 on same stone with Mary and infant son 
  • Aldridge, Mary P. 5 Mar.1863-20 July 1867             child of W.W.& M.E.Aldridge
  • Anderson, Evy Jane 7 Oct.1884-24 Nov.1885        dau. of D.C.& N.T.Anderson
  • Barbee, Claudie 3 Dec.1879-17 Aug.1880               son of J.C.& Addie Barbee
  • Barbee, Infant son of W.L.& Nanie A.Barbee         1 Sept.1870-6 Sept.1870
  • Barbee, J.C. 5 Apr.1839-17 Feb.1892                       husband of Addie Barbee
  • Barbee, John L. 11 Feb.1881-27 Feb.1881        infant son of W.L.& D.G.Barbee
  • Barbee, Joseph Dorris 24 Nov.1806-7 Mar.1868
  • Barbee, Nanie A. 17 Mar.1847-6 Sept.1870             wife of W.L.Barbee
  • Bryan, Martha 14 Dec.1834-10 May 1868                 wife of S.J.Bryan
  • Burnett, Esther 10 Dec.1818-5 Aug.1889                 wife of Moses Burnett
  • Crowell, Arrie Bell 6 Dec.1882-31 May 1917           wife of O.H.Crowell
  • Davis, Issac A.
  • Davis, Jane A. 15 Oct.1819-12 June 1889                wife of Issac
  • Davis, Robert L. 16 July 1859-31 Mar.1884
  • Dixon, John 20 Oct.1808-7 Nov.1871                       husb. of Susanna
  • Dixon, Susanna 14 Feb.1823-2 Mar.1899                 wife of J.H.Dixon
  • Dixon, William 4 Apr.1849-6 Mar.1868                      son of J.& S.Dixon
  • Dobson, B.B. 16 Oct.1816-21 Mar.1879                    born in Wilson co.Tennessee
  • Dodd, John W,  6 Jan.1881-26 Aug.1882                 son of T.J.& N.J.Dodd
  • Friend, Issac F. 6 Feb.1880 age 46 yrs
  • German, Zacheus 5 Mar.1789-13 Aug.1878             aged 89 yrs 5 mos 8 days
  • Griffin, Cora Alice 10 July 1881-14 Sept.1882
  • Hamilton, Edgar 20 Jan.1873-18 June 1874
  • Harding, Ambrose b. c1799-died after 1881   buried Sears Ceme., family rec's.  and obituary.
  • Harding, Amelia "Milly"      wife of Ambrose married Greene Co. Ky 12 Jan.1824
    •  b.c.1799-28 Dec.1886. buried Sears Ceme., family records and obit. (obit.-"Last survivor of the original colony" speaking of the Kentuckytown  colonization.  both are in unmarked graves.
  • Hayter, Irene no dates dau. of R.L.& L.M.Hayter
  • Hayter, Norine no dates dau. of R.L.& L.M.Hayter
  • Hedgpeth, J.M. 26 July 1851-6 June 1894
  • Hill, Didama 1 Dec.1821-1885
  • Hill, E.G. 3 Oct.1817-11 Feb.1883
  • Hill, Sara 2 Jan. 1852-21 Oct.1885
  • EMK foot marker (maybe a Kirkpatrick?)
  • Liston, Jesse Co.B.10th Illinois Cavalry  1847-1895
  • Lloyd, Gertie E. 5 June 1871-24 July 1876  same stone with Willie, children of J.& S.A.Lloyd
  • Lloyd, Willie E. 13 June 1869-18 July 1876      same stone with Gerty
  • Loveall, Alex. died age 73 obit.says       "Laid by the side of his wife who died 23 years ago." 
    • he died 16 Jan.1919. Born Dade Co.Mo.
  • Loveall, Leafy 18 Jan. 1895-6 Dec.1896             daughter of J.D.& Ida Loveall
  • Loveall, Sarah L.Hill 22 July 1847-8 Aug.1896   wife of Alex Loveall
  • Loveall, Stanley 12 Sept.1891-29 Oct.1892        son of J.D.& Ida Loveall
  • Maloch, ????    25 Sept.1846-12 Mar.1875         dau. of J.H.& W.J. Maloch
  • Maloch, Edward M. 9 Nov.1854-6 Jan.1874         son of J.H.& W.J.Maloch
  • Maloch, Thomas H. 19 Dec. 1857-17 Jan.1874
  • Medlen, A. husb. of M.C. b. 1827   no marker 
  • Medlen, James P. 14 Jan.1861-4 Oct.1863          son of A.& M.C.Medlen
  • Medlen, M.C. 29 Jan.1832-11 June 1895              wife of A.Medlen
  • Medlen, Thomas C. 22 Jan.1865-20 Sept.1873   son of A.& M.C.Medlen
  • Otwell, L.W. 21 Sept.1857-24 Apr.1881 aged 23 (he died on a visit to Tx. at the home of his
    • relatives;Mollie & Frank Sears)
  • Rea, M.M. 24 Oct.1811-13 Nov.1877 wife of Rev.J.W.Rea on same stone with  M.M.Smith
  • Reynolds, A.J. 22 Sept.1869-21 Aug.1882
  • Richardson, Kansas Hinton age 21, Sept.1877   first wife of John Thomas  Richardson. 
