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January 1893- Fort Worth Gazette
January 5, 1893

'William Creager was exhibiting a sample of coal at Denison yesterday which he says was taken out of the earth seven miles from that city, but he refuses to give the locality.'
'Joseph Dangerfield was taken before Judge Nixon at Denison yesterday and bound over to the grand jury, in the sum of $1000, for assault committed on Ed Green, Dec.24.'
'G.G. Randell of Denison has suits involving over $40,000 against the mining company of the Indian Territory, brought in lieu of the number of lives lost there in the mines a year ago.'
'Mr. Ed Sea of near Carpenter's Bluff, near Denison, who was in the latter city yesterday, states that a large amount of cotton has yet to be gathered.  If it should continue pleasant two or three days, cotton picking will resume.'

'E.J. Bolles, who has spent several months in the territory, combining business with pleasure, arrived last night.  Mr. Bolles, while prospecting in San Bola'County, Choctaw nation, discovered a large tract of land which abounds in a substance which will rank in quality with the best imported cements.  A sample was forwarded to St. Louis from Muskogee and has been declared by experts to be equal to the Portland.  The discovery is about 30 miles east of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railway.'

Sherman Register 
January 6, 1893
District Clerk Walker and deputy are busy finishing up the transcripts in the Carlisle and Luttrell murder cases.   They will be forwarded to the Supreme Court in a few days.   The transcripts are the most voluminous sent from the court here in some time.
Louis Dumas and Marvin Binkley left last night for Mississippi and other Sourthern states in the interest of Dumas and Moore County.  They will work to secure immigration for that section and will be absent several weeks.
The case of Rogers at Denison, who made indecent overtures toward the little girl of Depot Master Barkley, has been postponed for the present, owing to the illness of the child.
Four German families passed through Denison yesterday morning en route to locate in Comal County.  There was a man and wife with an interesting family of seventeen children.
A.B. Fleming has been adjudged insane at Sherman.
The Sherman public schools are crowded.

Ft. Worth Gazette
January 7, 1893

'A drunken fellow made himself obnoxious this morning by claiming that he was the first cousin to Corbett, the champion.  He punched two or three persons in the ribs, but he punched once too often.  A brakeman named Searles led off with his right and put the champion?s cousin to sleep in the first round'

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
August 21 1897

Sherman, Tex., Aug. 20. -District Judge Bliss helt that O. Robertson was in contempt of court for not having paid to his wife, Emma D. Robertson, the alimony ordered by the court pending the calling of the divorce proceedings between them for trial on the third Monday in September.  The order to the sheriff was to hold him until he paid the plaintiff, his wife, the sum of $25.

The Nocona News
Nocona, Montague Co., Texas
January 22, 1915

J. H. WAGGONER of Whitewright was here.

The Nocona News
Nocona, Montague Co., Texas
March 19, 1915
Mrs. R. B. Clark returned from visiting her Mrs. R. R. Wilson of Sherman.

The Nocona News
Nocona, Montague Co., Texas
May 14, 1915
Mrs. Cottington of Whitewright was the guest of the R. L. Berry family. She formerly lived here when her husband was the Katy RR agent.
Mr. J. D. Doshier came from Tioga and is the guest of her sister Mrs. Dora Winn. She had been in Tioga for her health. Mr. Doshier is still in New Mexico and will return to Texas this fall.

The Nocona News
Nocona, Montague Co., Texas
May 28, 1915
Wade Clark left to visit his sister Mrs. R. R. Wilson at Sherman.
Eureka News
Roy Hackleman of Whitesboro visited homefolks, accompanied home by his sister Mattie.

The Nocona News
Nocona, Montague Co., Texas
September 17, 1915
Rowland News
Joe Newton looks sad since the Denison school started. Wonder why?

