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Concord Cemetery

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Submitted by Shirley Robison

Concord Cemetery, is located on Farm Market Rd.1696. Take Hwy 39 south out of North Zulch,Tx., go about 8 miles. To intersection Hwy 39 and Farm Market Rd. 1696 turning left. Coming from Iola,Tx, going North on Hwy 39 go 3 miles, make a right onto Farm Market Rd. 1696. Concord Cemetery sits on the right side of road about 2 miles.

Abshire ,Carlton John         4-5-1933/9-5-1995                   {married 3-4-1955}
Abshire, Catherine I.         12-31-1927                          w/o Carlton
Adams, Ola Winn,Henderson     7-9-1898/4-20-1982                  {Love Our Second Mama}
Balch, Robert Guy             5-30-1917/6-6-1996                  {TEC 5 US Army WW 2}
Balch, J.Marie                10-31-1920                          w/o Robert
Barrington, Rubin Allen	      8-28-1967
Bess, John Cecil              10-16-1919/6-7-1992                 { PFC US Army WW 2}
Bess, Ida B.                  11-17-1925                          w/o John
Bess, James W.                3-26-1921                           {married 7-3-1947}
Bess, Mary Lou                7-26-1921/1-10-1985                 w/o James
Bess, Onzy Lillian            2-3-1898/3-18-1923
Bess, John Henry              {no dates}                          concrete marker
Beckman, Arnold V.            12-22-1909/10-22-1980                   
Beckman, Hattie F.            11-25-1909/5-22-2001                w/o Arnold
Bennett, Daisy                4-19-1886/3-21-1960                 w/o A.P.
Boney, James Elmer            10-3-1897/6-15-1988                 {married 7-3-1918}
Boney, Nealie C.              11-3-1898/6-25-1987                 w/o James
Boney, Elmer Glenn            4-15-1919/5-16-1944                 {1 Lieut. 2AA Fighters Sq.WW 2}
Brock, William Harvel         5-22-1909/7-20-1980                 {CSP US Navy WW 2}
Brock, Earline H.             3-7-1912/4-5-1998                   w/o William
                              {Old Headstone}                     not legible
Brooks, Allen R.              1903/1922
Brooks, Jewel I.              1906/1984                           w/o Allen
Brannon, Lotie                12-26-1887/7-18-1897                d/o M.A. and N.A.
Brannon, Rooney               7-6-1893/4-18-1999                  s/o M.A and N.A.
Broussard, Clara Mildred      7-4-1912/5-27-2000                  {Dolly}
Bunter, Ernest                1-19-1923/10-22-2002                {Funeral Home Marker}
Byars, Fount                  6-23-1914/1-5-1988
Byars, Reubena                9-19-1918/2-8-1974                  w/o Fount
Byars, Tom                    3-4-1890/4-18-1966
Byars, Willie                 2-17-1896/1-31-1979                 w/o Tom
Byars, Ellis E.               1912/1957                           {Mason}
Byars, Bernice                1913/2000                           w/o Ellis {Eastern Star}
Calvert, Ona Bell             12-26-1909/11-5-1994
Calvert, William Bernice      11-14-1908/1-23-1990
Capps, M.Hood                 12-22-1912/4-13-1986
Capps, Flossie                12-18-1911/8-26-1989                w/o M.Hood
Carnes, Willie A.             8-3-1865/10-22-1901
                              {Old Headstone}                     not legible
Carrell, Noval                6-22-1918/7-9-1929
Carrell, Elgin                2-18-1892/11-12-1977
Carrell, Evie                 2-23-1894/8-1-1969                  w/o Elgin
Carter, Marion A.             3-7-1909/6-14-1994                  {married 10-24-1940}
Carter, E. Nettie             12-18-1915/1-3-1993                 w/o Marion
Chesney, Ervin Wayen          5-12-1942/2-26-1983
Cline, Dallas P.              3-17-1929/10-10-2001                {PVT US Army,Air Force WW 2}
Cline, Linda                  12-30-1941                          w/o Dallas {married 7-30-1970}
Coffey, June Marie            12-30-1926/8-15-1988
Coody, Vivian                 10-20-1919/7-26-2003
Copeland, Jesse F.            9-29-1889/11-10-1973
Copeland, Amanda E.           4-23-1911/2-21-2002                 w/o Jesse
Corley, Elmer R.              4-15-1918/11-12-1994                {PVT US Army WW 2}
