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Conn - Cooper


CONN Blanche Montgomery CedarLawn
CONN Frederick J Jr CedarLawn
CONN Hulee Georgetown
CONN John E Georgetown
CONN John Montgomery CedarLawn
CONN Louis Ray CedarLawn
CONN Oliver W Georgetown
CONN Ruby Elizabeth Fallis CedarLawn
CONN Sarah J Georgetown
CONN William S Georgetown
CONNALLY Leetress A VanAlstyne
CONNELL Anna Louise Vittitoe
CONNELL Marvin Vittitoe
CONNELLY Albert B Old Pilot Grove
CONNELLY Alfred Vittitoe
CONNELLY Annie Virginia Vittitoe
CONNELLY Artie C Vittitoe
CONNELLY Catherine M Vittitoe
CONNELLY Cordie Vittitoe
CONNELLY Eddie F West Hill
CONNELLY Grace M Vittitoe
CONNELLY Jack St Mary's
CONNELLY Mary B Vittitoe
CONNELLY Mary Head Vittitoe
CONNELLY Minnie West Hill
CONNELLY Nancy St Mary's
CONNELLY Pascal H Jr Vittitoe
CONNELLY Pascal H Vittitoe
CONNELLY Redmond Thomas Vittitoe
CONNELLY Sallie Jo Gowdy City/Whitewright
CONNELLY Sallie Jo Gowdy City/Whitewright
CONNER Abraham L CedarLawn
CONNER Alice Boatright Hebron
CONNER Arch Georgetown
CONNER Archie R Georgetown
CONNER Arthur L NewPilotGrove
CONNER Bonnie E VanAlstyne
CONNER C B Oakhill
CONNER Carolyn C CedarLawn
CONNER Charles St Mary's
CONNER Clarence E St Mary's
CONNER David Lynn Fairview
CONNER Dessie Lorene Smith Fairview
CONNER Donald W Fairview
CONNER Dorothy CedarLawn
CONNER Dovie A Collinsville
CONNER Elizabeth St Mary's
CONNER Fannie C NewPilotGrove
CONNER Florence I St Mary's
CONNER Francis Fay Fairview
CONNER George St Mary's
CONNER Gertrude St Mary's
CONNER Ida Mae Purdy Warrick Fairview
CONNER Infant Macomb
CONNER Isabell St Mary's
CONNER J J West Hill
CONNER J W [Bill] Collinsville
CONNER James E St Mary's
CONNER Jennie Smithson Fairview
CONNER Jerry G VanAlstyne
CONNER Joe Bailey Collinsville
CONNER John N St Mary's
CONNER Joseph St Mary's
CONNER Kate J St Mary's
CONNER L W Georgetown
CONNER Larry D Fairview
CONNER Lelia W West Hill
CONNER Lillie May Mooney Georgetown
CONNER Lou Georgetown
CONNER Martha L Harrell Georgetown
CONNER Mary Etta St Mary's
CONNER Mathew Patrick St Mary's
CONNER Mathew St Mary's
CONNER Myrtle Orr St Mary's
CONNER Naomi Lou Collinsville
CONNER Nellie St Mary's
CONNER Norinne Joan Friendship
CONNER Phillip S Macomb
CONNER Raymond Eugene Fairview
CONNER Robert Olin Friendship
CONNER Sally Ann NewPilotGrove
CONNER Samuel Corvert Fairview
CONNER Sarah C Holland Macomb
CONNER Theron Fairview
CONNER Tom R St Mary's
CONNER Viola B McComb West Hill
CONNER Walter M Fairview
CONNER White Tap Georgetown
CONNER William C St Mary's
CONNER Zibba Georgetown
CONNERS Annie Lee Blankenship West Hill
CONNERS Archie S West Hill
CONNERS Callie Oakwood/Denison
CONNOLLY Eueane CedarLawn
CONNOLLY Lucy Fairview
