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Farris - Fiffer


FARRIS Albert  Magnolia
FARRIS Claude  Akers
FARRIS Dennis C  Magnolia
FARRIS Emily Holmes  West Hill
FARRIS Ersie M  CedarLawn
FARRIS Eula Ellen Harlow  CedarLawn
FARRIS Eva  Magnolia
FARRIS Francis  West Hill
FARRIS James Lee  CedarLawn
FARRIS Joseph B  CedarLawn
FARRIS Joseph  West Hill
FARRIS Leona  Isom
FARRIS Luella  Akers
FARRIS Marion H  CedarLawn
FARRIS Martha A Sulen  Akers
FARRIS Mary L  Akers
FARRIS Ralph Gregory  Fairview
FARRIS Sherry Jean  Mt. Zion
FARRIS Valree  CedarLawn
FARRIS Wallace W  Fairview
FARRIS William Edward  Akers
FARROW Berry B  OakWood/Whitesboro
FARROW Ella  OakWood/Whitesboro
FARROW Harry E  Oakhill
FARROW J A  Oakhill
FARROW Mrs Jesse Dee  Oakhill
FARROW Joe E  Oakhill
FARROW Maggie M  Oakhill
FARROW Malcolm G  Fairview
FARROW Neaty E Melton  Oakhill
FARROW Nora Eden  Oakhill
FARROW Ray  Oakhill
FARROW Sue Estelle Antonie  Fairview
FARROW Tass  Oakhill
FARROW Winkler  OakWood/Whitesboro
FARRY Annie C  Fairview
FARRY Patrick F  Fairview
FARTHING Gerry D  OakWood/Whitesboro
FATE Louis  Oakwood/Denison
FATE Lucy  Oakwood/Denison
FAUGHT Jerry R  VanAlstyne
FAUKNER Bille  Georgetown
FAULKNER Albert R  CedarLawn
FAULKNER Beulah May Sanders  Collinsville
FAULKNER Bille Gene  Collinsville
FAULKNER Buna Mae  Collinsville
FAULKNER Crill J  Hall
FAULKNER Edna E  Georgetown
FAULKNER Edna Maurine Hurley  Collinsville
FAULKNER Eugene C  Ethel
FAULKNER George T  Collinsville
FAULKNER Gladys  Ethel
FAULKNER Henry F  VanAlstyne
FAULKNER Inez Ruth  Collinsville
FAULKNER James E  Collinsville
FAULKNER Joe S  West Hill
FAULKNER John C  Fairview
FAULKNER Josephine Hurley  Collinsville
FAULKNER Kristen Nicole  Collinsville
FAULKNER Lillian K  Collinsville
FAULKNER Lillian McClure  Hall
FAULKNER Lloyd  Collinsville
FAULKNER Lynn [Infant]  Ethel
FAULKNER Morgan M  Collinsville
FAULKNER Odessa A  CedarLawn
FAULKNER Otis E  Collinsville
FAULKNER Sallie O  VanAlstyne
FAULKNER Sandra  Georgetown
FAULKNER Susie M Nix  Ethel
FAULKNER Thomas C  Georgetown
FAULKNER Thomas Claude  Georgetown
FAULKNER Tommie Joe  Collinsville
FAULKNER W Clifford  Collinsville
FAULKNER Woodie M  Georgetown
FAULL E John  West Hill
FAULL Frances C  West Hill
FAULL Henry P  West Hill
FAULL Herbert Wallace  West Hill
FAULL Jame P  West Hill
FAULL Margaret Faecke  West Hill
FAULL Mary Ann  West Hill
FAULL Richard F  West Hill
FAVERS Alice Mae Carthers  Macomb
FAVERS James Elgin  Macomb
FAVOR Mabel Pool  Macomb
FAVORS Anna  Oakwood/Denison
FAVORS Daisy Bell Scott  Macomb
FAVORS Emma M Scott  Macomb
FAVORS John E  Macomb
FAVORS Marie  Macomb
FAVORS Roy  Macomb
FAVREAU William M  Oakwood/Denison
FAWCETT Allie Ray  CedarLawn
FAWCETT Beulah M Steele  Fairview
FAWCETT Delorma D  Fairview
FAWCETT Ernestine Goff  Fairview
FAWCETT Frank S  Preston Bend
FAWCETT Hazie P  Fairview
FAWCETT J W  Preston Bend
FAWCETT Janette  Fairview
FAWCETT Lee Edward  Fairview
FAWCETT Leotis  Fairview
FAWCETT Mary A  Preston Bend
FAWCETT Ray A  Georgetown
FAWCETT Ruby L  Georgetown
FAWCETT Sally R  Preston Bend
FAWCETT Wash R  Preston Bend
