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Williams Family
by R.A. Williams

  1615 To 2004  389 Years
Research by R A Williams 2004

1.  JOHN WILLIAMS, SR. was born about. 1615? In England, and died about. August 1692 in VA, Isle of Wright Co. He married (1) ANNE MOORE, daughter of WILLIAM MOORE and SARAH MOORE. She was born about. 1645 in VA, Isle of Wright Co. He married (2) ANNE WHITLEY. She was b: after 1647 in VA. Isle of Wright Co.

John Williams, Sr. came from England arriving in Isle of Wright, VA. in 1638. He was a planter and the owner of large amounts of land in Virginia.  On Sept. 29, 1645 he received a land grant of 250 acres of land and on August 30, 1647 he received another land grant of 150 acres.  Both land grants were in Warwick Co. VA. and were for the transportation of passengers to America.  On Sept. 9, 1681 he bought 400 acres of land in Isle of Wright Co. VA and later purchased more land in the same county.
He also owned land in neighboring Surry Co. VA. John and his wife resided in Isle of Wright until he died in 1692.  On March 9, 1691, John Williams will was recorded August 9, 1692.

Anne married secondly Aronld Shumacke Ca 1694.  With her husband's Permission Anne Williams Shumake made a deed of gift to her children by John Williams I on May 21, 1692.

                  Child of JOHN WILLIAMS and ANNE MOORE is:
 Mary Sophia WILLIAMS b. 25 June 1669, MA, Essex Co., Salem.

                  Children of JOHN WILLIAMS and ANNE WHITLEY are:
 Bridgett Williams b. about. 1670, VA, Isle of Wright Co. d. before. 1691.
 Elizabeth Williams b. about. 1672, VA, Isle of Wright Co. married THOMAS WRIGHT.
 JOHN WILLIAMS, JR., b. about. 1674, VA, Isle of Wright Co.; d. about October 1757, NC, Bertie Co.
William Williams b. about 1678, VA, Isle of Wright Co. d. about. 1708, NC, Chowan Co.
 Jonathan Williams b. 24 January 1678/79, Wales, Carnavan, Slagallon.
Thomas Williams b. about 1680, Virginia; d. after 19 March 1761.
 Jane Williams b. about 1684, VA. Isle of Wright Co.
Nicholas Williams b. about 1687, VA. Isle of Wright Co. d. 18 August 1749.
 Richard Williams b. about 1690, VA, Isle of Wright Co. m. SARAH? WILLIAMS.
 Eliza Williams b. about 1691.

2.  JOHN WILLIAMS, JR. was born about 1674 in VA, Isle of Wright Co., and died about October 1757 in NC, Bertie Co. He married (1) MARGARET ANN JONES 1695 in VA, Isle of Wright Co.  She was born 1673 in Virginia.  He married (2) MARY POPE 1697 in Virginia.  She was born 1680.
Children of JOHN WILLIAMS and MARY POPE are:
 Mary Williams d. NC, Bertie Co.
John Williams b. 1698, NC, Bertie Co. d. 26 January 1720/21.
Sarah Williams b. 1699, VA, Isle of Wright Co. d. 1770, NC, Bertie Co.
 Anne Williams b. 1700, VA, Isle of Wright Co. d. 1770, NC, Bertie Co.
 ISAAC WILLIAMS, b. 1702, NC, Bertie Co. d. 1772, NC, Bertie Co.
 Arthur Williams b. 1704, NC, Bertie Co. d. 1770, NC, Bertie Co.
 James Williams b. 1705, NC, Bertie Co. d. Aft. 31 August 1736, NC, Bertie Co.
 Theophilus Williams b. 1706, NC, Bertie Co. d. 1776, NC, Bertie Co.
 Female Williams b. 1728, VA, Isle of Wright Co.d. 1799, NC, Bertie Co. RICHARD POPE,
1748,Virginia; b. Abt. 1728, VA, Isle of Wright Co.; d. 1790, NC, Bertie Co.

3.  ISAAC WILLIAMS was born 1702 in NC, Johnston Co. He married MARTHA? WILLIAMS.  She died 1760 in NC, Johnston Co.
Isaac resided in the Mecklenburg and Lunenburg County areas of VA. Then apparently went from Roanoke, VA. In 1750 to Lenoir Co., NC.

Martha Williams will was probated Aug 30, 1760. In her will she left to her son, Nathan Williams, money and a slave named Venus. To her son, Joel Williams, she left money and a slave named Farrow. To her son, Isaac Williams, she left slaves Jane, Rachel, Felix and Joshua and her remaining estate.