Dallas Morning News
Jan 3, 1890
Denison Dots

Struck by a stone-Fallen Heir-Wild Pigeons in the Woods.
Denison, Tex., Jan 2., This morning while a party of boys were playing near the park, George Hurd and Willie Harkins became involved in a quarrel.  Harkins picked up a stone and threw it at Hurd, hitting him on the head and knocking him senseless to the ground.
George Parker, an old Denison boy, now holding a responsible position on the Wabash line is in the city on a visit.
George Hinchman? of this city, has fallen heir to a considerable sum of money left by a relative in Rhode Island.  The total amount left is $50,000 to be divided by four or five heirs.
Constable Loving, who has been appointed deputy sheriff, has made his bond of $6000 for the first time in a number of years.
The little child of Mr. A.P. Wood, who was badly burned by a lamp a few days ago, died yesterday and was buried today.
The schools resume their work next Monday after their holiday vacation.

Fort Worth Gazette
Altar AND Tomb 1891:  Deaths
· Mrs. Mary J. Bomas, Sherman, March 24
· Mrs. Elmira Cason, Collinsville, March 16
· Mrs. H.N. Davis, Sherman, March 23
· Maj. Glen W. Kerr, Sherman, March 20
· Mr. Wm. Martin, Sherman, March 23
· Mr. W.H. Middleton, Sherman, March 24
April 3-24, 1891
·Mr. William Burget, Denison, March 30
·Mr. R.G. Chapman, Sherman, March 31
·Mrs. Sarah T. Fite, Sherman, April 12
SHERMAN, April 20 -Miss Fannie Hamblin, one of Sherman?s fairest young ladies, died of pneumonia to-day.  The father of the deceased is absent somewhere in the state on business but his whereabouts is not known.

Jan 10, 1890
Dallas Morning News

Van Alstyne, Tex., Jan - Four new two-story brick houses are going up on Jefferson street at once.  One to be occupied by a national bank.  The building to cost $5000.  The organization took place yesterday.  The following are directors: R.M. Cannon, H.L. Bowen, J.C. Umphress, J.N. Taylor, J.M. Kelly and Louis Garver.  The new two story hotel on Main street is nearing completion. When finished, it will be a handsome structure of a large city.
Louis Karthman met with an accident three days ago while out feeding his horses before day.  One ran against him knocking a bar from his hand and sticking a splinter through his two small fingers, fastening them solid together.  His wife, with great effort removed the splinter, which was quite painful.
This town is one not to be laughed at.  During the year 1889, we shipped from this city seventy-five carloads of wheat, 225 cars of oats, 250 cars of corn, 2500 tons of cotton seed.  Our receipts to date on cotton for this season are 9500 bales.  We will reach 10,000 before the season is over.

Dallas Times Herald
Mar 2, 1890
Denison Cotton Mill
Denison, Tex., Feb 20 - The directors of the Denison Manufacturing Company have awarded the construction of the cotton mill to W.C. Green of Chicago.  The contractor will remove a steam brick making plant worth $20,000 from Kansas, and work will begin on the foundation in about 30 days.  The mill will be brick, four stories and basement, three hundred feet long, one hundred wide, and cost with machinery, about $500,000.

Early Texas Newspaper Abstracts
Fort Worth Gazette Newspaper Extractions 1891

Likewise His Pants - An Ex-Conductor robbed of a Cool $650 at Denison.
Special to the Gazette
Denison, Tex, April 2, Q.A. Cobb, formerly a conductor on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railway, was the victim of a robbery this morning.  He retired about 10:30 o?clock, and on awakening he found his pants missing and $650 in money which was in the pockets of the trousers gone also.  The wire screen of the window near the bed was cut and the sash raised.  The pants were on a chair near the window when he went to bed.  After searching about, the pants were found in the yard of Mr. Cummings, a neighbor.  No clue can be obtained as to who are the perpetrators.

Pottsboro, April 19, Five car loads of walnut lumber have been recently shipped from here to Baltimore, Md. The subagent, Jim Northcott, who delivered it received $55 per thousand for it on board the cars in log form. 

April 21, 1891
Death has been very busy in this part of Grayson county during the last few months, but at present writing the health is improving..