FAWCETT Willis J  Preston Bend
FAY Margaret Belle  St Mary's
FAY Mary C  St Mary's
FAY Peter W  St Mary's
FAY Thirza Anna  St Mary's
FAY William P  St Mary's
FAYIL Allen  Coffman-Layne
FEAGAN Catherine Rowland  Holloway
FEAGAN Claude G  Fairview
FEAGAN D O [Odus  Holloway
FEAGAN Della Oliver  Fairview
FEAGAN Elizabeth Anthony  Holloway
FEAGAN Evelyn Inez  Rosehill
FEAGAN Evelyn  Fairview
FEAGAN G A [Doc]  Rosehill
FEAGAN G A [Doc]  RoseHill/Bells
FEAGAN Lester Howard  Holloway
FEAGAN William Dean  Holloway
FEAGAN Winnie Davis  Holloway
FEAGANS Alice  West Hill
FEAGANS Daniel  Cannon
FEAGANS Mary A  Cannon
FEAGANS William F  West Hill
FEAGIN Emogene Valentine  West Hill
FEAGIN Eva L Collins  West Hill
FEAGIN George F  West Hill
FEAGIN George James  West Hill
FEAGIN Lillian Louise  West Hill
FEAGIN William T  West Hill
FEATH Edward Michael  Calvary
FEATH Gladys M  CedarLawn
FEATH Mary H  CedarLawn
FEATH Matilda P Maywald  Calvary
FEATH Michael John  Calvary
FEATH William Albert [Bill]  CedarLawn
FEHR Arthur A  Fairview
FEHR Clarence C  Fairview
FEHR Dora Wagner  Fairview
FEHR Edwin William  Fairview
FEHR Edwin William  Fairview
FEHR Emily Louise Bachman  Fairview
FEHR Francis Darden  Fairview
FEHR Irvin Silan  Fairview
FEHR Robert  Fairview
FEHR Wanda Lee Wilder  Fairview
FEIDLER Birdie  Fairview
FEIDT Helen M Murtry  OakWood/Whitesboro
FEIDT John Henry  OakWood/Whitesboro
FEIDT Mary Amanda  OakWood/Whitesboro
FEILD Julian Clarence Jr  Fairview
FEILD Julian Clarence Sr  Fairview
FEILD Mary Lea Sanders  Fairview
FEILD Susan Elizabeth McClain  Fairview
FEILD Vivian Sadler  Fairview
FEILDER Fred W  Fairview
FEILDER G W  Fairview
FEILDER Nettie  Fairview
FEIMSTER Russell P  Oakwood/Denison
FELAND G G  Calvary
FELAND Mary  Calvary
FELDER Bob  West Hill
FELDER Lorene  West Hill
FELKER Alyne W  Oakhill
FELKER Marion  Oakhill
FELLENBAUM Courtney Erwin  West Hill
FELTS Mae Hodgkinson  Fairview
FELTZ Myra Maye  CedarLawn
FELTZ Robert Ray  CedarLawn
FENDER Carl F  Oakhill
FENDER Greta McRady  Oakhill
FENDER John F Btenn  Oakhill
FENELON Cora Petway Lackey  Whitemound
FENET J N  West Hill
FENET John W  VanAlstyne
FENET Katie Darling  West Hill
FENET Mary B  West Hill
FENLEY Bert  Tioga
FENLEY Bertie Tuggle  Tioga
FENLEY Charles B  Tioga
FENLEY George  Tioga
FENLEY Joann  Tioga
FENLEY John  Tioga
FENLEY Kevin Michael  Tioga
FENN Adolphus Eugene  Fairview
FENN Florence  CedarLawn
FENN John Bunyon Sr  CedarLawn
FENN John E  CedarLawn
FENN Lillie May Cadenhead  Fairview
FENN Renee Joyce Cantrell Hopper  CedarLawn
FENNELL Birdie  Worden
FENNELL David  Fairview
FENNELL J Timothy  Oakwood/Denison
FENNELL James Hampton  Fairview
FENNELL Lorena Benton  Fairview
FENNELL Margaret Marie Durbin  CedarLawn
FENNELL Mary Ida Buck  Fairview
FENNELL Thelma A Cherry  Oakwood/Denison
FENNER Arthur  Fairview
FENNER Etta M  Fairview
FENNER Eugene D Sr  Fairview
FENNER Louise  Fairview
FENNER Malacha S  Fairview
FENTON Fred Max  CedarLawn
FENTON Walter Yancy  CedarLawn
FERFOOT Carl A  VanAlstyne
FERGUSON Alexander M  Akers
FERGUSON Alexander M  Akers
FERGUSON Anna Belle Rutherford  Hall
