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    Dallas Morning News - 30 Sep 1919 page 2
    Mohan- Sherman, Texas, Sep 29- The body of Mrs. Lee J. Mohan, who died at her home in Butler, Pa., arrived here yesterday. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon. Before her marriage Mrs. Mohan was Miss Elizabeth Hanson of this city, and besides her husband, she is survived by her father, A. Hanson (Andrew Hanson), and sister, Mrs. Walter Welks (W, both of Sherman.
    ( I cannot figure out where she is buried, it should be in West Hill in Sherman but she is not found in any census of that cemetery. )

    * Andrew Hanson was born in Denmark, he was a retired baker (Starr Bakery) when he died 24 Feb 1934 , He was born 13 Feb 1855. His father was T. Hanson & mother- Christine Hundervadt both of Denmark. His dau. Mrs. Mamie Weihs is the informant on his death certificate. He was buried in West Hill Cemetery. 
  • 1930 Grayson Co., Census- He is a widower, age 75 living in the household of his dau. Mamie Weihs age 47, who was widowed. She was first married at age 30. The story of her husbands death below on this page. 2 children both age 15, Mamie M. & Anna W.

  • Dallas Morning News  16 Oct 1914 page 7
    Fatal Accident Occurs at Sherman Club House
    Walter Weihs Dies as Result of Wounds
    Automatic Shotgun is Discharged, Injuring A. Hanson and Killing Son-in-Law
    Special to the News, Sherman, Texas, Oct 15- Walter Weihs, a traveling man, was fataly shot, and A. Hanson, his father-in-law, a Sherman business man was seriously hurt this morning at 10 o'clock when an automatic shotgun fell from a surrey in which they were driving and was discharged. The charge of buckshot passed through the muscles in the right arm of Mr. Hanson above the elbow, and then into the shoulder, neck and left side of the face and head of Mr. WeiThe accident occurred seven miles northwest of the city in the road in front of the Sherman Club House. The gun caught in the wheel of the surrey, breaking the stock and exploding the cartridge in the break. Mr. Weihs never regained consciousness, death resulting at 5:25 o'clock this afternoon.
    Mayor Dupont B. Lyon, who was in the clubbhouse, went to the rescue of the men and with the assistance of others in the clubhouse, placed them in his automobile and made the drive to the Sherman Hospital in this city in nine minutes. The wounded men were in the hospital in sixteen minutes after the accident.
    Dr. E. J. Neathery, surgeon in charge of the hospital, dressed the wounds. Mrs. Hanson has been in business in Sherman nearly forty years, and resides with his family at the corner of Jones and Walnut Streets. Mr. Weihs, who married his daughter, was traveling representative for the Interstate Cotton Oil Products Company of this city, and formerly traveled for the Armstrong Packing Company of Dallas. 

    Dallas Morning News 4 Oct 1905 page 2  Lost is found
    Purse of Money Lost Nine Years Ago is Recovered
    Special to the News, Sherman, Tex., Oct 3- Nine years ago Andrew Hanson lost a pocketbook containing $70 in bank notes.
    Yesterday, in raking the flooring of a manger at his residence, the purse was uncovered and the money found in it, slightly disfigured and mildewed, but still in good enough shape to send to Washington for redemption. Mr. Hanson says the place where the purse was found has been raked over hundreds of times. 

    H. F. Hanson (Hans), whose death cert. names the same parents except add their father was T.J. Hanson. H.F. Hanson was married to Christiana Florence Hazelbrandt. H.F. was b. 30 Apr 1862 and died of a stroke, 7 Sep 1939. He had a restaurant. He also is buried in West Hill Cemetery. 
    His obit ran in the Dallas Morning News-H. F. Hanson 77, Dies at Sherman
    Special to the News, Sherman, Texas , Sept 8- 
    H.F. Hanson, 77, a native of Denmark and a resident of Sherman since 1884, died at a local hospital.
    Funeral services will be conducted Saturday afternoon, with burial in West Hill Cemetery. 
    Mr. Hanson was born in Denmark. He came to Sherman in 1884 and had lived there since, conducting a restaurant and associated with his brother in the bakery business. He was married June 19, 1887, to Miss Flora Hazelhardt. He was a member of the Lutheran Church. He is survived by a brother, Andrew Hanson of Sherman. 
  • 1900 Grayson County Census - Hans Hanson b. Apr 1862 age 38, married 13 yrs,  b. Denmark. came to US in 1880, and was naturalized 20 yrs ago. His wife, Flora b. Jul 1866, age 33, they had four children , none living. Flora's Mother , Augusta Hazelbarth is living with them. She was b. in Dec 1832 and was widowed. Had had only 1 child, Flora.
    • * I looked up her death cert. to get a closer look at who she was-she is listed as Augusta Hazelbarth, widowed, lived and died at 1102 S. Elm St. in Sherman. Born Christmas Day 1832 in Burkstad Saxony, Germany. Father- Edward Diedrick. Mother not listed. She died June 13, 1914. She had an infection due to a fall injury and was buried in West Hill Cemetery.
  • 1910 Census  3rd ward, Sherman,Grayson Co., Census- - Hans F. age 46 , married at age 22 yrs. as was his wife Flora A., now age 46. It shows they had had 4 children and none living in 1910.
  • 1920 Grayson Co., Census- Census taken Jan 8, Sherman, prec. 1 hh 69/104 - 

