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Green - Griffith

GREEN Nancy  Oakhill
GREEN Oliver L  VanAlstyne
GREEN Ollie Ethie  Dixie
GREEN Opal Mossey  Magnolia
GREEN Ova M Kinnaird  Washburn
GREEN P F  West Hill
GREEN Pearl Ethel  West Hill
GREEN Ray  Georgetown
GREEN Richard Barney  Hall
GREEN Richard Fred Jr  Collinsville
GREEN Richard Fred Sr  Collinsville
GREEN Robert Carl  Tioga
GREEN Robert Darrell  Collinsville
GREEN Robert Lee  Collinsville
GREEN Robert Lee  Hall
GREEN Robert Preston  Fairview
GREEN Robert R  Magnolia
GREEN Rosa Lee Page  West Hill
GREEN Roseie L  Oakwood/Denison
GREEN Rosie  Magnolia
GREEN Roy Leslie  Georgetown
GREEN Sarah A  Fairview
GREEN Sarah A  Oakwood/Denison
GREEN Sarah Arnettie Goldston  Dixie
GREEN Sarah E  VanAlstyne
GREEN Sharon Elizabeth  Bethlehem Sadler
GREEN Stella L  Fairview
GREEN T D [Dick]  West Hill
GREEN Tony A  West Hill
GREEN Viala Munson  Fairview
GREEN Virgil Willis  Dixie
GREEN W C  Fairview
GREEN W S  West Hill
GREEN Walter C  Fairview
GREEN Walter W  Dixie
GREEN William C  CedarLawn
GREEN William E  Georgetown
GREEN William Kelly  Fairview
GREEN William Samuel  West Hill
GREEN Wonda Joyce  Dixie
GREEN Wynnona Ellis  CedarLawn
GREEN Zina Sanders  Akers
GREENE A Alice  Fairview
GREENE A T  Calvary
GREENE Albert Jr  Oakwood/Denison
GREENE Amelia C  Oakwood/Denison
GREENE B F  Basin Springs
GREENE Baby  Basin Springs
GREENE Billy Gene  CedarLawn
GREENE Rev Carl B  Basin Springs
GREENE Charles C  Basin Springs
GREENE Charles L  West Hill
GREENE Charles Spence  Basin Springs
GREENE David J  Basin Springs
GREENE David J  Basin Springs
GREENE Dorothy M  CedarLawn
GREENE Edmond J  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREENE Edmond James  West Hill
GREENE Ellis T  Fairview
GREENE Ernest B  VanAlstyne
GREENE Ervin B  Basin Springs
GREENE Eula Mai Spence  Basin Springs
GREENE Eva Drinnon  Basin Springs
GREENE Frances Ruth  Basin Springs
GREENE G W  Collinsville
GREENE George C  Oakwood/Denison
GREENE George N  Oakwood/Denison
GREENE Grace Edna Siebman  Basin Springs
GREENE Guy Leon  West Hill
GREENE Hazel Mae  Basin Springs
GREENE Henry  West Hill
GREENE Homer R  VanAlstyne
GREENE Jack Price  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREENE James M  VanAlstyne
GREENE John David  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREENE John Edward  Basin Springs
GREENE Kenneth Floyd  Basin Springs
GREENE Kenneth  Basin Springs
GREENE L V  VanAlstyne
GREENE Leo Vaden  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREENE Lois Inez Perrin  Basin Springs
GREENE Louella A  West Hill
GREENE Lucille  Basin Springs
GREENE Mack  Basin Springs
GREENE Maddie  Basin Springs
GREENE Mary A  Basin Springs
GREENE Mary Ann Buford  Basin Springs
GREENE Mary B  West Hill
GREENE Maude M  VanAlstyne
GREENE Naomi R Ivy  West Hill
GREENE Orus C  Basin Springs
GREENE Patrick Henry  Calvary
GREENE Paul Leon  Basin Springs
GREENE Randolph H  Basin Springs
GREENE Randy Roy  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREENE Robert Milam  Basin Springs
GREENE Robert William  Collinsville
GREENE Ruth A Blevins  Basin Springs
GREENE Sylvia Edna  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREENE Thelma I  Basin Springs
GREENE Tillie M Burch  Basin Springs
GREENE Velma Leota  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREENE Wanda Lee Payne  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREENE Wilbur S  CedarLawn
