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"My great great grandfather was Christopher Drake Reasor.  He came south with the railroad and was there by 1876 when it was called (I think) Red River City???  C.D.was a dairyman, as were his sons, John Comstock (my line), Edgar Drake (he endedup a lawyer) and George Byron.  The three brothers also operated a business calledthe Reasor Brothers which was located at 702 W. Main and the corner of Barrett Ave.  Christopher's eldest son, William died in the Civil War and his  next eldest son,
Elmer E. Reasor, was the second person buried in Fairview Cemetery (DOD July 22,1882).
    There was also a Reasor School #94 (a second Reasor school was built later as thedistrict grew) which was featured at the 1936 Centennial in Dallas with a replica in the front of the State Fair Music Hall.   C.D. bought the materials and had the schoolbuilt because his children had to be private schooled and it was the first free 9-month school in the State. My great grandfather, John Comstock, was a carpenter and actually built the school.  We have pictures of the school taken about 1954.  The school was eventually converted into a private home and may not exist today.
Edgar eventually traveled to the Oklahoma Territory and was the first judge electedin Pottawatomie County after OK became a state.  George Byron's family stayedwithin sixty miles of Denison and
Ben Scott's daughter still owns part of the Original Homestead purchased by C.D.  George's youngest
son is still living (he's 86) and this line is well documented in the Grayson County Bicentennial Books 1 & 2.
John Comstock and his wife had only two children, my Great Aunt Hester OliveReasor, and sixteen years later, William Lawrence Reasor (my grandfather).  "Ollie"and her husband did not have any children.  I know it was common for families tohave brothers and sisters from one marry brothers and sisters of another, but I have a Reasor/Looney link that is a little strange.  Edgar Drake Reasor married Eugenia Looney right before the turn of the century: two generations later my uncle, Robert, married Margaret Looney.  They were the grand nephew and grand niece of Edgar and Eugenia.  The really strange thing is that Robert and Margaret meet and married in Corpus, not realizing until later that their Great Uncle and Great Aunt had also been married.
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