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The United States has taken a census of its population every 10 years, beginning in 1790.
The most recent census available to the public is the 1940 census.
The U.S.Census is a decennial census mandated by the U.S.Constitution, Article 1, Section 2.
The population data is used to set the number of House Representatives from each state.
In addition to the Federal Census, some states censuses have been collected.

1940 Census ~ Woodmen Circl Home, Sherman
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  • 1940 Grayson County Poor Farm Census

    Grayson County Residents
    1846 - 1850

    Grayson County Residents

    Scholastic Census
    1855 ~ Grayson County
    1877 ~ Denison
    1889 - 1890 ~ Denison
    1894 ~ Grayson County
    Slave Census



    Mortality Census

    1850 Grayson Co.

    1860 Grayson Co.

    1870 Grayson Co.

    1850 Census Index text

    1860 Census Index
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    1870 Census Transcript

    Many census records available for free at Familysearch

    1850 Texas 
    Where did people live?
    1850 Census workers

    Confederate Families, 1863 - 1865

    Confederate Indigent Families
    Grayson County
    1863 - 1865

    Voting Population

    1867 Voters Registration
    1884 Denison Voting Population


     Census Records
    All available census indexes contain :

     1790 - 1850
     Indexed by Head of Household only,  however,
     if your person is living in a household with a different last name, he/she will also be indexed.

    Indexed Head of Household at Heritage Quest, but is in the process of compiling an ALL name index.

    Ancestry is available free at most public libraries and by subscription.

    1870 and 1880 are an all name indexex.  

    1880 is also available free online at

    1890 census was destroyed in 1921 by fire & water damage while in storage. 
    Only some fragments remain for the following states: Alabama,  District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota and Texas.   Fragments means anything from 3 or 4 pages from the whole state, to a few counties, townships, etc.

    1900 to 1930 
    Every person has information including month and year born, when immigrated, military info. etc.

     **From 1790 to 1840 only the Head of Household was listed in the census with other family members designated in columns by age/sex.

     **From 1850 to 1870, all people living in the household were listed, but not their relationships.

     **Beginning in 1880, all people living in the household were listed along with their relationship to the HEAD of Household only----not their relationship to each other.

     1790 to 1820 -- 1st Monday in August
     1830 to 1900 -- June 1st
     1910 -- April 15th
     1920 -- January 1st 

    Dallas Morning News
    September 30, 1920

    The population of Grayson County announced by the Bureau of Census today is 74,165 a gain of 8,169.  
    Population in 1910 was 65,996.
    Denison holds its lead as the largest city in the county with 17,065 people, a gain of 3,433. 
    The population of Sherman is 15,031, a gain of 2,619. 
    Other towns’populations in Grayson County are:
    Bells 585, a gain of 89 people;
    Collinsville 837, gain of 46;
    Gunter 575, no previous record:
    Howe 582, a gain of two people;
    Pottsboro 454, gain of 141;
    Tioga 777, a loss of 20;
    Tom Bean 367, a gain of 79;
    Van Alstyne, 1,288 a gain of 147; 
    Whitesboro 1,810, a gain of 591;
    Whitewright 1,666, a gain of 103.

     1930 -- April 1st

    Elaine Nall Bay

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