Early Texas Newspaper Abstracts
Fort Worth Gazette Newspaper Extractions 1894

F.W. Frait is visiting in Denison.
Negro Carving
Van Alstyne, Tex., Dec 10, Last night a couple of negroes became engaged in an affray in which Joe McKinney was seriously carved with a knife.  John Posey, who did the cutting had his examining trial today.

Prater Still Alive
Denison, Tex., Dec 11, Prater, the man who was so seriously wounded by Deputy Sheriff Preston last night, is still alive, but there are few hopes of his recovery.  Prater, it will be remembered, held up a second-hand store and stole a pistol.  Preston was sent to arrest him, a fight ensued in which ten shots were fired.  A bullet struck the buckle of Deputy Preston?s belt and flattened; otherwise he would have been killed.  Prater's folks reside near Forney, Tex.

Early Texas Newspaper Abstracts
The Irving Index

4 Dec 1909
Kills Self in Prison
Sherman: up to the time that word was received in Sherman that Gus Sartin had hanged himself in the Sacramento, Cal., jail Tuesday, interest still centered in the outcome of the efforts of two states, Texas and Arkansas, to secure the custody of a man who was held at Sacramento Cal.  Sartin was charged with the killing of Mrs. Annie Winkleman at Fayetteville, Washington County, Ark., and with the embezzlement of property over the value of $50.  To-wit: A diamond ring at Sherman.

Dallas Daily Times Herald
March 16, 1889

The Startling Discovery Made By
Some Workmen This Morning.
     This morning about 8 o'clock, Mr. Joe Lowenstein was found dead in bed at his residence on Akard, corner of Young street. Workmen were engaged in adding a second story to his dwelling, and failing to see him as usual about the premises, their curiosity was aroused and an investigation as to his whereabouts instituted. His room was entered and the corpse found in bed.
Mr. Lowenstein had been affected with brain trouble for some months and his general health for some time had been on the decline. He was about 45 years of age, and had, for some years, been a prominent business man in this city. The deceased was engaged to be married to Miss Yeidell, of Denison, at the time of his death.

The Galveston Times (published in Denison)
May 25 1878
Page/Column: Vol. VI, No. 80

Announcements. [Submitter's note: The following list is consistently worded for the candidate, with variations of the individual's name, the office sought, and the election time.]

For Assessor and Collector.
We are authorized to announce the name of Arthur Coffin for re-election to the office of Assessor and Collector of Denison, at the election on the 10th of June.

For City Treasurer. O.E. O'Malley - re-election, at the ensuing election.

For City Marshal. Wm. Hardwick - re-election, at the coming election.

County Judge. at the November election: J.P. Mills, S.D. Steedman

For Representative. G.C. Dugan- candidate for the next Legislature. at the November election.

For County Assessor. A.R. Anderson - at the ensuing election.

Sheriff of Grayson County. W.C. Everheart, E.G. Douglass, at the ensuing election subject to the decision of the Democratic County Convention.

For County Clerk, George A. Dickerman. re-election at eh ensuing election

For District Clerk. W.H. Lankford, a candidate of the 27th Judicial District, at the ensuing election.

For County Treasurer. J.P. Loving, a candidate at the ensuing election.

For County Collector. Thomas Hoffman, a candidate at the November election subject to the action of the Democratic Convention.

A Sad Event, Mention was made in these columns a day of two ago, of the departure of Mr. E.L. Dennis family for Virginia. At Denison, their little boy Edward Walter died, which caused a return of the family to this city. The funeral will take place to-day from their residence on Main street. Only a month ago the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis was borne to Glenwood, and again the angel of death has visited them. They have many friends here who will mourn with them in their bereavement. 

Dallas Morning News
September 30 1888

Whitewright, Tex., Sept. 29.--Died, Mrs. Rebecca Womack, wife of John Womack, at her residence, of consumption. She leaves a husband, three children and a large circle of friends to mourn her untimely death. 