GREENE William M  VanAlstyne
GREENE William S  West Hill
GREENE  Lillian  Lewter  Gordonville
GREENFIELD Jack Dale  CedarLawn
GREENFIELD Jeffery M  CedarLawn
GREENING Adaline  Hall
GREENING Dora  West Hill
GREENING J D  VanAlstyne
GREENING James Lee  VanAlstyne
GREENING Mary E  VanAlstyne
GREENING Opal Douglas  VanAlstyne
GREENING Robert L  VanAlstyne
GREENING Vennie Clapp  West Hill
GREENLOW John  West Hill
GREENLOW Thomas Bud  West Hill
GREENUP Bascom N  Georgetown
GREENUP John V  Georgetown
GREENUP Mary E  Georgetown
GREENUP Virginia  Georgetown
GREENWADE Sam Jr  West Hill
GREENWADE Sarah I Sims  West Hill
GREENWAY Hellen G  Oakhill
GREENWAY Jennie  Fairview
GREENWAY Joseph R  Fairview
GREENWAY Milton E  Oakhill
GREENWOOD James W  Fairview
GREENWOOD Reba  Fairview
GREENWOOD W C [Cleve]  Fairview
GREER A S  West Hill
GREER Abb M Jr  Mt. Tabor
GREER Abb M Sr  Mt. Tabor
GREER Acie Clyde  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREER Addie O  VanAlstyne
GREER Annie Mae Fry  West Hill
GREER B B  Mt. Zion
GREER Baxter D D  VanAlstyne
GREER Betty Jean  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREER Blanche A  Mt. Tabor
GREER Carylon Marie [Cary]  VanAlstyne
GREER Charlie H  Fairview
GREER Charlie W  West Hill
GREER Choice Eugene  West Hill
GREER Claudie Jane  VanAlstyne
GREER D T  West Hill
GREER Dorris Anita  Mt. Tabor
GREER Eddy M  Mt. Tabor
GREER Elizabeth  West Hill
GREER Emma Holsonbake  West Hill
GREER Emma Mahar  VanAlstyne
GREER Eva  VanAlstyne
GREER Fatie  VanAlstyne
GREER Fay Agnes Lindsay  Fairview
GREER Faye Henderson  West Hill
GREER Flem S  West Hill
GREER Floyd E  West Hill
GREER Francis Hamilton  VanAlstyne
GREER George T  Tioga
GREER Gilliam  VanAlstyne
GREER Grace  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREER Guy  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREER Hattie M Kirkpatrick  West Hill
GREER Helen Louise  Rosehill
GREER Helen Louise  RoseHill/Bells
GREER Infant  VanAlstyne
GREER J Lee  Fairview
GREER J T  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREER James Lafayette  VanAlstyne
GREER Jane E  West Hill
GREER Jean Marie  West Hill
GREER Jennie K  VanAlstyne
GREER Jess R  Allison
GREER Joe Alden Sr  VanAlstyne
GREER Joe L  VanAlstyne
GREER John D  VanAlstyne
GREER John Flavel  VanAlstyne
GREER John Melton  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREER Joseph Wayne  VanAlstyne
GREER Joseph  VanAlstyne
GREER Josie Lee  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREER June D  CedarLawn
GREER Katie  Allison
GREER Knox S  VanAlstyne
GREER Laura Ellis  VanAlstyne
GREER Laura Eveline  VanAlstyne
GREER Lenora  West Hill
GREER Leviggie  Mt. Zion
GREER Lizzie  Fairview
GREER Luther Pete  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREER M H  West Hill
GREER Maggie Genell Montgomery  VanAlstyne
GREER Margaret Bolton  VanAlstyne
GREER Marie Warren  West Hill
GREER Mary E Burton  West Hill
GREER Matilda I  Tioga
GREER Maudie White  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREER May  VanAlstyne
GREER Nannie B  VanAlstyne
GREER Patricia Jenkins [Jeanne]  Fairview
GREER Ruth Sylvester  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREER Sarah J  VanAlstyne
GREER T B  Mt. Zion
GREER T F  Mt. Zion
GREER Thomas W  VanAlstyne