Cornelius, Andrew D.          10-9-1919/2-19-1987                 { PFC US Army,SGT. US Air Force}
Cotton, Velma                 10-31-1911/6-4-1918
Cotton, John T                9-20-1888/1-21-1913                 {Woodman of the World}
Cousins, Sidney Ivan          6-13-1914/2-24-1989                 {married 6-27-1937}
Cousins, Darthula M.          11-26-916/11-26-1991                w/o Sidney
Crenshaw, Walter              1898/1976                           {Mason}
Crenshaw, Jessie Lea          1901/1991                           w/o Walter { Eastern Star}
Crenshaw Lee N.               9-14-1911/9-9-1983
Crenshaw, Izola L.            8-5-1910/9-1-1992                   w/o Lee
Daniel, Mary Alice            6-25-1910/5-21-1993
Day, Howell H.                4-30-1901/12-8-1987                 {married 12-19-1920}
Day, Linnie L.                6-1-1901/4-6-1997                   w/o Howell
Davis, James Earnest          12-11-1919/5-7-1992{Tim}            {M.SGT.US Army WW 2}
Davis, Glenda                 2-2-1917 {Bea}                      w/o James
                                                                  {concrete marker}
Davis, Ira                    9-11-1901/4-8-1966
Davis, Zula                   10-11-1903/1-31-1977                w/o Ira
Demam, Roland W.              12-12-1918/2-4-1999                 {US Army WW 2}
Demam, Ruby Othella           12-16-1908/5-5-1991
Demam, John Wiley             1886/1960
Demam, Addie Belle            1889/1989
Denman, Willie Ross           3-16-1916/5-25-1981                 {Bill}
Denman, Lee Ora               11-22-1905/2-6-1985                 {Sue} w/o Willie
Denman, J.W.                  2-3-1914/10-23-1914
Doole, Sadie                  1894/1931
Dooley, W.D.                  1916/1984                           {married 12-1-1941} {Dub}
Dooley, Ola Mae M.            1916/1994                           w/o W.D.
Dooley, Hazel                 5-30-1907/5-15-2000                 {Our Beloved Auntie}
Dooley,Will D.                1876/1926
Dooley, Ruby B.               1883/1926                           w/o Will
Douthitt, William G.          1900/1967                           {due to ant bed could not read month or date.)
Douthitt, Oren                1-6-1908/6-26-2000                  w/o William
Doyle, Billie Gene            9-19-1935                           {married 7-15-1955}
Doyle, Ella Mae               5-21-1936                           w/o Billie
Dudley, Leonard H.            8-24-1894/3-31-1948
Dudley, Mrs A.B.              2-26-1883/4-10-1920                 w/o P.T.
Dudley, John Texas            7-22-1887/11-27-1945
Dudley, Zula Campbell         5-19-1895/5-30-1993                 w/o John
Dudley John Junior            5-23-1924/106-1984
Dudley, Chester E.            9-7-1901/11-6-1964
Dudley, Lizzie                10-18-1906/2-18-1948                w/o Chester
Dudley, Rudolph               4-23-1912/5-19-1976                 {TEC 5 US Army WW 2}
Dudley, Allen E.              1914/1956
Dudley, Preston               2-16-1904/2-21-1975
Dudley, Fbbie A.              2-17-1911/4-28-1942
Dudley, Dalton P              11-11-1915/12-18-1915               s/o.W.T.and M.E.
Dudley, William T.            6-11-1869/8-3-1923
Dudley, Mary E.               8-22-1879/1-17-1969                 w/o William
                              {Old Headstone}                     not legible
Dulaney, Jim Neal             1927/2003
Dulaney, Melba                1933/1997                           w/o Jim
Edinburgh, Joel M.            6-30-1900/7-3-1980                  {Daddy}
Edinburgh, Resa C.            10-6-1902/5-22-1993                 w/o Joel  {Mother}
Edinburgh, Mary T.            1902/1993                           {Funeral Home Marker this
                                                                  Marker is on Resa C. grave}
Edinburgh, Warren H.          2-23-1877/7-25-1954
Edinburgh, Annie J.           10-16-1877/7-3-1965                 w/o Warren
Edinburgh, Moses H.           2-22-1857/2-19-1936                 {Grandfather}
Edmunds, James T.             1913/1954
Edmunds,Conny Glenn           9-9-1943/4-16-2001
Edmunds, Mildred              1917/1949                           w/o James T.
