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Chakir - Chesshir

CHAKIR Dorothy M Fairview
CHALMERS Bob West Hill
CHALMERS Dorothy West Hill
CHALMERS Mary Belle Platt Fairview
CHAMBERLAIN Anderson West Hill
CHAMBERLAIN Nannie G Fairview
CHAMBERLAIN Nelson G Fairview
CHAMBERLAIN Willie Offard West Hill
CHAMBERLAND Childs E CedarLawn
CHAMBERS Addie Mae CedarLawn
CHAMBERS Albert G Dixie
CHAMBERS Allen B CedarLawn
CHAMBERS Ancil Miller Collinsville
CHAMBERS Ann West Hill
CHAMBERS Annie V Woodman's Circle
CHAMBERS Cal Fairview
CHAMBERS Carl E OakWood/Whitesboro
CHAMBERS Carl T VanAlstyne
CHAMBERS Catherene Calvary
CHAMBERS Cavsie Garvin Fairview
CHAMBERS Celia B West Hill
CHAMBERS Charles E West Hill
CHAMBERS Dora C Cannon
CHAMBERS Dorothy CedarLawn
CHAMBERS Edith Mae West Hill
CHAMBERS Edward West Hill
CHAMBERS Elizabeth J West Hill
CHAMBERS Esther Mae Bethel/Bells
CHAMBERS Francis M Senter Fairview
CHAMBERS Frank Bishop Fairview
CHAMBERS George Hall West Hill
CHAMBERS Grace May Oakwood/Denison
CHAMBERS Harrold Archer West Hill
CHAMBERS Infant West Hill
CHAMBERS Iona Riddle Dixie
CHAMBERS Jacob West Hill
CHAMBERS James David CedarLawn
CHAMBERS James E [Jimm] Fairview
CHAMBERS James L Whiteaker
CHAMBERS Jerry D Dixie
CHAMBERS Jessie Calvin Fairview
CHAMBERS Jessie J West Hill
CHAMBERS Jessie M CedarLawn
CHAMBERS John A Jr CedarLawn
CHAMBERS John M Fairview
CHAMBERS John Paschal Ethel
CHAMBERS John William Oakwood/Denison
CHAMBERS Juanita Denham West Hill
CHAMBERS Julia Frances West Hill
CHAMBERS Julia M CedarLawn
CHAMBERS Katie S Calvary
CHAMBERS Lee Owens VanAlstyne
CHAMBERS Leo Bertram Jr West Hill
CHAMBERS Leo Bertram Sr West Hill
CHAMBERS Lillie M VanAlstyne
CHAMBERS Lois Camille CedarLawn
CHAMBERS Lottie W Mergell Fairview
CHAMBERS Margaret Mitchell Allen West Hill
CHAMBERS Martha A Fairview
CHAMBERS Martha Frazier Hogg Fairview
CHAMBERS Mary Josephine OakRidge
CHAMBERS May Cotton VanAlstyne
CHAMBERS Mildred Curry West Hill
CHAMBERS Mina West Hill
CHAMBERS Minnie Lorraine West Hill
CHAMBERS Nellie Blankenship West Hill
CHAMBERS Nettie H West Hill
CHAMBERS Norton Fairview
CHAMBERS Oliver Jane Oakwood/Denison
CHAMBERS Omer L CedarLawn
CHAMBERS Perry M Jr RoseHill/Bells
CHAMBERS Perry M Rosehill
CHAMBERS Robbie F Jr RoseHill/Bells
CHAMBERS Robbie F Rosehill
CHAMBERS Robert E West Hill
CHAMBERS Roy Jr West Hill
CHAMBERS Ruby Mae Caloway Friendship
CHAMBERS Samuel O VanAlstyne
CHAMBERS Samuel R VanAlstyne
CHAMBERS Sarah Jane Oakwood/Denison
CHAMBERS Stella M CedarLawn
CHAMBERS Taylor Lee West Hill
CHAMBERS Tennie W Fairview
CHAMBERS Thomas H Calvary
CHAMBERS Tuck Morris West Hill
CHAMBERS Virgie Gerwick Fairview
CHAMBERS Walter V Dixie
CHAMBERS William Edward OakRidge
CHAMBERS William S Fairview
CHAMBERS  Alice  Hestand Gordonville
CHAMBERS  Carlos  Ebb Gordonville
CHAMBERS  Carrie  E Phelps Gordonville
CHAMBERS  James  Clarence Gordonville
CHAMBERS  Marion  Sylvester Gordonville
