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West Hill Cemetery
Sherman, Texas

The Daily Favorite
Bonham, Texas
Sunday, April 12, 1908

Albert B. Richards Meets Sudden Death

Companions Returning from Boating Excursion Find Corpse With Evidence of Bolt's Effect

Sherman, Tex., April 10 - Albert B. Richards, 48 years of age, a native of Sherman, and for several years president of the Commercial Club, a member of the Elks and Sherman Council of United Commercial Travelers, was killed by lightning at the clubhouse of the Sherman Country Club about 4:30 o'clock this afternoon.

In company with Harry Barnes, C.C. Rountree and Eugene Cherry, Mr. Richards went out to the club this afternoon, intending to spend the night and engage in a duck hunt.  After reaching the lake, Mr. Richards decided to remain at the house, while the others set out on the lake in boats.  Shortly before 5 o'clock, to excape a sharp thunderstorm, the others of the party came in and ran into the clubhouse to find Mr. Richards stretched on the floor, his feet near the hearth, upon which a fire he had built was blazing.  He was given attention at once, but was quite dead and the evidence that he had met death from an electric bolt [sic] pound.

Beginning with the right side of the face and going down the right arm and leg, the current had left a dark discoloration.  Just above the mantle two small holes had been through the flue cap and a calendar that had hung over it was badly riddled which indicates he was standing in front of the fireplace and the bolt came down the chimney and passed out through the cap near his head.  In his hat a small hole had been burned through the rim.  When found his shirt was still afire.  The chain of his watch, which was in the right pocket of his vest, had been melted, but the watch was still running.  The body reached the city at 9 p.m.

He leaves a widow, but no children.  Mrs. Richards left for a visit to Honey Grove just a short while before the deplorable occurence.  She was notified.

Funeral arrangements had not been arranged at a late hour tonight.
West Hill Cemetery

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