Fitzgibbons, Tom B.           1-11-1897/1-11-1978                 {PVT US Army WW 1}
Fitzgibbons, Emmt             1-19-1890/10-17-1980                w/o Tom {married 5-15-1921}
Fitzgibbons, Mary E.          3-31-1865/12-8-1932                 {Mother}
Fitzgibbons,                  {3 concrete markers in a row}       {no first name or dates}
Fitzgibbons, Nancy Jane       9-7-1904/6-19-1981
Foster, Jerry F.              4-29-1932/1-17-2000
Foster, Audrey                4-7-1930                            w/o Jerry
Freeman, Blance E.            2-26-1918/12-1-2002
Freeman, Sidney W.            2-1-1918/11-15-1993                 {CM3 US Navy WW 2}
Freeman, Sidney Lynn          7-26-1946/1-29-1998                 {SGT US Army}
French, Hilliard Otis Jr.     5-3-1932
French, Ila Vivian E.         3-7-1934                            w/o Hilliard
French, Vesta Joyce           12-30-1904/12-29-1989               {Mother}
Fuqua, Virginia               1942/2003                           {Funeral Home Marker}
Fuqua, Jimmy A.               7-8-19-36/3-23-1951
Fuqua, Goree A.               1906/1977
Fuqua, Esta J.                1910                                w/o Goree
Gladden, W.G.                 9-6-1875/10-11-1909
                                                                  {concrete marker}
Glass,Henry Lee               7-13-1924/1-10-1988                 { PVT US Army WW 2}
Glass, Gary Lee               12-1-1951/1-11-1962
Glass, Linda Rae              1-11-1950/1-11-1962
                                                                  {concrete marker}
Grant, Davis Barton           6-30-1921/8-14-1985                 { C MOMM US Coast Guard WW 2}
Grant, Beverly Jean           5-5-1924/7-13-1995
                              {Headstone}                         no names or dates
Grant, Robert P.              1911/1978                           {PFC US Army}
Grant, Argyle Owen            1-22-1897/5-13-1960                 {Tx. F3 USNRF WW 1}
Grant, Mary L.                1870/1953
Grant, Marshall W.            1-26-1903/11-6-1950                 {Mason}
Grant, W.N.                   7-2-1869/3-20-1944
Grant, John W.                4-18-1863/2-22-1932
Grant, Amanda J.              7-16-1872/6-30-1926                 w/o John W.
Grant, James                  10-3-1901/8-24-1909                 s/o Mr. and Mrs J.L.
Grant, James Auther           1-14-1906/1-30-1909                 s/o Mr. And Mrs J.L.
Grant, Thomas                 9-9-1900/2-25-1901  
                              {Headstone}                         not legible
                              {concrete marker}
Gressett, Herma Louil         12-17-1911/5-4-1997
Gressett, Monta Earlene       2-3-1912                            w/o Herma
                              {concrete marker}
Harmom, Aduis V.              12-26-1904/8-13-1969
Harmom, Levi O’Dell           8-11-1907/5-14-1990
Harmon, B.C.                  4-16-1870/9-1-1928
Harmon, Mimie                 1879/957 
Harmonn, George Been          3-6-1918/2-16-1985                 { TEC 5 US Army WW 2}
Harmonn, Mable                12-28-1921                         w/o George {married 10-11-1941}
Hauptman, Aro                 5-26-1927/12-8-1982
Hauptman, Syble               2-24-1927                          w/o Aro
Hayes, Artie L.               1-3-1911/1-17-1911
Hayes, Ralphe                 1850/1938
Henderson, Allen James        10-30-1923/not legible             {Funeral Home Marker}
? James                       12-18-1888/9-22-1959               {Bu. next to Allen}
Henderson, Travis A.          10-12-1893/8-31-1960               {Tx. MECH.Co.F39 Infantry WW 2}
Hensley, Jonas Rudolph        2-24-1897/6-6-1953
Hensley, Lorena Bell          3-22-1899/12-28-1989               w/o Jonas
Not legible                   11-14-1902/11-21-1902              s/o G.H. and W.?
