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Dallas Morning News
17 June 1887

Hymeneal - Methodist Conference in Session - A New Addition

DENISON, Tex., June 16. - The marriage of M. H. Black and Miss Rosa Fisher took place last night at the corner of Owen Street and Myrick Avenue, where a large number of friends assembled to witness the ceremony and extend their congratulations to the young couple, who received a number of handsome presents.
The M. E. Conference is now under headway, with about seventy-five visiting clergymen representing Grayson County in attendance.  Much interest is manifested, and a great deal of good will derived from it.  Meetings are held in the morning and evenings, with a general invitation to all to attend.
The Denison Land and Improvement Company is making preparations for a large addition to the city of Denison what is known now as Woodland, one of the most beautiful pieces of land for residences anywhere in the state.
Active work has begun again on the switches in the south part of the city for the Missouri Pacific, and as soon as they are finished work will commence on the new shops.

Dallas Morning News
14 September 1893

Wagon Road Leading Into Denison
DENISON, Tex., Sept. 13. - Members of the Grayson County commissioners' court came over to Denison at noon to-day and spent two or three hours looking over the wagon road leading into the city from the east.  Within the last two years over $5000 has been spent in building culverts, erecting a bridge and in cutting down what are known as the Papan hills.  The work is in an unfinished condition.  A retaining wall of stone will be put up immediately and the county road gang will be put to work in a short time, grading down the last hill and raising the last fill.  So far two hills have been cut down and four fills made.  The dumps are twenty-six feet at their highest point and are from 100 to 300 feet in length.

Dallas Morning News
19 August 1893

Given Her Liberty

DENISON, Tex., Aug. 18. - The young lady, Miss Nellie Hodges, who was detained by the officers of Denison yesterday, charged with wearing man's clothing in a public place, was given her liberty this morning.  At 2:10 this evening she left over the Missouri, Kansas and Texas for Greenville.
Work began to-day on the $5000 frame residence to be erected at the corner of Sears street and Burnett Avenue.
A number of Grayson county officers came in this evening from a three-days' hunt for two horse thieves who were known to be in the county.  The officers were in their saddles constantly for nearly thirty-six hours, but the thieves were not captured.

The Denison Daily News
April 30, 1874

A well dressed, matronly looking lady walked into a saloon the other day, laid her muff on the counter, and took out a pair of spectacles. The bar tender promptly informed her that no Bible reading would be in order there! Reaching down into her dress pocket the woman produced a flat bottle and cooly called for a pint of whisky -- much to the relief of the bartender.

The Denison Daily News
March 30, 1874

A resident of our city furnished his wife funds last week to visit her relatives in one of the older states. After bidding her an affectionate farewell at the depot, he returned to his domicile to find a delicate little note in her handwriting. It stated that she could no longer "love, honor, and obey him" - that he need not be mourning about her long absence, as she never planned to return.

The Denison Daily News
March 30, 1874

Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists in the City of Denison, after this date, will be required to pay an occupation tax of $25 a year, instead of $5 as before.  Somebody will suffer!

The Denison Daily News
May 10, 1874

Business is getting alarmingly dull in Sherman. The City Council at a recent meeting reduced the license on saloons from $200 per year to $100 and on wholesale liquor dealers from $200 to $50, in the hope of livening things up a little.

An ingenious mechanic of Denison proposes to get up a patent family cremation oven (portable) on the rotating principle, furnished with an odor destroyer of his own invention. Wealthy families who cremate will probably have a room set apart for the cremating oven, supplied for cushioned seats for mourners.

Denison Daily News
April 9, 1878

H.K. Needham sold an 80-acre university land claim yesterday to Mr. Samuel Nichols, of Missouri, who will move his family here as soon as possible.  Mr. Nichols has made a complete tour of the State, and thinks that Grayson is the banner county of Texas. 

