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No One Living Remembers

 Dedicated to my great-grandparents -
      Albert Goodin Steele (1868-1953) & Mary Ellen Poulston (1875-1949)


I. Family Trees

The whole of the story
is missing;
fading away
from the memories
of the living.

Images on paper are
frequently not found;
do not exist
to jog the memories
of their descendants.

But the scraps of colors and
textures are burnt
in the imaginations
of the ones who
were given the importance to keep.

The smell of the rain
still broods
in the nostrils
of the ones who
were selected to carry on.

Images of a covered carriage
sharpen or fade
with the repetition
of the story
of the wedding that started

Everything we remember for ourselves.

II. The Great-Grandparents’ Wedding Day

The wedding with no photographer
was in late winter or
very early spring of 1895;
we know because
the first baby girl came in the 

waning days of that December.

There was a rainstorm,
so we were told,
as they rode to the church;
just enough to soak
every footpath into the chapel.

Were there guests?
No one has ever said
or remembers;
if guests did gather,
they witnessed no formal wedding.

Just the couple
in the covered carriage
and the minister on the porch
attended this country church rite;
directly after a sudden Spring shower in 1895.

Her Sir Galahad risked the muddy puddles
to retrieve the man
who intoned the words
they would repeat;
vows to last for years and children to come.

And the hem of her pale pink crepe wool suit was saved.

Toni A Christman 2013. All rights reserved



Elaine Nall Bay
Grayson County CC
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