Hicks, Allen                  2-24-1973/9-28-1951                h/o Neomi
Hicks, Neomi                  10-20-1876/2-18-1923               d/o M.L and A.R. James
Hicks, Melton Floyd           8-30-1905/6-4-1997
Hicks, Helen Moers            10-24-1911
Hicks, Matidla Irene          11-11-1882/2-11-1977
Hicks, Jesse Walter           5-15-1875/9-25-1943
Hicks, Wallie Dee             1881/1967
Hicks, Maggie                 9-9-1884/7-15-1971
Hicks, Raymond                10-23-1914/1-10-1974               {US Coast Guard}
Hicks, Lester Dee             1910/1977                          {US Army}
Hicks, Olen Ross              12-27-1906/3-21-1991               {SGT US Army WW 2}
                              {Headstone}                        no names or dates
Hopkins, Isaac A.             10-3-1898/7-16-1987
Hopkins, Mary E.              11-6-1901/1-3-1968                 w/o Isaac
Hopkins, Enoch J.             1-3-1896/5-8-1979                  {married 1-27-1918}
Hopkins, Mable A.             8-30-1900/4-23-1993                w/o Enoch
Hogue, John Neal              12-4-1903/9-12-1999                Correct spelling is Hogue not Houge per Amber Kennedy
                              {Headstone}                        no names or dates
                              {concrete marker}
Hogue, Lizzie W.              1885/1939
Hogue, Robert U.              1874/1939
                              {Headstone}                        not legible
Hogue, Paul                   11-16-1906/8-13-1923
Hogue, Cala                   5-4-1883/12-2-1962
Hogue, W.P.                   8-24-1872/3-26-1963                h/o Cala
Hogue, Mattie                 3-17-1875/7-28-1922
Hogue, Claudius               12-20-1807/8-28-1898      	        h/o Mattie
Hogue, Donald Ray             3-04-1941/1-24-2011                s/o John Neal and Linnie Fulton Hogue [Info provided by Amber Kennedy]
Hogue, Robert Lee             12-6-1914/8-26-1983                {Daddy}; correct spelling is Hogue not Hough per Amber Kennedy
Hogue, Florence               4-28-1919                          w/o Robert
Hunter, Ernest                1-19-1923/10-22-2002               {Funeral Home Marker}
Isbell, Olan Clarence         8-12-1915/7-14-1992                {CPL US Army WW 2}
Isbell, Willie D. Hayes       12-26-1921                         w/o Olan {married 11-17-1942}
Isbell, Ray Shannon           1-13-1921/1-18-1991                {Love is Forever}
Isbell, Genora C.             3-15-1919/7-30-1998                w/o Ray
                              {concrete marker}
Isbell, Charlie B.            9-15-1900/2-7-1959
Isbell, Arvol B.              8-19-1926/5-2-1970
Isbell, Bodie B.              1892/1947                          {Father}
Isbell, Ida Bell              1897/1990                          {Mother} w/o Bodie
Isbell, Ada C.                11-4-1884/2-11-1944
Isbell, Jule                  5-25-1881/6-30-1948                h/o Ada
Isbell, Alton M.              4-27-1910/3-25-1981
Isbell, T.G.                  4-14-1886/522-1930
Isbell, Curtis Howard         1928/1971
Isbell, Clinton Alvin Jr.     7-13-1923/4-7-1945                 s/o Clinton Sr. and Fannie
Isbell, Clinton Alvin Sr.     7-13-1882/3-25-1936
Isbell, Fannie Bell           10-2-1892/1-9-1995                 w/o Clinton Sr.
Isbell, George F.             11-14-1854/6-28-1942
Isbell, Julia T.              6-26-1853/5-24-1943                w/o George
Isbell, Walter Jr.            12-10-1920/3-13-1991               {SGT US Air Corps WW 2}
Isbell, Sammie S.             12-5-1926                          w/o Walter Jr.
Isbell, Audie A.              7-17-1917/4-7-1955                 {Tx. PVT 244 Base Unit}
                                                                 {AAF WW 2}
Isbell, David Gene            6-8-1945/2-14-1968                 {Tx.1st LUT.US Army}
Isbell, No Frist Name         7-31-1949/only date                infant
Isbell, Walter Andrew         9-12-1886/12-13-1966
Isbell, Sallie                3-12-1887/12-5-1967                w/o Walter
Isbell, Andrew P.             1860/1950
Isbell, Sara J.               1860/1947                          w/o Andrew
Isbell, M.A.                  1827/1904                          w/o Jerry P.
Isbell, Tillmon G.            10-3-1879/6-18-1901
Isbell, S.A.                  8-15-1852/5-277-1920
Isbell, Martha P.             12-8-1862/10-11-1941               w/o S.A.
                              {Old Headstone}                    not legible
Isbell, Otis Carroll          11-4-1908/2-27-1909
Isbell, V.B.                  5-31-1858/6-19-1928
Isbell, E.F.                  1-27-1860/11-15-1900
Isbell, Elie                  8-6-1897/10-22-1897                s/o V.B. and E.F.
Isbell, Infant                11-6-1897/11-17-1897               s/o J.J. and Lizzie
James, Novel Bruce            3-9-1920/10-29-2003
James, Virginia               3-21-1924                          w/o Novel
James, Edna                   6-23-1900
James, Luther H.              5-18-1881/10-3-1939
James, M.L.                   8-8-1845/6-19-1918
James, A.P.                   12-16-1849/9-22-1910               w/o M.L.
James, Opal                   1-27-1908/4-20-1925                d/o A.M. and M,V.
James, Allmon M.              4-9-1887/12-30-1955
James, Maggie V.              1-12-1878/8-5-1939                 w/o Allmon
Jackson, Elmer W.             6-3-1934/3-1-1954
Jackson, Bernard              1-30-1932/4-18-1982
Jolly, W.M.Fred               10-25-1903/12-15-1991
Jolly, Ruby                   1-10-1914                          w/o W.M.
