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Vaden Cemetery and County Farm Cemetery
They are side by side and also were called the
Pecan Grove Cemetery 
Pleasant Home Cemetery
Alms House Cemetery

This is an annotated list and copyrighted.
Photographs are from Dusty Williams unless otherwise accredited, 
Census by Elaine Nall Bay, other info found in newspaper accounts, personal knowlege accounts and death certificates.
A NOTE ABOUT RESIDENCY; Many of the death certificates used to reconstruct this cemetery data had a 'length of time" someone had been at this address and some had a length of time they had just lived in the town or county. Most of the time this was not filled in on a certificate. 

The cemetery sits on about 4 acres of fenced-in area at the end of Shady Oaks Circle. There are very few marked graves and the great majority are pauper graves. 

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 33.66146, Longitude: -96.64809


More about the County Farm
The Vaden Family cemetery existed first; and then the land sold to the County for a Poor Farm and cemetery. 
Many unmarked Graves

Abbott, Calvin15 June 1910Black age 85 more or less
this negro man brought to county farm in an incorrigible condition
Adams, Infant24 June 1942
111 N. Lincoln, Sherman
24 June 1942
111 N. Lincoln, Sherman
s/o Ola Belle Adams (b Texas)
Informant : Henry McFadden of 111 N. Lincoln, Sherman
Adams, Bill186615 Jul 1936
Wilson N. Jones, Sherman
Whitesingle, retired farmer
"Non - Resident-Sherman, Texas, Rural Rt. 2
Cause of death : stomach cancer
Adams, Luella   30 Sep 1929Black about 70 years old
Cause of death : chronic nephritis, myocarditis, senile dementia
lived here 32 yrs.
Anderson, Charlie  10 May 1882  (Pilot Grove, Grayson Co., Texas)16 Jun 1943Blacksingle
Cause of death : cerebral hemorrhage
Anderson  Ed 25 Jul 1948 Whiteage 82
Cause of death : cerebral hemorrhage & arteriosclorotic heart disease
Anderson, Infant 28 Aug 197128 Aug 1971d/o Florestine Anderson
Anderson, William M.3 Mar 1881 (TX)13 Jun 1951
Pauls Rest Home, Denison
(lived there 3 yrs)
Cause of death : cirrhosis of liver
Andrews, Rice M.b Tennessee25 Aug 1943
Wilson N. Jones Hospita
Whiteage 68
Cause of death :
pneumonia and carcinoma of the liver
A.R. Andrews (b KY) & Miss Daniel
Informant: M.E. Andrews, Sherman
Anger, Frank 8 Sep 1919Whiteage 65 yrs
had lived here for 10 month
Cause of death :
Arnold, Minnie  12 Jul 1869 (Falls Co., Texas)9 Aug 1968Coloredformer resicence : Ennis, Ellis Co., Texas
Arnold, W. T.b Kentucky 31 May 1936
Wilson N. Jones, Sherman
Whiteage abt 50 yrs
h/o Mary Arnold
Cause of death :
pneumonia and pellegra
Arrington, Turner19058 Oct 1938Whitesingle
s/o John W. & Della Arrington
lived near Sherman
Cause of death :
died  instantly after being run over by a T& P RR train, 1 mile east of town
Badgett, Willie15 Aug 190310 May 1960
Madonna Hospital
Blacks/o Will & Delia Badgett
Residence :
210 E. Parnell, Denison
Occupation : yard work
Cause of death : peritonitis
Informant : Anna Mae Badgett
Baker, Mr.1 Sep 1916Whiteage 72 yrs.
Occupation : shoemaker
Cause of death : pellagra
Bannon, Ed24 May 1912 ("America" age 40
Occupation : railroad brakeman
Cause of death : heart disease
Bass, Infant 29 Jul 1932 29 Jul 1932
St. Vincent's Sanitarium, Sherman
d/o Leo Bass & May Hutchins 
Residence : Edgewood, Van Zandt Co., Texas
Cause of death : premature
Beeman  Lillian B  23 Aug 1919Nov 1978
Beverly, James R. 3 Aug 1928Whiteage abt 18
Cause of death : multiple fractures of the pelvis
Dallas Morning News
Highway Accident Fatal, Sherman, Tx, Aug. 4 - James Richard Beverly, 18, giving his home as Toronto, Canada, died in a hospital here Friday night following injuries received Thursday night on the road near Van Alstyne.
Bishop  George  William 23 Jun 1924  (TN)2 Jun 1970 (Wichita Falls, Texas)s/o J. W. Bishop & Nannie Wilson
Black, James b Iowa5 Jan 1916
(County Farm)
age 56 yrs.
Cause of death : liver trouble
Black, Mattie  1858 (Texas)21 Aug 1932 
528 E. Magnolia)
d/o Ed (b Dallas) & Mary Bush
w/o Tom Black
Residence : 528 E. Magnolia
Occupation : laundress
Cause of death : pellegra
Informant : John Black
Blair, W. C. 25 Jun 1921Whiteage about 75 yrs
Cause of death : paralysis
Bly, Caudie D. (Claudie)14 May1892
(middle Tennessee)
23 Mar 1972
Shady Oaks Nursing Home)
d/o Randolph Bly & Clementine Haker
Cause of death : acute mycocardial infarction & arteriosclerotic heart disease & other complications
nephew : Bob Honeycutt
Bly, Lige186620 Feb 1938WhiteResidence : County Farm
Cause of death : diabetes & pellagra
Boddy, Infant1 Mar 1934 (311 N. Willer)2 Mar 1934 (311 N. Willer)s/o Silas Wright (b Sherman) & Allie Boddy (b Sherman)
Cause of death : hemmorhage disease of new born (hemmorhage from mouth, nose & stomach)
Bonham, Jim 1 Jun 1880 (Texas)18 Oct 1949 (Paul's Rest Home, Denison)Black widowed
Residence : Bryan, Brazos Co., Texas
Cause of death : cerebral hemorrhage
Borden, Jessie 2 Jan 1917Whiteage 65 yrs
Cause of death : infirmaties of old age
Bowers, WilliamAug 1899young man
Arrested as a vagrant in a box car and was sent to the chain gang
Cause of death : typhoid fever
Bowman, C. P.  20 May 1935
County Farm Home)
Whiteage 86
Residence :
County Farm Home
Cause of death : nephritis
Brisco, Bobby Ray 10 May 196111 May 1961Blacks/o Annie L. Brisco
Cause of death : premature
Bradley, Arthur Junior  20 Jun 1883 (Texas)2 Jul 1951 (Paul's Rest Home, Denison)Black s/o Arthur Bradley
Residence : 508 Eddie Ave., Quanah, Texas
Cause of death : congestive heart failure & arterial hypertension
Bradshaw, Louis  29 May 1918 age 105 yrs
Cause of death : senility & asthama
Residence : County Farm for 3 mos. & 8 days
Brawley, George18 Feb 1929Whiteage 64 yrs.
Cause of death : lobar pneumonia
Brinkley, Craft 7 Jun 1918Blackwidower
Residence : County for 5 days
Cause of death : paralysis
Brooden, Alf 16 Jan 1909Blackage 65 yrs
Cause of death : paralysis
Brown, G. W.23 Dec 187127 Jul 1911Whitemarried
Cause of death : smallpox
Brown, James   11 Apr 1916Blackwidower
Residence : County Farm for 2 mos & 12 days
Cause of death : dropsy, Brights disease & laryngitis
Brown, Jenniee  7 Dec 1923
(Sherman Hospital)
BlackCause of death : ruptured gall bladder
Buffington, Infant7 Sep 19348 Sep 1934
Wilson N. Jones Hospital, Sherman)
s/o C.D. Buffington (b Oklahoma) & Velma Bryant (b Oklahoma)

 son       - , died at Wilson N. Jones Hospital in Sherman.
, both born in Okla. Died of prematurity and detached placenta. 
They lived in Sherman at 1428 N. Cleveland St. 

