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Archer, Jack B. 37 12 July 1871 Special Deputy Constable Jack B. Archer was serving in the place of Constable J.L. Hall who was transferring prisoners from Grayson County to the Texas State Prison in Huntsville. Several days earlier, Deputy Constable Archer had arrested Harvey Adams for carrying pistols. On July 12th, Deputy Constable Archer was attempting to arrest a man named Corhorne for interfering in the earlier arrest of Adams. Adams now came to assist Corhorne, and shot and killed Deputy Constable Archer. Archer had lost his right arm serving for the Confederacy in the Civil War, and had only his left arm to defend himself.
Deputy Sheriff Caywood and a posse of about thirty citizens followed and caught up with Adams in Johnson County, a few miles south of Cleburne, Texas. Adams refused to surrender, and was shot and killed. No records were found to determine the disposition of the charges against Corhorne.
Special Deputy Constable Archer was survived by his wife.
Hodges, Dallas
355 May 1881Constable Dallas Hodges was shot and killed while attempting to question two men. Constable Hodges had stopped the men and shown them his badge when they opened fire on him. Two months later the two suspects shot and killed Deputy Reuben Coleman, of the Grayson County Sheriff's Department, as he attempted to arrest them for Constable Hodges' murder.
One of the suspects was subsequently murdered by another outlaw.
Constable Hodges had been with the agency for 2 years. He was survived by his wife and nine children.

Mounger, Thomas Frederick 39 27 Sept 1911 Constable Mounger was shot and killed after responding to a report of a man trespassing in a boxcar. When Constable Mounger approached the suspect he drew a .45 Caliber pistol and shot Constable Mounger. The suspect was later arrested.
Constable Mounger was survived by his wife and four children.
Nelms, James A.364 July 1879Constbale Nelms was shot and killed when he responded to a report of two drunk men fighting at a saloon. When he attemptd to intervene he was shot and killed.
Constable Nelms was survived by his wife and four children.
Stark, John4120 Feb 1873Deputy Stark was shot and killed when he and another constable went to arrest suspected horse thieves. While the constables mounted their horses someone opened fire on them, striking Deputy Stark in the head.
Deputy Stark had been with the agency for ten years and was survived by his wife and three children.


Burgess, Lee D.36Deputy Sheriff21 Dec 1906At approximately 4:00 p.m., Deputy Sheriff Lee D. Burgess had just arrested an intoxicated Percy Yeager. Deputy Burgess was taking Yeager to jail in Denison, Texas. On the way to the jail they walked past Yeager's house. Yeager attempted to go into his house. Deputy Burgess had to fight Yeager, and knock Yeager down with his "billy club." Deputy Burgess then leaned over to pick up Yeager. Deputy Burgess fell over and died from a heart attack.
An investigation was conducted to see if Deputy Burgess had been hit in the head with a rock. Doctors determined that Burgess had suffered from heart problems and died from a heart attack. No death certificate was ever madde.
Percy Yeager was never prosecuted for the death of Burgess. However, three years later, in 1909, Yeager was charged with robbery. The robbery case was dismissed several weeks later.
Burgess was survived by his wife and five year old daughter. He was buried in Block 20, Lot West 1/2 of 64, in Fairview Cemetery, Denison, Texas.
Coleman, Reuben D.29Deputy Sheriff8 July 1881Deputy Coleman was shot and killed as he and other deputies attempted to take a suspect into custody. The suspect was wanted in the murder of Constable Dallas Hodges, of the Grayson County Constable's Office - Precinct 7, two months earlier.
One of the suspects was subsequently murdered by another outlaws,
Deputy Coleman served been with the agency for 3 years. He was survived by his wife and three children
Gunter, Howard50Special Deputy Sheriff24 April 1934Special Deputy Gunter was killed in an automobile accident while driving a prisoner's car to the jail. He and his partner had just arrested two escaped bank robbery suspects. The partner was transporting the two suspects to the jail in the police car and Special Deputy Gunter was following in the suspect's car. The other deputy suddenly slammed on the brakes of the police car and Special Deputy Gunter slammed into the back of the car, causing serious injuries. He succumbed to his injuries the following day.
Special Deputy Gunter had been with the agency for six years and was survived by his wife and six children.