Kennedy, Mercedesey V.        1-9-1939/12-22-1991                {wife and mother}
                              {concrete marker}
                              {concrete marker}
Kirk, James E.                1-28-1921                          {married 3-22-1941} 
Kirk, Cladys M.               4-10-1921/10-29-1992               w/o James
Lane, John E.                 1875/1933                          {Mason}
Lane, Lula Bell               1878/1951                          w/o John
Lane, Ruby F.                 8-8-1912/1-24-1967                 {Loved by All}
Lane, Frank P.                9-9-1905/1-7-1972                  {Mason}
Lane, Clara M.                10-20-1909/12-20-2003              w/o Frank
                              {concrete marker}                           
                              {concrete marker}
Langley, Tammy Klimper        1-16-1964/11-6-2000
?, Johnny                     {not legible}                      {Funeral Home Marker}
La Salle, Minnie              {no dates}                         { concrete marker}
La Salle, Minnie M.           12-8-1887/4-24-1977
La Salle, Chester A.          5-28-1884/6-13-1972                h/o Minnie M.
La Salle, Arthur              {no dates}                         {concrete marker}
Lawson, Malcolm R.            8-22-1930                          {married 6-3-1949}
Lawson, Helen D.              11-17-1931                         w/o Malcolm
Lindsay, Frank Korell         1-6-1964/5-27-1986
Locke, John B.                11-25-1915/5-15-1987
Locke, Murel J.               1-23-1923/2-2-1976
Ma Hanna, Howard Allen        9-15-1909/1-17-1981                {S1 US Navy WW 2}
Ma Hanna, Ruben Ira           5-20-1918/11-20-1914               s/o S.M. and Eva
Marta, John                   1-30-1910/3-1-1999
Marta, Frances Olivia         4-9-1919/2-3-1998                  w/o John
Mayton, Maude L.              1-3-1893/2-21-1975
Mayton, Maggie I.             12-31-1919                         w/o Allison{married 6-7-1941}
Mayton, Allison H.            5-3-1920/12-13-1984                {US Army WW 2}
Maxwell, Louis                1-1-1870/11-8-1967
Maxwell, Infant               1-10-1910                          s/o Mr.and Mrs
Maxwell, Charlie M.           10-30-1880/5-7-1972
Maxwell, Leta J.              11-22-1886/6-7-1942                w/o Charlie
                              {concrete marker} 
Maxwell, Olen                 { no dates}                        Baby
Maxwell, Infant               {no name or dates}
Maxwell, Infant               { no name or dates}
Maxwell, Preston O.           10-14-1915/11-2-1953               {Tx Tech 4 534 AMPH} 
                                                                 {Tractor BN WW 2} 
Maxwell, Martha J.            10-15-1891/5-14-1939
Maxwell, Walter               8-8-1891/10-11-1982
Maxwell, Ella R.              12-3-1909/4-29-1993                w/o Walter
Maxwell, John Eddie           10-4-1947/7-28-1969                s/o Eddie and Loyce}
Maxwell, Curtis Wilford       8-15-1923/7-7-1997                 {CPL US Air Force WW 2}
Maxwell, Mildred Dixon        1-23-1926                          w/o Curtis{Honey! I Love You}
Maxwell, Travis L.            3-12-1916/8-23-1972                {Tx. SGT US Army WW 2}
                                                                 {Korea and Vietnam } 
Maxwell, James Floy           11-29-1900/5-12-1971
Maxwell, Maggie Mae           12-14-1904/11-13-1970              w/o James
Maxwell, Jeff D.              1-1-1862/3-19-1921                 {Mason}
Maxwell, Barbara E.           7-11-1872/1-25-1941                w/o Jeff
Maxwell, George W.            5-9-1858/10-16-1918
Maxwell, Mrs S.J.             12-6-1858/6-9-1930
Maxwell, George Otis          3-27-1897/11-15-1951               {Tx. AS USNRF WW1}
Maxwell, Grady C.             2-1-1912/1-3-1995
Maxwell, Corine R.            2-20-1921                          w/o Grady
Mc Clung, Rev. Sampson R.     1887/1976
Mc Clung, Ethel R             1887/1963                          w/o Rev. Sampson
Mc Clung, George              9-10-1862/4-9-1902
Mc Clung, M.A.                7-27-1866/4-9-1916
Mc Dougald, Norman E.         4-5-1933/4-19-2001
Mc Dougald, Zula M.           12-26-1890/9-30-1976               {married 10-30-1907}
Mc Dougald, Birdie E.         4-22-1889/7-14-1967                w/o Zula
Mc Dougald, Molly             1868/1944
Mc Dougald, Infant            12-1-1920                          {Son}
Mc Dougald, Lillian           1910/1959                          {Mother}
Mc Dougald, Vivian            10-11-1920                         {married 8-15-1945}
Mc Dougald, Cloroun Goree     4-25-1916/3-6-1985                 w/o Vivian
Mc Dougald, Hugh              1873/1955
Mc Dougald, Carrie            1873/1974                          w/o Hugh
                              {concrete marker}
