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Mortality Schedule

In 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 census enumerators were directed to secure in addition to the usually
required census data, information as to all persons dying within the 12 months preceding the census taking.

Disease Chart

Bean, Mary A. 8 monthsFApr 1860TXInflamed Brain
Beaty, Moses R.2MDec 1859TXFlux
Bell, Nancy J.7FJan 1860TXTyphoid Fever
Band, John T. 2 monthsMFeb. 1860TXMeasles
Black, Caroline33FMar 1860TNTyphoid Fever
Black, Fannie C. 1 monthFAug 1859MOCroup
Black, H.A. 2MSep 1859ILTyphoid Fever
Black, James P. 1MMay 1860TXInflamed Bowels
Black, Richard1MMay 1860ILTyphoid Fever
Bonham, John A.24MMar 1860VATyphoid Fever
Bramble, Martha A. 8FApr 1860ARTyphoid Fever
Brunk, Virginia A.2 monthsFAug. 1859TXThrash
Bryant, Maud13FAug. 1859KYConsumption
Cargill, W.A.2 monthsMAug 1859TXCongested brain
Carico, E.3Dec 1859TXInflammation
Carpenter, W.H. 10 monthsMAug 1859TXTeething
Caruthers, James T. 1MMay 1860TXdrowned
Chancey, O.39MSep 1859KYFever
Clements, Buford43MFeb 1860MOdrowned
Comb, Mary26 FMar 1860MOConsumption
Couts,2 monthsMFeb 1860TXCroup
Dameron, Moses59MJun 1859KYConsumption
Dickerman, C.T. 5 daysMDec 1859TXunknown
Dickerman, G.A.15 daysMJan 1860TXunknown
Fitzgerald, Sarah30FNov. 1859VATyphoid Fever
Foster, David C.51MSep 1859VATyphoid Fever
Foster, James12MOct 1859TNFever
Frazor,  Leander T.28MMar 1860TNConsumption
Furgeson, Mary A. 31FApr 1860TN
Garrison, Thomas F. 35MSep 1859MSFever
Gentry, Martin J. 4MOct 1859ARTyphoid Fever
Gilliam, Robert W.20MMay 1860ARDrown
Grant, Helen J.1FAug 1859TX Pneuraliga
Hague, Mary T.  7 FNov 1859NC Inflamed Bowels
Harvey, Sarah A. 10FMar 1860ALBrain Fever
Hayhurst, Elizabeth 35FMar 1860TXTyphoid Fever
Herche, William E. 3MApr 1860ILcroup
James, William 37MApr 1860KYConsumption
Jameson, Margaret8 monthsFAug 1859TXTyphoid Fever
Johnson, Charles W.4MAug 1859MOFlux
Keeling, Jane3FDec 1859TNburned
Keeling, Leonard2 monthsMMar 1860TNBold Hives
Kinnes, Dorcas 4FSep 1859CAFever
Kinnes, J.A.C. 2MMay 1860NCunknown
Kirkpatrick, Sarah4FApr 1860TXInflamed Bowels
Lackey, John  35MApr 1860TNConsumption
Maddock, Mary T.2FSep 1859WisInflamed Bowels
Massey, Margaret 72FApr 1860SC Old Age
McBride, J. 3 monthsFFever
McClure, Granville8MNov 1859TXCrushed
McMahon, George W.38MFeb 1860TNConsumption
McMelon, Susan 17FJun 1859ILPneumonia
Ming, Henry 5MMar 1860ARScarfula
Mugg, Lucinda48FMay 1860KYTyphoid Fever
Mugg, Mary J.  20FNov 1859 INTyphoid Fever
Outhouse, Laura A17FMay 1860ARQuinsey
Paine, Elizabeth 40FOct 1859KYConsumption
Patterson, Elizabeth 20FJul 1859GACongestive fever
Pierce, Nathan P.38MAug 1859TNPalsy
Pitt, Sarah T.18FNov 1859ILTyphoid Fever
Raybon, Josephine53FNov 1859KYFever
Robertson, Mary A. 38FFeb 1860KYConsumption
Rolling, Mary32FMay 1860TNPneuraligia
Ropper, John C.42MApr 1860SC Typhoid Fever
Rose, Ester   47FNov 1859KYConsumption
Rush, Mrs61FMay 1860NCConsumption
Russell, Mary A.4 monthsFOct 1859TXErysiphelas
Sand, Margaret  2FAug 1859TXCold
Savage, M.A. 18FJul 1859MOInflamed Bowels
Shannon, Jefferson5MNov 1859TXTonsillitis
Sneed, Emily J.1FSep 1859 TXFever
Starks, R.A. 26FDec 1859TNTyphoid Fever
Stephenson, George W.3 monthsMOct 1859,TXCroup
Thompson, Willis A.10 MSep 1859KYInflamed Bowels
Vians, Elizabeth90FJan 1860VAOld Age
Walker, Brice 1MMay 1860MOunknown
Wallace, Mary C.2FMay 1860TXFever
Warden, Sarah40FJul 1859MOCholic
Welch, Martha D.  6 monthsFMay 1860TXunknown
West, James M. 17MJul 1859TNFell in Well
Whitaker, Jennett33FJan 1860 TXHives
Wilburn, Elizabeth 22FFeb 1860TXTyphoid Fever
Williams, Elizabeth C.12FMay 1860MOTyphoid Fever
Wise, A.M.  4MNov 1859TXTyphoid Fever
Wise, George Ann2FNov 1859TXTyphoid Fever
Wright, Willis 60MSep 1859NCDiarrhea
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