Dallas Morning News
May 6 1889

Sherman, Tex., May 4.--J. H. Hutchraft, an old citizen, died last night and was buried this afternoon. 

Dallas Morning News
January 11 1890

Sherman, Tex., Jan. 10.--Mrs. W. E. Biggerstaff, a most estimable lady, died at her home in South Sherman this morning at 7 o'clock and will be interred in the morning at 10 o'clock.

Dallas Morning News
December 27 1888
Page/Column: 2/4

Sherman, Tex., Dec. 26.--A telegram from Fayetteville, Tenn., announces the sudden death of ex-City Attorney Dick Nesbit at that place. 

Dallas Morning News
May 28 1889

Denison, Tex., May 27.--Mrs. Sam Montcrief of Purcell, I.T., who has been visiting her uncle, Mr. Shannon, one mile west of the city, died quite suddenly Friday evening. Her remains were interred at Oak wood cemetery Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. 

Dallas Morning News
March 26 1889

Denison Tex., Feb. 24.--Mr. Clark Kelly, the husband of the lady who was burned to death a few days since, died this evening, at 1:10 o'clock, at his home, of pneumonia. A few days after Mrs. Kelly's death their baby died, and now the family is completely blotted out. They have no relatives in Denison. 

Dallas Morning News
September 19 1888

Sherman, Tex., Sept. 18.--Major A.T. Cook, one of the oldest and most respected citizens of Sherman, died at his residence this morning at 9 o'clock. He was a veteran of both the Mexican and civil wars, serving through the last as a major in the confederate services. He leaves a wife, but no children. He was 71 years of age. The remains will be interred in the city cemetery to-morrow at 3 p.m. 

Dallas Morning News
October 25 1891

The infant of Rev. J. F Amos who lives three miles from Crubrey, this state, fell into the fire while its mother was absent from the room and was so badly burned that it died the following night.

Joe Bryant, member of the Choctaw Senate, spent Monday in Denison.
Hon. Sam Paul and wife of Paul's Valley, Chicasaw nation, spent Sunday in Denison.

Charles Clark was yesterday returned to the asylum at Terrell.
Dr. Booth is at his home in Denison, seriously ill.

The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Scanion who died of dyptheria yesterday was interred this evening.

Judge Gilbert left on the south bound train.
A small negro boy known about the streets as "Cooky" was arrested this morning charged with stealing money from the till at the bottling factory on north Houston avenue.
Tom Boswell, of the McCarthy hardware house, spent the day at Calera.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howe have a baby girl at their home. The little lady made her appearance yesterday.
H.H. Hawley, of the Gate city Jewelry company, and Del Linden of the First National bank are spending the day at Dallas in attendance on the state fair. 

Large numbers of people called in at Harriman's today to view the remains of the man killed by the cars on the Central last night. He was recognized by no one.

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Dawley spent the day at the Dallas fair.
Rev. P. C. Archer, of the Sherman Methodist church will fill the pulpit at the Chestnut street Methodist church this city, tonight.
Col. J.E. Streeper, after an absence of several months, is again a familiar figure on Main street.
John Haven, county commissioner, is still seriously ill.

Ad Lea spent the day at Colbert.
A monster new ten wheel engine for the Texas Central went south this morning.
Excellent order was preserved at the opera house last night.
L.C. Perrymen of the Creek nation, is spending the day in Denison.
H.M. Tuck has been appointed assessor and collector of taxes at Sherman.
L.M. Brombaugh of the State National bank is quite sick.
In the suit of J.F. Cuff vs. the City of Denison, suit to replevvcattle impounded, in Justice Luitweillen's court yesterday the jury found for Cuff.
Central freight agent C. C. Calvert is spending the day at the Dallas Fair.
Emil Jacobs, formerly of Denison, is to be married this evening in Chicago.
Mrs. Barney Mackin spends the day in Dallas.
F. M. Wook Was "doing" Sherman this evening.
Officers were out this evening hunting a negro charged with unbecoming conduct in the presence of a lady in South Denison.
"Dad" Allen, who shot and killed Conductor Minnehan, was given a preliminary trial in Sherman today.