Mc Dougald, Cutherel          11-3-1913                          {married 12-1-1935}
Mc Dougald, Dora              10-23-1915                         w/o Cutherel
Mc Dougald, Thurman, L.       12-31-1911/6-26-1953               {CPL 1852 SVE COMD.}
                                                                 {Unit WW 2}
Mc Dougald, Marvin T.         8-11-1907/7-6-1978
Mc Dougald, Trannie W.        5-22-1910/10-29-1997               w/o Marvin
Mc Dougald, Lester L.         2-23-1883/1-24-1968
Mc Dougald, Mary A.           6-20-1886/11-19-1970               w/o Lester
Mc Dougald, Viola Myrl        1-9-1906/8-24-1910                 d/o L.L. and Mary
Mc Dougald, Neal              2-14-1893/10-29-1962               {Mason}
Mc Dougald, Ethel             12-23-1892/6-20-1985               w/o Neal
Mc Duffie, Charles Oran       11-8-1909/11-30-1990
Mc Duffie, Mary Lillian       11-10-1914/6-29-1975               w/o Charles 
Mc Duffie, Not Legible        7-6-1904/1-28-1905                 s/o Charles H. and Harriett
Mc Duffie, Charles H.         9-24-1869/5-23-1969
Mc Duffie, Harriett Ella      12-20-1869/8-22-1942               w/o Charles H.
Mc Kown, Willie Ray           10-8-1916/1-21-2001                {hunter, fisherman, skipbo
Mc Whorter, David B.          1921/1942
Mc Whorter, Meek C.           1877/1942
Mc Whorter, William           2-16-1880/11-19-1969
Mc Whorter, Maudie I.         11-4-1882/8-17-1973                w/o William
Mc Whorter, Infant            10-9-1916                          rest not legible
                              {3 Old Headstones in a Row}        not legible 
Mc Whorter, Gracie            6-7-1887/3-20-1942
Mc Whorter, J.Oscar           7-28-1886/8-20-1967
Mc Whorter, Infant            12-3-1900/2-29-1912                d/o Olga and Morve
Mc Whorter, William B.        8-4-1857/2-3-1918
Mc Whorter, Francis A.        11-24-1856/1-18-1925
Mc Whorter, Sammuel G.        12-26-1851/1-10-1941
Mc Whorter, Neta              12-25-1876/8-16-1962               w/o Sammuel
                              {Old Headstone}                    not legible
                              {Old Headstone}                    not legible
Mc Whorter, George Sam        8-16-1901/1-18-1982                {Mason}
Mc Whorter, Cora              9-16-1909/10-1-1998                w/o George {Eastern Star}
Mercer, William R.            3-17-1880/6-2-1970
Middleton, Joesph Lee         2-22-1908/10-22-1975               {Mason}
Middleton, Ruby               2-10-1910                          w/o Joesph
Miller, Frank H.              9-14-1895/5-3-1977
Miller, Eleanor               7-6-1896/5-3-1973                  w/o Frank
Miller, Clifford Garland      7-14-1917/9-27-198                 s/o Mr. and Mrs F.H.
Miller, Jimmy Ray             4-22-1932/8-16-1954
Moore, Syevia Lucille         6-27-1925/10-2-2002
Moore, M.R.                   {no dates}                         {concrete marker}
                              {concrete marker}
                              {concrete marker}                  {letters HLG}
Montgomery, James L.          1874/1931
Montgomery, Mary Ida          2-5-1907/9-15-1916
Montgomery, Infant            8-15-1924                          girl
                              {concrete marker}
Montgomery, Andrew J.         11-9-1850/10-15-1921
Montgomery, Adeline           8-18-1878/8-16-1919
Montgomery, Clyde             {no dates}                         {concrete marker}
Montgomery, Bradly            {no dates}                         {concrete marker}
Moran, Margaret               6-11-1895/10-30-1982               {m/o Beverly Grant}
Morgan, Cola B.               9-29-1900/1-29-1972
                              {concrete marker}
                              {concrete marker}
Morgan, Clyde                 1917/1917
Myers, James Albert           7-2-1884/7-30-1969
Myers, Eula                   9-30-1890/7-15-1979                w/o James
Myers, Charles                11-26-1921/7-14-1990               {married 10-12-1946}
Myers, Dolores D.             10-7-1923/11-29-1983               w/o Charles
Neely, Grady                  2-6-1906
Neely, Annie Fay              9-11-1927/10-20-1929
Neely, James H.               4-6-1895/12-13-1940                {PFC Base Hosp.69 WW1}
Neely, Wills                  11-5-1851/5-29-1927                {Father}
Neely, Rosa                   2-22-1861/12-10-1931               w/o Wills    {Mother}
Neely, Vera                   1914/1917 
Neely, Nettie Ruth            6-23-1902/5-19-1948                {Sister}
Neely, Jeff                   4-5-1884/10-5-1943
Neely, Lucy                   11-25-1888                         w/o Jeff
Noble, Johnny Earl            11-26—1934/1-17-1979
Norman, J.P.                  9-6-1917/6-26-1989
Norman, Pearl A.              1-27-1920/4-9-1978                 w/o J.P.
