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  Carpenter's Bluff Bridge

This Historic Bridge spans the Red River and connects Grayson County, Texas and Bryan County, Oklahoma. Completed in 1910, it was designed to allow trains, wagons, pedestrians and horses to cross for a toll.  It was originally built as a railroad bridge for the Missouri, Oklahoma and Gulf line. Initally, the wooden plank served as a vehicle lane & the railroad track was on the opposite side of the bridge.

Definition: a truss bridge supported mainly by trusses

In architecture, a truss is a structure comprising of one or more triangluar units
constructed with straight members, whose ends are connected at joints referred to as "node".

The Truss Bridge design was used to construct Carpenter's Bluff Bridge.  Truss bridges are one of the oldest types of modern bridges. A truss bridge is economical due to the effecient use of materials for construction.  Due to the abundance of wood, early truss bridge construction would use carefully fitted timbers for members taking compression and iron rods for tension members.  The bridge was normally constructed as a covered bridge to protect the structure.

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