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Murder of the Grocer named Staples
by Sam Crocker - Jack Crocker & .... Parker

Denison Daily News, Vol II, No. 36, Pg. 1, Col. 3 
Denison, Texas, Sunday Morning, April 5, 1874

         The Staples Murder
  We gather the following addition-
al particulars of the recent murder
west of Sherman, from the Register 
of the 2d:
  The Crocker boys and their friend
Parker went down to the grocery of
Staples, and finding him alone,
dragged him out of the house and
beat him severly, one of them using
a pair of brass knucks. During the
scuffle one of the Crockers took Sta-
ples' gun, and after breaking it off
at the stock threw it down on the
ground. After they had beat him
as much as they wanted to, two of
the party, Jack Crocker and Parker,
rode off a short distance leaving
Sam Crocker still cursing Staples.
Staples finding himself alone with
Sam Crocker picked up the gun bar-
rel and struck him across the head
with it, felling him to the earth.
The others, seeing this, turned back
on Staples, and Jack Crocker shot
him down, killing him almost in-
stantly. They left immediately, go-
ing a few miles north of Pilot Point.
As soon as news of the murder
reached this place Deputy Sheriff
Henry Vaden summoned a posse
and started in pursuit. The officer
and his party rode to Pilot Point in
three hours, arriving there a little af-
ter dark. Striking the trail of the
parties at that place they followed on
until they came up with them at a
house about 11 o'clock. As the of-
ficers rode up the pursued broke to
run, firing at the officers as they
went. The officers returned the fire
and pursued them, but owing to the
darkness were unable to capture
them. They then gave up the pur-
suit for the night, and when morning
came, commenced a search through
the neighborhood. In a school
huuse [sic] near by, they found the dead
body of Sam Crocker. They then
returned to Sherman, bringing with
them the dead body. It was at first
thought that the officers had killed
Crocker, but an inquest was held
over his body and the jury decided
that he had not been shot but came
to his death from the effects of the
lick with the gun barrel in the hands
of Staples.


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