Northrup, Kelly Lynn          8-25-1966/8-27-1966                {Our Little Angel}
Novak, Olga                   3-11-1929
Novak, Stephen E.             3-26-1949/11-2-2001                {82n Air Borne Americans Honor}
                                                                 {Guard-Paratrooper from the ski}
Novak, Stanley, Terrance      12-31-1945/8-1-1963                {Terry}
Outlaw, Josepine A.           1866/1939
Outlaw, Willard C.            12-3-1859-2-14-1902
Outlaw, William D.            1818/1902
Outlaw, Absylla M.            1823/1898                          w/o William
Peters, E.R.                  2-29-1859/10-18-1900
Peters, Cecie                 10-1-1867/11-11-1900
Peters, Lecie B.              12-15-1899/11-11-1900
                              {concrete marker}
                              {concrete marker}
Pollard, Virgie H.            11-3-1900/6-20-1985                {Beloved m/o Wanda,}
Poss, Amanda                  3-29-1907/3-31-1911                d/o J.B. and N.V.
Post, Thomas Earnest          5-2-1900/7-10-1963
Post, Sarah Emma              8-28-1875/1-30-1962
Post, George Blair            5-11-1858/8-27-1943
Post, John Pleasant           12-23-1851/5-1-1923
                              {3 Headstones in a Row}            not legible
No name or dates              {concrete marker}                  baby
No name or dates              {concrete marker}                  baby
                              {Old Headstone}                    not legible
                              {Old Headstone}                    not legible
Powledge, Charles R.          1889/1987
Powledge, Sallie M.           1892/1978                          w/o Charles
Powledge, Robert V.           9-21-1914                          {married 10-12-1932}
Powledge, Rosa                1-24-1915/9-9-1969                 w/o Robert
Powledge, James R.            11-21-1933
Powledge, Darleen E.          4-1-1944/10-5-2000                 w/o James
Pritchett, Ernest C.          8-15-1902/10-17-1994
Pritchett, Edna Iren          4-8-1904/5-23-1997                 w/o Ernest
Pyle, C.W.                    8-9-1937/12-7-1978                 {Chubby}
Pyle, Roy Lee                 10-28-1927/6-29-2002               {US Navy WW 2}
                              {concrete marker}
                              {concrete marker}
Pyle, Richard                 5-16-1908/9-4-1955                 {married 8-3-1925}
Pyle, Ruby                    10-26-1908/1-28-1987               w/o Richard
Pyle, Millard                 9-12-1914/6-7-1992                 {married 7-18-1936}
Pyle, Letha                   10-30-1916/4-7-2001                w/o Millard
Pyle, James Marion            8-10-1856/10-21-1921               {Woodman of the World}
Pyle, Belle Z.                5-15-1866/4-18-1958
Pyle, Maggie                  11-2-1892/8-28-1971                {Mother}
Pyle, H.M.                    6-10-1886/7-28-1924
Pyle, Neal                    1-15-1894/8-21-1976
Pyle, Stella                  12-5-1894/1-3-1977                 w/o Neal
                              {pole marker}
Pyle, A.                      {no dates}                         {concrete marker}  
Pyle, David Holt              9-13-1927                          {married 48 years}
Pyle, Mary Helen              4-6-1928/8-12-1998                 w/o David
Pyle, Hugh M                  3-7-1914/5-30-1983                 {married 8-20-1938}
Pyle, Dorothy E.              1-7-1924/11-24-1985                w/o Hugh
Pyle, William L.              6-17-1900/7-12-1971
Pyle, Emma H.                 11-16-1901/11-21-1974              w/o William
Pyle, Helen M.                3-27-1926/1-9-1927
Raley, Mary Jane              1-20-1840/8-10-1916
                              {Old Headstone}                    not legible
                              {concrete marker}
Ransom, Thomas A.             11-12-1910/4-9-1984                {SGT US Army WW 2}
Ransom, Juanita D.            11-16-1919                         w/o Thomas
Ray, Jimmy                    9-25-1945/12-19-1946
Reed, Martha Lou              4-24-1937
Revier, Elbert Sidney         8-7-1918/3-5-1919
Rice, John Monroe             9-12-1911/9-12-1983
