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Murder of O.M. Kimmis
Dallas Morning News  25 Feb 1886 page 1 "Shot by a masked burglar"
Deed of Desperadoism at Denison, A sleeping man chloroformed , robbed of money and jewelry and his roomate probably fatally wounded.
Denison, Feb. 24, A most daring burglary, and probably a murder, was committed in this city between 12 and 1 o'clock this morning. John Conlisk and O.M. Kimmis, brakemen, occupy a room together at Mrs. Kinder's, south of the compress and near the Missouri, Kansas and Texas yard. Last night about 10:30 o'clock, Conlist retired. Between 12 and 1 o'clock Kimmis returning home discovered a man sitting on the side of the walk about two doors from Mrs. Kinder's house. Thinking it some one he knew, he started to walk up to the man, who got up and walked off across the street. Thinking nothing of this, Kimmis went on to his room. The house was quiet and a bright light burned in his room. He went to the door and found it partly open. He placed his hand on the knob and attempted to push it open, but something was behind it. Thinking it only a chair placed there by his roommated, he continued to push the door open, which gradually gave way to the pressure. When he entered he discovered Conlisk laying on the bed sleeping heavily. In an instant it flashed through his mind that something was wrong. He then looked behind the door. To his horror there stood a man of medium stature with pistol in hand and a mask over his face. All was now plain. Kimmis said: "You -- --! " at the same time grabbing the fillain.
A flash, a report and Kimmis lay prostrate on the floor with a 44-calibre bullet through the body. The burglar and murderer fled precipitately. Assistance soon arrived and Dr. Acheson and Nagle were sent for. They did all they could for the wounded man. It was found the ball entered just below the heart, passed through the liver and kidneys and came out at the right side of the back, below the shoulder, and passed on through a zine trunk and lodged in some clothing in it.
Conlisk did not regain consciousness until it was all over, though he says he heard everything, but could not get up. The supposition is that the burglar was well acquainted with the surrounding and knew the men had just been paid off; that entering the house he chloroformed Conlisk, robbed him of about $75 in money, a pair of sleeve buttons, of light gray color, with Hot Springs diamonds in the center, a plain gold collar button, a knife, with white pearl handle, three inches long, pearl broken on both sides, a pocketbook and other small articles. When ready to leave Kimmis' arrival caused the burglar to hide, and finding that he was discovered, shot him down in cold blood.
Vigorous efforts are being made to apprehend the would-be murderer, but so far without success.
Latest-Kimmis' condition critical. Kimmis, who was shot last night by the burglar, is resting quietly to-night, under the effects of opiates. The result of the wound is doubtful. The chances are considered as against his recovery. No clew (sic) as to who the perpetrator is has yet been obtained.
Denison Notes ; Dallas Morning News 26 Feb 1886 page 6
",,,A man was arrested at Pottsboro last night charged with shooting Kimmis. An officer went to Pottsboro this morning to identify him, but as there was nothing offered to connect him with the crime he was released. Mr. Kimmis still lives, but is in a critical condition.
... Mr. Kimmis is resting easy tonight. No clew (sic) yet to the villain who shot him."

1 Mar 1886 page 5, Denison local events. Special to the News.
Denison, Feb 28 - Mrs. Kimmis, mother of O. M. Kimmis, who was recently shot by a burglar, has arrived from Pan Point, Mich. Kimmis is doing very well, and his physicians have hope of his recovery. 

Dallas Morning News 3 Mar 1886 page 3 Denison;
"a man named Smith was arrested last night, supposed to be the burglar and murderer of Mr. Kimmis, and was jailed to await developments. For a time last night after his arrest the indications were that he would be hanged before morning, quite a number of people having assembled for the purpose about 10 o'clock this morning, but as the evidence against him is only circumstantial, cooler counsel prevailed and he was let alone until an investigation can be made. He was released this morning, as no evidence was found against him.
Mr. O. M. Kimmis, who was shot by a burglar, died this morning at 11 o'clock from his wounds.
The Coroner's jury returned a verdict that Kimmis came to his death by some person unknown to the jury. The post mortem examination showed that the ball entered the left breast passing through the liver and kidneys and coming out between eleventh and twelfth ribs.

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