Burke, Dr. George H.             14 Jan 1855 - 14 Mar 1937, he lived and died at 220 1/2 W. Houston St., Sherman.  Died of influenza and senility. He was born in Boston, Mass. and was White. 

Button, Mary Elizabeth    Died 7 Jan 1926 aged abt 50. She lived at 920 Branch St., Sherman for unknown yrs. She was White, a widow, born in Kansas and died of congestion of the lungs. 

Byers, Charlie              Died 28 Feb 1941 of arterioclerotic heart disease and cerebral hemorrhage. He was Black and widowed and aged about 87 yrs. 

Callahan, Bonnie        Born about 1902 - 29 May 1927  She was born in Dallas, Tx. and was Black. Daughter of John & Adeline Benjamin Callahan. 

Calven, Dave              Died 3 Jun 1925 at the County Jail. Age was abt 60 yrs old. He was Black and no other personal info. The dr. did not know the reason for death but guessed it was heart disease.

Cannon, Ed                  Died 24 May 1912, age 40, White, died of heart disease.

Carroll, Callie             Died 12 Oct 1932, had lived here for 3 yrs. She was about 70 years old, a widow and White. Causes of death ; hemiphlegia rt. bronco pneumonia, hypostatic, senility, gen. arterisclerosis.

Castenina, Mr.            He was Mexican and had lived in the County Home 13 yrs. He died 1 Jul 1936, age abt 85 yrs.  He died of senility. No other info.

Childs, Nancy             Died 27 Nov 1925, She was Black  and about 70 yrs old. Death was not known, the dr. suspected arteriosclerosis. She had lived here for 12 yrs.

Chrisman, J.L.           1849 - 16 May 1928. Born in Mo. Died of chronic nephritis and myocarditis. White and widowed , he lived on the County Farm. 

Chrisman, Sam E.           1869- 21 Jan 1937, he was White and single and lived on the County Farm. He died of general paralysis.

Clark, G. F.                Died 12 Feb 1919 of Paralysis. He was about 40 years old. He was Black and had been at the County Farm for 3 dys. 

Clegg Infant                   B & D 16 Sep 1973 ,Daughter of W. R. & Linda Phillips Clegg. She was born & died in Sherman. 

Clendening, John      Died 5 Dec 1925 age abt 65. He was White and he had been here 11 mos. He died of arteriosclerosis.

Cole, Mary               Died 2 Oct 1925, she was about 75 years old and died of cancer. She was an Indian and a widow. She had lived here for 45 years.

Colley, Frank            Died 28 Jun 1921 of diabetes. He was about 75 yrs old and Black and single. 

Collier, William B.       1844 - 28 Oct 1923 age 73 He was White and widowed.

Collins, Rodger Dale        1 Jul 1958 - 2 Jul 1958, Son of Charles Collins & Nelmar Ruth Body (Boddie), he was premature. 

Conger, Ruby Ruth      23 Aug 1906 - 28 Nov 1955, White, married lived and died at the County Farm. She was born in Kansas , dau. of O.R. & Grace Handy Willingham. She died of cancer of the face and a brain abcess.

Connely, Scott              1847-4 Mar 1912, He was Black and died of cardiac dropsey.

Cooper, L. Charles        Died 27 Nov 1915, age 60 yrs. He was a fisherman, and white. Nothing else known, died and buried at the county farm.

Cordette, Charles         Sherman Daily Register, 8 Feb 1887. Charles Cordette was a consumptive who lived in the Alms house a long time and was buried there.

Crawford, Willie Jr.          1 Jun 1913 -  26 Jan 1968, He was born in Louisiana and lived in Denison. Listed as "Colored"

Crockett, Mack        7 Nov 1892 - 17 Aug 1951, he was Black, divorced and lived in Pauls' Rest Home in Denison. His usual residence was in Marlin, Falls Co., Tx. He was born in Tx., son of Elie Crockett and Parilee Williams. Informant was Lonzo Crockett. He died of unknown natural causes.

Cronin, James          Died 11 Jun 1943, age abt 73 yrs. He was single, White and died of Chronic Nephritis.
He was a resident of the County Home.

Curry, Young           Died 31 Jan 1949 approx. age 75, he was Black , a resident of the County Farm and single. The  He died of senility, the informant was Oscar Mask.. 

Daniels, Lonnie        Died 5 Apr 1949 age abt 81. He was an inmate of the County Farm, White, single. No cause of death.

Davis, Darrell W.                         9 Jun 1904 -  3 Dec 1977

Davis, Ida                  15 jun 1885 - 1 Nov 1955, died and buried the same day, she was Black, widowed and had lived last in the Haven Rest Home in Denison. She was widowed and born in Texas, parents not noted. She died of acute colitis.

Davis, Jim                1851 - 2 Dec 1924. He had been a Horseshoer. He was White and married and had lived here for 8 yrs.

Dawson, Jess           Died 13 Jan 1936 abt 80 yrs old. He had been a woodcutter. He was White. He had lived in the here for 2 yrs and died of pellagra and senility.

Demory, W. H.          Died 7 Jan 1939 age abt 69. He died at St. Vincent Hospital in Sherman. He was a resident of Fort Madison, Iowa. He was White and died of pneumonia, having been in the hospital from Jan 1st till he died. No other info about him. 

Devaull, Dick (Devault?)  1 Jan 1870 - 15 Jan 1950, he was Black , widowed and died of heart disease. He had been a patient of Pauls Rest Home in Denison, his regaular address is 303 E. Brockett, Sherman. He was born in Texas, father unknown, mother was Mandy South? Soulthu?
Informant was Rev. W. A. McGruder.

Dixon, Henry             Died 29 Sep 1915, age about 25. He was Black, single, had been a cook and died of tuberculosis.

Douglas, Levi  ( has two death certs!)     Died 15 Feb 1927 age abt 60, White, he was an inmate and cook at the County Farm and had been living here for years. He died of chronic nephritis.
On the second certificate it says he is a Negro and his casue of death was pneumonia and acute nephritis as the secondary cause.

Dunham, Henry J.         Died 5 Mar 1918 age 66, he was White, born in Texas and single. He died of Nephritis. He had lived here for 5 months.

Eldridge, Elizabeth         Died Sep 1897, Inmated of the Asylum, died of blood poisioning. 

