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Wade, Michael Edward
Wadlington, Christine
Waggoner, George B Jr
Waggoner, Gertrude
Wagoner, Julian Thomas
Walden, Mae D
Waldrop, L J
Walker, Alberta M
Walker, Blondell
Walker, Carolyn Parker
Walker, Earnest
Walker, Ernest J
Walker, Grace Glasco
Walker, Gwendolyn Rider
Walker, James Sr
Walker, Jessie Mae
Walker, J W
Walker, Kenneth
Walker, Letha Marie
Walker, Margaret A
Walker, Margaret Evelyn "Poochie"
Walker, Martha Frances Knox
Walker, Mildred Nell Hughes Pricer
Walker, Rachel I
Walker, Rex D
Walker, W C
Wall, C J
Wall, Verna Pope
Wallace, Annie Lou
Wallace, Cindy
Wallace, Thomas
Wallace, W A
Wallin, Jean Ford
Wallis, Claud L
Walter, Margaret
Walton, Larry Edward
Ware, Joshua
Ware, Lee
Warman, James Don
Warner, John O
Warren, Hermon D
Warren, Jesse Hamilton
Warren, Jessie M
Warren, Myrtle Elmira
Warren, Richard
Warren, William N
Warwick, George L
Washington, Wanda
Waters, Mabel
Watkins, Farnell
Watkins, Iva Mae
Watkins, Susanna
Watson, Irene
Watson, Laurie
Watson, Myra
Watson,  Richard Buck
Watts, James Benton
Watts, Jo Jo
Watts, Joe M Jr
Watts, Johnnie
Watts, Joyce E Coston
Watts, Melodie Elaine
Weatherly, Kent
Webb, Bruce
Webb, Karen Sue
Wedemeyer, Annie F
Wedin, Deborah
Weede, John Frederick Sr
Weinberg, Melvin Dale
Weiser, Margaret Helen Langhorne
Weiss, Bertha Elizabeth
Welborn, Vesta Lee
Welborne, Mrs Emma
Welch, Steve
Welch, William Lloyd
Welch, W M
Weldon, Jarrod Leigh
Wellman, Michael Aaron Craig
Wells, David James Sr
Wells, Ira C
Wells, Lorine
Wells, Paul
Welty, Jerry Wayne
West, Clara Campbell
West, Harold W
West, Jewell Nelson
West, Margaret Kline
Westmoreland, Charles Kenneth
Westmoreland, Thomas Delbert
Whalen, Ryleigh Brooke
Whatley, Kerry Waymon
Wheat, Lizzie Mae
Wheeler, Ellen O Woods
Whelan, Daniel E Jr
Whitaker, Vallie Ree
White, A B
White, Alvin
White, Alvin E Sr
White, Bert
White, Claude Melvin
White, David William Sr
White, Debra Marie
White, Elizabeth A
White, Peggy Ruth
White, Velma L
White, William Mack
Whitehorn, Randon Worthy
Whitlock, Erma Mae
Whitlock, Lester
Whitlock, Ruby Lee "R L"
Whitten, Rickie Lee
Whittington, Mrs Susan Carolyn
Whittle, John Richard
Whitworth, W E
Whyte, Nancy Quinn
Wicki, Viannah
Wickware, Christopher LaTrez
Wilcox, Ruby B
Wilcoxen, Norman Allen
Wilder, John W
Wiley, Rex
Wilgus, Marguerite
Wilkins, James Jr
Wilkins, Obie Joe
Wilks, Alan
Willard, Eliot E
Willey, Ruth
Williams, Addie Mae
Williams, Betty
Williams, Brian G
Williams, C J
Williams, Charles M
Williams, Claude Earl
Williams, Delma Jane Nelms
Williams, Demarcus & Lamarcus
Williams, Edith Walker
Williams, Elda Marie
Williams, Girtha Lee
Williams, Harvey
Williams, Helen Joyce
Williams, Iris Jackson
Williams, Jack C
Williams, Jack Roverta
Williams, Johnnie P Hickman
Williams, Lakevia
Williams, LaNaysha Talay

Williams, Leona Catherine
Williams, Lou Ellen
Williams, Lovie Lee Sr
Williams, Margie Lynn
Williams, Mary Fitzgerald
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Oleus Jr
Williams, Temple Ubanks
Williams, Terry Lee
Williams, Thelma Ruth Bennett
Williams, Verna
Williams, William R
Williamson, Edith
Willis, Charlcie Hayden
Willis, Charles A
Willis, Charles Dewey
Willis, Joseph Clinton Jr
Willis, Willie Thomas
Wilson, Bruce Lamont
Wilson, Charles Edward Jr
Wilson, Gary David
Wilson, Grace L Hunter
Wilson, Janet Stevenson
Wilson, Jimmie Nell
Wilson, Lorena Marie
Wilson, Lynn
Wilson, Roy
Windom, Homer Wesley Jr
Wingfield, Dorothy Floyd
Wingfield, Horace Jr
Winn, George Raymond Sr
Winters, Richard Donivan Jr
Wisdom, Jesse George
Wisdom, Molly Maureen Crisp
Wise, Ralph
Withem, W C Jr
Wolaver, Tracy J
Wolf, Doris Boehm
Wolf, Joy
Wolters, Dian
Womack, Lester
Womack, Waggoner Wayne
Wood, Alice Mae Kirl
Wood, D W (Watt)
Wood, Jack
Wood, Jean
Wood, Jim Mac
Wood, Letaa Lucille Tucker
Wood, Lutisha
Wood, Marie
Wood, Oliver Bruce
Wood, Roger Stephen
Wood, Roy W
Woodard, Theresia Kay
Woodruff, Michael A Kent
Woods, Dessy Rea Templeton
Woods, James
Woods, Pearl
Woods, Willie E
Woodson, Mack R
Woodul, James E
Woodward, Michael Allen
Woodward, Roy D
Wooldridge, Thomas C
Works, Claude R
Worthen, Dana Oxford
Woude, Jeannette Helen Vander
Wright, Eunice I
Wright, Frances Gray
Wright, Jerrica Michelle
Wright, Jim
Wright, Larry
Wright, Thelma L
Wyant, Percy James
Wyatt, Mary
Wyche, Robert Duke
Wyer, Leon Lamar
Wylie, Carol Ann
Wylie, Helen Langford
Wylie, Jim Bob
Wyman, A B
Wynn, Eva O
Wynn, Malcolm Lee
Wynn, William Oren
Wynne, Marie


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