May, Robert L.47Sheriff26 May 1889Sheriff May was shot and killed by two cousins he had removed a weapon from earlier. They returned to town after getting another gun and shot and killed Sheriff May. One suspect turned himself in and received 40 years in prison; the other was captured and sentenced to life in prison.
Sheriff May had been with the agency for two years.


Arnold, Donald Clark
42Sherman Police Sgt23 Dec 1969Sergeant Arnold was shot and killed when he interrupted a robbery at a local service station. He routinely stopped at the station during his shift to check on the graveyard shift employees.
When he arrived at the service station the three suspects took the attendant and hid in the bathroom. As Sergeant Arnold walked through the building one of the suspects fired through the open door, striking Sergeant Arnold several times. He was found with his service revolver still in its holster. The suspects then murdered the attendant and fled the scene. The shooter was arrested and sentenced to death but later appealed the sentence.
Sergeant Arnold had served with the agency for 17 years,
Ayers, Kirkland C.29Whitesboro City Marshal1 Mar 1879At 4:00 p.m., City Marshal Kirkland C. Ayers responded to a disturbance in a store/saloon in Whitesboro. While attempting to arrest two suspects, City Marshal Ayers was hit in the head with a chair. Ayers died from his injuries at 1:00 a.m. the next morning.
Pat Ware, and his brother, Spence, were both charged with the murder of Marshal Ayers. A Grayson County jury acquitted both brothers in April of 1880.
Ayers, was survived by his mother who lived in LaGrange, Troup County, Georgia. His body was shipped by express train back to LaGrange for burial.
Ball, Samuel D.33Sherman City Marshall2 Feb 1880Marshal Ball was shot and killed while attempting to eject a group of men who were creating a disturbance at a local house of prostitution.
He had been the City Marshal for two years and was survived by his wife and three children.
Brooks, James W.61Collinsville : City Marshall19 July 1905At approximately 12:00 noon, City Marshal James W. Brooks arrested Z. T. Trice for failure to pay a court fine, issued six weeks earlier. Trice was in his buggy with his wife, and on his way to Fort Worth to have his foot treated. After making the arrest Brooks had Trice sit down in a chair. Brooks was then apologizing to Trice's wife when Trice came up behind Brooks and cut him across the abdomen, and stabbed him in the heart. Brooks fell to the sidewalk and was pronounced dead by a doctor within two minutes.
Trice was arrested, and charged with the murder. On October 26, 1906, a Grayson County jury acquitted Trice.
Brooks was survived by his wife, Nannie. He had seven children, of which four survived him.
Crane, John A.37Denison Police Officer11 Oct 1901Around 1:00 a.m. Officer John A. Crane responded to a disturbance. George Puryear, 19, was complaining that he had been robbed at a bawdy house by one of the women. Puryear and another man from the Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma) had been in town all day and were drinking heavily. As Officer Crane walked up to the scene, Puryear, who was on horseback, turned in his saddle and fired at Officer Crane. The bullet struck Crane in the leg above his knee. Puryear fled to the Indian Territory where he was shot and killed by a posse of officers from Denison, Sherman and Grayson County, Texas.
Crane recovered slowly and eventually returned to work on light duty as a police clerk. In May 1907 he became bedridden from the wound and had to leave the department. He died on September 12, 1907 from the effects of the wound. He was survived by his wife and two children. He was buried in Fairview Cemetery, formerly Maple Grove Cemetery, in Denison, Grayson County.
Day, John ShannonDenison Police Officer5 Feb 1874Officer Day was shot and killed while attempting to arrest several men at a saloon during a disturbance.
Echols, W. L.67Van Alstyne Chief of Police21 Mar 1929Chief Echols was shot and killed while making his normal rounds in the business district. He came across several men who were preparing to rob a bank and they shot him.
He had been with the agency for 46 years and is survived by his wife and two children.
Estes, Ches H.34Whitesboro City Marshal3 Feb 1935Marshal Estes was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a man who had committed a rape only moments earlier. He had entered a darkened cafe while looking for the man and was struck in the chest by a gunshot blast fired by the suspect. The suspect was originally sentenced to death but received a 99 year sentence on his second trial.