CHAMBERS  Ruby  Belle  Badgett Gordonville
CHAMBERS  Tommy  Ray Gordonville
CHAMBERS  William  Clyde Sr Gordonville
CHAMBLES William P Jr West Hill
CHAMBLESS Alice Hayes West Hill
CHAMBLESS Charles C West Hill
CHAMBLESS Eva Ellen Thompson West Hill
CHAMBLESS James M West Hill
CHAMBLESS Katie E Sledge West Hill
CHAMBLESS Robert M West Hill
CHAMBLESS William P West Hill
CHAMBLESS  Ida  Mae  Arnold Gordonville
CHAMP Daisy Hardy Oakwood/Denison
CHAMP Gertrude W Moore Oakwood/Denison
CHAMP Josie Dorris Oakwood/Denison
CHAMP Othello E Oakwood/Denison
CHAMPBERLIN Lucia A Fairview
CHAMPION Dora G CedarLawn
CHAMPION Geyolaine Calvary
CHAMPION James O CedarLawn
CHAMPION John A Calvary
CHAMPION Kit Calvary
CHAMPION Prudence Calvary
CHAMPION Rose Calvary
CHAMPMAN Cora Mary Oakwood/Denison
CHAMPTON Roscoe VanAlstyne
CHANCE Addie Coffman-Layne
CHANCE John Richard Mt. Tabor
CHANCELLOR Dorothy A EskewbyJarvis
CHANCELLOR Elizabeth J EskewbyJarvis
CHANCELLOR J C EskewbyJarvis
CHANCELLOR Rebecca Dickson West Hill
CHANCELLOR Rudolph V Akers
CHANCELLOR Scott Lee Macomb
CHANDLER Alice Boucher Fairview
CHANDLER Billy J VanAlstyne
CHANDLER Charles Howard II OakWood/Whitesboro
CHANDLER Clara M VanAlstyne
CHANDLER Clovis L Rosehill
CHANDLER Clovis L RoseHill/Bells
CHANDLER David Joe Fairview
CHANDLER Don Altus Jr Fairview
CHANDLER Don Altus Sr Fairview
CHANDLER Franklin D VanAlstyne
CHANDLER Georgia Janell Fairview
CHANDLER Gwendolyn VanAlstyne
CHANDLER infant Preston Bend
CHANDLER J L [Jake] VanAlstyne
CHANDLER Jennie Tripp CedarLawn
CHANDLER Jo Ann Mang West Hill
CHANDLER Jo Ann Mang West Hill
CHANDLER Joe Don West Hill
CHANDLER Larry Don West Hill
CHANDLER M Ruth Rosehill
CHANDLER M Ruth RoseHill/Bells
CHANDLER Martha CherryMound
CHANDLER Mary Farrington VanAlstyne
CHANDLER Mary Fox West Hill
CHANDLER Mary Helen Latauskas Fairview
CHANDLER Meril [Buddy] Sr OakWood/Whitesboro
CHANDLER Minnie Iona VanAlstyne
CHANDLER Newt J CherryMound
CHANDLER Patrica Dale Fairview
CHANDLER Robert J OakWood/Whitesboro
CHANDLER Robert S West Hill
CHANDLER Terri A Goode Fairview
CHANDLER Tillman Fairview
CHANDLER Walter Melvin Jr Fairview
CHANDLER Walter Melvin Fairview
CHANEY Annette Whiterock
CHANEY Baby Girl Oakhill
CHANEY Baby Oak Hill Annex
CHANEY Beautie Lane Whiterock
CHANEY Blanch N  Jenkins/GreenwoodByCross
CHANEY Blanch Jenkins/Greenwood
CHANEY Burt West Hill
CHANEY Cecil George West Hill
CHANEY D A Allison
CHANEY E T Jenkins/Greenwood
CHANEY Easter B West Hill
CHANEY Edmond L CedarLawn
CHANEY Ernestine West Hill
CHANEY Francis C Kentuckytown
CHANEY Horace D Oakhill
CHANEY Horace Oak Hill Annex
CHANEY J C Allison
CHANEY J C Vittitoe
CHANEY John Whiterock
CHANEY Juley Whiterock
CHANEY Kate L Vittitoe
CHANEY L T Jenkins/GreenwoodByCross
CHANEY Lilton Curtis Whiterock
CHANEY Lucy Akers
CHANEY Mary S Vittitoe
CHANEY Myrtle Joe Whiterock
CHANEY O A Allison
CHANEY Oddie Kentuckytown