FERGUSON Avis Maudine  Fairview
FERGUSON B R Cotton  West Hill
FERGUSON Bessie Gertrude  Fairview
FERGUSON Bettie C  Hall
FERGUSON Beverly Cordell  CedarLawn
FERGUSON Bill  VanAlstyne
FERGUSON Billy Moreen  Hall
FERGUSON Bulah B  Holloway
FERGUSON Burl Elisha  CedarLawn
FERGUSON Carol J  OakWood/Whitesboro
FERGUSON Carrie B  VanAlstyne
FERGUSON Cassie Nenney  West Hill
FERGUSON Charlie  VanAlstyne
FERGUSON Cynthia Cordia  Fairview
FERGUSON Dennis E  VanAlstyne
FERGUSON Dollie Emma  Tioga
FERGUSON Dorman G  West Hill
FERGUSON E B Hic  Oakhill
FERGUSON Earline  VanAlstyne
FERGUSON Edna I  VanAlstyne
FERGUSON Elberta Odam  CedarLawn
FERGUSON Elizabeth Roddy  Rosehill
FERGUSON Elizabeth  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON Evelyn Armenda  Rosehill
FERGUSON Evelyn Armenda  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON Flora Grace Offill  Hall
FERGUSON Floyd  Hall
FERGUSON Geneiva Irl Hicks  Bethel/Whitewright
FERGUSON Grace Buckanan  West Hill
FERGUSON Hallie Henderson  Akers
FERGUSON Hazel Ray  City/Whitewright
FERGUSON Hazel Ray  City/Whitewright 
FERGUSON Heidrun B Heidrich  Hall
FERGUSON J J  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON J N  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON James E  West Hill
FERGUSON James J  Rosehill
FERGUSON James  West Hill
FERGUSON Jasper Newton  Rosehill
FERGUSON Jasper Newton  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON Jessie Lee  Fairview
FERGUSON Jim  CedarLawn
FERGUSON John Oather  Hall
FERGUSON John Wesley  Coffman-Layne
FERGUSON Joseph Newton  Rosehill
FERGUSON Joseph Newton  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON Julia E Allender  Fairview
FERGUSON Kenneth E  Fairview
FERGUSON L Mildred  West Hill
FERGUSON Lena Marie  West Hill
FERGUSON Linda Bell  CedarLawn
FERGUSON Linnie Mary Savage  CedarLawn
FERGUSON Loren [Nig]  VanAlstyne
FERGUSON Luther E  CedarLawn
FERGUSON Margaret J Russon  West Hill
FERGUSON Mary A  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON Mary Ann Faukner  Rosehill
FERGUSON Mary Hazel  West Hill
FERGUSON Mary T  Rosehill
FERGUSON Mary T  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON Mary  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON Mertie Cumi Fuller  West Hill
FERGUSON Mildred L  VanAlstyne
FERGUSON Myrtle L  Oakhill
FERGUSON N C Jr  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON N C  Rosehill
FERGUSON N C  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON Nancy L  Hall
FERGUSON Neil Bible  VirginiaPoint
FERGUSON Nell  Collinsville
FERGUSON Newton C  Rosehill
FERGUSON Opal Thomas  Oakwood/Denison
FERGUSON Otis Lee  CedarLawn
FERGUSON Patsy Franks  CedarLawn
FERGUSON R V  Fairview
FERGUSON Richard [Cotton]  Tioga
FERGUSON Richard  Collinsville
FERGUSON Robert W  West Hill
FERGUSON Rosa A Tiney  Tioga
FERGUSON Rosa Lee  Tioga
FERGUSON Rufus A  Holloway
FERGUSON Ryon Neal  West Hill
FERGUSON Seawillow  West Hill
FERGUSON Seawillow  West Hill
FERGUSON Sterling  West Hill
FERGUSON Susan A  West Hill
FERGUSON Susanah Mizell  Macomb
FERGUSON Tematress Anne  Fairview