Elkins, Rachel Elizabeth "Betsey"           1840 - 9 Jan 1932 age abt 92, she was White and single. Died of senility, and senile dementia. She became a resident of the County Farm home 1 Oct 1926. 

Ellis, Robert                                   1 Mar 1890  -  27 Feb 1971

Enright, E. T.                            Died 7 Sep 1927 age 73, White, died of diabetes mellitus and gangrene of the right forearm. He had been on the County Farm for two days.

Ferguson, Frazin                 Died 14 Feb 1909, White, female, died of heart failure, age 74 yrs.

Fetters, Fred G.                22 Sep 1878 - died about 1 Sep 1959 , his information came from his personal effects. He was White and died in the 400 block E. Spring Str. in Sherman. he died of natural causes, malnutrition and senility.

Finklea, Ed.                        1865 - 20 Feb 1934  He was born in Wood Co, Tx. He had been in Sherman, 11 yrs, 9 mos, 8 dys. He was White and widowed had worked as a farm hand at one place since"10-22-22"(precinct 1). He died of a cerebral embolus and sarcoma of wrist.

Fisher, Adam            Died 17 Aug 1940 age 55 'according to employer'. He was Black, and a farmhand near Tioga and died of pulmonary tuberculosis.  Informant was Ben F.Baily of Tioga.

Franklin, W. W.     (Harry)       1900 - 18 Dec 1979

Franks, Ermine                  26 Oct 1901 - 27 Aug 1939, she was Black, single and died of gunshot wounds NW of Gunter. She was born in Texas, the informant was Beatrice Lauder of Gunter. She died "at a Negro party, pistol shots, shot through chest".

Freeman, Mrs. Martha     Died 28 Aug 1916 age 64. She was White and born in Grayson Co.. She died of pelagra and insanity.

Freels, John ( could be Fuels)   Died 9 Mar 1924, abt 71 yrs old, White, died of paralysis after being at the farm 12 days.

Friend, Frank                    1870 - 31 Aug 1935, died of Pellagra. He had been a farmer and was White. He  had lived at the home for three months. 

Fuentes, Angel                Born and Died 1 Nov 1950 at Wilson N. Jones Hosp.   He was from Kennedy, Karnes Co., Tx. , son of Elutorio & Victoria Valdez Fuentes, both born in Tx. He died of a congenital heart disease. He lived six hours.

Gallaway, Bob                  Died 21 Sep 1920 age about 75 yrs old. He was single and White. He died of Brights Disease.

Garrett, Infant dau. of Carolas & Mattie Mills Garrett of Dorchester. Born and died 18 Oct 1932. She was premature.

Gand, (Gard?) 'Mr.' David    Died 21 Aug 1923 age 76, He was White and widowed. He died of dropsy. 

Gandy, Mrs.                    Died 3 May 1924 age about 85. She was widowed and White. She died of diabetes and had lived at the farm for 6 yrs and 6mos.

Gaylor, Ray                     1912 - 28 Jan 1937, he was White, unemployed and was born in Denver, Colorado. "Stuck by auto-mobile while walking on highway" "Killed by hit & run driver" Hwy 6  (forerunner of hwy 75)-  3 1/2 miles N. of Sherman.

Goodwin, W. C.               Died 10 Oct 1930 of Pellegra , age 65 yrs. he was White.
No other info. He was in the Poor Farm for two months prior to dying. He was buried the same day.

Ham, John                       Died 23 Aug 1929, age abt 68, Black, he had been at the County Farm for 8 dys. Died of hypertrophic prostatitis & nitrogen retention. He had been seen by the dr. from Aug. 16. No other info.

Hammond, Kattie (infant) 30 Jan 1926 - 30 Jan 1926. She was Black and born in Grayson Co.,Tx. 
Daughter of Jesse Hammond (born in Ok.) and Kattie Jones (born in Texas). She was born dead, dr states that she died of toxins absorbed from mother's womb.

Hancock, Jennie Mrs.           1 May 1871 - 3 Apr 1941 , she had lived in the County Farm for 8 years. She was White and widowed. She was born in Kentucky and died of a cerebral hemorrhage; fracture of left shoulder and arterio-sclerosis.

Harber, Dan              Died 9 Dec 1908 of heart failure, he was Black and 70 yrs old. 

Hardee, L. E.             Died abt 11 Sep 1933. He was a traveling salesman and murdered by G.H. McCoy, North of Howe, near highway. He was white. Death Cert. says he was L.D. Hardee, age abt 40. Insecticide salesman.

Hall, J.A.                    1860 - 20 Jan 1923 (Male/ White/ Single)

Hard, Lillian              Died 26 Oct 1926 age 15. She lived near Gunter and was Black. Her father was Rufus H. Hood  and she was born in Yoakum, Texas. She died of typhoid fever.

Harrington, T. J.       Died 10 Mar 1920 age abt 60 yrs. He was White. He died in St. Vincents' Sanitarium in Sherman, his residence was unknown. He died of Dropsy of the heart.

Harris, E. W.             Died 14 Sep 1929, age about 80 yrs. He had lived here for 10 yrs. He died of prostate cancer and was treated by dr. from Oct 1927 till death. He was White and married. 

Hartzell, Delilah               Died 24 Dec 1928, age 73, birthdate not filled out. She died of chronic nephritis. Artierosclerosis. She had been here for 5 yrs. 

Henry, W. C.         Died 16 Apr 1926 age abt 75, he died of diabetes ( five years duration). He was White.

Hester, J. L. (or I.L.)    Died 2 Sep 1927 age 64 yrs. He lived near Whitesboro and died of myocarditis-aricular fibrillation.  He had been there for 7 dys.

Hite, Etta               13 Oct 1858 -  17 Apr 1931, She was Whtie and single ;died of myocarditis & chronic nephritis.

Holder, J.B.            Died 11 Feb 1918  He was White and widowed, aged 55. He died of Brights Disease.

Holley, W. D.       Died 7 Nov 1933, born in Alabama, 72 yrs old. Says in residence slot; Pottsboro, Tx. but says "had lived at the County Home for some time" He was White but no other info:"unable to locate anyone who could give information" He died of senility, generalized arterio-slerosis.

Hood, Lillian          Died 26 Oct 1926, age 15, she was Black and single and lived near Gunter, Tx. She died in St. Vincents Sanitarium in Sherman of typhoid fever and had been born in Yoakum , Tx.
Her father was Rufus H. Hood. ( Her father also died see below)

Hood, Rufus ( The death cert. doesn't state that he is buried here, it only reads 'Sherman', it is possible he is not, but he is likely buried here also. The county farm address is 'Sherman'). he was born 18, Oct 1898 - 18 Oct 1926 of typhoid fever and the informant was likely his wife, "Leatha Hood of Gunter ,Tx"

Hoover, Infant son of Margaret Hoover. Born and died in Wilson N. Jones hospital. 12 May 1937 - 13 May 1937. Premature. Father not declared. Margaret Hoover was born in Oklahoma.