           Children of Isaac WILLIAMS and MARTHA WILLIAMS are:
 JOEL WILLIAMS, abt 1736 Virginia; d. 30 December 1760, NC, Johnston Co..
Isaac Williams d. Bef. 25 August 1768, NC, Johnston Co. m. SUSAN LEE.
Nathan Williams b. Abt. 1735, Virginia.
In his will, probated Aug 25, 1768, he left to his brother, Nathan
Williams, all of his land, horses, livestock and slaves Amoret, Amey,
Primons, Adam, Jonas and Peter.  To Feriah (Ferrabee), Isaac, Samuel
and Joel Williams, children of his deceased brother, Joel Williams, he
left the remaining slaves, to be divided equally.

4.  JOEL WILLIAMS b: about 1736 in Virginia, and died 30 December 1760 in NC, Johnston Co.
He married JANE SMITH, daughter of Samuel Smith and Edith Whitfield She was born 1742.

Joel is considered the founder of the Cape Fear Branch of the Williams family. He was a pioneer settler, moving to Lenoir Co. NC in 1750. He later moved to Johnston Co. NC where he remained until his death. On February 23, 1754 he purchased 270 acres of land on both sides of Middle Creek in Johnston Co.
 Joel drowned in Cape Fear River Dec 30, 1760. In his will he left his wife the land and the plantation where he was living at the time of his death, also the household goods, livestock and two slaves named Buck and Sal.  After leaving items to children Ferabee, Isaac, Samuel, the rest of the estate was to be divided equally between his wife and the minor children when they married or became of age.  Executors of the estate were his wife, Jane Smith Williams, and her father Colonel Samuel Smith.

            Children of JOEL WILLIAMS and JANE SMITH are:
Ferabee Williams McAlester was deaf. In her father's will she received two slaves named Clo and Dick.
 ISAAC WILLIAMS, b. about 1756, NC, Johnston Co. d. 1815, NC. Cumberland Co.
Nathan WILLIAMS was born Abt. 1735 in Virginia.  He married SARAH AVERITT.

Nathan Williams served as a colonel in the North Carolina line during the Revolutionary War. He is considered the founder of the Sampson Co. NC branch of the Williams family.

5.  ISAAC WILLIAMS was born Abt. 1756 in NC, Johnston Co., and died 1815 in NC, Cumberland Co.  He married RACHEL SMITH 27 May 1780, daughter of ALEXANDER SMITH and ELIZABETH WHITFIELD.  She was born 2 September 1763 in NC, Cumberland Co., and died Abt. 1824 in NC, Harnet Co.

Isaac Williams received two slaves named Tom and Charles, land on Middle Creek, a gun and another 100 acres of land from his father's will.  He moved to Cumberland Co. NC in January 1774 and bought land between the Little Rivers.  His home was built near what is now Linden, Harnett Co. NC.  Isaac Williams was a Presbyterian. In 1790 Isaac Williams lived in Fayette District of Cumberland Co. In 1810 this area was called Captain Williams' District #8. He owned 66 slaves. In June 1804, he put a notice in the Raleigh Register newspaper for bids to build a school on his property.
More About ISAAC WILLIAMS and RACHEL SMITH: Marriage: 27 May 1780

            Children of Isaac WILLIAMS and Rachel SMITH are:
 Jane Williams m. UNK DRAWHORN.
Samuel Williams m. JANE LANE.
 James Williams
 Eliza Williams m. UNK BONNER.
 Elizabeth Williams b. 1781, NC, Johnston Co.; d. 1785, NC, Johnston Co.
 Joel Williams b. 24 August 1783, NC, Johnston Co. m. MARGARET MCALISTER.
 Isaac Williams b. 13 March 1787, NC, Johnston Co.
 John C. Williams b. 1789, NC, Johnston Co.; d. 1873.

 6.  ALEXANDER WILLIAMS was born 31 January 1789 in NC, Cumberland Co., and died 17 May 1871 in AR, Clark Co. Arkadelphia.  He married (1) CHARITY SMITH 16 September 1806 in NC.Cumberland Co. daughter of DAVID SMITH and CHARITY WHITFIELD.  She was born 8 January 1788 in NC, Johnston Co., and died 10 October 1843 in NC, Cumberland Co.  He married (2) JEMIMA HAYWOOD WHITFIELD 24 February 1851 in NC, Cumberland Co.  She was born 20 November 1796, and died 15 July 1870.

