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Fugitives From Justice

A List of Fugitives from Justice
Adjutant General's Office
State of Texas
1 January 1878

I certify that the following List of Fugitives from Justice compiled from official record, received from the several counties and now on file in my office. ~ ~ ~ WM Steele, Adjutant General

Grayson County, Texas
pg. 160

Pg. 173
Unknown Murder of Dr. White, 14 May 1874, Grayson Co., $500
Short, Ed, Murder, 11 November 1875, Grayson Co., $200
Thompson, James, Murder, 10 December 1877, Grayson Co., $300

Anderson, GeorgeThelft of gelding15 June 187724 September, same year
Armstrong, J NMurder5 July  187313 September, same year
Booer, John Assault to Murder7 September 187720 September, same year
Breedlove, GeorgeAssault to MurderJuly 1873July, same year
Brooks, HenryTheft of mare1 March 18779 October, same year
Brown, M CMurder5 July 187313 September, same year
Campbell, BrandonTheft of Hogs15 June 187716 October, same year
Carlton, MatMurder10 February 187410 October1877
Carter, S M (alias J W Bryant)Theft of mule21 April 187723 May, same year
Cavenaugh, John Murder May 1873 June, same year
Chase, Joseph Murder February 1869 February
Crocker, Jack Murder March 1874 March
DeGraffenreid SAssautl to MurderJuly 1875July, same year
Evans, BerryThreat to take lifeOctober 1874November, same year
Glover, A CSwindling8 October 187621 April 1877
Godfrey, SamuelRobbery22 December 187627 March 1877
Hardy, WmBigamy21 November 18761877
Hatley, WmAssault to MurderNovember 1875March 1876
Hawkins, MarionRape4 August 187720 September, same year
Hays, GeorgeTheft of mare1 March 18779 October, same year
Holmes, R TAssault to MurderNovember 1875March 1876
Jarvis, MAssault to MurderMarch 1876March, same year
Mann, JohnTheft15 January 187724 May, same year
McClothlin, JohnTheft of mare5 July 187722 September, same year
McNeal, Jno TAssault to Murder10 December 187614 April 1877
McNight, A Assault to Murder November 1874 March, same year
Newcome, RobertAssault to Murder12 August 187724 September, same year
Oglesby, J PSwindlingJanuary 1875March, same year
Parsons, Z LEmbezzlement25 March 187711 April, same year
Patton, GeorgeAssault to Murder5 December 187615 March 1877
Richards, TrassTheft of cattle1 April 187713 October, same year
Richards, WesleyAssault to Murder7 October 187718 October, same year
Roan, FrankAssault to Murder25 December 187615 March 1877
Roberts, E HAssault to MurderNovember 1875November, same year
Saunders, DickTheft of Mare1 October 187616 October 1877
Savage, Wm AAssault to Murder11 December 187517 October 1877
Shields, WmAssault to MurderApril 1874July, same year
Short, EdMurderNovember 1875November, same year
Sims, JohnAssault to MurderJune 1876July, same year
Sloan, DossAssault to Murder25 December 187630 March 1877
Stevens, ThomasMurder24 February 187728 March 1877
Tate, ThomasThelft of gelding26 April 187716 October, same year
Terrill, DaveThelft of Mare and Mules28 June 187713 October, same year
Thompson, DocTheft15 January 187721 March, same year
Thompson, RichardTheft of cow10 January 187721 March, same year
Vanalstyne, J TTheft of geldingJanuary 1873July 1876
Vaughn, JohnTheft of Hogs15 June 187716 October, same year
Ward, H LTheft of geldingMay 1878June 1878
Watkins, AAssault to MurderDecember 1875March 1876
Watson, MTheft of steerMay 1875November, same year
Weeks, FursenMurder10 February 187410 October 1877
Wollens, J SPassing forged order27 November 18779 October, same year
Yates, JosephThelft of mare15 January 187514 April 1877

A List of Fugitives From Justice
1891 - Part VII
Compiled from reports of Sheriffs Received at the Adjutant General's Office
Henry Hutchison, State Printer

(Note : No report from Grayson Co. was found in this volume.)



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