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Potter - Prim


POTTER Henry A West Hill
POTTER Henry Floyd West Hill
POTTER Henry Vittitoe
POTTER J A Oakwood/Denison
POTTER J L West Hill
POTTER James Frank West Hill
POTTER Lillie Muncrief CedarLawn
POTTER Margaret T West Hill
POTTER Martha E West Hill
POTTER Martha T Batsell
POTTER Mary Fogle West Hill
POTTER Mary L West Hill
POTTER Nellie Lee West Hill
POTTER Neva Mae Kaar  CedarLawn
POTTER Ollie E West Hill
POTTER Oscar J West Hill
POTTER Robert Dewey Fairview
POTTER Ruth Irene West Hill
POTTER S P West Hill
POTTER S W West Hill
POTTER Thurman J Georgetown
POTTER W M Oakwood/Denison
POTTERFIELD Armanda T West Hill
POTTS Almarine Oakwood/Denison
POTTS Andrew West Hill
POTTS Annah Emogene Shoemaker  Fairview
POTTS Betty L Fees  CedarLawn
POTTS Bob Georgetown
POTTS Calvin C CedarLawn
POTTS Clara Miller Fairview
POTTS David Haswell CedarLawn
POTTS Edd West Hill
POTTS Emma West Hill
POTTS Ernestine CedarLawn
POTTS Esther Louise Carrupt  Fairview
POTTS Eva Magnolia
POTTS Florence Strehorn Fairview
POTTS Forrest C Fairview
POTTS Fronia T Georgetown
POTTS G B II  Oakwood/Denison
POTTS Geraldine Skipper CedarLawn
POTTS Geromie Ashford Vittitoe
POTTS Grady L CedarLawn
POTTS J M West Hill
POTTS James A Georgetown
POTTS James W West Hill
POTTS John C West Hill
POTTS Lenton L L  Fairview
POTTS Lenton L Sr  Fairview
POTTS Leona H Fairview
POTTS Lillie West Hill
POTTS Louisa E West Hill
POTTS Mark Polk West Hill
POTTS Mary Arnspiger West Hill
POTTS Mary E Woolaver  CedarLawn
POTTS Mary Malinda Woodman's Circle
POTTS Mary Georgetown
POTTS Omega CedarLawn
POTTS Pat Fairview
POTTS Pauline Polk West Hill
POTTS Pauline Talley Fairview
POTTS Pearl Lou West Hill
POTTS Ramona Gail Fairview
POTTS Randall Oakwood/Denison
POTTS Roy Lee Jr  Magnolia
POTTS Roy M Oakwood/Denison
POTTS Sam E [Ed]  Fairview
POTTS Sarah Thompson Georgetown
POTTS Scott B Fairview
POTTS Steve CedarLawn
POTTS Terry Clifford Fairview
POTTS Thelma Fairview
POTTS Theodore Fairview
POTTS Virgie West Hill
POTTS W J Georgetown
POTTS W Scott Fairview
POTTS Walter Edward Sr  Magnolia
POTTS Will Fairview
POTTS William Edgar Whiteaker
POTTS Williams Ray CedarLawn
POTTS Willie Fairview
POTTS Willie Magnolia
POTTS Zenobia Allen CedarLawn
POUARD Doris May Magnolia
POUGH A J Oakwood/Denison
POUGH Cora Mae Whiterock
POUGH Elmo Oakwood/Denison
POUGH Jewell Delon Fairview
POUGH Ogretor N Oakwood/Denison
POUGH Roma Ruth Fairview
POUGH Tommie Lou Oakwood/Denison
POUGH William Oakwood/Denison
POUGH Willie Magnolia
POULTER Carrie Wright Fairview
POULTER Earl Fairview
POULTER Fred S Fairview
POULTER Pauline Era Fairview
POULTER Roy C Fairview
POULTER Roy Lee Fairview
POWELL Adine Hoover Kershiner  Fairview
POWELL Albert Fairview
POWELL Alton R CedarLawn
POWELL Berta L [Patsy] Cox Fairview