Denison Daily News
May 21, 1878

For Assessor and Collector -We are authorized to announce the name of Arthur Coffin for re-election to the office of Assessor and Collector of Denison, at the election on the 10th of June.
For City Treasurer - O.E. O'Malley, re-election at the ensuing election.
For City Marshal -Wm. Hardwick, re-election at the coming election.
County Judge. at the November election: J.P. Mills, S.D. Steedman.
For Representative - G.C. Dugan, candidate for the next Legislature, at the November election.
For County Assessor : A.R. Aanderson at the ensuing election.
Sheriff of Grayson County : W.C. Everheart, E.G. Douglass at the ensuing election subject to make the decision of the Democratic County Convention.
For County Clerk :  George A. Dickerman, re-election at the ensuing election.
For District Clerk :  W.H. Lankford. a candidate of the 27 th Judicial District at the ensuing election.
For County Treasurer :  J.P. Loving, a candidate at the ensuing election.
For County Collector :  Thomas Hoffman, a candidate at the November election subject to the action of the Democratic Convention. 

A Sad Event - Mention was made in these columns a day of two ago, of the departure of Mr. E.L. Dennis' family for Virginia. At Denison, their little boy Edward Walter died, which caused a return of the family to this city. The funeral will take place to-day from their residence on Main street. Only a month ago the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis was borne to Glenwood, and again the angel of death has visited them. They have many friends here who will mourn with them in their bereavement. 

Denison Daily News
August 27, 1887

DENISON, Tex., Aug. 26 - A large number of cases of diphtheria, quite a number of which have been fatal, are reported among the children.
The business men of Denison are to have a meeting at Gallagher's Hall, with the committee of Alliance in regard to the cotton mills proposed to be located in this city.
Reports from different parts of the Indian Territory are to the effect that the rain extended all over that portion of the country, as well as in Grayson County.

Dallas Morning News
26 February 1887

McNeil, charged with theft of a buggy in Fannin County, and with bringing it into Grayson County and disposing of it at Denison, was called before Justice Hinkle and the defendant remanded to jail in default of $500 bond.

March 13, 1891
The Body of an Unknown Man Floating in Red River - New Lodge K. of P.

DENISON, Tex., March 12, - Yesterday evening a man by the name of Wm. Plummer arrived in the city from the Indian territory and brought information of the finding of a dead man in Red river, near Baer's Ferry.  The body was that of an unknown man.
The Democrats of the city are making preparation for a big ratification meeting to be held some time next week in honor of the election of Gen. Palmer.
Dick Berry, a lad working at the office of the Evening Dispatch, fell from the top of a high stairway in the rear of the office this morning and received painful bruises.
A largely attended political meeting of the colored citizens of the second ward was held last night.  The object of the meeting was the discussion of city men and measures with a view of a united vote at the spring elections. Several candidates were present and addresses were made.
Mayflower No.144 is the name of the new lodge Knights of Pythias organized in Denison last night.  The exercises were held in the Odd Fellows' hall on West Main street and were conducted by Myrtle lodge No. 22 of Denison, L.B. Moore, D.G.O., assisted by delegations of visiting knights from neighboring cities.
At the conclusion of the exercises the entire delegation repaired to Quinn's hall where a grand banquet was in waiting. Representatives from lodges at Sherman, Whitewright, Whitesboro, Austin, Shiner, Tex., Eureka, Kan., McAlester, I.T., Marshall, Ill, and Caldwell, Kan., were present.

Dallas Morning News
October 25, 1891
A Passenger Knocked from a Moving Train and may Die - Groundless.

DENISON, Tex, Feb. 24. - Robert Wardell, the brakeman who was so badly injured in a wreck a few days since on the Choctaw division of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas, mention of which was made in The News at the time, was to-day forwarded to the company hospital at Sedalia.
It was rumored on the street this evening that a corps of surveyors had been put in the field with instructions to make another survey between Denison and Sherman with a view of putting in a double track between the cities.  The News correspondent visited the office of George M. Jarvis, engineer in charge of construction and track for the Missouri, Kansas and Texas in Texas this evening, when it was learned that there was no truth in the rumor.  Two and three work trains are busily engaged in putting the track in good shape, and the services of surveyors are constantly needed; hence the report,
A man named John McAlroy fell off the north-bound passenger train just north of the compress at 11 o'clock last night and sustained serious injuries from which he will perhaps die.  As soon as his fall had been discovered the trian was stopped and the unfortunate man picked up and brought back to the city.  McAlroy had been in Denison for some time and was considered a good, quiet reliable man.  He had started for his home in Independence Mo., when the accident occurred.