CONNOLLY Robert L Fairview
CONNOLLY William Rufus Fairview
CONNOR Gene West Hill
CONOVER Florence Bennett Fairview
CONOVER Kenneth D Mt. Tabor
CONRAD Amandy M Oakwood/Denison
CONRAD Betty Louise Felder West Hill
CONRAD David P Oakwood/Denison
CONRAD David West Hill
CONRAD Emily Fay West Hill
CONRAD James Otha West Hill
CONRAD Mark Anthony CedarLawn
CONRAD Susan Rena West Hill
CONRATH Patsy Ramsey CherryMound
CONSORT Elizabeth Lively West Hill
CONWAY Fay Canaan
CONWAY George L St Mary's
CONWAY Jennie Ruth Bells North
CONWAY Mary D St Mary's
CONWAY Mary E Bells North
CONWELL Grady Greer West Hill
CONWELL Henry F Bethlehem Sadler
CONWELL William K West Hill
CONWILL Willie F Macomb
COODY Cordie D West Hill
COODY William Riley West Hill
COODY Willie Dovie West Hill
COOK A Lee Tioga
COOK A T West Hill
COOK Agnes L Franklin West Hill
COOK Alvin E Georgetown
COOK Amanda J West Hill
COOK Amanda L West Hill
COOK Annie C Nicholson Webb Fairview
COOK Arthur Jefferson Georgetown
COOK Arthur West Hill
COOK B H VanAlstyne
COOK Barbara Russell West Hill
COOK Bascom West Hill
COOK Benjamin A Bethlehem Sadler
COOK Bennett O West Hill
COOK Bessie Harrod Oakwood/Denison
COOK Betty Sue Davis OakWood/Whitesboro
COOK Beulah Irene Collum West Hill
COOK Beulah M NewPilotGrove
COOK Beulah May Coffman-Layne
COOK Billy Joe CedarLawn
COOK Billy VanAlstyne
COOK Brawley Wilson West Hill
COOK Bula Fay VanAlstyne
COOK Bula Irene West Hill
COOK C E Oakwood/Denison
COOK Callie Magnolia
COOK Carlon N CedarLawn
COOK Cecil C CedarLawn
COOK Charles Courtney St Mary's
COOK Charles E Oakhill
COOK Charles Emmett Oakhill
COOK Charles W OakWood/Whitesboro
COOK Clara E Korioth St Mary's
COOK Clara Korioth St Mary's
COOK Clinton VanAlstyne
COOK Cora OakWood/Whitesboro
COOK Curtis Mark Georgetown
COOK David A Tioga
COOK David Hubert Tioga
COOK David P West Hill
COOK Don H Oakhill
COOK Dona H West Hill
COOK Donald Eugene West Hill
COOK Donna S Griffith CedarLawn
COOK Dottie I Tioga
COOK E L Ethel
COOK Ed Magnolia
COOK Edgar Reece Fairview
COOK Edger G West Hill
COOK Edith Tager West Hill
COOK Edna Ireene NewPilotGrove
COOK Edward E Tioga
COOK Edward L Tioga
COOK Edwin Tioga
COOK Elleene M CedarLawn
COOK Emma Bella Carrington Fairview
COOK Emma Bess West Hill
COOK Emma Lois West Hill
COOK Eugene P Preston Bend
COOK Eula F Bethlehem Sadler
COOK Floyd T CedarLawn
COOK Forshee W West Hill
COOK Frances NewPilotGrove
COOK Frances West Hill
COOK Fred Sr Oakhill
COOK Genevieve A Georgetown
COOK Geo Franklin VanAlstyne
COOK George C Friendship
COOK George E Fairview
COOK George E West Hill
COOK George Luther Georgetown
COOK George W VanAlstyne
COOK Georgia Lillian Georgetown
COOK Gladys Garner Oakhill
COOK Gordon Elsworth West Hill
