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White Oak Cemetery


Our thanks go to Christian Allen for the headstone pictures!

Ingram, Mrs Ollie Mae Chambers                Sullivan Family FHM - Marshall; Age 83
b. 5-29-1911            d. 10-25-1994

Ivy, Jesse L               DS with Ruby C
b. 11-2-1911               d. 3-2-1985

Ivy, Ruby C              DS with Jesse L; only one date
b. 6-26-1919

Jameson, John Michael               Obit; age 61; H/o Jamie; S/o John Coleman & Sara Nutting Jameson; US Air Force Vietnam
b. 2-6-1946            d. 8-1-2007

Jobe, Olin W              Pvt US Army
b. 1-6-1921            d. 6-3-1974

Johnson, Akaysha                  Malcolm Stone FHM; only one date

Johnson, Alfred Dwayne                 Twin
b. 2-17-1934               d. 3-10-1934

Johnson, Alto H             DS with Thomas Y
b. 12-18-1888            d. 3-25-1982

Johnson, Andrew Wayne                Twin
b. 2-17-1934         d. 3-8-1934

Johnson, Floy Lee            W/o N E Johnson
b. 1905           d. 1943

Johnson, Georgia Moore
b. 7-30-1878         d. 1-26-1936

Johnson, Jenny Turner
b. 4-15-1953          d. 5-14-1974

Johnson, Mittie
b. 1-4-1887            d. 7-28-1898

Johnson, Thomas Y            DS with Alto H
10-6-1882            d. 11-3-1965

Johnston, Betty J
b. 3-3-1927          d. 6-22-2001

Joiner, Clarence Jarrell               DS with Dorothy LeGene; TX Cpl 369 Airdrome SQ AAF WWII
b. 11-15-1920             d. 5-15-1970

Joiner, Dorothy LeGene Howell               DS with Clarence Jarrell; Obit
b. 3-4-1930               d. 9-22-2007

Joiner, Modene Hope              DS with William Fisher; only one date
b. 7-10-1923

Joiner, William Fisher              DS with Modene Hope
b. 11-7-1917             d. 3-23-1993

Jones, C Floyd
b. 10-26-1891         d. 10-1-1955

Jones, Dock Craven              DS with Nellie B; m. 5-15-1928; Pvt US Army WWI; note different death dates
b. 1896          d. 1968

Military marker shows dates to be: b. 6-12-1896         d. 10-27-1967

Jones, Effie Tuttle
b. 1-19-1984            d. 11-29-1930

Jones, Homer L Sr            DS with Theola B; m. 4-11-1928
b. 9-12-1904             d. 9-21-1996

Jones, Janie Cippele            DS with Lee Wayne; m. 8-16-1951; only one date
b. 11-14-1933

Jones, John Tilman Sr           DS with Mary Ann; La Pvt US Army WWI
b. 12-16-1892            d. 3-4-1972

Jones, Lee Wayne           DS with Janie Cippele; m. 8-16-1951; A1C US AF Korea
b. 4-3-1930           d. 1-27-1991

Jones, Lillian V               DS with William T
b. 1887             d. 1959

Jones, Mary Ann              DS with John Tilman
b. 9-23-1908             d. 8-25-2002

Jones, Nellie B              DS with dock Craven; m. 5-15-1928
b. 1904          d. 1999

Jones, Theola B               DS with Homer L Sr; m. 4-11-1928
b. 1-25-1910             d. 6-21-2000

Jones, William T            DS with Lillian V
b. 1872              d. 1935


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