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Tioga is located in far South West Corner of Grayson County, Texas.

Photograph originally owned by Bill Tipton
Unknown Occasion in Tioga
Photograph contributed by :Ronald Davidson

George W. Rains Mineral Water
Photograph contributed by : Andrea Orenduff-Peel
Tioga Families;

Whitworth Family-Photo

Mystery Photographs-Please help identify them.

Mystery and Identified photographs that belonged to Bill Tipton of Tioga

Party Photograph ~ Tioga, Tx.

Downtown Tioga - year unknown.
Photograph originally owned by his wife's Grandfather, Bill Tipton
Photos above & below contributed by : Ronald Davidson

Left Side of the photograph reads:
"Margaret Young". "Gable of two story house was Texas Hotel."

Above; "Company I, Tioga Tex.
Texas Rangers - Home Guard
Colonel Matt Bradley {Dark Civilian Clothes, Black Hat}
Captain J. L. Webb { Dark Coat next to Col. Bradley}
Location- facing West
Facing Railroad, in front of Lee Brown's Store.
Rangers met upstairs over the store.
Post Office on left of two story building (first public office)
Previously Dr. Nichols kept the mail at his house in a cigar box.

Tioga, Texas
taken between 1896 & 1907

Ben Bradley, visiting with nieces, who are riding the donkeys.
Ben Bradley had a "cottage in Tioga".

Note the 45 star flag.  Utah was the 45th star added to the U.S. Flag.
The photo notes that Bill Bradley had a ?cottage in Tioga?.

Contributed by :

R.L. Polk Texas State Gazetteer

Tioga was incorporated in 1896.  In 1904 two rural mail routes were established.  Route #1 began January 1, 1904, with mail carrier Claude Shumate, who served north and west of Tioga; Route #2 began July 1, 1904, with mail carrier Emmett Spears, who served south and east of Tioga; both men served as rural mail carriers for thirty years. 
The 1905 population was 350; the 1910 population was 797. 
The newspaper, The Tioga Tribune, was published in a large room in the back of the movie theater building.
1890 - 1891 business establishments in Tioga
(R.L. Polk Texas State Gazetteer)

Bosley, H.C. - wagonmaker & blacksmith
Bradley, A.K.- livestock
Bradley, S.H. - notary & insurance agent
Bradley, S.H. - hotel
Craig, Robertson, physician
Ewing, W.A. - grain
Gatewood, Edward - shoemaker
Hatch, J.W. - grocer
James, W.A. - meat market
Kile & Gilliland - general store, grist mill & gin
Leftwich, Vando - grocer
Leverett, Prof. F.P. - Tioga Military Academy
Magee, W.A. - hotel
Mershon, A.J. & Co. - general store
Nichols, Dr. J.S. -drugs
Nicholson, L. - wagonmaker
Perry, M.W. - railroad, exp & telegraph agent
Rains Bros. - manufacturers Mineral Water Salve
Rains, M. - blacksmith
Runyon, E.E. - drugs
Runyon & Rains - crockery & glassware
Vanzani, John H. - carpenter
Rains, G.M. - postmaster

1893 Pilot Post-Mirror : residents of Tioga named in the paper
John L. Rogers
Uncle S.P. Hart
Mrs. J.C. Hupp
Dr. T.N. Cuttler, pastor of the Primitive Baptist Church
Mrs. Silla Eckles -postmistress

18 January 1902
Tioga Tribune - list of business establishments

Bradley Cottage (Mrs. Matt Bradley, Proprietress) : boarding house/hotel adjacent to the Rains Mineral Wells, proprietor Matt Bradley; the building burned in 1910/1912 and was rebuilt
Coppage & Ratchford, drug store
F.R. deCordova
C.R. Carver - physician
Craig & Cannaday - groceries, furniture & coffins
H.C. Faulkner - restaurant
Hann & Mershon (A.J. Mershon)
E.E. Ledbetter, physician
Mayo & Kays, drug store
Geo. S. Mayo & G.W. Kays
J.P. Mershon, hardware
L.A. Mershon, drug store
J.A. Mothershead, groceries
I.E. Newman, restaurant
Mrs. R.M. Phillips, grocery store
Rains & Roster & Geo. W. Rains
R.W. Sadler, physician
Texas & Pacific Railway
H.D. Titsworth, livery & feed stable
J.G. Williams - editor Tioga Tribune
Osa Wilson, proprietor of Elk Horn Barber Shop
Osa Wilson - agent Acme Steam Laundry & Dye Works
Osa Wilson - Agent Renters Building & Loan Co., Ft. Worth

