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Sherman Daily Register 
November 1884

Marriage Licenses:  G. E. Hammond and Miss Madie Hooper
                    Henry Whitfield and Miss Fannie King
                    J. A. Hogan and Miss Fannie Lovebette
                    Hugh Boon and Miss Florence Crow
                    Anderson Mullins and Miss Mattie McJunkin
                    J. W. King and Miss Jennie Smith

Sherman Daily Register
29 October 1885
Robert Buchanan and Mrs. Frances Wainwright - marriage license.

30 October 1885
Henry Sanderson and Miss (Mae) Morton united in marriage.

5 November 1885
H.E Maley and Parrie C(?) wed at Binkley House by Esquire Hinkley.

Ft. Worth Gazette
2 April 1891
Mr. J. H. Buff and Miss Edna Shelton, Whitesboro, March 24. 
Mr. T. S. Cartwright and Mrs. Lee Pattie, Whitesboro, March 24. 
Mr. John Flanagan and Mrs. Eveline Baldwin, Sherman, March 18. 
Mr. John Flannagan and Mrs. Eveline Baldwin, Whitesboro, March 20. 
Mr. John McCovey and Mrs. Bettie McCarroll, Whitesboro, March 22. 
Mr. J. McDowgall and Miss Hattie Walker, Sherman, March 26. 
Mr. W. S. McDuffie and Mrs. A. C. Smith, Sherman, March 20. 
Mr. J. Potts and Miss Julia Henderson, Sherman, March 19. 
Mr. C. M. Stines and Miff Jane Eyre, Denison March 26.

Ft. Worth Gazette
3 April 1891
Mr. F. H. Beach and Miss Jola Eggleston, Sherman, March 31. 
Mr. F. H. Beach and Miss Jola Eggleston, Sherman, March 31. 
Sherman, April 2,  J. L. Brewer, a popular drummer and Mrs. Willie Spratt were married in this city tonight at the residence of Capt. J. D. Woods. 
Mr. F. C. Moody and Miss Laura B. Stephenson, Sherman, March 28. 
Mr. James Round and Miss Annie White, Sherman, March 29.

Ft. Worth Gazette
20 April 1891
Mr. Gerald Hughes and Miss Louise Metcalf, Sherman, April 16.

Ft. Worth Gazette
23 April 1891
Mr. C. C. Crawford and Miss Mary Allen, Sherman, April 12. 
Mr. Gerald Hughes and Miss Louise Metcalf, Denison, April 15. 
Mr. Gerald Hughes and Miss Louise Metcalf, Sherman, April 16. 

Sunday Gazetteer

25 October 1891
F.W. Howe and Miss Mary Duffy were married Wednesday evening at St. Patrick's church on Sears street, Rev. T. J. Crowley officiating.
Miss Kittie Folsom and Sam Adams, both of Caddo, were married Wednesday morning and left on the south bound noon train for this city. From here the young people went down to the Dallas fair, and before returning home will visit Galveston. The bride is a sister to J. H. Nail, the cattle man, and is a lady of culture and refinement.

Sherman Daily Register
5 July 1893
Marriage Licenses:
 John Raeberne and Doria Walls
 W.L. DeSong and Beaulah Thaxtor

 Frank Haraldson and Cornelia Conley

Sherman Daily Register
12 July 1893
Marriage License:
 G.F. Teague and Maggie Yowell, Marriaage License

Sherman Daily Register
15 July 1893
Marriage license:
 Geo. Simpson and Martha Spencer
 R.L. Dicus and Mary Thomas

Sherman Daily Register
21 July 1893
 C.W. Taylor and Helen Stark of Denison married.

Sherman Daily Register
24 July 1893
Cully Watson and Cora Patterson married.

Sherman Daily Register
25 July 1893
Mr. W.A. Waldrop and Miss Ida Nunley, both of this city will be wed tonight.
Mr. F.M. Clagborn and Miss Carrie Allen will be married this evening at the Episcopal rectory.

Sherman Daily Register
26 July 1893
J.B. Johnson and Miss Sallie Williams married.

Sherman Daily Register
27 July 1893
Yesterday evening Thomas J. Horlin of Dallas and Miss Ordenia Bell George of east Sherman married at home of the bride.

Sherman Daily Register
28 July 1893
Mr. S.M. Jones and Miss W.M. Gentry married yesterday evening by Judge Gregg.

Sherman Daily Register
31 July 1893
Reuben Richardson and Bertha Phillips, marriage license.

Ft. Worth Gazette
13 December 1894
Bells, Tex., Dec. 12,  Yesterday at 1:30 0'clock, Mr. W. W. Horen and Miss Lizzie Ellis were married at the Methodist church at this place, and left on the afternoon train for their future home at Chickasha, I. T., by way of Fort Worth.  We wish the young people all happiness and congratulate the people of Chickasha upon their acquisition.
Also, at the same place at 8 o'clock this evening, Mr. Ray Aston and Miss Lee Outhouse were married.  The house was filled with friends and well wishers.

Ft. Worth Gazette
21 December  1894
Mrs. T. J. Heath has returned from Whitewright, where she has been to attend the marriage of her half brother, Ray Aston

Sherman Daily Register
3 September 1902
Marriage record
Cox - Parker   William A Cox and Miss Georgie
Alice Parker, both of Troy, I. T., by Judge Wood.
Mr. A. E. Holbert of Tioga and Miss Elizabeth Kelsy of Sherman were married today at 1:30 o'clock at the residence of H. C. Hughes on West Lost Street, Rev. C. H. Govette tying the nuptial knot.  Their future home will be in Tioga.
Double wedding write up ....R. L. Rudd and Elizabeth RobertsArthur R. Jeter and Mary E. Morrison
Ellis - Roddy wedding article

Sherman Daily Register
8 October 1902
N. C. Barfield and Miss Flora Gaston, both of this city, were united in marriage in the home of the bride's parents in College Park yesterday evening at 8:30, Rev. W. B. Savage officiating.  The bride is the daughter of F. M. Gaston of the Diamond Mill Company.  The groom is well known to Sherman, having been connected with the Sherman Steam Laundry for quite a time. Etc. (long article)
One marriage license has been issued up to 5 o'clock -- B. F. McClendon and Miss Mattie Allen.

Sherman Daily Register
9 October 1902
Jake Lovelady and Ida Chector
Wedding write-up   Oct. 2, 1902  Kid - Jones 
Wedding write-up  Oct. 3, 1902  F. H. Cunningham - Mary Burke

Sherman Daily Register
13 October 1902
Smith - Murphy marriage - Elmer Smith and Rhoda Murphy were united in marriage by Rev. Allan Crabtree, pastor of St. Paul's Congregational Church last evening at 7 o'clock in front of St. Vincent's Sanatorium, this city.

Sherman Daily Register
14 October 1902
Bowling - Lane marriage

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