CHANEY Pascal H Sr Whiterock
CHANEY Paul D Whiterock
CHANEY Paul N West Hill
CHANEY Ruby P Oakhill
CHANEY Ruby Oak Hill Annex
CHANEY S S Allison
CHANEY Texanna Cleveland Whiterock
CHANGELLOR Elizabeth Eskew/CountyLine
CHANGELLOR J C Eskew/CountyLine
CHANNON Joseph L Isom
CHANNON Ollie P Isom
CHAPIN Anna R West Hill
CHAPIN Dennis C West Hill
CHAPIN Eenr W Fairview
CHAPIN Inez A Fairview
CHAPIN Josie R West Hill
CHAPIN Moses J West Hill
CHAPIN Moses West West Hill
CHAPIN Percy J West Hill
CHAPIN Thomas G West Hill
CHAPIN Zela A Fairview
CHAPMAN A G OakWood/Whitesboro
CHAPMAN Anna R West Hill
CHAPMAN Annette B Fairview
CHAPMAN Ava Jane Hearn Morrison  Fairview
CHAPMAN Bernice Lay VanAlstyne
CHAPMAN Charles W Fairview
CHAPMAN Charles Tioga
CHAPMAN Clarence Edward Collinsville
CHAPMAN Clinton F Fairview
CHAPMAN Dell Courtney West Hill
CHAPMAN Donald D VanAlstyne
CHAPMAN Elva M OakWood/Whitesboro
CHAPMAN Emily Brown West Hill
CHAPMAN Everard Barnett West Hill
CHAPMAN Forrest J OakWood/Whitesboro
CHAPMAN Frances Thomas West Hill
CHAPMAN George F West Hill
CHAPMAN George Dixie
CHAPMAN H N OakWood/Whitesboro
CHAPMAN H P VanAlstyne
CHAPMAN Harry Roy Fairview
CHAPMAN Infant Dixie
CHAPMAN Iva Bell VanAlstyne
CHAPMAN James C Dixie
CHAPMAN James E West Hill
CHAPMAN Jay Lowe West Hill
CHAPMAN Jennie Mae Dixie
CHAPMAN Jewell B Fairview
CHAPMAN Jewell Woodall Cooper Fairview
CHAPMAN Johnnie Bell VanAlstyne
CHAPMAN Judge Wood West Hill
CHAPMAN Lavelle Lee VanAlstyne
CHAPMAN Leicester Brown Jr West Hill
CHAPMAN Leicester Charles Jr West Hill
CHAPMAN Lizzie M West Hill
CHAPMAN Lou Smith Fairview
CHAPMAN Maggie Ardella OakWood/Whitesboro
CHAPMAN Maggie Pauline OakWood/Whitesboro
CHAPMAN Mamie E West Hill
CHAPMAN Margaret Ann Wilson Hall
CHAPMAN Marietta Tilden Fairview
CHAPMAN Marietta Oakwood/Denison
CHAPMAN Marjorie Bodeman West Hill
CHAPMAN Mary Hall West Hill
CHAPMAN Mary P Cannon
CHAPMAN Mary V OakWood/Whitesboro
CHAPMAN Mary Vivian Fry West Hill
CHAPMAN Mattie J West Hill
CHAPMAN Mike Tioga
CHAPMAN Minnie Lee Hill Collinsville
CHAPMAN Nola Kay OakWood/Whitesboro
CHAPMAN Nolene Simmons West Hill
CHAPMAN Nora E Mayfield West Hill
CHAPMAN Olyne H VanAlstyne
CHAPMAN Pauline Cordell Walker Friendship
CHAPMAN Ramsey B West Hill
CHAPMAN Richard A Jr West Hill
CHAPMAN Richard A Sr West Hill
CHAPMAN Robert Edward OakWood/Whitesboro
CHAPMAN Ruby Mae OakWood/Whitesboro
CHAPMAN Susan F West Hill
CHAPMAN Virginia C West Hill
CHAPMAN William Ray Fairview
CHAPMAN William Robert Jr VanAlstyne
CHAPMAN William Oakwood/Denison
CHAPMAN  Floyd Gordonville
CHAPPEL Ada St Mary's
CHAPPEL J M W Oakwood/Denison
CHAPPEL Nancy L Oakwood/Denison
CHAPPEL Virgie H VirginiaPoint
CHAPPELL Charlene Fanning CedarLawn
CHAPPELL Edward Bert Jr West Hill
CHAPPELL Henry M CedarLawn
CHAPPELL Lillie M CedarLawn
CHAPPLE Francis L West Hill
CHARLES Harry Fairview
CHARLES Janetta Lang Fairview
CHASE Alice Calvary
CHASE Bennora Stallings West Hill
