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Hannie & Lola Siebert Watson of Whitesboro
Wedding Photograph
Wed 13 Nov 1904

    Hannie Watson was my grandfather.  Hannie came to Whitesboro in 1887 from Macon, Georgia, where he was born.  He was the fourth of twelve children born to Greene Tom and Sinie Watson.

    Hannie's family were talented musicians, and played a variety of instruments.  They formed musical groups and provided music for the dances which were held in the community, and also played at musicals and other events.  One musical group consisted of Hannie playing the mandolin;  Hannie's father playing the fiddle; three of Hannie's brothers (John Hart Watson playing clarinet, Samuel Newton Watson playing guitar, and Tom Watson playing the fiddle); and Hannie's cousin, Andrew Scheid playing the bass fiddle.

   Back row left to right: Greene Tom Watson, Hannie Watson 
    Front row: Tom Watson, John Hart Watson. Samuel Newton Watson 
     Bass fiddle: Andrew Scheid 

    Hannie married Lola Siebert of Sadler in 1904.  They had three children.  The oldest, Van, was born in 1905, and passed away in 1999.  Leola was born in 1910 and passed away from pneumonia in 1913, less than two months before her fourth birthday.  Gene was born in 1914 and passed away in 1998. View Their Tombstone in the Van Alstyne Cemetery

Leola Watson


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