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1870 Mortality Schedule
for grayson county Texas
Mortality Schedule of the Eighth Census of the United States
Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June 1870
in the County of Grayson State of Texas
I have been notified that I did not get all of this list that some names are missing I will try to redo the list soon.

........., James         40 m b. Ire d. Feb (1870)      unknown   laborer
Adams, Caroline   7 f  b.Tx d. Aug (1869) Shot (word looks like shotaccide)
Adams, Emily       37 f b.Ar d.Feb  (1870)         consumption - keeps house
Adams, George W. 3m b.Tx d. Dec (1870)         croup
Adams, Jane W.     37 f b. Al d. Mar (1870)       pneumonia - keeps house
Adams, Marthy       9f b. La d. Sep (1869)         fever
Albert, William      21 m b.Mo d. Jul (1869)       drown
Allsop, James R.    28 m b. Al d. Jan (1870)      insanity
Allsop, P.E.           25 m b.Al  d. Sep (1869)       fever
Anderson, Ruben L.  53m b. NC d.Jan (1870)   dropsy
Baker, James         19m b. Tx d. Mar (1870)       bowel inflamation
Baker, Ephraim     61 m b. Tn d. Jan (1870)       consumption
Barefoot, Mary J.  3mos.f b.Tx d.Apr (1870)      Hives
Bartlett, Thomas     9m b.Tn d. Jan (1870)         inflamed bowels
Belcher, W.F.         23 m b. Mo d. Apr (1870)     pneumonia
Binkley, David       67m  b. In d. Sep (1869)       heart disease
Binkley, Sarah A.   31f  b....d. Apr (1870)          measles
Blevins, John W.   20m b.Tx d. May (1870)Shot (word looks like shotaccide)
Blower, Infant           m b.Tx d.Sep (1869)          stillborn
Capps, Lucinda F.  23f b.Ar d. Sep (1869)          childbirth
Carrell, Thomas       2m b.Tn d.Mar (1870)        whooping
Chisann, Henry      1m b.Tx d.Jul (1869)            brain inflamation
Clark, Emily          18f b. Mo d. Sep (1870)        pneumonia
Cook, Sarah          65 f     b. Ala d....                  pneumonia - keeps house
Copeland, Amos    66 m   b. Ky  d.Sep.(1869)    debility
Cox, William E.     5 mo. m b.Tx   d. Feb (1870)brain fever
Curtis, Mary C.     58 f  b.Ky  d. Jul.(1869)       heart disease
Dever, John           28 m b.Mo d.May (1870)    consumption  -farmer
Dever, Joseph        69 m b.NC d.Aug (1869)     kidney disease -farmer
Dever, Nelson E.    40 m b.NC d. Feb (1870)     pneumonia  - farmer
Duley, John           50 m b.Tn d. Apr (1870)      stomach disease
Duley, Louisa E.     9 f   b.Tx  d. Sep (1869)      malarial Fever
Duley, Mary E.      13 f  b.Tx   d. Sep (1869)      malarial Fever
Duley, Nancy           4 m b.Tx  d. Sep (1869)      malarial Fever
Duley, Samuel J.      2m b.Tx   d. Aug (1869)     Brain Inflamation
Duley, William T.    21 m b.Al d. Aug (1869)     malarial Fever
Duley, Almeda        12 f   b.Tx d. Sep (1869)      malarial Fever
Dunkin, Joseph      43m  b.Ga  d.Aug (1869)     pneumonia - farmer
Dunkin, Joseph        1 m b.Tx  d. Oct (1869)     fever
Dyer, Infant            1day m b.Tx d.Jan (1870)   debility
Estell, Lydia A.       22 f b. Ky d. Oct (1869)      pneumonia
Gavath, Ephraim    21 m b. Tn d. Aug (1869)    poisoned
Gilliland, D.Green   1m b.Tx d. Oct (1869)        bowel Iinflamation
Goff, Amanda D.     19f b.Tn d. May (1870)      scrofula
Goode, Robert          3m b.Tx d. Nov (1869)     whooping
Gunter, Edney          25f  b.Ga d.Mar (1870)     typhoid fever - housekeeping
Hanning, Infant        1 mo.m b.Tx d. Aug (1869) unknown
Harper, Canada       31m b.Ky d. Jan (1870)      typhoid fever - Farmer
Harrison, Andrew    43 m b. Ga d.Sep(1869)      gangrene  farmer
Hastings, James       74m b. Oh d. Mar(1870)    pneumonia
Hesse, Infant            1 m b.Tx d. Jun (1869)      brain inflamation
Huckney, F.N.          47 m b. Tn d. Mar (1870)  pneumonia -farmer
Huckney, Thomas    21 m b.Tx d. May (1870)   dropsey - farmer
Hughs, Allena          1 mo.f b. Tx d. Mar (1870) unknown
Jones, Ruben           32 m b.Ga d. Mar (1870)   dyspepsia - farmer
