Frontier Village
Denison, Texas
Located in Denison Texas at Loy Lake Park
Hwy 75 South & Loy Lake Road
Exit no. 67; go west to gate of the park
The gate arch to Loy Lake Park & Frontier Village, above, was built from the cell door track used
by the early Grayson Count Jail. It had cells arranged in a circle with only one door that revolved on this track.

Map ~ Touring through the Village

Frontier Village is open 7 days a week year round, 1-4 pm.. weather permitting, call 903-463-2487  for information.
If you need special hours or have a group, call and leave a message; the Village Staff will get back to you as soon as possible.
Admission $3.00 for adults, children 6-18 $2.00, Children under 5 are free.
School Groups - $1.00 per person.
All Admission fees are used for maintenance of the Pioneer homes in Frontier Village
Visit Another Frontier Village Website & Learn about the Festival of lights for the Holiday Season
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How you can become a supporter of Frontier Village

Houses and displays at Frontier Village
Photographs taken by Elaine Bay & Patricia Nall
Courtesy of Grayson County Frontier Village

  Judge Jake J. Loy
Central Tower at Loy Lake Park

 Bass House, built in the 1850s, first glass windows in the county
  Bradley - Bodkin Cabin built about 1842
  Cold Springs Schoolhouse built 1855
  Davis - Ansley Log Home, built in the winter of 1839/40
  Evans Carpenter Cabin - 1857
  Fitzgerald House, built in 1866
  Jesse Elvis Hendricks House, 1863
  William T. Lankford Home, 1847
  Replica of Sophia Porter's early home
  Price - Shaw Cabin, 1860
  Judge James G. Thompson Home
 The Village Barber Shop
  The Village Dentist Office
 The Village Church
  The Village Country Store

 Blacksmith Shop
  Burns Transfer Wagon - 1905
  1905 Case Peanut Thresher
 Cook Shack
  Courting Sleigh - 1895
  1936 Farmall Tractor
  Grinder & Toolshed
  Grayson County Jail Wagon, transported chain gangs
 Early Newspaper Office, Replica
 Pedal-Operated Sandstone Grinder
 Picnic Area
 Street Lights  
 Tool Shed
 Water Well
  Weaver Wagon


Elaine Nall Bay
Grayson County CC
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