Hopkins, L. W. ( originally listed on death cert as 'Unknown negro', they discovered who he was afterward and scribble it above the unknown negro.) Died near the Lamar St. Crossing , H&TC Yards. He died 25 Aug 1926 abt age 35. He was found on a lumber siding. White Lumber Co. He was found dead, no cause given. He resided in Tenaba, Tex. 

Hopper, M. F.                   Died 10 Mar 1932, age abt 72. He was born in Tennessee and  had been at the county home 21 dys. and died in Wilson N. Jones Hospital of myocarditis & hypostatic pneumonia. 

Horton, Shapleigh S "Shap"         He lived in Muskogee, Oklahoma and died of heat prostration  29 Jul 1935 while working in a field. He was born 14 Mar 1869 in Missouri. He was the son of John Horton b. SC, and Mrs. Tuttle b. Mo. He was White and divorced.

Hounfusis, Claud                 Died 19 Dec 1910 age 23 of Typhoid Fever and Heart Failure, He was White no other info. (I have searched for info on this surname and the nearest spelling I can find to it is the probably misspelled name is : Hausafus)

Hubbard, Lila                       Died 27 Mar 1916, She was a widow and Black. Her age was not known but she died of "Infirmities of Old Age" across the top of the form it says "a crazy woman"

Hughes, George                   died 9 May 1930 in a riot in Sherman, buried unmarked. Age 41. Death Cert. doesn't have his date of birth. Cause of Death : Suffocation in Vault at Court House.

Hyman, Jim                 Died 22 Jan 1926 age 53, He was White, single. He had living here for 15 yrs and died of endocarditius which he had suffered from for 10 yrs.

Jackson, Norman       Died 19 Sep 1947, age abt 72. He lived and died at 502 N. Branch St. in Sherman. He was single and died of cardiac failure and senility. Sherman Meeks of the same address signed as informant. He did not know any personal family info.

James, Henry             Died 25 Feb 1922 age 58, he was Black and died of paralysis.

Jenkins, Tilda             Died 5 Jan 1916 age 75, She was Black

Johnson, Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Johnson of Sherman. 11 Jun 1939 - 13 Jun 1939, died at Wilson N. Jones Hospital in Sherman. He was White, died because he was premature / detached placenta. Father - Virgil Johnson born in Tx. Mother- Estelle Bradberry born in Ok. 

Johnson, Archie           23 Mar 1928 , abt age 45, Black and married. He died at Mercy Hospital in Denison.  Died of tuburculosis and lowered resistance. He was born at Killgore, Lived???

Johnson, Ella              Died 7 Sep 1928 age about 48, She was Black and died of intestinal cancer. She had been at the Poor Farm for 14 dys.

Johnson, Frank          Died 1 Feb 1918 age 58, He was Black

Johnson, Mrs. Lula     12 Dec 1877 - 12 Mar 1938. She lived and died at her home , 111 N. Lincoln St. in Sherman.  She was Black, divorced and died of syphilis and malnutrition. Her birthplace was listed as Columbus, Miss. but no parent info. , informant was Ruby McFadden of the same address.

Jones, Andrew            1 Jul 1865 - 16 Jul 1939. He died of arteriosclerosis, generalized. 
He was White, born in Tennessee and had lived here for 5 yrs. 

Jones, John V.             25 May 1912, age 74 yrs. He was White and died of cancer of the bladder.

Jones, R. A.                  Died 26 Oct 1929 age abt 76, He was White and single and died of chronic nephritis, prostatitis and myocarditis He had lived here for 12 yrs. 

Jordon, Henry      Died 26 Jun 1909, age 60 yrs, Black, died from exhaustion due to neuritis. 

Jordan, Tony                 Died 16 Jan 1940 age abt 68 yrs. He was Black, widowed and lived in Gunter. Under informant it read "no one to give information". Cause of death from natural causes, heart attack. An inquest was held on Jan 17th.

Kelley, Charley            Died 4 Aug 1918 of a Broken Jaw. No age or date of birth given. He was seen by the dr. from June 30 to 4 Aug and had been living on the County Farm for 2 mos and 4 dys . He was widowed and Black. 

Kennedy, J. E.                 Died 2 May 1931, age abt 65, White, died Hypertrophic prostitus & uremia. He had had an operation. 

Kirk, James                    ---           ----  CO.  A, 106th  Illinois Infantry.

Knott, William H.                10 Mar 1878 - 25 Apr 1956. he was White, single and born in Kansas City, Kansas and was a carpenter. He died of heart disease and diabetes.

Lacy, Ira D.                        15 Sep 1862 - 26 Feb 1935. He was White and widowed and died of senility and influenza. He was born in Melissa , Tx. and was a resident of the County Farm at the time of his death. 

Lair, James                     Born in Okla. died 2 Jul 1912 age 30.

Laster, Charley              Died 7 Jul 1919, age 55  of Paralysis. He was White and single. He was born in Tenn. He had been at the County Farm for 7 months, before that he had lived at Howe. 

Lee, Mrs. L.J.                Died 23 Oct 1915 age 63 , she was widowed and White. 

Lester, Charles               Died 23 Jul 1931 of myocarditis and senility. He had been a butcher and was widowed and White. He had lived at the County Farm for 3 mos and 26 dys. He was 83 yrs old and had been in the US for 60 yrs. He was born in England, his father was Charles Lester b. Eng. It says he came to the home on 28 Apr 1931. 

Lollis, James                         Died 31 Oct 1932 age abt 65 yrs. He lived in the Preston Bend area. Died at 400 West Houston in Sherman. He was 'insane'. Died of chronic cardiovascular vessel disease. Written at the top of the cert. is "non resident".

Lovell, Grover Adlee             3 Sep 1890-7 Sep 1951, son of Andrew Jackson Lovell and Manervia Hall both born in Mo.  Grover was born in Denison, Tx.  and died of a cerebrall hemmorhage. He was White and widowed and lived in the County Farm Home.

Lynch,  Harvey                Died 7 Feb 1930 age 36. He had lived in this area for 18 years. he died of "aortites-lentic", congestive heart failure and lues.'. He was Black and single.

Mallory, A.R.                   1859 - 4 Mar 1912. He was White.

Mapes, Clifford K.                       28 Oct 1908 - 28 May 1973

Marker, Sam                                 Died 22 Oct 1929 age abt 93, he was White and married. He died of congestive heart failure. 

Marrow, James ( Or W.T. Marrow) Died at Van Alstyne and identified by papers in his pocket. He was a Black man and abt 50 yrs old, died 10:30 PM, 11 Mar 1936. No other info except that he had a paper in his pocket that was a payroll from the Federal Court in Topeka, Kan 10/21/35 to James Marrow, 1222 E. 18 St. Kan. Cty.... Note; ?T. Marrow, 217 N E 1st St. Okla. City, Okla.) 
He has two death certs. one is heavily covered with this written across it: This is a case of this negro that was hit by a truck in the highway. The driver stopped called an ambulance and a deputy  who took the statement of the driver and his reipent?? The negro died and was buried in potters' field. The dept. was not find?? - any reply was to hand in for the information. That closes our case. 
Then it is signed : was present when this statement was taken. A. F. Thompson.
His name on this second certificate is "James Farrow (or W.T. Marrow) . apparently he had only the paper in his pocket and nothing else to tell who he was, they sent a letter to the address but received no answer; he might not have even been the man on the paper.

