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Agnes, Walter19 March 1878Denison Daily News
Alexander, E R20 July 1937The Whitewright Sun
Amos, InfantOctober 1891Sunday Gazeeteer
Archer, Jack B12 July 1871
Arnold, Donald Clark23 December 1969
Autry, TillFebruary 1894Ft. Worth Gazette
Avery, Pete5 April 1878Denison Daily News
Avery, Peter5 April 1878The Sunday Gazetteer
Ayers, Kirkland C1 March 1879
Babbitt, Mrs. RichardOctober 1902Sherman Daily Register
Bailey, adopted child16 July 1880Denison Daily News
Ball, Samuel D2 February 1880
Barron, Wade24 March 1891Ft. Worth Daily Gazette
Bartlett, Larry DaleMarch 1965Dallas Morning News
Beheler, Lloyd2 June 1927The Whitewright Sun
Benton, William10 October 1904Wilmington Messenger
Bermesdaffer, Col. Joseph V12 July 1891Ft. Worth Daily Gazette
Biddle, Infant1 September 1897Dallas Morning News
Biddwell, Charles14 December 1891Dallas Morning News
Bigby, D HOctober 1909Ft. Worth Gazette
Biggerstaff, LiteSeptember 1902Sherman Daily Register
Bivens, Infant24 July 1893Sherman Daily Register
Blackwood, Robert15 October 1936The Denison Press
Blanton, BenAugust 1881Boise Idaho Statesman
Blanton, Ernest Sam27 March 1938Dallas Morning News
Blassingame, Mrs. J.22 January 1878Denison Daily News
Bloom, C W24 August 1899Dallas Morning News
Bogar,  Fenton  H27 March 1901Dallas Morning News
Bomas, Mary J24 March 1891Ft. Worth Gazette
Bone, Mrs. H F12 October 1889Whitesboro News
Bounds, Mrs. JamesJune 1891Galveston Daily News
Bradley, Col. Samuel H.31 January 1895Ft. Worth Gazette
Brassart, Mrs. L B18 February 1897Dallas Morning News
Brooks, James W19 July 1905
Brown, Cora Bell9 July 1873The Denison News, July 10, 1873
Brown, Leola14 August 1886The Parsons Weekly Sun
Brown, son21 March 1894Galveston Daily News
Browning, Ira13 April 1892Sunday Gazetteer
Buck, Infant7 September 1906Whitesboro Record
Budd, infant4 October 1877Denison Daily News
Budd, Mrs. J M29 September 1877The Sunday Gazetteer
Burgess, Lee D21 December 1906
Burget, William30 March 1891Ft. Worth Gazette
Burns, Pinkey1886Oskaloosa Independent
Burton, Martha4 October 1878Denison Daily News
Cameron, HenryOctober 1902Sherman Daily Register
Campbell, Alex5 September 1897Dallas Morning News
Campbell, T W25 March 1896Dallas Morning News
Carlton, Jack4 November 1887Sherman Daily Register
Carr, infant8 October 1878Denison Daily News
Caruthers, Wm C21 September 1874Denison Daily News
Casey, G5 March 1878Denison Daily News
Cason, Elmira16 March 1891Ft. Worth Gazette
Cassidy, Clyde Albert7 April 2007Herald Democrat
Cavin, John15 October 1889Whitesboro News
Chambers, Earl15 June 1916Bonham Daily Favorite
Chambers, Mrs. Sam26 July 1901Dallas Morning News
Chapman, Mrs. C W3 October 1887Ft. Worth Weekly Gazette
Chapman, R G31 March 1891Ft. Worth Gazette
Clifford, Clara M.16 March 1878Denison Daily News
Cockley, Mary A21 July 1878Denison Daily News
Colbert, Cubby17 December 1894Sunday Gazetteer
Colbert, John6 July 1874Sunday Gazetteer
Coleman, Robert D8 July 1881
Collins, TomNovember 1874Denison Daily News
Connally, JulianJuly 1922The Whitewright Sun
Conway, Phil W4 August 1888Sunday Gazetteer
Cox, Z A10 September 1884Sunday Gazetteer
Crane, John A11 October 1901
Craven, Mrs. Geo.May 1896Sunday Gazetteer
Croft, J W29 October 1894Ft. Worth Gazette
Crouch, G M5 October 1887Ft Worth Weekly Gazette