Kidd, Marilia            6 f b.Tx d.Sep (1869)        fever
King, James             1m b.Tx d.Apr (1870)        brain disease
Lackey, Margaret J. 1mo.f b.Ky d.Jan (1870)   convulsions
Livingston, Samuel H. 40m b.Ala d. Oct (1869) pneumonia - farmer
Louis, Peter              37m b.Ala d.Mar (1870)    typhoid fever - farmer
Low, William            11m b. Ill. d. Jul (1869)     bowel Inflamation
Mahaffey, Aslulu        3f b.Tx d.Jul (1869)         brain disease
Martin, James           17m b.Tx d. Feb (1870)     dropsey
McElwy, Emma         1 mo.f b.Tx d.Aug (1869)   convulsions
Miller, John W.         1 mo. m b.Tx d.Jun (1869) brain inflamation
Montgomery, James P.  62 m b.Tn  d.May (1870) paralysis
Montgomery, Sallie    1 f b.Tx  d. Jul (1869)        typhoid fever
Montgomery, Sophia M. 2 f b.Tx d. Jun (1869)   bowel inflamation
McNeeley, Inf            1 mo. f b.Tx d. Oct (1869)  spine disease
Noel, James C.          28 m b.Ky d. Nov (1869)     abdomen disease - farmer
Norris, Inf                 1 day m b.Tx d. Jan (1870) debility
Norris, Mary             22 f b. Ark. d. Sep (1869)    childbirth
Norwood, Inf            2 day m b.Tx d. Jan (1870)  debility
Norwood, Inf    2 day m b.Tx d. Jan (1870)  debility ( there are two listed)
Oatneal, Willie A.   7 mo. m b.Tx d. Apr (1870)     consumption
Oatneal, Wilmouth  17 m b.Mo d. Dec (1869)        consumption
Outhouse, James     3 f (sic) b.Tx d. Aug (1869)     brain inflamation
Owens, Inf               4 mo. m b.Tx d. Oct (1869)    brain inflamation
Paceley, Charles E.   12 m b. Md. d. Oct (1869)     typhoid fever
Pacely,  Annie E.     8 mo. b.Tx d. Jun (1870)        typhoid fever
Parrish, Emma        50 f b. NC d. Nov (1869)         pneumonia
Patton, Joseph M.   21 m b. Ark  d. Jan (1870)      pneumonia
Pierce, John J.         1 mo. m b.Tx  d. Jul (1869)    whooping
Pruett, James           17 m b.Tx d.Nov (1869)         rheumatism
Pruett, John G.        19 m b.Tx d. Nov (1969)        horse kick
Randolph, A.B.        75 f b. SC d. Dec (1869)         old age
Rollins, Taylor         1 m b.Tx d. Nov (1869)          diarrhea
Rollins, William B.   8 m b.Tx d. Oct  (1869)          diarrhea
Sanders, Polly Ann   3 mo. f  b.Ark.  d. Jun (1869) croup
Sadler, Sarah T.        36 f b.Tn d. Apr (1870)          heart disease
Scott, Della               1 f b.Tx d.Oct (1869)             teething
Smith, Irene              5 mo f b.Ark d. Aug (1869)   fever
Southwood, Inf         1 mo. f b.Tx d. Apr (1870)    hives
Stoe, Lucelia             19 f b. Ky d. Oct (1869)        consumption
Stoe, Martha             67 f b. Va d. Feb (1870)        typhoid fever
Stevens, Inf               1 m b. Tx  d. Jul (1869)        croup
Sturdy, John             37 m b. Tn d. Feb (1870)      homicide
Sullivan, Inf              1 mo m b.Tx d. Aug (1869)  croup
Taylor, John R.        19 m b.Ill d. May (1870)       measles
Thomas, Charles       6 mo. m b.Tx d. Jul (1869)   malformation
Tindell, Mary D.       2 f b.Tx  d. Sep (1869)          typhoid
Williams, Joseph      11  m b.Tx d. May (1870)     erysipelas
Walker, Walthall      4 mo. m b.Tx d. Mar (1870) stomach inflamation
Wallace, Jane           78 f b. NC d. Jun (1869)      typhoid fever
Walker, M.A.           2 f b.Tx d. Mar (1870)         strangulation
Watson, Arthur C.   6 m b.Tx d. Aug (1869)        brain disease
Watson, Mathew      6 m b.Tx d. Jan (1870)         diptheria
Weaver, Jane           40 f b.Tn. d. Sep (1869)        fever
Weedman, James     2 mo. m b.Tx d.May (1870)  bowel inflamation
West, W.W.             47 m b.Tn d.Sep (1869)         liver disease
Williams, Ellen        35 f b.In  d. Jun (1869)         childbirth
Witt, John H.          21 m b. Ill. d. Apr (1870)      pneumonia - farmer
Woods, Abraham    1 m b.Tx d. Feb (1870)          dysentary
Young, Edward        4 m b.Tx d. Jan (1870)         dropsey
Wyley, John            36 m b. Ky d. Apr (1870)      consumption
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