POWELL Beulah Lee NewPilotGrove
POWELL C W West Hill
POWELL Carl Jr Preston Bend
POWELL Dolores H OakWood/Whitesboro
POWELL Dora Nell Coffman-Layne
POWELL Dorthy Dell Oakhill
POWELL Edward Francis West Hill
POWELL Edward Lee Bethlehem Sadler
POWELL Elsie Gladys CedarLawn
POWELL Elvira W West Hill
POWELL Embra Joyce Bradshaw  Hall
POWELL Emma D Oakhill
POWELL Eunice Hall
POWELL Evelyn CedarLawn
POWELL Fannie M West Hill
POWELL Feltra VanAlstyne
POWELL Foy Proctor CedarLawn
POWELL Frances West Hill
POWELL Fred L Fairview
POWELL Geneva Ann Wilson  Bethlehem Sadler
POWELL Georgia Lee Hazewood Worley CedarLawn
POWELL Gladys Good CedarLawn
POWELL Granny Cannon
POWELL Horace C CedarLawn
POWELL Howard Lee Fairview
POWELL Imogene VanAlstyne
POWELL J W West Hill
POWELL Jennie Jo Cromer  VanAlstyne
POWELL Jerry M Fairview
POWELL Jerry Wade Cannon
POWELL Jessie Victor Coffman-Layne
POWELL John W CedarLawn
POWELL Joseph Dowdy Cannon
POWELL Karen Elaine Cornelison  Holloway
POWELL Katie Hutcherson West Hill
POWELL Lillard L CedarLawn
POWELL Lillie Dell Gunter
POWELL Lillie Mae Cannon
POWELL Louise M Fairview
POWELL Lucille H West Hill
POWELL M C Fairview
POWELL M C VanAlstyne
POWELL Mable Weaver CedarLawn
POWELL Mac Oakhill
POWELL Margaret J West Hill
POWELL Mattie Lavata Green  Fairview
POWELL Mildred L Fairview
POWELL Minnie Lee Cannon
POWELL Nellie M Cannon
POWELL Nettie Dickson Cannon
POWELL O J West Hill
POWELL O'Dell Charles Oakhill
POWELL Orien West Hill
POWELL Paul H Fairview
POWELL Raymond E West Hill
POWELL Runelle Jared CedarLawn
POWELL Simmons Oakhill
POWELL Sterling F OakWood/Whitesboro
POWELL Timothy Lynn VanAlstyne
POWELL Vada Victoria VanAlstyne
POWELL Vinson CedarLawn
POWELL W D [Dub]  Hall
POWELL Walter D CedarLawn
POWELL William Dow NewPilotGrove
POWELL William F Oakhill
POWELL William Rex CedarLawn
POWELL William W West Hill
POWELL Woodrow W VanAlstyne
POWELSON Katie L West Hill
POWER Mattie G NewPilotGrove
POWERS Bessie Lee Mouer  Fairview
POWERS C A [Blackie]  Fairview
POWERS Donald Lee [Infant]  Ethel
POWERS Doris Marie B Thrasher Fairview
POWERS Eunice J Ethel
POWERS Evelyn Udelle Perdue  West Hill
POWERS Fannie Kentuckytown
POWERS George Edward Fairview
POWERS George Hall
POWERS Hattie May Potts  Oakwood/Denison
POWERS Helen Hall
POWERS Hosea Myles Fairview
POWERS Iva Pierce Oakwood/Denison
POWERS John OakWood/Whitesboro
POWERS Mary Laoma Oakwood/Denison
POWERS Mary O VanAlstyne
POWERS May Lee Oakwood/Denison
POWERS Neal B [Ted]  Oakwood/Denison
POWERS Neal Vance Oakwood/Denison
POWERS Oma West Hill
POWERS Roy Bert Dixie
POWERS Susan F OakWood/Whitesboro
POWERS Virgil L Ethel
POYNOR Kenneth Truman CedarLawn
POYNOR Wanda Wendt CedarLawn
POYNTER Lewis A West Hill
POYNTER Robert C West Hill
PRATER Alvah Crawford Fairview
PRATER D Morris OakWood/Whitesboro