FERGUSON Thomas Law  Akers
FERGUSON Verna Ann  Rosehill
FERGUSON Verna Ann  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON W Donny  OakWood/Whitesboro
FERGUSON W J  Rosehill
FERGUSON W J  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON Walter B  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON Wendell Fuller  West Hill
FERGUSON Wesley J  Oakhill
FERGUSON Wesley  Rosehill
FERGUSON Wesley  RoseHill/Bells
FERGUSON William B [Jack]  West Hill
FERN Infant  Oakwood/Denison
FERNANDEZ Arsenio  West Hill
FERNANDEZ Edward A  St Mary's
FERNANDEZ John  St Mary's
FERNANDEZ Louise Rice  West Hill
FERNS Ed  Calvary
FERR Joe B  Ethel
FERRANTE Clara Fassino  Calvary
FERRANTE Florinda  Calvary
FERRELL A P  West Hill
FERRELL Clara M  CedarLawn
FERRELL Cynthia Ann  VanAlstyne
FERRELL J W  Oakhill
FERRELL Louvenia  Oakhill
FERRELL Orville Y  CedarLawn
FERRELL Regnald E  West Hill
FERRIER Georgia B  West Hill
FERRILL Albert Preston  West Hill
FERRILL Mary M Rutherford  West Hill
FERRILL Nina Louise  West Hill
FERRIS Bobby Lane Weatherman  CedarLawn
FERRIS Carrell  Worden
FERRIS Carroll Alfred  Worden
FERRIS J W [Bill]  CedarLawn
FERRIS Joseph  Calvary
FERRIS Joseph B  CedarLawn
FERRIS Joseph  Vittitoe
FERRIS Maggie  Worden
FERRIS Rose May Foreman  CedarLawn
FERRIS Susan A  CedarLawn
FESPERMAN Rachail Fatima  West Hill
FESPERMAN William James  West Hill
FESSENDEN Maud Munson  Fairview
FETCHER Helen  West Hill
FETCHER Winston E  Fairview
FETZER May Gunter  West Hill
FEUDO Gary C  CedarLawn
FEUDO Rose Mary  CedarLawn
FEWELL Bertha F Klopp  Fairview
FEWELL Mike R  Fairview
FEWELL R F  Fairview
FICK Bernice  West Hill
FICKE John Marvin  CedarLawn
FICKE Pearl Essman  CedarLawn
FICKLING James Lewis Jr  West Hill
FICKLING James Lewis Sr  West Hill
FIEDT Emanuel  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIEDT Fannie  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELD Loriann  West Hill
FIELD Susan F  West Hill
FIELDEN Auston A  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDEN Auston A  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDEN Curtis Claude Sr  CedarLawn
FIELDEN Curtis Claude Jr  CedarLawn
FIELDEN Margaret Christine Ritchie  CedarLawn
FIELDEN Ruth M  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDEN Samuel Wayne  CedarLawn
FIELDER A A  West Hill
FIELDER Alfred [Ink]  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER Alice V  Oakwood/Denison
FIELDER Ama Belle  West Hill
FIELDER Amanda M Decker  West Hill
FIELDER Audrey I  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER Belle Light  West Hill
FIELDER Benjamin David  Whiteaker
FIELDER Bessie  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER Beulah Bell  Hall
FIELDER Birdie Mae  Dixie
FIELDER Birdie  Fairview
FIELDER Cecil  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER Charlie R  CedarLawn
FIELDER Clyde Brooks  CedarLawn
FIELDER David B  West Hill
FIELDER Dorothy Umphress  VanAlstyne
FIELDER Edna M Thompson  CedarLawn
FIELDER Elizabeth  Cannon
FIELDER Erma Lee Stipe  CedarLawn
FIELDER Ernest Edward  CedarLawn
FIELDER Eugene N  CedarLawn