CHASE Celoma Brown Daffan Fairview
CHASE Dollie King West Hill
CHASE Edgar Bishop West Hill
CHASE Henry B Fairview
CHASE John Frank Jr West Hill
CHASE John Frank Sr West Hill
CHASE Lonnie R CedarLawn
CHASE May King West Hill
CHASE Michael Shannon VirginiaPoint
CHASE Ouita Cox Ray West Hill
CHASE Sydney Calvary
CHASTAIN Francis McNew Fairview
CHASTAIN N A Collinsville
CHASTAIN Pearl E Fairview
CHASTAIN Perry L Fairview
CHASTAIN S G Collinsville
CHASTAIN Willie O VanAlstyne
CHAVEZ Antonio Nogales Fairview
CHAVIS Florence CedarLawn
CHAVIS Joe CedarLawn
CHEATAM Dorrie Oakwood/Denison
CHEATHAM Charlie M Ethel
CHEATHAM Christine Ruffins Magnolia
CHEATHAM Evelyn Gunter
CHEATHAM Gary Leigh Tioga
CHEATHAM H V [Bud] Gunter
CHEATHAM Hulin P Tioga
CHEATHAM Idona West Hill
CHEATHAM J H [Harve] Gunter
CHEATHAM J H [Jay] Gunter
CHEATHAM Larry Don Gunter
CHEATHAM Larry V Gunter
CHEATHAM Lillian Magnolia
CHEATHAM Mary [Mollie] Gunter
CHEATHAM Mildred R Gunter
CHECK Geo T West Hill
CHEEK Billie J CedarLawn
CHEEK Robert Thomas Fairview
CHEEK Sarah Oakwood/Denison
CHEEK Thomas Oscar Fairview
CHEEKS Clyde Wilburn West Hill
CHEEKS Hazel A Meek West Hill
CHEEKS Larry Don Friendship
CHEMOWETH Callie Jenkins/Greenwood
CHEMOWETH John W Jenkins/Greenwood
CHEN Tzu Lin West Hill
CHENAULT Annie Bell Fairview
CHENAULT George W NewPilotGrove
CHENAULT Pattie NewPilotGrove
CHENEY Christina Lillian Fairview
CHENEY Curtis Earl CedarLawn
CHENEY William B Fairview
CHENIWETH Allie Jenkins/GreenwoodByCross
CHENOWETH Bettie M City/Whitewright
CHENOWETH Bettie M City/Whitewright 
CHENOWETH Frances J Kentuckytown
CHENOWETH John W Jenkins/GreenwoodByCross
CHENOWETH John Kentuckytown
CHENOWETH Thomas J City/Whitewright
CHENOWETH Thomas J City/Whitewright 
CHERRY Adaline Bell Cedar
CHERRY Addie A Rosehill
CHERRY Addie A RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Ann M Washburn
CHERRY Annie Bess Rosehill
CHERRY Annie Bess RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Arthur E VanAlstyne
CHERRY Betty Jones Fairview
CHERRY Bonnie Lee Rosehill
CHERRY Bonnie Lee RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Brian Sevenson Hall
CHERRY Carolyn Alexander West Hill
CHERRY Carrie Lee Cedar
CHERRY Clarence W CedarLawn
CHERRY Clifford West Hill
CHERRY Clois CherryMound
CHERRY D J Washburn
CHERRY Daise Barfield West Hill
CHERRY Daisy Neff Calvary
CHERRY David Benett CherryMound
CHERRY David CherryByCross
CHERRY David CherryByHolder
CHERRY David CherryMound
CHERRY Dawn Milliken Fairview
CHERRY E Lois CedarLawn
CHERRY Emsley CherryMound
CHERRY Eugene West Hill
CHERRY Eula Mae Trent Tioga
CHERRY Evelyn W CedarLawn
CHERRY Exil R Rosehill
CHERRY Exil R RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY F M Washburn
CHERRY Fannie Paralee CherryMound
CHERRY Francis D [Toots] Rosehill
CHERRY Francis D[Toots] RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Francis M Rosehill
