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The Dallas Morning News
August 27, 1887

The Day's Doings at Denison
Denison, Tex., Aug. 26 - A large number of cases of diphtheria, quite a number of which have been fatal, are reported among the children.
The business men of Denison are to have a meeting at Gallagher's Hall with the committee of Alliance in regard to the cotton mills proposed to be located in this city.
Reports from different parts of the Indian Territory are to the effect that the rain extended all over that portion of the country, as well as in Grayson County.

The Dallas Morning News
August 17, 1887

Projecting a Cotton Mill - The Wife's Statement - Baptists - W.C.T.U. 

Denison, Tex., Aug. 16 - The directors of the Cotton Manufacturing Company met yesterday in Galleghen Hall. After transacting some minor business, Mr. Ury made a proposition to give them six and one-half acres of land on the railroad if they would build a mill in Denison, which they accepted, and it is to be hoped now that work will be commenced immediately and pushed to a finish.
The wife of a young man who tried to commit suicide yesterday was interviewed this morning by The News reporter, and stated the only thing he gave as a reason was he was jealous of her and at first threatened to cut her throat, but she ran away from him and he then took the razor and drew it across his neck and was making an effort to repeat the act when she took the razor and threw it out the window, when he tried to get the butcher knife, and her screams brought assistance, when her husband fainted.  She said he was sorry for his actions and without a doubt would get well.
The Grayson County Baptist Conference will convene in Denison next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where a large number is expected, and a few distinguished visitors from abroad will be in attendance.
The W. C. T. U. have placed red barrels, which contain ice water, for the thirsty public in different parts of the city.

Sherman Daily Democrat
19 July 1913

The man who gave his name as G--- W, --- and who stole two horses in Denison and brought them to Sherman, selling one of them and making his escape from the sheriff's office after Deputy Sheriff Henry DeSpain had arrested him on suspicion is dead.  He met his death last night after he had taken three or four shots at the officers who were trying to arrest him.  The officers who got him were Deputy Sheriff Boyd Craig and Constable D. Burrus, both of Denison.

Sherman Daily Democrat
14 July 1913

Strike At Denison Ice Firm 
Leads To Beatings of Four

DENISON - The men employed on the wagons of the Diamond Ice Company are on a strike.  As a result other men put on the wagons were treated so roughly by the strikers and their sympathizers that the wagons were called in before they had completed half a day's work today.
The ice company reports four men beaten more or less painfully and several alley fights and hurried scrimmages were pulled off in various parts of the city within the space of a few minutes this forenoon.
When they asked for an increase of 25 cents per day for both the drivers and the slingers, the company refused to grant an increase to the slingers but proposed to give the drivers an increase of 50 cents per day, making them $75 per month, while the slingers would be compelled to continue work for from 35 cents to $1.00 per day and for 11 to 14 hours.




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