Alexander and his wife Charity Smith Williams were Presbyterian but became Baptist in 1828. Their son, Rev. David, baptized them.
They attended Friendship Baptist Church in Cumberland Co. NC where Alexander was a deacon. Alexander and his wife, Charity, were cousins. In 1820 Alexander lived in District #4 of Cumberland Co. NC and owned 25 slaves. In 1840 he moved to a plantation and owned 28 slaves.
Alexander had a school built on his plantation and hired a teacher. In 1850 Alexander was still living in Cumberland Co., a widower. His daughter Charity S. Williams was living with him. Others living on his Plantation were Nathan Buchannan, the overseer, and Dennis Summerlin, Tom Cooper. Alexander's son. Isaac S. Williams lived next to him. Alexander Williams?s real estate was valued at $15,000 in 1850, in NC.
He moved to Gurdon Arkansas in 1851 and bought his sons Plantation $840.00 Alexander Williams is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Arkadelphia, AR, Clark Co. His date of birth and death on tombstone.
His grandson-in-law, Henry W. McMillan, was executor of his estate.
Arkadelphia, Arkansas/Courthouse/Probate Records/pg. 430 Probate Court, April. Term April 16 A. D. 1872
It appears to the Court that the last will and testament of Alexander Williams, deceased, has been in due form of law, exhibited, and proven before the Clerk of this Court in vacation, on the day of 1872, and admitted to record.  And it appears that said testator has nominated and appointed Henry W. McMillan as his executor.  Comes said McMillan, asking for letters of testamentary under said will.  And the court doth so appoint him, and orders that he gives bond in the sum of five thousand dollars, with good and sufficient security.  Comes said McMillan and files his said bind, with D. S. Williams, Sr., A. S. Williams and J. S. Williams as securities, which bond is approved, and the said executor takes the required oath, and letters are issued accordingly.  (Henry W. McMillan was an attorney in Arkadelphia and was married to Alexander Williams' granddaughter, Fannie, daughter of D. S. Williams, Sr.)

In 1870 Alexander Williams made a will that was proved July 6 1871; the printed abstract says, ?Coffin materials charged Oct 25 1870. Exec: Henry W. McMillan took out Letters April 16 1872. Heirs: Charity E. S. Jones; widow, Jemima H. Williams; David S. Williams; Alexander S. Williams; Isaac S. Williams; and Rachel S. West. Witnesses: J. McNeill, J. M. Dolby, D. S. Williams, Jr. (Alex Williams had come from North Carolina after Aug. 1861.) Securities of H. W. McMillan: D. S. Williams, Sr. A. S. Williams, removed from state by 1872.?
{D. S. Williams was a minister.}
He died in D S Williams home, was buried in Rose Hill cemetery.
Burial: 1843, NC, Cumberland Co. Sardis Cemetery.
Marriage: 16 September 1806, NC, Cumberland Co.

Jemima Haywood Whitfield Middleton was a cousin to her husband Alexander Williams and his deceased wife, Charity Smith. Her grandparents were Constantine Whitfield and Barbara Williams. She died of asthma and was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Arkadelphia, AR.
Jemima was first married to a Robert Middleton.

Marriage: 24 February 1851, NC, Cumberland Co.

                 Children of ALEXANDER WILLIAMS and JEMIMA WHITFIELD are:
                     Jemima WILLIAMS.
                 Children of ALEXANDER WILLIAMS and CHARITY SMITH are:
 David Smith Williams Sr. b: 28 May 1807, NC, Cumberland Co.d. 22 September 1896.
 ALEXANDER S. WILLIAMS, b. 10 October 1810, NC. d. 11 May 1875, AR, Clark Co.
 Isaac S. WILLIAMS, b. 22 September 1817, NC, Cumberland Co. d. 19 June 1883, NC, Harnett Co.
Rachel S. WILLIAMS, b: 1819, NC, Cumberland Co. m. (1) ARCHIBALD MCDIARMID; m. (2) JOHN WHITFIELD WEST.
 CHARITY E. S. WILLIAMS, b. 7 December 1820; d. 26 August 1872; m. COUNCIL KIMBRAL JONES, 15 July 1863, AR, Clark Co., Okolona; b. 6 March 1813, TN, Shelby Co., Giles; d. 13 May 1884.

