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Unknown Cemetery
This Family Cemetery is inside the Dripping Springs Landfill land, S.E. of Denison.
(It hasn't been used as a trash dump since 8 Oct 1993 but is kept locked and methane gas is measured). The cemetery was not touched by the landfill operations.
N33.69086 and W096.48927
A map at bottom of this page shows the nearby Bigbee Cemetery and this cemetery.
  There is no inscription left on any of the pieces to give a possible identity.  It also looks as though there were other graves in the area because of the formation of the plantings and the different materials and shapes of the fragments stacked on the old base .  This cemetery was fenced off at one time but today only a few posts remain. 

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Ted Plyant's hand written map info about another cemetery that was on the Bigbee Land. 
View the Bigbee Family Cemetery

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