    • Mother of Rosa & Thomas J..(fam.rec.'s and J.W.Connolly rec,s) unmarked grave
  • Sanders, Infant son of J.C.& Jerome no dates
  • Sanders, Margaret McGreiger wife of ?
  • Sanders no dates is mentioned  in the Floy Hodge Book .as being here in this cemetery
  • Sears, Christopher C. 25 Feb.1804-20 July 1881       aged 77yrs 4 mos 23 days
  • Sears, Esca aged 6 mos 21 days                       son of F.& M.A.Sears
  • Sears, J.F. 26 May 1870-18 Jan.1890
  • Sears, Mary E. 13 Aug.1856-6 Dec.1857            dau. of J.H.& M.R.Sears
  • Sears, Milam H. 24 May 1872-26 Sept.1873       son of H.G.& I.M.C.
  • Sears, Nancy C. 31 Jan.1836-9 June 1853
  • Sears, Norah E. 15 Sept.1866-9 Oct.1876 dau. of H.G.& M.G.Sears
  • Sears, Robert Donnel  13 Jan.1834-24 Nov.1860      son of C.& M.Sears
  • Sherrell, Craven Bennett 9 apr.1864-21 Dec.1884
  • Sherrell, John Wesley 6 June 1873-9 Jan.1894
  • Sherrell, Sarah Josie 30 Dec.1866-4 Feb.1885
  • Sherrell, Sydia born dead 14 Feb. 1883          twin to Lydia
  • Sherrell, William Jackson 3 Oct.1837-10 Jan.1888
  • Shotwell, Allie E. 25 Sept.1846-12 Mar.1875    wife of C.H.Shotwell  dau. ofJ.H.& W.J.Maloch
  • Skipworth, Bone 1 Mar.1850-28 June 1904,(Info from his death cert. shows it is A.B.Skipworth)
  • Skipworth, Esther J. 28 Mar.1880-29 Oct.1881        dau. of J.M.& N.J.Skipworth
  • Skipworth, Everett B. 28 May 1885-13 Aug.1885
  • Skipworth, Infant Son b & d 26 Jan.1892                  son of A.B.& M.A.Skipworth
  • Skipworth, James M. 25 Oct.1871-15 Aug.1894       son of A.B .& Martha Skipworth
  • Skipworth, Jessie S. 18 Oct.1881-9 Nov.1881          son of J.M.& N.J.Skipworth
  • Skipworth, Johnnie V.17 Mar.1877-22 Apr.1882       son of B.F.& F.Skipworth
  • Skipworth, Joseph M. 1 Apr.1880-18 June 1892       son of J.M.& N.J.Skipworth
  • Skipworth, Nancy J. 22 Jan.1844-18 Sept.1897        wife of J.M.Skipworth
  • Skipworth, Thomas 16 June 1888-31 Mar.1889        son of B.F.& F.Skipworth
  • Smith, Etter L. 26 Feb.1876-22 Apr.1877                   dau. of E.C.& A.Smith
  • Smith, J.H. 9 July 1827-23 Nov.1908
  • Smith, J.R. 26 Oct.1856-11 Apr.1901
  • Smith, M.A. b.2 Aug. 1831-ndd
  • Smith, M.M. 26 May 1860-25 July 1877                   dau. of J.H.& E.Smith
  • Stapp, A.W.  aged 53 yrs.3 mos. 27 days died 1877.He was a Mason  (an the Bonham 
    • News May 25,1877 says George W.Stapp age 52 bur. Sears Chapel. He died at his home and received Masonic burial)
  • Stephens, Alice  1 Feb.1881-30 Nov.1899              wife of F.B.Stephens
  • Touchstone, J.A.  19 June 1812-4 Jan.1877
  • Vestal, Baby of S.J.& Dorah Vestal b & d 16 June 1883
  • Vestal, David T. 1824-1864  appears in some records. Brother of John T.Vestal
  • Vestal, John T. 18 June 1818-8 Dec.1869
  • Vestal, Mary A. 4 Apr.1864-6 Sept.1879                dau. of J.T.& M.C.Vestal
  • Vestal, Miriam Catherine Tate 9 Jan.1824-14 July 1909  info- death rec. & family records.
  • Vestal, Zada 14 Mar.1881-2 Aug.1881                  dau. of S.J.& Dorah Vestal
  • Wall, James H. 29 July 1855-29 Sept.1867          son of L.C.& E.Wall
  • Wilson, B.P. died 3 Oct.1880
  • Womack, Eliza Maybell 14 Feb.1876-7 Nov.1877 dau. of J.H.& M.R.Womack
  • Womack, Infant of J.H.& M.R.Womack b & d 15 Nov.1885
  • Womack, M.R.  3 Oct.1851-28 Sept.1888
  • Wyrick, S.L. 17 Sept.1873-11 May 1892 Son of R.M. Wyrick


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