Charity and Council Kimbral had no children.
Marriage: 15 July 1863, AR, Clark Co., Okolona

    {6}Alexander WILLIAMS born Jan 31 1789 in Cumberland, North Carolina, and died May 17 1871 in Arkansas at his sons home, Rev. D. S. Williams. He was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.A well noted old-timer of Clark Co, 82 Yrs. old.He married Charity SMITH, Sept. 16 1806 daughter of DavidSMITH and Charity WHITFIELD.  She was b: Jan 8 1788 inCumberland, North Carolina and d: Oct 10 1843 in Cumberland,North Carolina.Was buried in Cumberland, N C. Sardis Cemetery.Zan was a grandson of Alexander Williams.He married Jemima Haywood WHITFIELD b: Nov. 20 1796 in Duplin, North Carolina. d: July 15 1870 in Caddo, AR.Child of Alexander WILLIAMS and Jemima WHITFIELD Jemima H Williams
Aunt Rose, A Slave who was Charity Smith Williams?s maid was born in 1763 and lived to be 116 years old. She told of Count La Fayettes visit to the Smith plantation.
Smith?s home was the first brick home in Harnett Co. and stood on the road from Erwin Bridge to Byrds Mill.  {Jan Smith Woods Sherman TX.}
Children of Alexander WILLIAMS  and Charity SMITH
David Smith WILLIAMS born May 28 1807 in Cumberland, North Carolina d: 9-22 1896

He married Elizabeth Swan TOOLE. Born 1809 in North Carolina, and died
Jun 3 1850 in Cumberland, North Carolina.
Married Lucy Hawkins b: 1831 N C d: 5-21-1870 Caddo AR.
Daughter of Hon. P. Hawkins of Lordsburg N C.

{7} Alexander S. WILLIAMS born Oct. 28 1810 in, Cumberland, North Carolina,
and died May 11 1875 in, Clark, Arkansas. Married Mary Margaret Barksdale b: 4-15-1835
Charrity E S WILLIAMS born Dec 7 1820 in North Carolina, and died Aug 26
1872. She married Council Kimbral JONES Jul 15 1863 in Okolona, Clark Co. Arkansas. He was born Mar 6 1813 in Giles, Tennessee, and died May 13 1884.
Isaac S. WILLIAMS born Sep 24 1817, and died Jun 19 1883.
Rachel S. WILLIAMS. She married John WEST Child Martha WEST.

                                 {7} Alexander Samuel Williams
In the Clark County, Arkansas history, p 778, there is a short biographical article entitled ?Williams Family? which states ?Alexander S. Williams and his wife, Mary Margaret Barksdale Williams, along with their four small children and thirty-five slaves, migrated from North Carolina to Clark County, AR, ca. 1846/48. Settling in the area of the present-day Gurdon Golf Club, he built a plantation; then before 1859, he built another plantation in the Antoine area.
 Book cost $45.00 + $2.00 ship. Quachita Baptist University Arkadelphia AR.

He sold the first Plantation to his father Alexander in 1859, 320 Acres for $800.00

Arkansas Deeds book G-page 146 Sept. 24th 1849 list Alexander S. Williams bought 320 Acres for $640.00 what is now the Gurdon Country Club.

Many questions come to my mind as I searched the records.
Why did they want to move and leave some of the family behind?
How many weeks did it take to make the 1000-mile trip?
How many wagons, farm tools and livestock made the trip?
How did they obtain food and water in the strange country without maps?
They didn?t have CB-Radios
They made no mention of any illness or deaths during the trip?
He had 35 Slaves were they more like family reason they didn?t run off?
I would think the slaves could over power the family if they wanted to.
Guess most of the Indians were friendly in the 1840?s and did not mind if they crossed the land and hunt game for food.
Wouldn?t you love to hear their stories about this trip?
Anyhow they made the trip OK. So I am here to write about it today.
This has been another experience for me looking back to find my ancestors.
I had never really given it much thought where my ancestors came from.
My dad always said he was born in Arkansas and I never thought any more about it
Can you visualize what the country looked like in 1849? No running water.
No potty in the house, all meals cooked on wood stove, dirty diapers were washed in old iron pot. Bath was in a Tin Tub or the Creek.
I never realized so many young wives had died in childbirth.
A trip to town was very rare. Going to Church and singing a great luxury.
And it was only once a month for a two-day weekend until the 1900?s.
Alexander S. Williams was a charter member of Bethlehem Baptist church in 1851.
I will attach church record to this family tree it is part of our family.
Alexander S. Williams Generation {7}