Crowley, Pat6 June 1878Denison Daily News
Cummings, R P27 January 1897Dallas Morning News
Cummins, Henrietta W. Hunt6 January 1895Sunday Gazetteer
Cummins, infant19 September 1878Denison Daily News
Cunningham, Mary Susan6 April 1873Denison Daily News
Daugherty, Mollie22 September 1878Denison Daily News
Davenport, CarlJanuary 1900Sherman Daily Register
Davidson, familyMay 1873Denison Daily News
Davis, Mrs. H N 23 March 1891Ft. Worth Gazette
Day, John Shannon5 February 1874
Day, Sarah1905Sunday Gazetteer
Dean, Mrs. E30 October 1889Sunday Gazetteer
Dederick, Mrs. Z P24 September 1897Dallas Morning News
Dicks, Dr. D WDecember 1888Dallas Morning News
Dorchester, Infant23 September 1897Dallas Morning News
DuBois, Jack28 August 1877Denison Daily Cressett
Eeaves, G GDecember 1909Irving Index
Echols, W L21 March 1929
Edwards, Lum31 July 1886Sherman Daily Democrat
Edwards, Wm C12 December 1884Sunday Gazetteer
Eldridge, May30 September 1890Sunday Gazetteer
Ellis, W D29 September 1873Denison Daily News
Estes, Ches H3 February 1935
Fain, Joshua M2 December 1943Tioga Herald
Fears, Mrs. M E12 September 1884The Sunday Gazetteer
Fellows, O17 June 1882Reading Times
Felton, T B16 September 1886Dallas Morning News
Fencer, Dr. J F28 November 1943Tioga Herald
Ferguson, Joe7 June 1891The Sunday Gazetteer
Fisher, MoseSeptember 1899Laredo Times
Fite, Mrs. Sarah T12 April 1891Ft. Worth Gazette
Flanedy, P JMay 1888The Sunday Gazetteer
Flowers, Mrs. Charlie1 January 1888Ft. Worth Daily Gazette
Foley, Joseph Albert25 September 1878Denison Daily News
Foster, Mrs. J H3 January 1903The Denison Press
Frazier, N S12 January 1878Denison Daily News
Freeman, MaryApril 1884Sherman Daily Register
Fuller, Infant9 April 1892The Sunday Gazetteer
Garrett, Dora McConnell26 January 1917Sherman Daily Democrat
Garrett, Frank27 January 1917Sherman Daily Democrat
Garrett, Pearl19 January 1917Sherman Daily Democrat
Gean, child12 August 1885Galveston Daily News
George, Jeff V11 February 1878Denison Daily News
Gibbons, JohnFebruary 1886The Sunday Gazetteer
Gillian, Henry1911The Sunday Gazetteer
Gillord, unknown21 June 1888The Sunday Gazetteer
Gilmore, Sarah18 February 1878Denison Daily News
Grady, Ed17 November 1886The Sunday Gazetteer
Graves, Frank30 April 1878Denison Daily News
Greenwell, child30 May 1873Denison Daily News
Gunter, Howard24 April 1934
Haggard, Mr26 September 1890Ft. Worth Daily Gazette
Hague, A F17 October 1897The Houston Post
Hamblin, Miss Fannie20 April 1891Ft. Worth Gazette
Hamilton, Nellie31 November 1912Sherman Daily Democrat
Hamner, L G12 November 1878Denison Daily News
Harbison, Mrs. E C21 October 1884The Sunday Gazetteer
Harbison, Lizzie11 November 1884The Sunday Gazetteer
Harnest, son7 June 1888Parsons Weekly Sun
Harper, G W29 July 1878Denison Daily News
Harper, Lloyd27 April 1878Denison Daily News
Harrison, Lee15 February 1897Evening Post, Washington, D C
Hart, Anna5 Aug 2015
Harvey, Mrs. S C17 February 1897Dallas Morning News
Hassard, L LApril 1892Austin Statesman
Hastings, Jerrett23 October 1873Denison Daily News
Hayne, Ike27 February 1892The Sunday Gazetteer
Haywood, Samuel H5 January 1902The Sunday Gazetteer
Headrick, LigeJuly 1911The Bonham Daily Favorite
Heath, son21 March 1894Galveston Daily News
Henderson, boy
Henderson, James W11 September 1937The Whitewright Sun
HIckson, T L1930The Whitewright Sun