Martin, Sarah                 20 Dec 1842 - 9 Mar 1922, She was White and a widow, born in Tenn. She died of pneumonia. Her father was Samuel Moulder and mother - 'Gester.'

McAlister, Raymond Wenner     24 Nov 1891- 20 Jun 1974
He was born in Holden, Kansas. 

McElroy, William W.          21 Mar 1845 - 7 Jul 1927  Died at St. Vincent Sanitarium in Sherman, he lived in Denison. He was White and he was a retired Minister, born in Ga. Son of W.W. McElroy and Mary McCarthy (McCarthey)

McGee, Jeff Davis         Died 24 Jan 1937 age 66, died of sequence of hemiplegia (A palsy that affects one side only of the body) date of onset 1935; he was a farm laborer, Black and widowed. He lived in RR 3 Sherman Post Office (not on the County Farm)

McHargue, Baby Son          Born & died 4 Oct 1930. Premature 4 mos. Born & Died at 900 Wells' Ave. , Sherman. Under residence it says Tioga. He was White,  father ? McHargue, Mother- Margaret Smith. Informant was Mrs. Smith , 211 E. Lamar St, Sherman.

McKay, C.C.                     1891 - 12 Oct 1934. He lived in this area intire life. He was a mechanic in auto work, White, single and died of paralysis general and syphilis. No other info .

McKee, Willie                   14 Apr 1898 - 28 Jun 1931, lived and died at William & Pecan St's , Sherman. He was Black, single, a laborer and died of endocarditis. He was born in Texas, son of Phillip McKee born also in Texas, mother name is not recorded. Informant was Emma Washington.

McKinley, William          died age 56yrs, 14 Oct 1915, family not known. He was white , buried on the County Farm. 

McKinney, Bob              8 Jun 1888 - 30 Oct 1934 He was born in Texas, son of Tom McKinney & Hattie Sadler. He was Black, single, worked as a laborer and found dead at his home , 934 N. East St., Sherman. He had heart failure and tuberculosis. Informant was Jainey Houston of Sherman.

McKinney, Less Kwet      19 Jun 1863 - 27 Mar 1950  He was the son of Joe & Mary McKinney. He was Black, widowed and had lived and died in the rear of 1624 S. Branch St. , Sherman. He had been a cook and farm hand. The informant was Verna Southern. He died of natural causes and sinility. 

McKinney, Lucile      20 May 1916 - 7 Sep 1927. She was Black and a widow and lived 2 and a half miles S. of Gunter. She was born in Wolfe City, Tex. Dau. of Frank Wood & Mary Jane Bowie. Her mother was also born in Wolfe City. She died of appendicitis and general peritonitis.

McMillin, J. O.            Died 19 Nov 1917, age "60 apparently". He was White and died of natural causes, an inquest had been held. 

Meador, Jennie(or Jimmie)  Died 14 Feb 1921, she was White and a widow. Died of general toxemia   and senility, she was seen by a dr. from Feb 1st till death, no other info.

Miller, unknown        Died 9 Apr 1926, Male, White , Widowed. He was at the County Farm for a month, died of apoplexy.  It does note that he was born in Tenn. 

Miller, Dave                   Died 26 Jun 1931, he was Black, 31 yrs old and lived in New Boston, Texas. He was killed by a freight train on the MK& T RR, 2 miles West of Whitesboro. 

Miller, Emily K.                              1880- 11 May 1979

Miller, Mrs. J. C.        Died 11 Jan 1930. She had lived in this area for 30 yrs. She was White and about 75 yrs old. She died of pulmonary tuberculosis. She had been born in Indiana. Dau. of Flink Handy also born in Indiana, no mother listed. 

Miller, J. H.                 Died 4 Dec 1926 age 65. He was White and died of  probable coronary thrombosis, he had lived in the there for 3 yrs and 6 mos.

Milroy (Milnoy?), Mr. Pat (or Post) died 22 Jan 1937, age 86 at St. Vincent Sanitarium, Sherman. He was White and single. Died of Senile paralysis. He was a resident of the County Farm.

Mitchell, Barney              Died 26 May 1945, age unknown, he died after five days in the Denison City Hospital of bronchopneumonia and arteriosclerotic heart disease. He was a resident of Denison.

Mitchell, Kate               Died 6 Nov 1919, 50 yrs old. She was Black and a widow and died of diabetes.  No other info filled in.

Moffett, Phylis              Died 8 Jun 1919, age not noted. She was Black and a widow. She was attended by a doctor from April until her death in June. She was an invalid and cause of death was paralysis.

Moppins, Henry  15 May 1850 - 11 Mar 1938, lived and died at 517 E. King St., Sherman.
He was Black and a widower. He was born in Missouri, son of Fountain Moppins and died of blood poisoning. He has an attached amendment to his death cert. "Dear Doctor; on the certificate for Death of Henry Moppins, 3-11-1938, Grayson Co. certain information is necessary to complete or correct the record. Please answer the following questions and sign your name below. What was the primary blood poisoning? (answer is hand written in) "Laceration of left foot and later infection" and is signed by Dr. Samuel Goodson of Sherman.

Morgan, Walter           12 Oct 1890 - 4 May 1910. He was white, single, b. in Ind. Terr. , son of Henry Morgan b. in Ark and American Lee, b. in Mo. He died of pneumonia and is listed as being buried in the Pleasant Home Cemetery ( same as the Vaden, County Farm Cemetery )

Murphy, Dennis            1862 - 18 Oct 1935, Died of Parkinson's Disease & paralysis. He was White. 

Neal, John                     1 Mar 1868 - 19 Oct 1950 Born in Jackson, Mississippi.

Newman, John Martin             1877 - 30 Mar 1937, he lived at the County Farm. He was White and single and died of heart failure and acute indigestion. No other info except he had lived in the Sherman area for 58 yrs.

Newton,  James M.       12 Oct 1839 - 24 Jul 1929, He was White and widowed and died of Myocarditis & senile dementia. He had lived on the Poor Farm for 12 yrs. He was born in Kentucky to Samuel Newton who was born in Virginia. Mothers info not filled out.

Nichols, John Matthew                   Died 4 May 1932, he was White, divorced and  78 yrs old. He died of Myocarditis and Chronic Nephritis and edema. He was born in Texas. 

Owens, Mrs.                  Died 1 Feb 1924, age not noted. She died after 4 yrs of treatment for a broken hip and senility. 

Parker, William Franklin   17 Jan 1860 - 16 Jun 1938, he was White and a former farmer, he was born in Grayson Co , Texas, son of James Parker (born in Tennessee) and Mary Jane Thorp (born in Missouri).
He died of senility and gastro enteritis. Informant was Joe Parker. He was buried on the "Pecan Grove" side of the cemetery.

Parks, Walter L.             2 Jan 1863 - 2 Nov 1939 4:30 am, he was born in Tennessee and White. He died of apoplexy with hemplegia?