Alexander S. WILLIAMS  born Oct 28 1810 in, Cumberland, North Carolina, and died May 11 1875 in, Clark, Arkansas. He was buried in Bethlehem Cemetery, Beech Creek Twp, Clark, Arkansas. He married Mary Margaret BARKSDALE Apr 15 1835 in Cumberland N C.  Daughter of Biddy BARGE and Sherrod Barksdale. She was born Abt. 1814 in North Carolina, and died 1854 in Clark, Arkansas.She is buried under the Union Pacific Rail Road Track?She was buried on the farm before the track was built. He married Marilda Malinda YOUNG Nov 13 1855 in Clark, Arkansas.She was born Abt. 1839 in Tennessee. She died in childbirth with Alexander Zollor Williams Mar. 18 1862 {She was 23 yrs. old} I can?t find her grave? This was in the middle of the Civil War. {She may be in the corner of a Corn patch?} He married Leonora Permelia HORNE Sep 2 1862 in Clark, Arkansas. She was born Jan 26 1838 and died Nov 15 1912 in Clark, Arkansas. She was buried in Bethlehem Cemetery,Beech Creek Twp, Clark, Arkansas.

Children of Alexander S.  WILLIAMS Jr And Mary Margaret BARKSDALE.
Frances E WILLIAMS was born 1839 in Cumberland, North Carolina.
Sherrod Barksdale WILLIAMS was born Mar 20 1840 in Cumberland, North Carolina, and died Dec 13 1916 in Arkansas. He married Ophelia Jane HORNE.
Alexander J. WILLIAMS was born 1843 in Cumberland, North Carolina.
Archibald McDiarmid WILLIAMS was born Dec 11 1845 in Cumberland, North    Carolina, and died Aug 6 1904 in Clark, Arkansas.
John Rogers WILLIAMS was born Feb 26 1849 in, Clark, Arkansas, and died
July 15 1906 in Clark, Arkansas.
Henry E WILLIAMS was born 1850 in Clark, Arkansas, and died Bet. 1893-1900.
David S B WILLIAMS was born July 22 1852 in Clark, Arkansas, and died July 29 1899 in Liberty Hill, Bowie, Texas. He married Eliza C LOID.
Children of Alexander S WILLIAMS and Marilda Milanda YOUNG
Charity E S WILLIAMS was born Abt. 1856.
Jemima WILLIAMS was born Aug. 16 1858. she went to Oklahoma?
Rachel A. WILLIAMS was born Abt. 1860. d: 1875 {14 years old}
{8} Alexander Z. WILLIAMS was born Mar. 18 1862 in Clark, Arkansas.

Children of Alexander S WILLIAMS and Lenora Permelia HORNE
Elijah W H WILLIAMS b: Apr 4 1865, and died Dec 20 1895 in Clark, Arkansas
Leonora Permelia WILLIAMS.
Margaret Mary WILLIAMS.
Florence WILLIAMS.
Perry H WILLIAMS born Feb 10 1873, and died May 11 1875 in Clark, Arkansas.
      Alexander S. Williams had 17 children and 3 wives in his 65-years of life.}

1850 Clark Co. AR. Census (p225 #493 in Missouri Twp) shows.
Alexander S. Williams 40 N.C. Mary Margaret 37 N.C.
Frances E. (female) 12 NC; Sherrod B. 8 NC; Alexander 6 NC; Archibald M. 4 NC; and John R. 3 AR.

1855 Clark Co. AR. Marriage records show A. S. Williams age 44 to Marilda Malinda Young {Age 16} on Nov 13 1855 by George Wells. (Bk c p 368)

1860 Clark Co. AR Census (p 65 house #88 in Okolona PO) lists
Alexander S. Williams 50 NC; Marilda 20 TN; Sherrod B. 20 NC; Alexander 17 NC;
Archibald 15 NC; John R. 12 AR. Henry 10 Ark; David 6 Ark;
Charity E. 4 Ark; Jemima 2 Ark; and Rachael A. 4 ½ mo. in July b: Arkansas.
So the last three children would be Marilda Malinda?s
{Then she died in childbirth with {10} Alexander Z. Williams Mar. 18 1862}

1862 Clark Co. AR. marriage records list A. S. Williams to Lenora Horne
Sep 2 1862  (Bk D p 268)
1870 Clark Co. AR Census (p 190 house #48 of Antoine Twp) shows
A.S. Williams 59 NC; Lenora Permelia Horn 32 SC; David 16 Ark; Charity E. 13 Ark; Jemima H. (female) 12 Ark; Rachel 10 Ark; Alexander Z. 8 Ark; Elijah W. H 5 Ark; Lenora P. 3 Ark; and Margaret 1 Ark.
So the children after Alexander Z. would be Lenora?s.
1875 Clark Co. AR printed abstract of probate records states
Alexander S. Williams d: interstate May 12 1875. Admin. Not stated. Heirs: widow, L. P. Williams, Jemima Williams; Rachel A. Williams; {8} Alexander Z. Williams; Elijah W. H. Williams; Margaret M. P.Williams;Florence Williams.?
Alexander J. Williams b:1843 in Cumberland NC. d: 1864 Jenkuns Ferry
Rachel A. died later in the year at age 14?

