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 Grayson County 1908 Plat Book
Containing Maps of 
Cities, Villages and Voting Precincts
fo the county and of the State, United States and the World
Compiles and Published by Jackson Map Company
St. Joseph, Mo.

Ethel Voting Dist.
This map was difficult to photograph so it is in many pieces! I will try to retake the photos.
SE part of the Macomb School Dist. no. 67.
Stinnett School Dist. No. 12
Ne & Central -Ethel School Dist. no. 24
West Side of the Sperry School Dist. no.110
NE. Part of Hunter School Dist. no.29
Sunbeam School Dist. no.19

Scroll down to see the Central, South Portion and East Portions
Top Map- SE part of the Macomb School Dist. no. 67.
West Side of the Ethel School Dist. no. 24


SW of the Bottom of the plat, Sunbeam School Dist.  on the East at the bottom of this page. Also view the center Section below

View the Sunbeam School Dist. ( the SE corner of the map below on this page)
Closeup of the Center portion map showing West side of the Hunter School Dist. no.29

Subeam Map, the far SE Corner of the Ethel Plat

Photographs of the book by Susan Hawkins unless otherwise noted


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