GREER Vallie  VanAlstyne
GREER W H C  West Hill
GREER W Rudy  West Hill
GREER William Alvin  Rosehill
GREER William Alvin  RoseHill/Bells
GREESON Esther E  Fairview
GREESON L Wade  Fairview
GREESON Mary L  Bells North
GREEWOOD Mildred  Macomb
GREGG A B  Fairview
GREGG Arley F  CedarLawn
GREGG Deborah A  CedarLawn
GREGG Edward P II  West Hill
GREGG Edward P  West Hill
GREGG Elizabeth E  CedarLawn
GREGG Emma A  Oakwood/Denison
GREGG Etta  Oakwood/Denison
GREGG Eula Lucile  Fairview
GREGG Eulalah P  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREGG Evelyn L  Oakwood/Denison
GREGG George Harry  Fairview
GREGG Harland L  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREGG John A  Oakwood/Denison
GREGG Lucy G  West Hill
GREGG Mary M  CedarLawn
GREGG Rachael A  Oakwood/Denison
GREGG Raeshell E  CedarLawn
GREGG Richard L  CedarLawn
GREGG Saunders  West Hill
GREGORY Alva  Whitemound
GREGORY Alvis C  VanAlstyne
GREGORY Amanda Jane  Whitemound
GREGORY Andrew J  VanAlstyne
GREGORY Bobbie  VanAlstyne
GREGORY C P  West Hill
GREGORY Candace Mary Ellen Adams   Whitemound
GREGORY Claudia F Hollinger  West Hill
GREGORY Cobie J  CedarLawn
GREGORY David  Collinsville
GREGORY Early G  VanAlstyne
GREGORY Edna  West Hill
GREGORY Enid Conrad  CedarLawn
GREGORY Ernest Roy  West Hill
GREGORY Ettie  ChristianChapel
GREGORY Everett D  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREGORY Frances A  VanAlstyne
GREGORY Frances Dimmitt  West Hill
GREGORY Gladys  VanAlstyne
GREGORY Helen Mae  CedarLawn
GREGORY Helen Scott  Fairview
GREGORY Hershell  CedarLawn
GREGORY Hortensi Dimmitt  West Hill
GREGORY Iva Carson  OakWood/Whitesboro
GREGORY J D  CedarLawn
GREGORY James I  VanAlstyne
GREGORY James  CedarLawn
GREGORY Jean Hardy  Whitemound
GREGORY Jerry Wayne  Collinsville
GREGORY Joe H  CedarLawn
GREGORY Joe Lawrence  Collinsville
GREGORY John H [Pete]  West Hill
GREGORY Johnny R  Fairview
GREGORY Joseph Franklin  Whitemound
GREGORY Karen Lee  CedarLawn
GREGORY Lemond  VanAlstyne
GREGORY Maggie Hicks  Whitemound
GREGORY Mamie  VanAlstyne
GREGORY Marjlou  Fairview
GREGORY Martha A  Collinsville
GREGORY Martha J  Collinsville
GREGORY Mary D  CedarLawn
GREGORY Mary Ella  VanAlstyne
GREGORY Mary M Freeman  Hebron
GREGORY Michael Allen  West Hill
GREGORY Mildred Starnes J  West Hill
GREGORY Minnie F  Cannon
GREGORY Minnie Ola Belcher  Collinsville
GREGORY Nelle Brown  Vittitoe
GREGORY Nina  Collinsville
GREGORY Oliver Clark  CedarLawn
GREGORY Rathburn A  Fairview
GREGORY Robert Lee  Collinsville
GREGORY Syble Belle  Collinsville
GREGORY Thomas A  Hebron
GREGORY W J [Jeff]  Whitemound
GREGORY William Brown  Collinsville
GREGORY William M  Collinsville
GREGORY William Joseph (Jeff)  Whitemound
GREGORY Woodrow  Whitemound
GRENNE Billy Glen  CedarLawn
GRENNE Grayce  CedarLawn
GRENSHAW Ethel H  Fairview
GRENSHAW Henry H  Fairview
GRENSHAW Leonard Lee  Fairview
GRENSHAW Patsy  Oakwood/Denison
GRENWALT Anna A  CedarLawn
GRENWALT Thomas W  CedarLawn
GRESHAM Bessie Mike  Fairview
GRESHAM Billy Samuel  West Hill
GRESHAM Della  West Hill
GRESHAM Eliza  West Hill
GRESHAM Elizabeth  West Hill
GRESHAM Gurney R Jr  Georgetown
GRESHAM John B  Fairview
GRESHAM John L  Fairview
GRESHAM Oscar S  West Hill
GRESHAM Otis R  West Hill
GRESHAM Pemberton  West Hill
GRESHAM Tom  West Hill
GRESHAM Verine Foster  Tioga
GRESMAN Della  West Hill
GRESMAN Elizabeth  West Hill