Hildreath, M M18 January 1878Denison Daily News
Hight, Jim7 August 1890The Sunday Gazetteer
Hodges, Dallas5 May 1881
Hopkins, Frank25 June 1873The Denison Daily News
Hopson, Lula9 September 1884The Sunday Gazetteer
Hotchkiss, Hattie S25 March 1875The Denison Daily News
Howard, John15 September 1894The Sunday Gazetteer
Howe, T C23 July 1893Albuquerque Morning Democrat
Hunter, Miss16 December 1894Ft. Worth Gazette
Hunter, Mrs. Joseph15 September 1891Ft. Worth Daily Gazette
Hutchinson, Virginia26 February 1890Ft. Worth Daily Gazette
Irvin, daughter11 September 1884Sunday Gazetteer
Isbell, James14 January 1891
Jackson, John5 March 1873The Denison News
Jimpson, Harrison7 May 1873The Denison Daily News
Johnson, Jack13 August 1911The Bonham Daily Favorite
Johnson, Joseph E30 October 1879
Johnson, Webber13 November 1897The Sunday Gazetteer
Joiner, Mrs. J RJuly 1893Sherman Daily Register
Jones, Ed. F13 July 1904The Sunday Gazetteer
Jones, WillAugust 1899The Sunday Gazetteer
Jordan, Mrs. C L25 March 1901Dallas Morning News
Kalloch, Dr. Ellen  CNovember 1883The Courier-Journal (St. Louis)
Keeling, Emmet Guy5 August 1878Denison Daily News
Kelly, Hiram1 June 1891Ft. Worth Gazette
Kephart, Mary7 March 1878Denison Daily News
Kerr, Maj. Glen W.20 March 1891Ft. Worth Gazette
Kersey, Mrs. L R28 September 1948Canyon (TX) News
Keys, Infant3 September 1897Dallas Morning News
Kirk, Judge W D23 November 1878Denison Daily News
Lacy, Lucy25 April 1889Sunday Gazetteer
Lake, JohnMay 1896Sunday Gazetteer
Lamance, James Arvil23 December 2000
Langley, Mike20 May 1876Sunday Gazetteer
Layman, Mrs. J S25 March 1901Dallas Morning News
Lea, Janet Ponton30 October 1891The Sunday Gazetteer
Lease, Charley20 December 1905The Sunday Gazetteer
Lease, infant27 August 1878Denison Daily News
Leftwich, Belle16 August 1894Ft. Worth Gazette
Leiter, R LJune 1886Sherman Daily Register
Lindsey, Clyde. E12 July 1883The Sunday Gazetteer
Lendorf, Adolph8 October 1879The Denison Daily News
Leonard, Frances1 March 1908Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Lipscomb, Mrs. Thomas1909The Sunday Gazetteer
Livingston, Ben4 August 1898The Sunday Gazetteer
Lloyd, Mrs. A.M.16 March 1878Denison Daily News
Lloyd, Albert M.14 March 1878Denison Daily News
Lodge, L D19 July 1890The Sunday Gazetteer
Loudon, HenryFebruary 1886The Sunday Gazetteer
Love, Frank6 July 1873Denison Daily News
Lusk, Dave26 April 1891The Sunday Gazetteer
Lyon, A J4 October 1914Dallas Morning News
Lyon, InfantSeptember 1897Dallas Morning News
Mackey, Elias20 November 1932Ada Weekly News
Mackey, W W5 January 1900The Houston Post
Majors, MrNovember 1873Denison Daily News
Malone, Mrs. Edna7 January 1900The Houston Post
Malone, unknown25 August 1873Denison Daily News
Mandelbaum, David11 November 1878Denison Daily News
Mangold, Henry10 June 1873Denison Daily News
Manning, Homer MDecember 1918Wichita Daily Eagle
Mansfield, DaughterMay 1898Dallas Morning News
Martin, William23 March 1891
May, Robert L26 May 1889
McCarty, Absalom Kyle25 December 1882
McDaniel, Mrs. Mary25 March 1901Dallas Morning News
McDonald, Ruben30 September 1889Whitesboro News
McDougall, Andy8 March 1897The Sunday Gazetteer
McGee, J  D22 November 1921The Herald Democrat
McGowan, Terrance6 December 1879Denison Daily News
McKenna, C J19 November 1878
McNeely, Frank23 April 1897Ft. Worth Morning Register