Patterson, J. P.              27 Dec 1945 - 29 Dec 1945, he lived at 202 N. Rusk, Sherman  and died in Wilson N. Jones Hosp. Sherman. He was Black, son of Thomas Patterson and Ora Lee Fisher, both born in Tx.  He died of a hemmorhage of 2 days. Ira Lee Patterson was the informant.

Patterson, William F.    21 Jane 1856- 3 Feb 1940, died of Chronic Myocarditis and arteriosclerosis. He was White and had lived on the County Farm. T. J. Patterson of Sadler was the informant.

Perry, Doc                      Died 27 Sep 1925, age about 65 yrs. (died in the County Jail) He had encocarditis and Senile dementia. He had been a farmer. He was White and had been at the Jail for 14dys.

Phink, Kate D                1 Jan 1847 - 24 Mar 1877

Pickens, Houston             Died in the county jail, 18 Dec 1908 of heart failure and TB. he was Black. 

Pierce, George                  Died 18 Dec 1942, age 79, he died of senile dementia and renal disease, he was White. He was a resident at the County Farm.

Pierce, Mary                      Died 9 Dec 1909, she was Black and 28 yrs old. She died of inanition.

Pillow, Bill  (William A.)               5 Feb 1866 - 23 Jul 1939 He died of Cardiac deficiency and chronic myocarditis. He was White.
(his wife Emma Pillow is buried in West Hill Cemetery, she died in 1968) 

Puryear, Infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Puryear "Father & Mother's home is 1700 S. 3rd, Austin, Texas." She died at Wilson N. Jones Hospital in Sherman. She was White and born 1 Oct 1934 - died 6 Oct 1934. She was premature. Father- Geo. Puryear  Mother- Mildred Johnson Puryear, both born in Tx.

Rath, J. H.                        1846 - 4 Feb 1928 , he had been there for four years, was White and married. He died of myocarditis and chronic nephritis. He had been a miner.

Razo, Natividad           Died 4 Oct 1918 , 18 years old, married, she worked as a cotton picker. Died 7 miles south of Sherman, near the Akers Church ( near where Akers Cemetery is today.) Pablo Morabes was the informant. She was at this place for 7 days, and lived in Mexico before that. Father-Blas Razo, born in Mex. mother Cecario Hernandez b. Mex. She died of pneumonia. (She died right in the early stages of the 1918 flu epedemic. )

Read, Amos                  Died 27 Jul 1918 age not noted. He was Black and widowed. He died of dysentery and it appears he had lived at the County Farm for 16 yrs, 2mos, 8dys.

Reed, G. W.                  Died age 76 on 3 Juy 1926, he was married and White and was born in Iowa. He had lived here for 6 yrs.

Reed, Tom                     Died 15 Jan 1898, 6ft tall, 165 lbs, red mustache. He died at a boarding house in Sherman and buried here. He came herer from East Tex. Nothing more is known of him, he took a vial of morphine pills.

Reyce, Twin infants of May N. Reyce    18 Sep 1978

Reynolds, Curtis E.       12 Aug 1892 - 3 Jul 1959  (Son of J.D. Reynolds)

Rice, Samuel Hayden             6 Jul 1886 - 4 Mar 1936. Resident of Whitesboro RFD #4, died at St. Vincent's Sanitarium in Sherman. He had been in the hospital for 20 days. He was White, single, a farmer and born in Oklahoma , son of Ples Henderson Rice. He died of pulmonary tuberculosis and arteriosclerosis. 
C.C. Morgan was the informant of RFD #4 Whitesboro.

Richardson, Infant Dau. of Annie Bell Richardson  12 Feb 1929-14 Feb 1929
She was Black and born and died at 809 N. Montgomery, Sherman. She died of malnutrition and ??? of heart. Her mother is listed as being born in Dangerfield, Tx. Her father - Marshall Peterson. Her burial was not until Feb. 18th.

Riggs, John                   Died 31 Mar 1886, he lived on E. Houston St. in Sherman and died of pneumonia.

Ritchardson, Joe L.        Died 31 Jul 1915, age 61. He was White and a widower. Died of softening of the brain.

Robbins, Joe                  5 Mar 1874 - 3 Jun 1951, he was Black, a widower, and he died at Paul's Rest Home in Denison came there from Wharton, Tx. He died of uremia.

Robert(s?), John               7 Mar 1883 - 23 Apr 1939. He was Black, single and lived and died at 1018 N. Broughton St., Sherman.  He died of apoplexy cerebral and hypertension. He was born in Bosque Co., Tx.
Informant -Lottie M. Everett.

Rodriguez, Frank G.         Died 1 Jul 1930, age abt 35. Born Mexico. He had been in Wilson N. Jones Hospital for  3 dys. His residence was in Kemp. Ok., he had an intestinal obstruction and an operation.

Ross, Horace                1881 - 17 Jul 1931  Son of Al & Tilda Andrews Ross, he was Black and single and born in Grayson Co..  Died of wounds received from wreck of auto truck, 6 mi. SW of Sherman.

Ross, Matthew             10 Nov 1849 - 5 Feb 1921, He was white and a widower. Son of Bob Ross.

Rosson, Miss Sarah Ellen        10 Jan 1879 - 24 Sep 1939. White, single, born in Tennessee. She was a resident of the County Farm. Died of cancer of the left breast with metastasis and senility.

Ruddell, Ida (Mrs.)                      1875 - 20 Mar 1943, she was living on Rural Route 2 in Sherman for 4 yrs. She was widowed and White. She died of apoplexy and arteriosclerosis, generalized.

Runnells, J. K.             Died 3 May 1923, age 70, he lived at the County Farm for 2 mos. and was White and died of apoplexy.

Saddler, George                        Died 17 Apr 1928, age abt 62, Black and divorced. lived at 205 E. Owens St, Denison. He was a laborer and died of natural causes. Informant was Newt Estels. 

Sadler, Hanson (or Hamson)     Died 2 Sep 1921 age 70, was Black, marriage data not known. He died of pulmonary tuberculosis. He had no doctor and came to the farm for one day.

Sheffield, Theodore                   1902 - 1973

Sheppard, Alvin                        Died 6 Aug 1937 , age abt 64, died of endocarditis; cessation of heart. Lived and died at 930 E. Mulberry, Sherman, Tx. Informant was Mrs. Pinky Brooks.

Sherman, Ben                           Died 14 Nov 1924, age 69. He was White and had been a coal miner. He died of endocarditis.

Shero, Infant Dau. of Don & Myrtle Mullins Shero. Born & Died 18 Feb 1931.  They lived at 1120 East Epstein in Sherman.

Shillman, Isaac                         Died 19 Aug 1931, age 81 yrs of myocarditis & senility. He was born in Fannin Co., Tx. He was a resident of the County Farm , 13 yrs.

Shinpaugh, Hugh              Feb 18, 1881 (AR) - 6 April 1965 (Denison, TX)

Shinpaugh, Luke                    26 June 1885 (AR) - 27 July 1964 (Grayson Co., TX)

Short, Tom                                Born in England, died 28 Aug 1912, age 66. He was White.

Simmons  Viva (or Vena)    Died at the died at the County Farm and buried there 26 Nov 1915. 
  She was black and nothing else known about her. 