PRATER Della Fairview
PRATER Euless Henry Tioga
PRATER Grorge Lovick Fairview
PRATER John Jefferson Fairview
PRATER Katie D Tioga
PRATER Margaret Jane Simpson  Fairview
PRATER Martha J Adcock  OakWood/Whitesboro
PRATER Nancy Katherine Fairview
PRATER William Franklin Fairview
PRATHER Bernice West Hill
PRATHER Don Max CedarLawn
PRATHER Edith L Fairview
PRATHER Emma V Graham  West Hill
PRATHER Geraldine Babcock CedarLawn
PRATHER Imogene L VanAlstyne
PRATHER J A Oakwood/Denison
PRATHER James Vance Fairview
PRATHER John Armstrong II  Fairview
PRATHER Matilda Oakwood/Denison
PRATHER Mattie Melissa Spradling  Fairview
PRATHER Ray Earl Fairview
PRATHER Savan Oakwood/Denison
PRATHER Suda Captolia Bingham  Fairview
PRATHER Susan VanAlstyne
PRATHER Wayne D Fairview
PRATHER William Ernest Fairview
PRATHER William Henry West Hill
PRATOR Alger P Preston Bend
PRATOR Bertha Preston Bend
PRATOR Delila J Poet  Friendship
PRATOR Ira J Friendship
PRATOR James L Friendship
PRATT Adelaide St Mary's
PRATT Annie May Phillips  Oakwood/Denison
PRATT Jack K West Hill
PRATT Lorene Hensley West Hill
PRATT Mary Preston Bend
PRATT Neal Eugene West Hill
PRATT Orecan Oakhill
PRATT Rosco A Oakwood/Denison
PREIDECKER Alma P [Bunny]  Fairview
PREIDECKER Paul J Fairview
PRENTICE Richard L Fairview
PRESLEY Beulah Lee West Hill
PRESLEY Caleb E Kendall
PRESLEY Dale Marie Oakhill
PRESLEY David O West Hill
PRESLEY Garfield M CedarLawn
PRESLEY Genyer West Hill
PRESLEY George R CedarLawn
PRESLEY George V West Hill
PRESLEY Grace C West Hill
PRESLEY Mrs H E West Hill
PRESLEY Ida Francis Higgins  West Hill
PRESLEY James Royal West Hill
PRESLEY James W West Hill
PRESLEY John T CedarLawn
PRESLEY Joseph W West Hill
PRESLEY Julia Kendall
PRESLEY Laura L West Hill
PRESLEY Lillian M West Hill
PRESLEY Margaret M Swann  CedarLawn
PRESLEY Mary CedarLawn
PRESLEY Mattie West Hill
PRESLEY Oscar West Hill
PRESLEY Robert West Hill
PRESLEY Ruby E Cornelius  CedarLawn
PRESLEY Sarah T West Hill
PRESLEY Vaden Dyer West Hill
PRESLEY Vivian West Hill
PRESLEY W W [Bill]  CedarLawn
PRESLEY William Aubrey West Hill
PRESLEY William Purdon CedarLawn
PRESLEY Willie N Stokes  CedarLawn
PRESON Elmer Lee Bethlehem Sadler
PRESSLEY Charles Joseph Fairview
PRESSLEY Irene Carson Fairview
PRESSLEY Mabel M West Hill
PRESSLEY Mary E West Hill
PRESSLEY Nellie West Hill
PRESSLEY Richard West Hill
PRESSLEY Thomas W West Hill
PRESSLEY Wapolee West Hill
PRESSON Carl M Fairview
PRESSON Della Belle McKee  Fairview
PRESSON Ida Kay McDaniel  CedarLawn
PRESSON Laura A Fairview
PRESTAGE Cassie F CedarLawn
PRESTAGE Ivy W CedarLawn
PRESTON Charles Douglas Oakwood/Denison
PRESTON Clayton E Oakwood/Denison
PRESTON Ealva Wilson CedarLawn
PRESTON Edgar S Georgetown
PRESTON Emma Fairview
PRESTON Ernest Wilson Fairview
PRESTON Fannie Fairview
PRESTON Frederick Coffman-Layne