Alexander's son, Archibald McDiarmid Williams, known as "Archie Mack," was born 7 December 1845. On 30 December 1863, when he had just turned eighteen, Archie joined the Confederate Army. In 1869, he married Sarah Elizabeth Box, whose family migrated to Arkansas in 1856. Archie was known to love fast horses, and he took every opportunity to race them. Even with his family in the wagon, he would challenge others to race.
Archie and Sarah lived near Okolona, where he farmed, and in the off seasons worked in the lumber camps. Archie and Sarah raised a large family of ten children.
After Sarah Elizabeth died 13 August 1889 and was buried in Ross Cemetery near Okolona, Archie married second, Nancy Docie Pruitt, a widow, with whom he had three children.
Archie Mack died 6 August 1904 and was buried beside his first wife in Ross Cemetery. Many descendants of this family married and raised families in Clark County.
Archie Mack had a wild hair like my older brothers?
Frances E WILLIAMS was born 1839 in, Cumberland, North Carolina. She married
Dr. John M. McMURTREY Abt. 1853, son of Alexander Campbell MCMURTREY and Nancy LAWLEY. He was born 1825 in, Shelby, Alabama, and died 21 Jun 1862 in Arkansas. He was buried in Mead/McMurtrey cemetery in Rison, Arkansas. She married ? ? after 1862.
Children of Frances E WILLIAMS and John M McMURTREY are:
Jasper Newton MCMURTREY was born 3 Nov 1859 in Gurdon, Clark, Arkansas, and died 17 Aug 1943 in Kingsland, Cleveland, Arkansas.
John Alexander MCMURTREY was born 13 Oct 1854 in Arkansas, and died 8 May 1911 in, Cleveland, Arkansas.
Laura E MCMURTREY was born 1858.
Florence MCMURTREY was born 1862.
Child of Frances E WILLIAMS and? ? Is:
Frances? . She married F A ELLIS.

Archibald McDiarmid WILLIAMS was born Dec11 1845 in Cumberland, North Carolina, and died Aug 6 1904 in Clark, Arkansas. He was buried in Ross Cemetery, Okolona, Clark, Arkansas. He married Sarah Elizabeth BOX. She was born Oct 24 1846, and died Aug 13 1889 in, Clark, Arkansas. He married Nancy Docie PRUITT.
Children of Archibald McDiarmid WILLIAMS and Sarah Elizabeth BOX
Lewis WILLIAMS. Temperance WILLIAMS. Archie WILLIAMS. Mary Margaret WILLIAMS.
Crochie WILLIAMS. Isaac B WILLIAMS d: Jan 21 1872 in Clark, AR. D: Mar.  24 1898 Clark,
Children of Archibald McDiarmid WILLIAMS and Nancy Docie PRUITT
Ida WILLIAMS. Elva WILLIAMS. Josey WILLIAMS Henry E WILLIAMS was born 1850 in Clark, Arkansas, and died 1893.
He married Sabra Jane BOX. She was born Sep 27 1853 in Clark, Arkansas, and died Dec 5 1904 in, Clark, Arkansas. She was buried in South Fork Church, South Fork, Clark, Arkansas.
Children of Henry E WILLIAMS and Sabra Jane BOX
A B WILLIAMS was born 1875. Lenora WILLIAMS was born Nov 9 1877 in Clark, Arkansas, and died Feb 28 1955. C C WILLIAMS was born 1879. Cora WILLIAMS was born Sep 9 1883 in Clark, Arkansas, and died Sep 7 1903 in Clark, Arkansas. Elyett WILLIAMS was born Apr 20 1886 in Clark, Arkansas, and died Oct 21 1962 in, Clark, Arkansas. He married UNKNOWN EULA.
Estelle WILLIAMS b: Mar 6 1889 in Clark, AR. D: April 29 1904 in, Clark, AR.
Paul WILLIAMS was born Sep 1893 in Clark, Arkansas.

After the Civil War everything was lost Alexander S. had worked so hard for.
Arkadelphia, Arkansas/Courthouse/Probate Records/Pg 107 Clark Circuit Court, in Probate, October, Term, 1875, Oct 19, 1875.
Estate of ALEXANDER S. WILLIAMS Petition to vest.