Skillman, Isaac              died 9 August 1931

Smith, Chas. W.                        Died 30 July 1912 age 65, he was White and Single. 

Smith, Earl                                 7 Oct 1891 - 25 May 1943 He was Black & single and lived on N. East Street in Sherman, he died in Wilson N Jones hospital of bronchial pneumonia and pulmonary tuberculosis. 

Smith, J. Y.                              Died 13 Jul 1910, cancer of the pancreas. He was male/ White and son of F.S.S. & Julia Miller Smith.

Smith, John                               4 Mar 1864 - 10 Sep 1937, lived and died at 329 W. Tennessee St., Sherman, Tx. He had been there three months. He was white and single, born in Ala.  and died of myocarditis. He was the janitor at the Dorchester School. 

Spilker, Mrs. Pearl                   Died 11 Feb 1920, abt 30 yrs old. White , married, farmer's wife. She died of pneumonia due to influenza.

Stanley, Aron                            Died 6 Apr 1926 age 55 or 60. He died at Mercy Hospital in Denison.
He was a laborer, Black and died of apoplexy.

Stephens, J. C.                         18 Sep 1903 - 5 Oct 1934, his residence was 620 N. Zunis, Tulsa, Oklahoma. He died at Wilson N. Jones Hospital of general paralysis and lunacy. He was Black, single, a laborer.  He was born in Texas, son of W. R. Stephens and Lillian McCoy (both born in Texas).

Stokes, George

Stratton, Lyhue Washington         30 Oct 1849 - 9 Aug 1940, He was White, a widower, born in Tennessee, and lived and died in Tom Bean. He died of natural causes and the informant was G. B. Turner of Sherman.

Stringer, Son of Mary Stringer, age 3 days. 8 Mar 1935 - 11 Mar 1935. He was premature, father not noted,  mother- Mary McKeehan (Stringer) ,informant was J.H. McKeehan. He was born and died at Wilson N. Jones hospital in Sherman.

Studdy, Charley          1922 - 29 Nov 1978 (He came here from Wharton, Tx.)

Tabor, Bill  (could be Tolar)   Died 3 Mar 1947, Age 70, he was a resident of the County Farm and died in Wilson N. Jones Hosp. of senility and carcinoma. He was single and White.

Tate, Ida                          Died 26 Dec 1908 age 35 yrs. White, she died of brights' disease.

Taylor, John                    Died 2 Dec 1928, age not noted, Black, married died of aortic regurgitation and syphillis at Mercy Hosptial in Denison. No other personal info. 

Thompson, Clarsey         Died 27 Feb 1930 age 67 yrs. She was Black and died of Chronic Nephritus and arteriosclerosis. 

Thompson, Mrs. Florence            Died  7 May 1830 age 37 yrs. Born in Texas , she died in Denison of unterine cancer, she had lived in Mineola (where the disease had been discovered three yrs before) and she worked as a cook. She was Black.  Her mother is not listed but her father is Lollmann Farney it is hard to read- it could be Lorllman Forney.

Throckmorton, Ed                        Died 18 Dec 1908, age about 60, he was White, and had lived at Van Alstyne before coming to the County Farm. He died of heart failure.

Tillman, James W.  (Bud)             1862 ? - 24 May 1936 He was a retired labor, White and married.  He died of toxemia of prostatitis. (*this is often caused by poisoning by a metal, often working with nickle)

Unknown - Sherman Daily Register, 12 Apr 1886 edition. "Old Uncle Frank" aged Negro, lived at the Alms House for ten years died and was buried there. He had been blind for years. No other identifying info for him.

Unknown - Sherman Daily Register 14 Apr 1886, Chase, and old man who has been an invalid at the hospital department of the Poor Farm, died and was buried there yesterday afternoon.

'Unknown -Negro Man', Killed by Texas Pacific Train in Sherman, 5 Dec 1915. No other info.

Unknown- infant, sex is unknown. This baby was found dead 6 Apr 1922, 2mi. East of Pottsboro. Unknown parents.

Unknown -Negro, about 40 died 7 May 1924 - 2 mi. North of Sherman. Male. 
"Killed by train *118 Frisco - Engineer Ruppert and Conductor  and ???, 2 miles north of Sherman. Body turned over to Negro Undertakers A.J. Monday Denison Tx, ?? county Judge game me order to get body on 5/10/24. There was no inquest held, was Black negro about 5ft 10 in tall, 160#, left arm broke between shoulder and elbow- right leg broken (halfway? between knee and ankle & head ?????..........bruised and scarred all over. Had had not means of identification at all except (I can't read the rest of that sentence. I suspect it says he was wearing ... "neck with string". (something tied around his neck.) Investigated by ? G. Berkley examiner Ft. Worth,Tx."

Unknown -White man. T.P. R.R. between Whitesboro & Sadler, age abt 26. Died 22 Oct 1930. "Body badly mangle by train. Found about three hours after death.""probably due to accidental fall from freight"
Newspaper-"Unidentified Man Buried, Sherman, Tex. Oct 24-Burial was made Friday of the unidentified man who was found dead on the Texas & Pacific tracks east of Whitesboro Wednesday afternoon. Although a great number of men viewed the body no one was able to identify the man other than A.P.Gunter, who said the man was one whom he met in a local restaurant Monday night. He could not recall his name." Dallas Morning News, 25 Oct 1930.

"Unidentified Colored man , found on railroad track about one mile south - west of Whitesboro, Texas."
Found- 23 February 1936 age abt 70 yrs.  Run over by RR train, no witness - accident. Talley's funeral home took care of him. He was buried same day.

Unidentified Male infant, found in disposal plant in S. Sherman. He was White.  Found 1 Aug 1936, they put that date and date of death (and it would be of the birth) 30 Jul 1936. 
In the cause of death part of the certificate : premature baby, found in sewer .lat?  disposal plant , Sherman, Texas, cause of death unknown. There is a second death cert. all the same info but " This was a baby found on grates of sewer system at disposal place, Sherman, Tex.".

Unidentified Male Infant, Found 10 Dec 1937. He was White and born about 7 Dec 1937. Listed as premature. "Found in sewer at sewer disposal plant 2 miles south of Sherman, Tex."

Unidentified Female Baby found near Sherman, White, born & died abt 5 Jan 1938, head cuttoff found later. no info on who she might be. 

Unknown man found in an oat field, suicide abt 28 Jun 1940. Carbolic acid taken internally. He was interred here 2 July 1940. No race or other info known.

Unknown - Infant boy, White, murdered, found in a well 29 Aug 1941 on the M. Orenduff Farm, 1 and 1/2 miles east of Sherman.

Unknown - Infant boy, White, premature, born probably 22 Apr 1946 - found in sewer , City of Sherman, on 23 Apr 1946.