PRESTON Harry C Oakwood/Denison
PRESTON Howard Coffman-Layne
PRESTON Ima Coffman-Layne
PRESTON Infant VanAlstyne
PRESTON John Patrick Oakwood/Denison
PRESTON John R Fairview
PRESTON John Stephen Fairview
PRESTON Johnnie VanAlstyne
PRESTON Louise W Parrott  Oakwood/Denison
PRESTON Mable M Georgetown
PRESTON Mable Fairview
PRESTON Maggie A Bell's North
PRESTON Mary Elayne Coffman-Layne
PRESTON Robert Ross Holloway
PRESTON Thurman P Fairview
PRESTON Vinginia Conatser Fairview
PRESTON William G C  Fairview
PRESTON Williis Fairview
PREVATT Ernest Edwin West Hill
PREWITT Julia B Fairview
PREWITT Otho M Fairview
PRICE Aaron L Leslie  CedarLawn
PRICE Adie Coffman-Layne
PRICE Albert Oakwood/Denison
PRICE Alice Tolbert Hall
PRICE Alton Robert Hall
PRICE Anna K West Hill
PRICE Annie M West Hill
PRICE Arlan M CedarLawn
PRICE Aunt Clint CherryMound
PRICE B L VanAlstyne
PRICE Ben F Hall
PRICE Billie Sue D  Oakhill
PRICE Birdie A Oakwood/Denison
PRICE Buell Hall
PRICE C W L  Fairview
PRICE Carras O VirginiaPoint
PRICE Carrie Lee CherryMound
PRICE Charles D OakWood/Whitesboro
PRICE Charles P Oakwood/Denison
PRICE Clara H Norman Whitemound
PRICE Cornelius West Hill
PRICE David R Fairview
PRICE David Fairview
PRICE Dennis Lee West Hill
PRICE E M CherryMound
PRICE Earl Doyel Whiteaker
PRICE Earnest Coffman-Layne
PRICE Earnest William Coffman-Layne
PRICE Edna Burgess Collinsville
PRICE Edna Mae Fogle  CedarLawn
PRICE Ernest W Whitemound
PRICE Esaw Dixie
PRICE Faye Humprey OakWood/Whitesboro
PRICE Floyd W Coffman-Layne
PRICE Fountain B OakWood/Whitesboro
PRICE Fred J West Hill
PRICE Geneva Macomb
PRICE George A West Hill
PRICE George L CherryMound
PRICE George W Fairview
PRICE Glen T Rosehill
PRICE Glen T RoseHill/Bells
PRICE Glenn Gordon Fairview
PRICE Gracie A Bagus  Oakwood/Denison
PRICE Guy L CedarLawn
PRICE Hattie B Fairview
PRICE Henry VirginiaPoint
PRICE Hubert Ben Dye
PRICE J W Jr  Rosehill
PRICE Jack C West Hill
PRICE Jake Dixie
PRICE James A West Hill
PRICE James E CedarLawn
PRICE James H Oakwood/Denison
PRICE Jesse M Rosehill
PRICE Jesse M RoseHill/Bells
PRICE Jessie C CherryMound
PRICE Jim West Hill
PRICE Joe S Fairview
PRICE John Alfred Fairview
PRICE John E West Hill
PRICE John F West Hill
PRICE John Hershell VirginiaPoint
PRICE John William Rosehill
PRICE John William RoseHill/Bells
PRICE Joseph Maurice West Hill
PRICE Judson VirginiaPoint
PRICE Julia F O'Rear  Oakwood/Denison
PRICE Lawrence C CedarLawn
PRICE Lawrence Eugene VanAlstyne
PRICE Leonard R Coffman-Layne
PRICE Lillie D VirginiaPoint
PRICE Lillie E VanAlstyne
PRICE Lizzie VanAlstyne
PRICE Lorene L Blagg  CedarLawn
PRICE Loreta E VirginiaPoint
PRICE Luna Roberts Claunch  West Hill
PRICE Lura P VanAlstyne
PRICE Maness F VirginiaPoint
PRICE Margaret A West Hill
PRICE Margaret J West Hill
PRICE Margaret L CedarLawn