Menaugh, unknown16 November 1906Denison Daily Herald
Meyers, Nat2 February 1908Denison Daily Herald
Miller, Christopher28 November 1943Tioga Herald
Miller, G W18 February 1897Dallas Morning News
Miller, William Thomas "Bill"25 December 1940
Middleton, W.H.24 March 1891Ft. Worth Gazette
Moody, J C16 June 1894Ft. Worth Gazette
Morehouse, Mrs. C.B.1 September 1878Denison Daily News
Morris, Mrs. E.A.September 1902Sherman Daily Register
Mortimer, Henry9 June 1883The Sunday Gazetteer
Mounger, Thomas Frederick27 September 1911
Muller, Julius5 August 1878Denison Daily News
Murdock,  Hannie2 October 1889Whitesboro News
Murphy, Mrs. Georgia3 March 1890Ft. Worth Daily Gazette
Myers, Mrs. EJuly 1883The Sunday Gazetteer
Nabors, O S7 October 1873Denison Daily News
Nash, J G23 September 1897Dallas Morning News
Nelms, Adell27 February 1893The Sunday Gazetteer
Nelms, Mrs. Francis D6 February 1897The Sunday Gazetteer
Nelms, James A4 July 1879
Nichols, William21 June 1887Ft. Worth Daily Gazette
Nicholson, J WSeptember 1926The Whitewright Sun
Nolan, Mary A31 August 1878Denison Daily News
Noling, J T29 October 1894The Sunday Gazetteer
O'Brien, John16 November 1878Denison Daily News
O'Donnell, Mrs. P1 May 1884The Sunday Gazetteer
Oberturf, George14 September 1878Denison Daily News
Ogle, Benjamin28 June 1891The Sunday Gazetteer
Parker, John2 September 1879Denison Daily Herald
Patman, Charles2 May 1875
Pearson, unknownDenison Press
Peets, Anna27 January 1908Denison Daily Herald
Perkins, Henry30 September 1878Denison Daily News
Perry, Mrs. H RFebruary 1922Sherman Daily News
Phillips, Mary F26 May 1878Denison Daily News
Pickard,  Mrs. S A25 March 1901Dallas Morning News
Picton, MrJuly 1873The Courier, July 1873
Pierce, Lucy3 October 1890The Sunday Gazetteer
Porch, Mrs. Margaret21 March 1888Ft. Worth Daily Gazette
Poff, Capt. A.J. 1 November 1878Denison Daily News
Porter, J L9 January 1900The Houston Post
Potts, MiddletonNovember 1895The Sunday Gazetteer
Price, John T family13 Apr 1907 - 24 Apr 1911Dallas Morning News
Pryer, child22 May 1899The Sunday Gazetteer
Ray, Mary Ellen29 May 1911 [sic]Sherman Daily Democrat
Redrick, James22 January 1917Sherman Daily Democrat
Reeves, FloraJuly 1888The Sunday Gazetteer
Retherford, Clementine20 April 1890Ft. Worth Daily Gazette
Rice, Bessie13 November 1888Austin Weekly Statesman
Riddling, Mrs. W W7 January 1900The Houston Post
Ritter, Mollie11 May 1878Denison Daily News
Robertson, Alice R.26 February 1878Denison Daily News
Robertson, infant13 May 1878Denison Daily News
Roland, Thomas14 October 1878Denison Daily News
Rosecrans, Willie11 November 1874The Sunday Gazetteer
Rowe, Absolom5 January 1874Denison Daily News
Rutherford, Marvin6 July 1894Ft. Worth Gazette
Rutledge, MerrillJuly 1914Irving Index
Samuels, Harry27 January 1878Denison Daily News
Schuck, W H H30 September 1889Whitesboro News
Schwachhofer, J T1897The Sunday Gazetteer
Schwendiman, Emil18 March 1896The Sunday Gazetteer
Scott, Charles27 January 1887Ft. Worth Gazette
Scott, Judge7 January 1890Dallas Morning News
Scott, Prudence14 August 1896The Sunday Gazetteer
Scott, RubeSeptember 1897Dallas Morning News
Scott, T B8 January 1880Denison Daily News
Senor, W FOctober 1918Corsicana Daily Sun
Sewell, Eula1 June 1891Ft. Worth Gazette
Shanks, AliceNovember 1892Muskogee (OK)
Shanks, Bro.November 1892Muskogee (OK)
Shelley, Mike22 December 1879Harrisburg Telegraph