Vaden Family Plot~photograph by Tony Held

Vaden, Elizabeth                   18 Oct 1843  - 22 Jun 1858

Vaden, Elizabeth Rusk Jackson   14  Apr 1813  - 4  Sep 1875
Daughter of William and Frances Rusk Jackson 
Born in Rome, Tenn. and Married James Harding Vaden 1 Dec 1831

Infant Son Vaden, son of W.W. & Harriett L. Vaden - Died 30 Apr 1862

Vaden, James Harding                 24 Sep 1808 - 10 Dec 1870
 Son of William and Hanna Jones Vaden. Wed Elizabeth Jackson 1 Dec 1831

Vaden,  Lee  H                              11 Mar 1891 -19  Nov 1892
   Son of H. L. and E. E. Vaden

Vaden,  Willis                                 ---           1862  Colored

Vanderpool, John C.                    1902 -  19 May 1979

Wadkins, Geo.                        Died 16 May 1927 age abt 86, he was White and died of carcinoma of the face. 

Walker, Jackson                     Died 18 Oct 1886 of a 'bowel complaint', he was 71 yrs old and said he had been a veteran  of the 'War of 45'. He received no pension and had lived for many years in the Almshouse. Info from the Sherman Daily Democrat.

Wallace, Albert                             Died 16 Dec 1921, he ws abt 65 years old and Black. He died of Cancer of the upper jaw and was seen by a dr. for three months, no other info. 

Wallace, Odessa                      1900-  7 May 1979

Walls, Lucile                                  Born & Died 1 Jan 1931 St. Vincents Sanitarium , Sherman. She was  the daughter of H.V. & Maudie Neil Walls (both born in Arkansas) She died because of a detached placenta. 

Walters, Lunies (Louis?)              13 Jul 1868 - 15 Jan 1947, he was White, a widow, he lived on rural route #2, Sherman.  He died of a cerebral hemorrhage (4 dys) and arterio sclerotic heart disease.
He was born in Ark. Informant was Hermon Guson of Sherman. 

Watson, Nollie       He lived here more than 20 yrs and was single. He died 3 Jul 1944 of an infection. He was black.

Weaver, Eva                                1896 -  1977

Weaver, Infant Son - born & died 20 Apr 1924, Son of Mr. W. M. & Bertha Henager Weaver of 500 S. Pearl St., Dallas. The baby was born and died at St. Vincent's Sanitarium in Sherman. I am unable to read the cause of death

Webb, Sallie                                1877 - 10 Aug 1927, she was widowed and Black and died of dementia.
Her death cert. says she was in an "institution for safety for past 3 wks and died not have (sic) any special treatments" She had been ill 6 months. 

West, John                   Died 7 Apr 1941 age abt 67. Died of cerebral hemorrhage and arteriosclerotic heart disease. He was White and a resident here for 11 years.

West, W. I.                    1856 - 12 Nov 1936, he was White and widowed.  He lived at the County Farm, having lived here for 4 yrs. He was a retired operator of a repair shoe shop. He died of lobar pneumonia and senility. 

Whipp, J. W.               1 Apr 1854 - 11 Jan 1931, he was White and single , born in Liberty, Kentucky and had been in the County Farm 14 days. He lived in Van Alstyne before that. 
He was the son of Fielding & Mary Jane Rigney Whipp, both born in Ky. He died of hypostolic pneumonia & congestive heart failure and abdominal absess?

White, Morgan             Died 9 Mar 1922, age 72. Died of brights' disease. He had been attended by a dr. from Dec 1 till he died. (The place of burial is not filled in but the residents that died were almost always buried there. Especially the elderly ones.)

Wiggins, (Infant boy found in a well 1 Dec, 1918) born 26 Nov 1918. Son of Cora Wiggins & Jno. Smith. This all happened 3 mi. East of Howe.

Williams, Bill                       Died 27 Apr 1927 age abt. 75, he was Black, a widower and born in Jefferson, Tex. He died of natural causes and had no physician. He was a farmer and lived at 719 E. Mulberry, Sherman. 

Williams, Bill                      Died 20 May 1924 age about 60, born in Texas, he was White, He had been an mechanic & worked in electrical. He died of paralysis.He had been at the farm for 2 months.

Williams, Henry                Died 27 Apr 1941 age "about 76 I guess" , he was Black and widowed and died of arteriosclerotic heart disease, chronic glomerulo nephritis, senile dementia. 

Williams, James                Died 17 Aug 1923 age 68. He was White and widowed.  He died of paralysis.

Williams, James A.           1877 - 28 Oct 1934  He was White and widowed. Died of cancer of the stomach and had been in dr.'s care since Oct 1st. 

Williams, Mose               Died 6 Apr 1948, Age 80 yrs. He was Black and single and lived and died at 419 E. Wilson St. in Sherman. He died of arteriosclerosis and heart disease, cerebro vascular accident.
No personal info.

Williams, Oze                    Died 30 Jan 1917 age 11. He was White and the description of how he died is "deformed   ..lied" 

Williams, S.                    Died 27 Apr 1913 age 82. He was Black and died of heart failure. 

Willis, Jeo (typo on cert.) (Joe)                        Died 17 Dec 1954 age aprox. 70, and was White and widowed, born in Ky.. Son of J. G. & Parindine Geere Willis, both of Ky. He died of cerebral hemorrhge, and had had a previous stroke.

Willis, John F.                 27 Mar 1837 - 31 Jan 1921 at 5 pm, He was born in Cass Co., Georgia. Son of John Willis and E. Davis. He was married and White. he died of 'hiccoughs' from general weakness and disability and old age. Treated two years for  that condition.

Willson, Noble                 15 Jun 1916-26 Jul 1916 Died of Congestion. He was White and the son of W.J. Willson b. Missouri and Mary A. Frederick born in Missouri.

Wilson, John H.               6 Feb 1875- 6 Feb 1940  Born in Tennessee. He was White, single and died of Chronic myocardial disease and coronary disease, generalized arterioslcerosis.

Wilson, William Layfett  26 May 1885 - 22 Dec 1952, He died in Denison, but lived in Tioga. he was white, never married, farmer, born in NC. Father -Sam Wilson Mother- Mary A.Ball
he died of congestive heart failure, generalized arteriosclerosis and diabetes mellitus.

Winton, Crawford H.          1868 - 5 Apr 1938, he was White and died of epilepsy. 

Wood, Ben C                  25 Dec 1849 8 July 1935

Wood, Mathe (Nathe?)    died 9 Nov 1923 age not on the document. He was Black and single and died of nephritis.  The Dr. states that he atteneded him 'several months'.

Woods, John                     Died 16 Sep 1921, age 47, he was White and married, He was in this area for 21 dys. He died of heat exhaustion.

Woody, Belle                     17 Jun 1858 - 1 Apr 1933 , she was White, widowed, born in Calloway Co., Mo. and had been here for 10 mos., she died of senility and generalized arterio-sclerosis. 

Workman, Frank              Died 12 Aug 1832, age 74. He had lived in the County Farm for 20 months. He was White and widowed. He had been in the restaurant business. He died of epilepsy. He was born in Jefferson City, Missouri. 

Wund, George                 Died 11 Jul 1946, age 80 yrs. He was White, a resident of the County Farm and died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Younger, George              Died 11 Mar 1944, he was born abt 1859. He was Black and single and died in Gunter of chronic myocardial insufficiency and chronic arterio sclerosis, generalized. 


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