GRESMAN Otis  West Hill
GRESSETT David E  Tioga
GRESSETT Edna Fay  Tioga
GRESSETT Gladys M  Tioga
GRESSETT Herman L  Tioga
GRESSETT Nora T  Tioga
GRESSETT Raymond W  Tioga
GRESSETT Thelma B  Tioga
GRESSETT William T  Tioga
GRIBBLE Archibald Tyner  St Mary's
GRIBBLE Charles Francis  West Hill
GRIBBLE Clara McConville McConville  St Mary's
GRIBBLE Fannie Tyner  West Hill
GRIBBLE Frank C  West Hill
GRIBBLE Priscilla J  West Hill
GRIDER Arthur Dudley  Cannon
GRIDER Calvin J  CedarLawn
GRIDER Edith Neathery  NewPilotGrove
GRIDER Irene Hunter  Cannon
GRIDER Ivey L  Cannon
GRIDER James V  NewPilotGrove
GRIDER Joe A  Cannon
GRIDER John Robert  Cannon
GRIDER Lewis  Cannon
GRIDER Mack H  Oakwood/Denison
GRIDER Mary F  CedarLawn
GRIDER Melba L Happer  Cannon
GRIDER Stella Mae  Cannon
GRIDER Vera  Cannon
GRIER Betty  Calvary
GRIER Shella Annie  Calvary
GRIER William T  Calvary
GRIFFIN Adams  Akers
GRIFFIN Agness Morton  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Andrew H  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN Billie Kathryn  Fairview
GRIFFIN C A Bertie  Oakhill
GRIFFIN Carrie Mae  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Charles D  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Charlsie Jean  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Clemmie Alice  Bethlehem Sadler
GRIFFIN Cora A Taylor  West Hill
GRIFFIN Cordellia  Akers
GRIFFIN David Olin  Georgetown
GRIFFIN Donald O  Georgetown
GRIFFIN Edna Ford  Akers
GRIFFIN Ellen Louise Harvey  Friendship
GRIFFIN F F  West Hill
GRIFFIN Faye Garner  Oakhill
GRIFFIN Ford  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Forrest Adam  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Gene H  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN George P  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Gerald Winston  Georgetown
GRIFFIN Harold Lee  Friendship
GRIFFIN Harvey Lee  Liberty
GRIFFIN Hattie  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN Helen Louise  Bethlehem Sadler
GRIFFIN Hoy  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Inant Son  Simpson
GRIFFIN Inez J  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN Iona Fay  Simpson
GRIFFIN Irene Blanche  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN Irene Sawyer  Akers
GRIFFIN Jack Dempsey  Fairview
GRIFFIN James A  West Hill
GRIFFIN James Hershell  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN James J  Oakhill
GRIFFIN James W  Oakhill
GRIFFIN Jess J  Akers
GRIFFIN Jesse Lee  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN Jessie G  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN John William  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN John  Oakhill
GRIFFIN Johnnie B  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN Joseph Augustus  Akers
GRIFFIN Kate Sears B  Oakhill
GRIFFIN Kenneth D  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN L Randell  Akers
GRIFFIN Leander C  Kendall
GRIFFIN Leon  Akers
GRIFFIN Leonard Clay Jr  Friendship
GRIFFIN Lewis A  Akers
GRIFFIN Linda Diana Harris  CherryMound
GRIFFIN Loudora  Akers
GRIFFIN Louise J  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Mamie E  Georgetown
GRIFFIN Mamie L  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Margaret  Woodman's Circle
GRIFFIN Martha E  Kendall
GRIFFIN Marvin B  Simpson
GRIFFIN Mary Alice  Simpson
