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Summary of Last Year's Unnatural Deaths
Over Which Justice Hinkle Has Held Inquests
The recent sad occurences which took place a few miles south of the city brings to mind the following unnatural deaths which have taken place within the jurisdiction of the coroner during the years ending March 1st, 1887.

Talby King, col.died of heart diseaseMarch 19th, 1880
Levi Lancastersuicided by poisonApril 21st, 1886
Barnaby Swathoutsuicided by shooting himselfMay 3rd, 1886
Minnie Millerburned to deathJune 27th, 1886
Mary Millerburned to deathJune 27th, 1886
Phillip Akers, col.accidental shootingJuly 8th, 1886
Lum Edwards, col.died of heart diseaseJuly 31st, 1886
Lola Brownsuicided by shooting herselfAug. 13th, 1886
Sam Brown, col.suicided by shooting himselfAug. 15th, 1886
Dona Hesssuicided by taking laudanumAug. 16th, 1886
T. B. Feltondied in Jones street jailSept. 17th, 1886
Frank Reichsuicided by shooting himselfNov. 8th, 1886
E. Hernstadtdied of heart diseaseNov. 16th, 1886
Richard Lambertsuicided by poisonDec. 25th, 1886
Ben Jackson, col.accidental shootingJan. 13th, 1887
A. C. Smithdied of heart diseaseJan. 26th, 1887

Elaine Nall Bay

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