Marshal Estes was survived by his wife
Isbell, James30Bells City Marshal14 Jan 1891A man walked into the Risenberg’s saloon in Bells and demanded the crowd “shell out.” Jim Isbell was the bartender and city marshal. Isbell placed the money on the billard table and the stranger took it. The robber ordered a man to take all of the patron’s money. As the robber’s attention was diverted, Isbell grabbed his pistol and fired one time. The robber calmly fired one round from his .45 caliber pistol, the bullet striking Isbell in the face and exiting his neck. A bystander grabbed the robber and the crowd joined in disarming him. The crowd considered lynching him but decided to place him under guard. The robber identified himself as George Smith. He admitted he bought the pistol the day before and was a farmer in Grayson County.
City Marshal Isbell succumbed to his wound on January 17, 1891.
George Smith was convicted of murder and hanged in Sherman by the Grayson County Sheriff on July 7, 1892.
Johnson, Joseph EDenison Police Officer30 Oct 1879Officer Johnson was shot and killed when he and a constable went to a residence to serve a warrant. The suspect, who was sleeping, suddenly woke up, turned off the lights, and began shooting.
Officer Johnson was survived by his wife.
Lamance, James Arvil
53Whitewright Police Dept., Corporal23 Dec 2000Corporal Lamance was shot and killed while pursuing a suspected drunk driver.
Corporal Lamance and his brother, who was a reserve officer with the same agency, were on patrol when they spotted the suspect and attempted to pull him over. The suspect was known to police and had fled from them on several occasions.
During the pursuit, the suspect led the officers into a field and stopped his vehicle approximately 100 yards away from the cruiser. The suspect then exited the vehicle and opened fire on the officers, striking Corporal Lamance in the head. Corporal Lamance's brother was able to return fire but did not strike the suspect, who was arrested later in the night at his residence. The suspect was acquitted of the capital murder charged in April, 2002.
Corporal Lamance had been employed with the three-officer Whitewright Police Department for 3 years. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.
McCarty, Absalom Kyle40Denison Police Officer25 Dec 1882Police Officer Absalom McCarty was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a man at the intersection of Austin Street and Crawford Street.
The man he was attempting to arrest was causing a disturbance and brandishing a pistol while threatening to shoot. When Officer McCarty arrived at the location the subject told him to put his hands up. The subject then shot him when he refused to do so.
The subject fled to Indian Territory (modern-day Oklahoma). It is not known if he was ever captured.
Officer McCarty was a Confederate veteran of the Civil War. He had served in law enforcement in Texas for at least four years.
Miller, Wm Thomas "Will"55Whitesboro Police Chief25 Dec 1940An accident occurred east of Whitesboro on Highway 82 at the scene of a previous accident which Chief of Police Will T. Miler and other officers were investigating. The lawmen were attempting to slow down passing cars in the fog when one vehicle skidded and struck Chief Miller. He was taken to a Sherman hospital and his condition was not considered serious. His condition grew worse and he died at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, December 27, 1940.
Miller had served as Chief of Police since the creation of the department in 1935. He was survived by his wife, Matilda, two sons, Carl Miller and Charles Miller, and two daughters, Mrs. James Flowers and Mrs. Lewis Glaslin; two brothers, E.A. Miller and Larry Miller; and a sister, Mrs. John Clark. He was buried in the Basin Cemetery in Grayson County, Texas.
Patman, Charles36Denison Police Officer2 May 1875Police Officer Charles Patman was shot and killed while he and his partner searched a man suspected of having a concealed weapon. During the search a second man approached them and fatally shot Officer Patman in the face and wounded his partner.
Both suspects fled the scene but were later apprehended. The man who shot the officers had recently been acquitted of murdering to men in Hearn, Texas, and was a notorious outlaw. He was charged with murder and attempted murder but the charges were dismissed in 1879 when the key witness in the case disappeared.
Officer Patman was survived by his wife and three children.

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