Comes Lenora P. Williams wife and widow of Alexander S. Williams, deceased, and presents and files her petition, representing that she is the wife and widow of A. S. Williams and who died on or about the 12th day of May 1875 in the county aforesaid, leaving the following named children minors to wit, Jeminma Williams, Rachel A. Williams, Alexander Z. Williams, Elijah W. H. Williams, Margaret M. P. Williams and Florence Williams that she has caused said property to be appraised both personal and real as per appraise bill here referred to and made part of this petition which is less than three hundred dollars and praying the court to deem and vest all of said property in her. Said petitions also files the appraisement of said estate made in due form of law by D. C. Cooper, A. L. Leach and M. B. Dozier showing the whole of the property of said estate amounts to the sum of  $ 298.00 And the court being sufficiently advised, it is considered and ordered by the court that the whole estate of said deceased be and is hereby vested absolutely in Lenora P. Williams the widow of said deceased. (Furnished by Zenell Manning)

{8} Alexander Zollor WILLIAMS b: Mar 18 1862 in Clark Co. AR. d: Sept. 5 1930 in Grayson Co. TX. {68 Yrs.}
          Mt. Zion Cemetery, Grayson Co., TX
          Alexander Z. Williams and Tempy NEAL b: abt 1866, Died in 1893 in Clark AR. Married Dec. 11 1884 in  Clark Co, AR.

Alexander Z. and Tempy Williams          Alexander Z. and Maude
Ara Josephine Maude TURNER OR HILL b: OCT 24 1875 d: Oct. 30 1965 Whitesboro, TX.
Married 2: Maude June 25 1905 in Grayson Co. TX.

Alexander Zollie Williams                                  Ara Maude Williams
I was not able to read all the Words.         This marker was bent but still readable.

Alexander Z. came to Whitesboro est. 1900 to 1905
Children of Alexander Z Williams and Tempy {Neal} Williams
Nodia L Williams    b: 1885 Gurdon, Arkansas Married ? Smart
{Kids From 1920 and 1930 Census records}
Ester       b: 1905 d: ? Roden     b:1908 d:  Donald    b:1909  d: ?  Tommie b: 1911  d: ?
Hatie        b: 1912  d:  Clevis       b: 1915   d:?         Eula         b: 1916  d:?
Vivian      b: 1919   d:?
Gracie M Williams  b: July 6 1887 d: May 1978 Bixby OK. Married Albert Baker
Lewis b:   d:  Married Opal

{9} R A Williams b: March 30 1890 Gurdon, AR. d: Jan 5 1975 Wellington, TX.
Ellen Williams b: May 25 1892 Gurdon, Arkansas d:1975 TX.
Walter W. Foster b: 1884 d: Grayson Co. TX.
Married July 13 1908 16 years old
          Children of Walter and S. Ellen Williams Foster {1920 and 1930} Census
Ezra         b: 1910 Grayson Co. TX. d:       Jewell       b: 1914 Grayson Co. TX. d:
Louise       b: 1917 Grayson Co. TX d:       Ralph        b: 1919 Grayson Co. TX d:
Harvel       b: 1921 Grayson Co. TX. d:     Christine   b: 1923 Grayson Co. TX d:
Wayne       b: 1925 Grayson Co. TX. d:

Walter, Ezra, Ellen Foster

  {9} R.A. Williams b: March 30 1890, Gurdon, Clark County Arkansas. d: January 5 1975 Wellington, Texas ,Married October 19 1912 Coweta, Wagoner county. Oklahoma.Bertha B. Roller, b: Sept 10 1893 in Indian Nation,  {Sallisaw Oklahoma}d: January 28 1973 Wellington, TexasMom Dad and Lorene in 1914 in Wagoner Oklahoma?Maybe Coweta?Mom was 20 Dad was 24
WILLIAMS, infant Still born Feb 17 1913 {S-20 R-3 lot Mangum, OK.}

Lorene E Williams. B: July 31-1914 Wagoner Oklahoma. D: Feb. 17 1992 Wellington, TX
Arthur L. Belew b Nov 28 1910 d Oct 19 1969.  Evelyn b: July 15 1932 d: March 20 2001, Leroy; Donnie; Betty;  Jerry ; Janice ;Patty.

Lenora O Williams. B: Dec. 20-1915 Grayson, Co. TX.  D: Mar. 9 1967 Alvin, TX.
Married Garland Elbert. Alvin , Married Zack Clark b: May 26 1915 d: Nov 27 1990.
Calvin ,  James Luther.

