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1890 - 1910


The information on this page was taken from the thesis, "The History of the Denison Schools," by Paul R. Jennings. Much of this information came from interviews with former Superintendent B. McDaniel and from school board minutes.
The first Lamar School was erected in 1890 and named for Mirabeau Lamar, third president of the Texas Republic. By 1909 the building appeared to be in bad condition. AT the trustees meeting of October, 1909, a special report on the condition of the Lamar building was presented. On October 12, a special trustees meeting was held to discuss the problem. Mr. F. B. Hughes then announced that the building had been condemned, and school was dismissed on October 12. Mr. Hughes recommended that two classrooms at the Raylan School be used to accommodate the Lamar pupils and that two store buildings be rented and fitted for school use.

The "Building and Grounds Committee" immediately started working on the problem. On November 2, the committee recommended that the old building be dismantled and a new, two-story, brick building be erected. The trustees employed architects and on November 30, accepted the report of the committee that the architect's plans be accepted. The trustees advertised for bids. On January 19, 1910, a contract for the new Lamar School building was awarded to the Tibbetts and Hogue Company for $8,250.00. * This construction was the first major building project of the F.B.Hughes administration. The two-room addition to this building was completed in 1910.

1910 - 1948
In 1948 a completely new Lamar School building was constructed. This structure was the third school building to carry the name "Lamar." *Denison School Board Minutes, Sept. 30, 1909, Feb. 4, 1910, pp. 180-191.

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