CHERRY Francis M RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Francis Marion Rosehill
CHERRY Francis Marion RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY George R Calvary
CHERRY George W CedarLawn
CHERRY Grace L Tioga
CHERRY Hazel West Hill
CHERRY Heather CherryMound
CHERRY J Cledon CedarLawn
CHERRY Jacob E CherryMound
CHERRY Jacob Milam Rosehill
CHERRY Jacob Milam RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Jacob CherryMound
CHERRY Jacob Washburn
CHERRY James D CedarLawn
CHERRY Jane Washburn
CHERRY Jimmy Darwin Sr Fairview
CHERRY Joel Lee Fairview
CHERRY John C Tioga
CHERRY Joseph C CedarLawn
CHERRY L O Washburn
CHERRY Leo CherryMound
CHERRY Levi Washburn
CHERRY Louise West Hill
CHERRY Lucille Brown Coffman-Layne
CHERRY Lula CherryByCross
CHERRY Lula CherryByHolder
CHERRY Lula CherryMound
CHERRY Luther Fount Fairview
CHERRY Mamie J Rosehill
CHERRY Mamie J RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Martha Ann Vinson Fairview
CHERRY Mary Elizabeth Alexander Fairview
CHERRY Mary Etta Rosehill
CHERRY Mary Etta RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Mary Moore Rosehill
CHERRY Mary Moore RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Mary R CherryByCross
CHERRY Mary R CherryByHolder
CHERRY Mary R CherryMound
CHERRY Nancy Washburn
CHERRY Napolian Hall
CHERRY Ogie Sam Rosehill
CHERRY Ogie Sam RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Oscar D Rosehill
CHERRY Oscar D RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Oscar Rosehill
CHERRY Oscar RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Paul E CedarLawn
CHERRY Pauline M CedarLawn
CHERRY Phoebe Geneice Davis West Hill
CHERRY Raymond Mayes Jr West Hill
CHERRY Rejane C Rosehill
CHERRY Rejane C RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Robert L Fairview
CHERRY Robert L Tioga
CHERRY Ruby Mae CedarLawn
CHERRY S D Kendall
CHERRY Sally M Rosehill
CHERRY Sally M RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY Sophie CherryByHolder
CHERRY Sophine CherryByCross
CHERRY Susie Washburn
CHERRY Thelma Jo Watson CedarLawn
CHERRY Thelma M VanAlstyne
CHERRY Thomas Jefferson West Hill
CHERRY Virginia S CedarLawn
CHERRY Will West Hill
CHERRY William O Rosehill
CHERRY William O RoseHill/Bells
CHERRY CherryMound
CHESLEY Bertha Cordell Friendship
CHESNEY Ernest D Akers
CHESNEY Mary Jayne Phares Akers
CHESNUT Bonnie Lee Akers
CHESNUT Cecil Roy Akers
CHESNUT John Franklin CedarLawn
CHESNUT Lottie I OakWood/Whitesboro
CHESNUT Louis OakWood/Whitesboro
CHESNUTT Hugh Edward [Chick] Fairview
CHESSER Alberta M Oakhill
CHESSER Bennie E Oakhill
CHESSER Brain S Fairview
CHESSER Calvin C Oakhill
CHESSER Jackie L (Buck) Oakhill
CHESSER Linnie Brown Oakhill
CHESSER Pauline Oakhill
CHESSER Vera D Oakhill
CHESSER W C Oakwood/Denison
CHESSHIR James M West Hill
CHESSHIR Marvin Holt Fairview
CHESSHIR Waite B Fox West Hill


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