PRICE Margaret CedarLawn
PRICE Marjorie B Rosehill
PRICE Marjorie B RoseHill/Bells
PRICE Martha J VanAlstyne
PRICE Martha West Hill
PRICE Mary E Rosehill
PRICE Mary E RoseHill/Bells
PRICE Mary Lee Foster  West Hill
PRICE Mary M West Hill
PRICE Mattie L VanAlstyne
PRICE Mattie M OakWood/Whitesboro
PRICE Maud Elear West Hill
PRICE Maude E Hall
PRICE McClain West Hill
PRICE Michael Shane OakWood/Whitesboro
PRICE Mildred L West Hill
PRICE Mildred Ruth Reed  Fairview
PRICE Mildred W West Hill
PRICE Millie A West Hill
PRICE Millie Dixie
PRICE Mollie Mary Scott  Collinsville
PRICE Monroe Franklin CherryMound
PRICE Mozelle West Hill
PRICE Myrtle West Hill
PRICE Nannie OakWood/Whitesboro
PRICE Nelda Whiteaker
PRICE Nellie M VirginiaPoint
PRICE Nettie Francis Rosaline  OakWood/Whitesboro
PRICE Ona Mary Rosehill
PRICE Ona Mary RoseHill/Bells
PRICE Ora Flostine CherryMound
PRICE Oscar VanAlstyne
PRICE Otto O'Odell Fairview
PRICE Pearl Hester Baker  Fairview
PRICE Robert B West Hill
PRICE Robert L Collinsville
PRICE Robert W West Hill
PRICE Roger Allen Oakwood/Denison
PRICE Rosa A West Hill
PRICE Ruby J Rosehill
PRICE Ruby R Fairview
PRICE Samuel A Oakwood/Denison
PRICE Samuel Jr Fairview
PRICE Sarah E OakWood/Whitesboro
PRICE Sherman Dixie
PRICE Sophronia Coffman-Layne
PRICE Stella M Oakwood/Denison
PRICE Sue Beall West Hill
PRICE Thomas J West Hill
PRICE Thomas W VirginiaPoint
PRICE V E Coffman-Layne
PRICE Virgie Coffman-Layne
PRICE Walter E Coffman-Layne
PRICE Will W Hall
PRICE Will Ben Dye
PRICE William F Fairview
PRICE William I OakWood/Whitesboro
PRICE William L West Hill
PRICE William W [Bill]  Collinsville
PRICE Woodrow VirginiaPoint
PRICE Yeamon Mitchell West Hill
PRICHARD Beulah Grant Holloway
PRICHARD Daisy May Luper  Holloway
PRICHARD Gladys West Hill
PRICHARD Hatton N Fairview
PRICHARD Herbert Carlton West Hill
PRICHARD Herbert Carlton West Hill
PRICHARD Johnnie Lee Gant  Holloway
PRICHARD Marguerite West Hill
PRICHARD Maudie Emaline Smith  CedarLawn
PRICHARD Nancy E Whitemound
PRICHARD Oscar L Jr  Holloway
PRICHARD Oscar L Sr  Holloway
PRICHARD W Austin CedarLawn
PRICKET J F Oakwood/Denison
PRICKET Mary E Oakwood/Denison
PRICKET Rhoda E Oakwood/Denison
PRIDDY George W VanAlstyne
PRIDEAUX Glen O Fairview
PRIDMORE Cordelia Collinsville
PRIDMORE Infant Collinsville
PRIDMORE Laura Oakhill
PRIESTER Christina Ann CedarLawn
PRIGMORE James Monroe Old Pilot Grove
PRIGMORE Joe Bill CedarLawn
PRIGMORE Lelia C Fairview
PRIGMORE Lolita Babb [Babe]  CedarLawn
PRIGMORE Nancy Elizabeth Vestal  Old Pilot Grove
PRIGMORE Nancy Glenn Dumas  West Hill
PRIGMORE Rosa A Clement  Oakhill
PRIGMORE William Taylor Oakhill
PRIHODA Frances St Mary's
PRIHODA Francis St Mary's
PRIHODA Michael St Mary's
PRIM Lela Pruitt Oakwood/Denison
PRIM Otis Oakwood/Denison


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