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Fire Started in Drug Store After Safe is Cracked and Robbed of Undetermined Amount

Denison, Dec. 29 - What is thought to be a robbery resembling that of Valley View was committed early today at Pottsboro, eight miles west of here, when nine buildings were completely destroyed by fire.  The loss is estimated at $150,000.
Overturned safes in some of the burned structures give evidence of having been opened by robbers. Among the buildings destroyed are Odd Fellows Hall, Masonic Temple.
The fire originated in a drug store and was discovered shortly before 6 o'clock.  The loss...four brick buidings and five frame buildings.
The safes in two buildings appear to have been tampered with and in other establishments the heat from the ruins made it impossible determine whether the safes there had been blown.  The combinations were knocked off two safes and rear doors of two drug stores were found open.
Firemen rushed apparatus from Denison as a heavy wind carrying dying embers to the residential section of Pottsboro.  The M-K-T Railway Company rushed water to the scene in tank cars from Denison.

At noon, the flames, according to a telephone message, prevented a thorough investigation but from the condition of the safes in various stores seen earlier in the stage of the fire it is thought that robbers plied their trade and then fired the buildings.
The postoffice building was not touched by fire and the safe unmolested but rear doors of the building had been broken open.
Firemen and police, rushed from Denison, declared safes in two establishments had been tampered with and rear doors opened.

Although no explosion was heard nor were invaders seen or heard, citizens agreed with the police and fire officials that the safes had been opened and the buildings fired.  It is stated the robbers entered the town, robbed the safes, fired the business section and departed while citizens slept, unaware of the depredations.
Officials are at a loss to understand why the two banks on the opposide section of the business section were not entered but believe that the robbers found it more plausible to rob the east section of the town and disappear.

Fourth Town Robbed
Pottsboro, Dec. 29 - Fire set by bandits destroyed nine buildings in downtown Pottsboro early this morning with a loss of $150,000.
The blaze was started in the Long Drug Company store where the safe was cracked and robbed of an undetermined amount of loot.
Pottsboro is the fourth bandit casualty in two weeks.  The business section fo Valley View was robbed and fired two weeks, and 10 days later Britton and Paradise were virtually sacked.
Five frame and four brick structures were destroyed this morning.

H.C. Potts, 1113 North Locust Street, Denton, who owned six of the buildings burned in the fire at Pottsboro early Monday, said that his loss was $20,500.  Mr. and Mrs. Potts were in Pottsboro for the holidays and returned from there Sunday evening.
His loss in the fire, he said he learned through a telephone communication, included three brick buildings and three frame buildings on the east side of the square.  Two of these buildings house a grocery and a dry goods store, both of which belonged to him.
In addition to his buildings one stone structure and two frame buildings also were burned.  The businesses destroyed included a barber shop, a restaurant, two drug stores, a grocery and a dry goods store as well as the Masonic and I.O.O.F. lodge buildings.
The west side of the square, according to Potts, was burned last August and the fire Monday morning left only about six buisness buildings in the town.  The fire is said to have originated in one of the drug stores.
The town of Pottsboro received its name from the Potts family of which Mrs. H.C. Potts is a member.  H.C. Potts, however, was not a member of this family altho he has made his home there for the past 20 years.

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