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May 3, 1891


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Washington Elementary


1st School held in Grayson Co. was near Ambrose at Ft. Warren, a settlers' fort, on what is now the County Line in far northeast Grayson Co., near where Virginia Point Methodist Church stands.  Families took refuge there from Indian attacks in 1839.

    54. Bells School District - first Bells School building - 1878 in the North Bells School Dist.
    The Academy at Bells - private school

     Belsher School - No. 69 Belsher community between Whitesboro & Sadler

    59. Bethany School District - one-room school house and expanded to a two-room schoolhouse in early 1900's, merged with Bell

    6. Bethel School District - south of Whitewright - West part plat

    Built 1870, consolidated with Whitewright in the middle 1940s. Building used by the Bethel Church after that.

    48. Bethel School District #48 - south of Bells ("Colored School") 1892, new school building built west of the old building in 1936. Consolidated with Bells.

    116. Bethel School District - north of Dorchester - North Side

    115. Blackbridge School District - late 1890s - consoidated with Sherman schools.
    This school was where the children who lived at the Woodmen's Circle Home attended school.

    5. Blanks School District - southwest of Whitewright  Est. 1892, called "Littlerock School"
    consolidated with Whitewright

    16. Burke School District - consolidated with Gunter
    52. Calamus School District - a two-room school north of Pink Hill, consolidated with Bells
    47. Canaan School District - Established 1860s between Whitewright and Bells. The 1919 tornado damaged the building but, repaired, it served until it merged with Whitewright.
    39. Cedar School District -  west of Luella -  top of Cedar Dist - top portion
    An Academy was started in 1871, it turned into the Cedar School, consolidated with Tom Bean in 1937.
    37. Celtic School District - south of Luella. Early one-room school; expanded to three rooms. Consolidated in 1936 with Howe & Tom Bean
    68. Center School District - North Part  -   South Part - 5 miles south of Whitesboro - -room school house, expanded a couple of times. Consolidated with Whitesboro in 1938.
    17. Clayton School District -  southwest of Sherman, consolidated with Gunter and Howe
    13. Cleveland School District (Lincoln Park) - north of Van Alstyne - the school building was moved into Van Alstyne and used for a house.
    Central portion plat  - SE section
    8.  Cold Springs School District - southeast of Van Alstyne - consolidated with Van Alstyne in mid 1940s.  portion of this plat is online
    66. County Line School District - on the Grayson / Cooke Co. Line. One-room schoolhouse
    28. Dawkins School District - north of Collinsville
    118. Delaware School District - northwest corner of Grayson County at Delaware Bend
    87. DeVoignes School District - southeast of Denison - also on this plat - East Side. A one-room school built in 1880. They added to it and it was in session until it was consolidated with Denison in 1950. The DeVoignes School is now a place for the Texoma Square Dance Club, 929 DesVoignes Road, Denison.
    133. Dexter School District - overlaps Cooke County
    73. Dixie District Plat -  north of Whitesboro (was first called "Theodore"); two early buildings, consolidated with Whitesboro in mid 1940s
      33. Dorchester School District - southwest of Sherman - Consolidated with Howe
        112. Dugan School District - northwest of Bells - Consolidated with Bells in the 1930s
        10. Eagle Point School District - near Van Alstyne, consolidated with Van Alstyne in 1937

        30. Elm View School District - consolidated with Gunter in 1934

        80. Enterprise  School District - southwest of Pottsboro - South side of the plat
        First called "Cottage Hill" and also "Possom Trot" until the 1880s. Then "Enterprise" when a new school was built..  Moved one last time in 1920 to what is now next to the Enterprise Cemetery and later consolidated with Pottsboro 1930s.
        110. Eureka School District - Eureka Plat -The Eureka School was on Preston Bend, located in the town of Preston. The Mayrant School to the west and the Eureka School were consolidated sometime in the early 1900's and a new building built across from the Preston Bend Cemetery and called "Eureka School".

        Fern Bank

        99. Geiger  School District - SW Section -  West Part

                  Gentry School ~ located on the Gentry farm in the far SE corner of Grayson County; classes were held from 1860-1880s
        129. Golden Rule School  - Cotton Mill School District - south side of Denison, usually was called the "Cotton Mill School" until later years.
        121. Grayson Land Company School District - nicknamed the "Lone Star School", West Side - North Section - Far East Side
        Consolidated with Southmayd in 1941. 
        82. Greystone School District - West side  - North Side - SE Corner
        21. Gunter School District (first called Jot District #123) has had many different buildings. It was established in the late 1800's.
        125. Hagerman School District - most of this town is now under Lake Texoma - SW Corner plat
        In pioneer days children in this area attended Enterpise, Plainview or Pottsboro. The town of Hagerman was founded in 1904 and it had a private school nearby that was meeting in a tent. It moved to church buildings and then the Hagerman District  and a building erected in 1907.
        Consolidated with Pottsboro in 1943.

        53. Hebron School District - north of Bells. Consolidated with Bells, its building moved to become the Bells School Gym., torn down in the late 1990s.
        35. Helvey School District -- south of Sherman; consolidated with Howe
              Hogtown School District ~ south of Collinsville; located about 1/4 mile east @ northwest corner of Hogtown Rd & Welch School Rd.