Dallas Morning News
January 1, 1894
Hog Killing Weather

Denison, Tex., Jan. 9. - The retail grocery men of Denison have enjoyed a good trade today in salt in barrels.  Heretofore the weather has been too warm for "hog killing" and as the season is now far advanced and a brisk norther is prevailing, thousands of hogs will be butchered in this part of the state to-morrow. The farmers of north Grayson county are probably better supplied with meat, corn and general farm produce than at any time in the history of the county.

Dallas Morning News
October 16, 1897
Stagnation of Business.

Denison, Tex., Oct. 15. - One of the employes of the United States railway mail service said to The News reporter today: "The railway mail service in Texas, and especially in southern Texas, is very badly torn up, just at present, on account of quarantine restrictions.  So much of the train service has been take off on account of quarantine that we hardly know how to place mail to reach any southern destination.  This is the cause for a great deal of annoyance and extra work for the railway mail service.
"Business in the southern part of the state has been paralyzed for nearly a week now, on account of unnecessary quarantine regulations.  The farmers have their cotton stored at the cotton yards in the small towns along the Missouri, Kansas and Texas and Houston and Texas Central, and cannot sell it in many instances because there is no way to transport it to the outside market.  This has caused a general stagnation of business over southern Texas that I have not seen before in the many years I have been running through that section of the country."

Dallas Morning News
October 16, 1897
Good Sport Predicted.

Denison, Tex., Oct 15. - W. J. Scott, presiding judge of the races at the Dallas fair, left for Dallas to-day.  Mr. Scott said: "Prospects for a good racing programme at the fair are better this year than ever before.  There will be some good horses at the fair and some excellent racing."

Sent a Poultry Exhibit.
Denison, Tex., Oct. 16. - A. F. Platter sent four hens and a male of the Brahma variety to Dallas this afternoon to be placed in the poultry exhibit at the Dallas Fair.

Dallas Morning News
May 11, 1904
Store and Residence

Special to The News

Denison Tex., May 10, - The residence and store of George T. Bate, No. 420 North Barrett avenue, was entirely destroyed by fire this morning. The loss on the building and contents will amount to about $5,000, with insurance to cover.

Dallas Morning News
The Devoted Wife Interviewed Concerning His History

Denison, Tex., March 7. - The Fort Worth special in The News this morning announced the suicide in that city of A.L. Hess of Denison occasioned no small amount of comment and inquiry. No one seemed to be acquainted with the family, but a visit to the street and number indicated substantiated the fact that Denison was his home.

Mrs. Hess is an intelligent lady, and evidently was very devoted to her husband. She has two small children, both girls, the elder about 5 and the younger about 1 year of age. She did not learn of her husband's death until this morning, long after The News was on the streets and for a season she was overwhelmed with grief.  Later in the day she became more composed and talked quite freely with those who wished to make inquiry.  She came to Denison with her husband and children from Durant, I.T., about Jan. 4 of this year. Their home prior to removing to Durant was at Binkley, Ark., in which place Mr. Hess engaged in the dry goods business.  A man by the name of Bob Reed had her husband arrested on a charge of selling whisky, but the lady stated that the charge was not sustained.  Some time afterward, Reed was assassinated.
"My husband," said Mrs. Hess, "had nothing to do with the assassination, as he was not in the country, but he had telegrams continually warning him to look out, as the officers were after him."  Continuing Mrs. Hess said: "My husband could not get work in Denison, so he left for Fort Worth. This morning I received a letter containing $50 from him. I was expecting him home and I cannot believe he committed the deed of his own accord. He has money coming to him from parties residing in Arkansas and I have had good reason to believe for some time that parties were trying to kill him. Last week he was drugged by poison in whisky in Denison."
Mrs. Hess left for Fort Worth to be present at the burial.


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