Shero, Infant Daughter18 September 1897Dallas Morning News
Shone, unknown23 July 1901Dallas Morning News
Sinclair, Alonzo LTioga Herald
Sinclair, RichardJuly 1883Sunday Gazetteer
Sivills, Major WilliamAugust 1897Dallas Morning News
Smith, boy28 June 1878Denison Daily News
Smith, Charlesafter 1841Denison Press
Smith, Eldin R., JrNovember 1955
Smith, FrankJuly 1922The Whitewright Sun
Smith, James17 August 1897Dallas Morning News
Southland, Frank26 May 1887Sherman Daily Register
Stark, John20 February 1873
Steenburg, William23 April 1878Denison Daily Herald
Stevens, Wm20 August 1878Denison Daily News
Stone, B C3 April 1919Van Alstyne Leader
Stuart, Edward7 July 1888Whitesboro News
Swearingen, Joseph Wesley3 July 1926Dallas Morning News
Sweeney, John20 September 1883The Sunday Gazetteer
Tabor, Mr. J A25 May 1891Ft. Worth Gazette
Taylor, Archibald18 April 1878Denison Daily News
Taylor, C T14 February 1887Ft. Worth Daily Gazette
Taylor, Reuben W7 December 1878Denison Daily News
Thompson, Addie AldridgeSeptember 1897Dallas Morning News
Times, S H6 April 1878Denison Daily News
Tischler, daughter16 May 1895Ft. Worth Gazette
Todd, unknownAugust 1881Boise Idaho Statesman
Trainer, James11 December 1877The Denison Press
Trobaugh, Miss LoriJanuary 1894The Sunday Gazetteer
Unknown, infantOctober 1873Denison Daily News
Unknown, maleNovember 1878Dension Daily Herald
Unknown, male7 June 1891The Sunday Gazetteer
Unknowm, mother & infant1891The Sunday Gazetteer
Vaden, infantAugust 1878Denison Daily News
Vaden, RobertJanuary 1900Sherman Daily Register
Wagner, W F28 March 1894The Sunday Gazetteer
Wagoner, Maggie13 September 1894Ft. Worth Gazette
Wallace, Betsy13 April 1886The Sunday Gazetteer
Walters, James L30 May 1896The Sunday Gazetteer
Wand, Infant29 September 1897Dallas Morning News
Warfield, Thomas PMay 1918El Paso Herald
Webster, Sarah KJuly 1932The Whitewright Sun
Webster, Mrs. W L10 January 1900The Houston Post
Wehrline, John13 January 1891Dallas Morning News
Weil, Sidney13 September 1878Denison Daily News
Weisman, Mannon22 October 1885Sherman Daily Register
Welty, George C15 April 1878Denison Daily News
Wensley, John10 October 1904Wilmington Messenger
Wheeler, baby boy26 April 1895The Sunday Gazetteer
Whitaker, R F9 January 1900The Houston Post
White, Emanuel16 April 1886The Sunday Gazetteer
White, W SDenison Press
Wicks, girl17 July 1880Denison Daily News
Wiggins, Ella17 May 1878Denison Daily News
Wiley, Thomas13 August 1878Denison Daily News
Williams, child of R A Williams17 August 1887Denison Press
Williams, Mary Florence25 September 1878Denison Daily News
Williams, Mrs14 August 1873Denison Daily News
Williams, Unknown8 December 1879Denison Press
Williams, UnknownDecember 1875Denison Cresset
Williamson, F A
Willis, WillieMay/June 1899El Paso Daily Herald
Wilson, Henrietta19 March 1880The Sunday Gazetteer
Wilson, Mrs. Henry17 October 1878Denison Daily News
Wilson, Homer CMay 1891
Wilson, Joe21 September 1895The Sunday Gazetteer
Wilson, Louis29 March 1885The Sunday Gazetteer
Womack, Miss Ida9 September 1897Dallas Morning News
Woodard, F J16 January 1893The Sunday Gazetteer
Wynn, William Isaac JrMarch 1965Dallas Morning News
Yarborough, Infant25 September 1897Dallas Morning News
Yonce, unknown24 April 1878Denison Daily Herald

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