COOK Grace M Bell West Hill
COOK Grady West Hill
COOK Hardin VanAlstyne
COOK Harvey A Georgetown
COOK Helen R CedarLawn
COOK Henry C Hall
COOK Henry Clay West Hill
COOK Henry Magnolia
COOK Henry West Hill
COOK Hershell James West Hill
COOK Howard E Oakhill
COOK Ida Lee Tioga
COOK Ida VanAlstyne
COOK Irma McBride West Hill
COOK Irmaim McBride West Hill
COOK Isaac B Tioga
COOK J J [Jim] Georgetown
COOK J M [Jim] Tioga
COOK James H NewPilotGrove
COOK James Noel Cannon
COOK James R NewPilotGrove
COOK James Randall Fairview
COOK James Robert Tioga
COOK Jeannie Franks CedarLawn
COOK Jeraldine A Hutson Fairview
COOK Jesse G Fairview
COOK Jesse Lee Georgetown
COOK Jesse M Fairview
COOK Jesse Ray Georgetown
COOK Jessie Johnson Crow Enterprise
COOK Jessie M Jr Fairview
COOK Jessie M Fairview
COOK Jessie Tioga
COOK Jim W Jr West Hill
COOK Jim Welton West Hill
COOK Jim West Hill
COOK Jo Ann Coffman-Layne
COOK Joe Ray Georgetown
COOK John David Coffman-Layne
COOK John H CedarLawn
COOK John W Tioga
COOK Johnnie B CedarLawn
COOK Johnnie Mae Marray Fairview
COOK Joseph W West Hill
COOK Joseph Weldon VanAlstyne
COOK Josh Brian NewPilotGrove
COOK Josphine Oakhill
COOK Juanita Kitchens Tioga
COOK Katherine Smith VanAlstyne
COOK Kathleen Georgetown
COOK Keith John Brandon OakWood/Whitesboro
COOK L Eloise Friendship
COOK Lacey Denise CedarLawn
COOK Laura E Tioga
COOK Lawrence Dale Tioga
COOK Lawrence H Jr Fairview
COOK Lee Franklin Tioga
COOK Lenora Florence Coffman-Layne
COOK Lloyd T Fairview
COOK Lois A West Hill
COOK Lois Geraldine Tioga
COOK Lois Temple Carrigan Tioga
COOK Lorine M West Hill
COOK Lottie West Hill
COOK Lula Mae VanAlstyne
COOK Mrs M M West Hill
COOK M T Ethel
COOK Mamie Louise West Hill
COOK Margaret West Hill
COOK Marie F CedarLawn
COOK Mary Ann Fairview
COOK Mary E Magnolia
COOK Mary E OakWood/Whitesboro
COOK Mary Elizabeth James [Mollie] Collinsville
COOK Mary Frances CedarLawn
COOK Mary Houston CedarLawn
COOK Mary L Fairview
COOK Mary Coffman-Layne
COOK Maude Cole West Hill
COOK Maude Pratt Oakhill
COOK Minnie A Tioga
COOK Minnie L Georgetown
COOK Myra H West Hill
COOK Myron E CedarLawn
COOK Nora Gertrude Georgetown
COOK Nora OakWood/Whitesboro
COOK Note Blease Fairview
COOK Olar Lee Georgetown
COOK Olive Lucille CedarLawn
COOK Paul Oakhill
COOK Pearl D Estes West Hill
COOK Phillip Howard Oakhill
COOK Ray Clifton West Hill
COOK Robert C OakWood/Whitesboro
COOK Robert L West Hill
COOK Ronald Lee Tioga
COOK Rosa City/Whitewright
COOK Rosa City/Whitewright
COOK Rosalie Shearon Tioga
COOK Roy T City/Whitewright
COOK Roy T City/Whitewright
COOK Ruby Kitchens West Hill
COOK Ruby Pauline E Collinsville
COOK Ruth I Nichols West Hill
COOK Ruth Stroman Preston Bend
COOK Ruth Oakwood/Denison