GRIFFIN Mary Lee Smith  Akers
GRIFFIN Merle  Akers
GRIFFIN Murray  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN Nancy  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN Offie B  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Peggy Sharon  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Peter N  Fairview
GRIFFIN Prude A  NewPilotGrove
GRIFFIN R E  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Raymond  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN Robert C  West Hill
GRIFFIN Robert Lewis  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Rosa Bell  Oakhill
GRIFFIN Roy  Akers
GRIFFIN Ruby A  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN Sallie  Akers
GRIFFIN Sally B  Whitemound
GRIFFIN Seth Shepherd  West Hill
GRIFFIN Shirley J  Friendship
GRIFFIN Sidney W  Fairview
GRIFFIN Thomas D  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Thomas E  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN Twin Daughter  Ben Dye
GRIFFIN Twin Daughter  Ben Dye
GRIFFIN Vallie Calhoun  Bethany
GRIFFIN Vardry U  Whitemound
GRIFFIN Vester L  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Virgil E  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN Virginia G  Oakhill
GRIFFIN Vivan Zora Clinton  West Hill
GRIFFIN Wanda P  CedarLawn
GRIFFIN Warren Smith  Akers
GRIFFIN William H  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFIN William Wesley  Bethlehem Sadler
GRIFFIN Winona  CedarLawn
GRIFFITH B E  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFITH Barney Alton  CedarLawn
GRIFFITH Basil U  West Hill
GRIFFITH Benjamin Bourland Sr  West Hill
GRIFFITH Betty J  Bethany
GRIFFITH Betty Ruth  Burleson
GRIFFITH Charles D  CedarLawn
GRIFFITH Claude Mack  Burleson
GRIFFITH Daniel A  West Hill
GRIFFITH Davie  Georgetown
GRIFFITH Dessie L  CedarLawn
GRIFFITH Dorothy Ross  West Hill
GRIFFITH Elissa J  VanAlstyne
GRIFFITH Ersie Vernon  CedarLawn
GRIFFITH Ethel L  Oakwood/Denison
GRIFFITH Garland E  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFITH Hattie Lee  Georgetown
GRIFFITH Hope B Henry  West Hill
GRIFFITH Jack H  CedarLawn
GRIFFITH James A  Georgetown
GRIFFITH Joe C  CedarLawn
GRIFFITH John Logan  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFITH John Paul  West Hill
GRIFFITH Joyce D  CedarLawn
GRIFFITH Katie Lue  Burleson
GRIFFITH Lee  Georgetown
GRIFFITH Lillie A  Burleson
GRIFFITH Linda F  Georgetown
GRIFFITH Lular O Barton  West Hill
GRIFFITH Luther Jefferson  Oakwood/Denison
GRIFFITH Mage  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFITH Margaret M  CedarLawn
GRIFFITH Marion Obediah  Burleson
GRIFFITH Mary Ann  Rosehill
GRIFFITH Mary Ann  RoseHill/Bells
GRIFFITH Nora Pearl  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFITH Nora Sally Perkins  Burleson
GRIFFITH Obediah  Burleson
GRIFFITH Ollie Ruth  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFITH Ora Mae  Rosehill
GRIFFITH Ora Mea  RoseHill/Bells
GRIFFITH Robert E  Oakwood/Denison
GRIFFITH Robert Lee  Georgetown
GRIFFITH Ruby M  West Hill
GRIFFITH Sadie  Georgetown
GRIFFITH Sarah Elizabeth  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFITH Thomas J  Bethany
GRIFFITH Troy Earl  Rosehill
GRIFFITH Troy Earl  RoseHill/Bells
GRIFFITH W H  OakWood/Whitesboro
GRIFFITH Zeddis Jose  Rosehill
GRIFFITH Zeddis Jose  RoseHill/Bells


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