The Cutler carriage which was smashed up at the crossing last night remained in the middle of the street all day.
J. H. Porter is unloading two cars of potatoes.
Walter G. Glafcke is at his old tricks in Dallas. This morning he presented a check for $10 on the State National Bank signed by C. W. Chapman to Scartf Y O'Connor, of that city but the precaution to wire the bank for information saved the firm the amount of the check.

Col. John Nevins has been chosen foreman of the federal grand jury at Paris.
Col. J. E. Streeper and lady came in Monday at 1:30 from an extended visit through the West and North. Salt Lake, Denver, Chicago and St. Louis were visited.
Joe Greenhill, ticket agent for the "Katy" at this station, who had been enjoying a month's vacation by visiting points in the North and East returned home Monday.
James Milburn, representing the Milburn Wagon Company of South Bend, Ind. spent Sunday and Monday in Denison.
F. E. A. Smith, secretary, and J. W. Johnson assistant secretary of the Denison Y.M.C.A. left Monday night for Parsons, Kas. to attend the annual meeting of the Kansas State Association which convened in that city Wednesday. 
John Chandler, recently of Mexico, is in the city awaiting the arrival from London, Eng. of his wife and children. Mr. Chandler is an Englishman by birth but has been doing railroad contract work several years. Two years since he purchased a splendid farm near Pottsboro, this county, on which his family will reside permanently.
Mrs. Margaret E. Appel, of New York, mother of Mr. N. S. Erns, cashier of the National Bank of Denison, arrived on the noon train Thursday. She will remain with her son during the fall and winter.
W. S. Hibbard and family spent Friday at the fair.
Mark Peters has purchased property and will make this city his permanent home.
A. Rennie and family are occupying the Marshall residence on South Armstrong avenue.
Will J. Scott is spending a few days at Dallas.
Hon. R. M. Harris, of Tishomingo, spent Thursday in Denison.
W. H Ball, one of the oldest and most prominent men of Atoka County, Choctaw nation, residing at Boggy Depot, spent Friday in Denison.
F. B. Adams, of Atoka, passed through the city Firday en route home from Dallas where he had been attending the fair.
Prof. Roach, of the Denison Commercial College, who had been spending a week or ten days with his family at Paola, Kas. returned home Friday evening.

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Thursday night a little 5 year old girl of Mr. and Mrs. James Scanlon died of dyptheria at the family home on West Morton street. Funeral services were held Friday morning. Interment, Oakwood cemetery.

C. F. Duke of Denver, Col. was in the city Friday.

Miss Annie Brown and Mr. Jim Sanders came over from Sherman Sunday and spent the afternoon with their friends, Misses Ida and Lula Hume.
Mrs. Noe, of Whitewright, who had been spending a season with her sister, Mrs. Ed. Sea, east of the city a few miles, returned home Wednesday afternoon.
The home of Mr. Fred O'Maley, 320 East Sears street, is to be the scene of a happy gathering of children this Saturday evening. Little Miss Philo will attain her 5 birthday and the event is to be duly honored.
Thursday evening the elegant home of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Acheson, on West Woodard street, was the scene of an unusually brilliant social occasion. Mr. Cook Bausman, nephew of Mrs. Dr. Acheson, had been spending a season in the city and was to leave for his home, Pittsburg, Pa. Friday morning. Thursday evening he was tendered a reception to Miss Jeane Acheson which, for brilliancy, will eclipse any local event of the kind this season. Those present were: Misses Rose, Leeper, Edith, Minetee, Georgia and Callie Redwood, Cora Lingo, Emily Wilkinson, Mrs. Wm. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Shearman, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Maxwell, Messrs. Chas. Platter, J. P. Munson, L. C. Hall, Del Lincoln, P. A. Brennan, Henry Hawley, John Leeper, and Watt Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Barnes are spending several days with relatives and friends in Van Zandt and Kaufman counties. They are expected home early next week.


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