COOK S Robert Tioga
COOK Sadie Mae West Hill
COOK Sam NewPilotGrove
COOK Sarah J Fairview
COOK Shelia Dennis Tioga
COOK Starling Barthewe Collinsville
COOK Stephen Warfield West Hill
COOK Susan F Tioga
COOK Susie J West Hill
COOK Taylor VanAlstyne
COOK Thomas C West Hill
COOK Thomas Edwin Georgetown
COOK Vera L Tioga
COOK Verda Fairview
COOK Vernie Georgetown
COOK Victoria Ella VanAlstyne
COOK W H [Bud] Georgetown
COOK W I West Hill
COOK W T OakWood/Whitesboro
COOK Wilburn T Fairview
COOK Willadean VanAlstyne
COOK William E West Hill
COOK William H Fairview
COOK William Harvey Coffman-Layne
COOK William P West Hill
COOK Willie P West Hill
COOK Willie Pierce West Hill
COOK Zara E Wood CedarLawn
COOK Zelma Lee West Hill
COOKE A A Bethlehem Sadler
COOKE Alma Hall
COOKE Bernard Markham Jr Fairview
COOKE Bernard Markham Sr Fairview
COOKE Charles L Fairview
COOKE Emma L Cannon
COOKE Ernest Fairview
COOKE Eunyce Allen Fairview
COOKE Georgie Neighbors Fairview
COOKE Guy Fairview
COOKE Hettie Levertte Fairview
COOKE J R Oakwood/Denison
COOKE J S Bethlehem Sadler
COOKE Jim R Cannon
COOKE Lucy F Fairview
COOKE Mary Belle Harrelson Fairview
COOKE Mary Lillian VanAlstyne
COOKE Mary Sue Cannon
COOKE Mary Fairview
COOKE Mattie Emley Bethlehem Sadler
COOKE Minnie L Cannon
COOKE Miranda A Cannon
COOKE Myrtle Haralson Fairview
COOKE Richard G Fairview
COOKE Richard Fairview
COOKE S Verna West Hill
COOKE W Burch West Hill
COOKE William G Cannon
COOKSEY Allen Dee OakWood/Whitesboro
COOKSEY Barney C CedarLawn
COOKSEY Clarence Massey-Steel
COOKSEY Ethel Stuart CedarLawn
COOKSEY James Allen OakWood/Whitesboro
COOKSEY Lou Elliott
COOKSEY Rayola Kitchens OakWood/Whitesboro
COOKSEY Rosa Bray VanAlstyne
COOLEY Basil VanAlstyne
COOLEY C F Fairview
COOLEY Ellen Scott Fairview
COOLEY Ellen T Fairview
COOLEY Ethel Cedar
COOLEY Harry Bert Fairview
COOLEY James H Bethel/Whitewright
COOLEY Kerry Lynn Fairview
COOLEY Richard Sherwood CedarLawn
COOLEY Virgil VanAlstyne
COOLEY Willington Gorville Fairview
COOLEY Wilma B Cooper Fairview
COOMBES Lola Mae Thomas West Hill
COOMER John Quincy West Hill
COOMER Mabel D West Hill
COON Elizabeth Williams CedarLawn
COON Harold Thomas CedarLawn
COON Margaret Haizlip Holloway
COON Werdna Rives Morrison CedarLawn
COON  Janie Gordonville
COONEY Ira Joseph West Hill
COONEY Maggie Elizabeth Cassidy West Hill
COONEY William H West Hill
COONROD Alice Elena Layne Coffman-Layne
COONROD Edna CedarLawn
COONROD Elizabeth Georgetown
COONROD F M Georgetown
COONROD Fred H CedarLawn
COONROD Inez Campbell Fairview
COONROD Jack Fairview
COONROD Jennie E Georgetown
COONROD Joel Don CedarLawn
COONROD Julia F Newcomb Fairview
COONROD Lucille Georgetown
COONROD Mable Katherine Coffman-Layne