18 January 1902
Tioga Tribune - churches

Baptist Church, D.O. Hause, pastor (meets 2nd & 4th Sundays)
Christian Church (meets 1st Sunday)
Methodist Church, W.H. Wages, pastor (meets 2nd & 4th Sundays)
Primitive Baptist Church, Rev. Webb, pastor (meets 1st Sunday)

18 January 1902
Tioga Tribune - residents mentioned in paper

A.K. Bradley
S.H. Foster
D.D. Griffin
L.F. Brown
Mrs. Eliza Lewis
T.O. Edge
T.B. Petty
W.S. Price
Oscar Shumate
Mark Spears
W.T. Spears
Mrs. Kate Suggs
S.H. Wilson

R.L. Polk Texas State Gazetteer - business establishments in Tioga

Adams, Dudley D. - groceries
Alverson, Benjamin H. - groceries
Birge-Forbes Co. (Sherman)
Leftwich, A.H. - manager of cotton gin
Bradley Cottage - Matt Bradley, manager
Bridgefarmer, James S. - jeweler
Brune & Willett - blacksmiths
Cannaday, C.G. & Son - general store
Cobler, William T.- meats
Crutchfield, Mrs. Mamie - dry goods
Cummings & Snuggs (Benjamin C. Cummings & Barney Snuggs) - livery
Dallas, John D. - photographer
Dickson Bros. (William B. & Lute) - grocers
Dunn, James C. - postmaster
First Guaranty State Bank:
 T.F. Rodgers, President
 E.E. Ledbetter & J.F. Rogers - Vice-Presidents
 Zach L. Wright, Cashier
Gray Bros. (John & Quit) - furniture
Holden, Richard B. - grocer
Hopkins, Elijah L. - notions
James, Joel M. - real estate
Ledbetter, Edward E. - physician
Lyon-Gray Lumber Co. (Sherman) - A.K. Bradley, manager
McCarty, John C. - physician and drugs
Mershon, H.H. - blacksmith
Mershon, James P. - hardware
Miller, William S. - general store & drugs
North Texas Telephone Co. - William D. Ragsdale, manager
Perry, Richard V. - dry goods
Pilot Point Cotton Oil Mill Co. - Joseph F. Till, manager
John M. Puckett - railroad, telegraph & exp. Agent
William A. Richardson A. - grocer
Shirley & Smith (John F. Shirley & Jacob B. Smith ) - restaurant
Joseph J. Smith - grain
Leonard G. Smith - real estate
Robert E. Spears - city weighmaster
Joseph M. Stanford - dry goods
Alvater H. Thrasher - restaurant
Tioga Commercial Club ? A.J. Scott, President & Matt Bradley, secretary
Tioga Drug  Co. (Dr. E.E. Ledbetter)
Tioga Herald (weekly) - Webb Publishing Co., publisher
Tioga Realty Co. (J.C. Dunn, Ransom M. Phillips)
Tioga Sanitarium & Water Co, Inc.
 John M. Scott, President
 Andrew J. Scott, secretary & treasurer
 Bottlers & shippers of Tioga Mineral Water
Webb Publishing Co. (James R. & Joseph Webb) -publishing
J.T. Willett - blacksmith
Samuel H. Wilson - hotel & mineral well
Youth?s Guardian Friend (monthly)

Tioga Herald
1 September 1916 - residents mentioned

P.L. Cox
C.E. Ashlock
C.B. Atteberry
W.V. Graham
R.L. Gray
Gillespie & Tomberlin
Will Hayes
H.F. Holloway
W.B. Hudson
H.P. Lauterbach
J.A. McDonald
H.W. McGehee
R.R. Nichols
C.R. Nicholson
Will Nicholson
J.M. Puckett
A.T. Quarles
J.D. Scoggins
A.J. Scott -  Mayor
L.A. Self
C.S. Treet
T.J. West
James White

Books about Tioga
Remember Things: An Informal History of Tioga Texas. Written by Ross Estes; Compiled and Edited by Robert J. Duncan. Published by Nortex Press, Quanah, Texas in 1977.

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