        89. Hollingsworth School District- southwest of Denison (community was Ellsworth)

        29. Hunter School District - Range Creek
        86. Hyde Park School District - south Denison - SW Part  - NW Part
        Est. in 1891, consolidated with Denison.
        46. Ida School District - north of Tom Bean/ Kentuckytown area, established in the late 1800s.
        . Town Plat
        14. Jamison School District #14 - northeast of Van Alstyne
                           Jamison School group, year unknown
        49. Jernigan  School District - north of Ida - S portion 
        123. Jot School District - first name and district number of Gunter School. 
        44. Kentuckytown School District - between Tom Bean and Whitewright.  School held in a church until a building was built in 1850s. The school was destroyed by a tornado while in session in the 1860s; the teacher were killed. Consolidated with unknown school.

        32. Lincoln Park  School District (consolidated with Cleveland) 

        114. Lovejoy School District ~ 8 miles east of Collinsville
        40. Luella School District - South West of  Sherman - NE part - Town Plat showing School Lot - (Cleveland District 13) - founded in the late 1800s. Schools that were consolidated with Luella were: Union Point and Paradise districts.  The Union Point School building was moved next to the Luella School for this consolidation and added on to. Later a brick school was built; It is still standing.
        67. Macomb  School District- southeast of Whitesboro - SE Part - East Part - North Side
        Macomb School was on land that is now added to the the Macomb Cemetery lot, which stood next to the school.. The school was started in the late 1800s. Consolidated with Whitesboro in 1939.
        Mantua School - no district number known (the settlement was mostly in Collin Co.) - merged with Van Alstyne
        128. Marchman  School District - Colored School, covered the area around Pilot Grove to Cannon.
        Maribelle School District - Unknown district number - Colored School - 6 Mi. E. of Sherman (1910)
        100. Martin Springs School District - North Part
        111. Mayrant  School District - West portion of Preston Bend, This school set close to the Mayrant (Potts Cemetery) . The Mayrant and the Eureka School (in the town of Preston) were consolidated in the early 1900s and a new building built across from the Preston Bend Cemetery and called Eureka School.
        113. McCollum School District - West of Bells- SW corner
        102. Mill Springs  School District
        127. Mt. Carmel School District ( I think this was West of Van Alstyne)
        70. Nance Prairie School District-  North of Whitesboro
        79. Needle Ridge School District - (same number that is shown on Ambrose School District?)
                        New Bethel School 1902

        83. Oak Grove School District - West of Denison-SE Part - SE Corner - NE Part

        Est. in late 1800's , consolidated with Pottsboro in 1951.
        92. Oak Ridge School District - East of Denison-The school was located near the Oak Ridge Cemetery. It was est. in late 1800s

        2.  Oxford School District - West of Pilot Grove- Partial
        41. Paradise School District ( Holloway) south of Luella- Consolidated with Luella. 
        1.  Pilot Grove School  School District - called Grico district in early records. First teachers - M.Barbee, E.B. Barrett, Bryon Caraway, Ora Bell, Ralph Judd, Von McAlistair, Valda Smith, Alice Tilger and Georgia Robinson- Pilot Grove Town Plat
        Pilot Grove Colored School - no number known for it. Probably was under District No. 1
        Used until consolidated with Whitewright. Their building burned once and the Oxford Schoolhouse was moved and used.

                       Post Oak School ~ see Liberty School

                96. Pottsboro  School District  --  Pottsboro Town Plat
        51. Prairie View School District - south of Southmayd          
        Preston School - see  Eureka School District
        55. Providence School District - north of Luella

             74.  Pull Off School

             72. Quillin - School District (see Sadler)

                    Range Creek School (aka Bug Tussel School) - located in the Day Community, 5 miles west of Dorchester

                         Red Branch School

        122. Shady Grove School District - portion West side of its plat 
        91. Shiloh School District - East of Denison 
        124. Skaggs School District - Gunter area .  Consolidated with Gunter 
        126. Sunflower School District

      • Tator Hill School (possibly near the Mt Carmel Cemetery and church)
        email if you have more info.
        Located near Desert on the Grayson, Collin, & Fannin Co. lines.  It was in session 1880-1904. The school building was moved to Desert and became the Desert School.
        45. Tom Bean School District

        Bosworth's Academy held in the 1880's was near Whitemound and Tom Bean

        38. Union Point School District -  east of Luella
        36. Whitemound School District -  west of Tom Bean
        43. Walnut Grove School District -  south of Kentuckytown

        81. Whiterock School District - north of Sherman- West Side
        Known School Districts Numbers not placed yet, there are several schools above with number not known, they are likely one of these.
        103. , 131, 132 , 134 , 135
      Sam A. Ragsdale's school tax receipt
      Collinsville, Grayson Co., Texas

      The Dallas Morning News

      February 14, 1886
      The News in Brief
      The school teachers of Grayson County met at Sherman and organized the Grayson County School Teachers' Association

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