W T Williams.  B: Feb. 5-1918 Grayson, Co. TX. D; July 19 1996 Abilene, TX
Bertha Murray. B Jan. 12 1917 married April 19 1938 Hollis, OK. {Farrell Kent}
Wendell T. Williams.  Married Barbara Ann King
Tanya Gaye Williams , Married Robert Dale Terry
Wesley Todd Terry , Kyle Matthew Terry
Luke Aaron Terry , Kimberly Ann Williams
Married Dewey Lee Bennett  Divorced
Tabitha Leigh Bennett , Married Leonard Ray Haas
Jammie D?Ann Haas.  His daughter.
Cindy Brook Williams , Married Stephen Edward Kristek
Carter Thomas Kristek , Brooklyn Avery Kristek

Cecile L. {Susie} Williams. , Bobby T Edwards:2 Howard G. Culp
Bryan C Edwards,  Married Barbara Gwinn
Jason R Edwards, Married Janet Schwab
Kelsie Ann Edwards, Kristina Rae Edwards

Austin Z. Williams. b: Sept. 1 1920. Vernon, TX. d; Aug. 18 1980 Borger, TX.
Etta bell Loving.   b: July 22 1924 d: 1971 Married 1939 Wellington, TX.
Austena Jo Williams  ,Etta Elaine Williams
Juanita Scott. b: Apr. 23-1923 Gatesville, TX. D: April 28-1972 Married 1946?
Sharon Williams. , Karen Williams.
Judy Williams.    b: Feb. 19-1949 Memphis, TX. Died Sept. 15 1965 Borger, TX.
{Twins stillborn.}      {No record}
  I think this is Lorene,W T, Austin, Lenora and James. May be Vernon orLoco Texas.Mom was always happy with a lap full of kids.She had three more to go.Mary, Jr and Shirley.

James Monroe Williams. wed Hazel Morene Watson.
Linda Marie Williams
Robert A. Gregory
Paul Chadwick Gregory
John Paul Gregory
Michael Anthony Gregory
Robert Christopher Gregory
James Michael Williams.  wed Tena Daniels
Michael Monroe Williams.
 Josha Michael Williams.
 Jake Eugene Williams
Dessa Jean Williams
Kenneth Mike Thompson
Toby Ryan Thompson
Ricky Waymon Williams.
Faith Marie Landry
Mattie Katelyn Williams.

Mary L. Williams    Married Roy K. Snyder.
Cheryl L. Snyder
Diane Snyder
Donna Snyder

{10} R.A.Williams Jr.
  R.A.Williams Jr. B: Nov. 4-1928Childress, Co. TX.Katherine Ann {McSpadden.} WilliamsB: July 20-1930 Malden, MO.Married Feb. 15-1948 Wellington,TX.
{11} Tana Sue Williams.
(l)  Married Gearry Smith
(II) William N. Easter .
(III) Clifton P. Everett
 William N Easter III July 2 1982 Changed his name to
Billy Powell Everett. B: Dec. 20 1975 d: May 5 2001
Linda Lanay Bunch.
Son Dakota Cole Everett

{11} Walter W. Williams.
Married Karen S. Ledford

{12} Kari Lee Williams
Married Taylor Schaffer
Macie Schaffer
Kenzie Schaffer
Caylie Schaffer
{12} Lori A. Williams.
{13} Ashton B. Williams.
Lori married Brett McGraw.
Brooklyn Allie McGraw

{11} Robert A. Williams.
Nita G. Trolinger.   Married {12} Randy A. Williams.
Kimberly M. Alderman.

{13} Raquel Alexis Williams
  Raquel Alexis Williams is the youngest Williams to be added to the Williams Tree. It  is 383 years after the John of 1615And is 13 generations down the line.
If you look back there are not many Williams Boys to support our Tree for future generations.
{12} Randy A. Williams and Married Joana Lea Strong
  Joana had Christine Lean Strong and Ashley Nicole Redmond

Shirley M. Williams.
Leslie Ray Wooldridge b: March 30 1926 Wellington, Texas.
d: 1991 Gainesville, TX.
Married: June 12 1949 Wellington, TX. Leslie Ray Wooldridge.
Son: Leslie Kent Wooldridge
Marilyn Rebecca Lewis Married: Marilyn Rebecca Lewis
Amy Virginia Wooldridge
Joanne Rena Wooldridge
Daughter Nancy Joan Wooldridge
Married to Jack LeRoy Fisher

As far back as I can see, The Williams clan has always been a very loving Christian family.  May the Good Lord let it continue.

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