  • Hanson, Hans F. head of household age 57  came here in 1881 and naturalized in 1895. Flora A. 52 was b. in Germany as were her parents. she came in 1882. 
  • 1930 Grayson Co., Census-  same prect. Hans F. was alone with two lodgers in the house. He was widowed and his personal worth is 12,000.

  •  *One of their children was: Elsa b. 31 Oct 1895 - 12 Aug 1896 bur. in West Hill Cemetery.

     Martin Hansen, Probably a brother of Hans F.  & Andrew.
  • 1900 Grayson Co., Census- Martin Hansen, b. May 1865 age 35, wed 10 yrs, 

  • wife Lena (was Lena Lawrence) b. May 1869 age 31, had 3 ch. 2 living. 
    children- Arthur b. Aug 1890 
    Mabel b. Sep 1893.
  • 1910 Grayson Co., Census. -

  • Martin Hanson  age 44 ,married first at age 19, b.Denmark as were parents.
    Lena , wife       age 40, b. Pennsylvania and parents b. Germany. 
    ch; Arthur L. son, 19 single b. Tx. 
    Mabel L. dau. age 16 "  " 
  • 1920 Grayson Co., Census- Lena is a widow, age 50  and her son Arthur is home still , single age 29. More on him below
  • 1930 Grayson Co., Census, Lena is age 60 and living with her is dau. Mabel L. Mahon age 34 who is listed as Married but no husband listed in house at the time. 

  • Dallas Morning News-25 Dec 1920 page 1- Sherman Business Man Slugged and Robbed.
    Special to the News, Sherman, Texas, Dec 23- Arthur Hanson, a Sherman business man, was slugged late last night which in the rear of his own store fixing to close. He was robbed of $80. Two young men have been arrested. Mr. Hanson was struck over the head from behind and badly injured.
    another article about this incident:
    26 Dec 1920 - Two Youths Held on Robbery Charge.
    Special to the News- Sherman, Texas, Dec 25- Charley Calker and Gunby Odnal. Local youths, were admitted to bail in the sum of $2000 each today on two charges growing out out of the slugging and robbing of Arthur Hanson, businessman, in the rear of his store Thursday night.

    Dallas Morning News 23 May 1924 page 11 - 
    Sherman (man)Held on Theft Charges Makes Bond. Special to the News, Sherman, Texas, May 22-
    Sheriff Floyd Everheart returned Tuesday night from Wichita Fallas where he went to take in custody, John Irvin, wanted here on charge of automobile theft. Irvin is alleged to have failed to return a car rented from Arthur Hanson. He gave bond at Electra in the sum of $750 and was released.

    He also had a terrible thing happen later (31 Jan 1926), read the report.

    Dallas Morning News 13 Mar 1927 page 1, Gun Accident Costs Sherman Man his leg
    Sherman, Texas , March 12
    Arthur Hanson, Sherman garage owner, was seriously injured Saturday afternoon when a pump shotgun was accidentally discharged and he was shot in the left foot and lower part of the leg. His leg was amputated about half-way between the ankel and knee.
    Mr. Hanson was sweeping in his office and struck the gun with the broom causing it to fall to the floor.
    He is in a serious condition, according to reports from Sherman Hospital, where he was taken immediately after the accident.
    He was plagued by ill healh for a young man, He died 2 Nov 1927 at the age of 37 and is buried in West Hill Cemetery. He was sick it says for 4 years with pancreatitis, a very miserable disease and died of an inflamed heart. 

    Jorgen P. Hanson (22 Jun 1860 - 3 Sep 1938)  & Wife Annie C. Hanson (22 Jun 1860 b. in Copenhagen, Denmark- Sep 1938) are buried in West Hill Cemetery.
  • 1900 Grayson County Census - hh 271/280  J. P. Hanson, head b. Oct 1859 Denmark, wed at 15! (that doesn't add up in the next census) , age 40 b. Denmark.

  • Wife Annie C. wed at 15 also, age 38 b. June 1861 , four children- three alive. b. Denmark. Their first child, George T. b. Oct 1885 was born in Minnesota. 
    The next child, Jennie C. b. March 1888 was b. in Tx. , Edith B. b. Aug. 1899 Tx. 
    1910 Grayson County Census - George P. 50  wed 26 yrs. b. Denmark
    Annie  C. age 48 wed 26 yrs b. Denmark
    ch; George T.   b. Minnesota age 24
    Jennie C. age 22 b. Tx
    Edith B. age 10 b. Tx.

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