FIELDER Frances B  West Hill
FIELDER Fred  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER George Wheeler  West Hill
FIELDER Hodge  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER Ina  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER Irene  Oakwood/Denison
FIELDER James Earl  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER John C  Oakwood/Denison
FIELDER John William  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER Lena Flossie  Dixie
FIELDER Leonard Harvey  Dixie
FIELDER Leslie  Cannon
FIELDER Lewis  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER Lola Belle Clements  West Hill
FIELDER Mabel  West Hill
FIELDER Mary C Willaby  West Hill
FIELDER Mary Jane Rogers  West Hill
FIELDER Melvin Eugene  Dixie
FIELDER Minoro Kimberlin  West Hill
FIELDER Nora Ellet  Cannon
FIELDER Nora Ethel  Whiteaker
FIELDER Robert B  VanAlstyne
FIELDER Rosa  Cannon
FIELDER Sallie Ann  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER Samuel Wayne  CedarLawn
FIELDER Theresa I  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER Thomas Alton  Whiteaker
FIELDER Verna E  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDER Vernie Roy  West Hill
FIELDER Vester  CedarLawn
FIELDER Virgil  CedarLawn
FIELDER Walter R  West Hill
FIELDER William B  West Hill
FIELDER William H  Dixie
FIELDS Alma G  Akers
FIELDS Almeda  CherryMound
FIELDS Annie Fay  CedarLawn
FIELDS Arkie Lou Anderson  CedarLawn
FIELDS Avis T  Mt. Zion
FIELDS Barbara Quincy  West Hill
FIELDS Cecil Duke  Holloway
FIELDS Claude Roy  Oakwood/Denison
FIELDS Cleatis James  Fairview
FIELDS Earl William  Oakhill
FIELDS Elizabeth Stark  Fairview
FIELDS Elizabeth  Hall
FIELDS Frank  Dixie
FIELDS Frank  Oakhill
FIELDS Frankie Hall  Mt. Zion
FIELDS Galien Stephens  Oakwood/Denison
FIELDS George Carroll  VanAlstyne
FIELDS George W  Mt. Zion
FIELDS Howard H  CedarLawn
FIELDS J W  West Hill
FIELDS Jeffery Reuben  West Hill
FIELDS Jessie Dee  CedarLawn
FIELDS Joe Calvin  Dixie
FIELDS John C  CedarLawn
FIELDS John G  Akers
FIELDS John M  Hall
FIELDS John  West Hill
FIELDS Johnnie Jewell  VanAlstyne
FIELDS Kate Benson  Oakhill
FIELDS Lee A  Hall
FIELDS Leslie Earl  West Hill
FIELDS Lillian Perry  West Hill
FIELDS Marlena Sissney  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDS Mary Agnes  Dixie
FIELDS Maude Crittendon  Oakwood/Denison
FIELDS Minnie P  Dixie
FIELDS Mylun S  CedarLawn
FIELDS Myrtle Kincaid  West Hill
FIELDS Nettie A  Hall
FIELDS Nettie Warden  Oakhill
FIELDS Norman  West Hill
FIELDS Orlena E Cobbie  CedarLawn
FIELDS Ottice M Davis  Holloway
FIELDS Sarah E  West Hill
FIELDS Sherman Scott  OakWood/Whitesboro
FIELDS William E  CherryMound
FIELDS William J  West Hill
FIELDS Willie  CherryMound
FIFE Nellie Marie  St Mary's
FIFER Amanda Viola Wilson  VanAlstyne
FIFER George Landis  VanAlstyne
FIFER Infant  VanAlstyne
FIFER Minnie  VanAlstyne
FIFER Ola Mae  VanAlstyne
FIFER Ora Fay  VanAlstyne
FIFER Sandy  Fairview
FIFER W R  VanAlstyne
FIFFER James E  VanAlstyne
FIFFER Mildred  VanAlstyne
FIFFER Rebecca  VanAlstyne


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