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History of Sperry School
as recalled by Flossie Dolezalek Tesar

The school was located about seven miles northwest of Dorchester in northeast Grayson County.  
Frank C.L. Sperry owned a large ranch in the area; the school was named afrter the
Sperry family since Mr. Sperry had either sold or donated the land for the schoolhouse.  
Grades 1-9 attended the school.  When the school was first built, it had only two classrooms,
but by the 1920s a third classroom was added. The school was furnished with coal burning
heaters, large windows for natural cooling during the warm weather, outdoor toilets, and a
cistern in the school yard.  Water was brought to the cistern into water containers inside the
school building.  There also was a huge, dark storm cellar on the school grounds, that was a
packed with frightened children during severe storms.

When small schools were consolidated, Sperry School closed in 1941
and part of the students attended Southmayd schools.

Teachers 1918-1941
Ms. Massey
Mrs. Leslie Reece
Lois Bain
Leata Scott
Mr. Guthrie
Jay Lockwood
Fred Hunter
Zilla Lowe
Cleo Johnson
C.L. Aldridge
Winton Blaine
Janice Bounds
Ethel Pressley
Vera Jordan
Milton Pearce, who later became Supt. of Collinsville schools
Peggy Mitchell
Aline Murdock
Eva Ruth Combest
Mr. Glasscock
C.W. Regan
Helen Record

1924 - 1925

Teachers : Fred Hunter, Zilla Lowe, Mrs. Cleo Johnson

Photograph contributed by :
Karen Tesar Swift

Students : Bill Jarehs, John Jaresh, James Jaresh, Ed (Frecks) Jaresh, Emory Jaresh, Joe Faber, Flossie Dolezalek Tesar, Bessie Faber Jaresh,
Millie Faber Vrla, Katherine Brown Clements, Bill Dolezalek, Geraldine Clements, Helen Jaresh Weber, Mary Martinek Faber, Victoria Jaresh

Photograph contributed by :
Karen Tesar Swift
Students : Wilbur & Winton Bateman (twins), James martinek, PeeWee Clements, Ed (Frecks) Jaresh,
Raymond Martinek, Homer Hejni, Edward Dolezalek, Edna Brown, Bessie Martinek Dolezalek

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