COONROD Mary Jo Williams Fairview
COONROD Nora M Jackson Fairview
COONROD Ray CedarLawn
COONROD Ruby Lillian McGee CedarLawn
COONROD Thomas J Georgetown
COONROD Thomas Jefferson Fairview
COONROD Vella Georgetown
COONROD William Curtis Fairview
COONROD William H CedarLawn
COONROD William Wallace Fairview
COONROD William Woolery Coffman-Layne
COOPER A Boyd CherryMound
COOPER Alice A Oakwood/Denison
COOPER Alice Fairview
COOPER Alvah Lee Oakhill
COOPER Alyne Ruth Oakhill
COOPER Ammon M West Hill
COOPER Bessie Irene Rankin Akers
COOPER Billy Wrea OakWood/Whitesboro
COOPER Bonnie Ruth Oakhill
COOPER C Eunice West Hill
COOPER Carrie West Hill
COOPER Charles William West Hill
COOPER Clara Lee OakWood/Whitesboro
COOPER Clarice CedarLawn
COOPER Clifton L Vittitoe
COOPER Clinton J Georgetown
COOPER David Holloway
COOPER Della West Hill
COOPER Doris Y Bird Vittitoe
COOPER Dorothy Isabelle Newell Akers
COOPER Earman West Hill
COOPER Edgar Erasmus CedarLawn
COOPER Edith B Coats Holloway
COOPER Elbert OakWood/Whitesboro
COOPER Eliza Delhpia Potter CedarLawn
COOPER Eliza West Hill
COOPER Elizabeth Farrell West Hill
COOPER Elwyn Rankin Akers
COOPER Emma Gill West Hill
COOPER Emmett Oakhill
COOPER Emory S Oakwood/Denison
COOPER Eva R Klipper Fairview
COOPER Fannie N Holloway
COOPER Frank J Oakwood/Denison
COOPER George Alfred Oakhill
COOPER George Robert West Hill
COOPER George W Oakwood/Denison
COOPER Gilbert C West Hill
COOPER Iola OakWood/Whitesboro
COOPER Irene L OakWood/Whitesboro
COOPER Isa Linkous CedarLawn
COOPER J H [Hub] Bethany
COOPER J W [Bill] Tioga
COOPER James [Dock] Collinsville
COOPER James Edwar CedarLawn
COOPER Jasper West Hill
COOPER Jay T Oakhill
COOPER Jeffrey Blake St Mary's
COOPER Jim James CedarLawn
COOPER John A Oakwood/Denison
COOPER John C Fairview
COOPER John L Cannon
COOPER John Lee West Hill
COOPER John Robert Mt. Tabor
COOPER John W Cedar
COOPER Kimberly Ann CedarLawn
COOPER Laura H CedarLawn
COOPER Leslie Oakhill
COOPER Lewis C Oakhill
COOPER Lewis L Fairview
COOPER Lillie Inez OakWood/Whitesboro
COOPER Lillie M Fairview
COOPER Lindell Odes Fairview
COOPER Lloyd T OakWood/Whitesboro
COOPER Lois Eula Crump Fairview
COOPER Lucinda Cannon
COOPER Mable OakWood/Whitesboro
COOPER Madge Jennings West Hill
COOPER Margan Oakwood/Denison
COOPER Margaret Phillips West Hill
COOPER Margaret Youngblood West Hill
COOPER Marvin [Dan] Fairview
COOPER Marvin William Fairview
COOPER Mary C Kenner Ethel
COOPER Matilda Palistine Oakhill
COOPER Mollie OakWood/Whitesboro
COOPER Natie Sue Collinsville
COOPER Nicholas Andrew St Mary's
COOPER Ocie Ann Oakhill
COOPER Oliver E Hall
COOPER Opal Marrs Georgetown
COOPER Peggy Tioga


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