Rice, Louise                  11-17-1918                         w/o John
Rice, W.M.Clarence            11-22-1908/7-20-1990
Rice, Evelyn H.               1-5-1911/8-6-1976
Rice, W. Everett              9-20-1906/ 4-14-1986               {married 10-4-1924}
Rice, Lillian                 10-5-1904/7-27-1997                w/o W. Everett
Rice, Elzie Levie             1-17-1909/1-18-1990                {Mason}
Rice, Bonnie                  4-6-1910/3-22-1971                 w/o Elzie
                              {concrete marker}
Rice, Essie Marie             10-10-1920/6-16-1967
Rice, Kathryn Adaline         8-11-1943/8-12-1943                d/o Louise and Monroe 
Rice, John Burbin             6-23-1886/1-14-1970
Rice, Addie                   4-25-1891/9-28-1935                w/o John
Rice, Dan E.                  6-2-1890/9-21-1972
Rice, W.M.                    8-29-1857/7-21-1937                {Father}
Rice, No frist name           5-10-1853/1-8-1930                 w/o W.M.{Mother}
Rogers, George W.             10-4-1895/9-2-1968
Rogers, Nealie J.             8-6-1897/2-12-1971                 w/o George
Rogers, Mack E.               2-18-1906/9-13-1991
Rogers, Liddie L.             1-12-1906/9-27-1960                w/o Mack
Rogers, Clifford M.           6-23-1929                          {married 2-16-1950}
Rogers, Dorothy C.            8-27-1943/2-24-2003                w/o Clifford
Scott, Arlie J.               12-22-1913/3-26-1935
Scott, Bessie                 7-18-1884/1-13-1919
Sheffield, Thomas H.          9-27-1901/3-20-1976
Sheffield, Lessie E.          2-13-1905/6-12-1981                w/o Thomas
Sheflet, Walter Edward        7-18-1906/3-21-1984                {Daddy}
Sheflet, Oleta Lois           3-25-1908/7-13-1997                w/o Walter  {Mama}
Smith, John W.                2-1-1923/8-1-1983
Smith Novella L.              6-29-1921                          w/o John
Snook, Dave Maxie             2-9-1912/9-29-1999                 {M.SGT US Army WW 2}
Snook Mary Francis            3-4-1928/2-2-1986                  w/o Dave
Snook, Ruben                  12-16-1874/6-18-1959
Snook, Lucy                   8-7-1877/9-7-1933                  w/o Ruben
? Cattie Julia                {bu.next to Snook}                 tree growing up from grave
Soderquist, Emil John         9-17-1933
Soderquist, Sally             4-15-1941                          w/o Emil
Sones, Louis E.               1911/1995
Stephens, Lisa Dawn           1-3-1962/9-9-1965
Stephens, Hardie Holt         4-1-1899/8-24-1982                 {children Bobbie, Olga, Jerry}
Stephens, Annie               8-31-1908/11-25-1989               w/o Hardie
Taylor, Milton                1905/1977
Taylor, Annie Loree           1906/1989
Taylor, Mudie Ann             1941/1965
Taylor, Infant                1913/1914                          d/o Mudie and Luthar
Taylor, Luthar Milton         1905/1977                          h/o Mudie
Thielepape, Larry Lane Sr.    9-15-1919/5-18-1993                {US Navy WW 2}
Thielepape, Dorothy           9-1-1920
Thomasson, David C.           10-1-1885/11-19-1955               {SGT 8 Attack Sq.Air Corps}
Thomasson, Vallie J.          4-10-1906/3-18-1988                w/o David
Thomas, J.C.                  11-15-1861/11-27-1936
Thomas, Mattie E.             1-8-1873/3-3-1929
Thomas, Barbara Joe           2-29-1929/4-13-1929
                              {4 Old Headstones in a Row}        not legible
Tibbs, Effie A.               8-12-1893/11-1-1985                {Mother}
Tibbs, Earnest Sr.            7-6-1898/2-11-1988
Tibbs, Isabell A.             7-6-1899/7-24-1973                 w/o Earnest
                              {concrete marker}
Turner, George S.             8-2-1885/6-29-1929
Turner, Zilla L.              11-10-1865/5-11-1948               {Mother}
Tyer, Willie L.               10-2-1925/6-19-1995                {married 8-18-1944}
Tyer, Norma F.                3-24-1926                          w/o Willie
Upchurch, Marcus S.           1891/1964
Upchurch, Pearl A.            1899/1981                          w/o Marcus
Vance, Jane June              6-7-1925/10-8-1926
Vance, Walter Nix             10-18-1892/6-26-1934
                              {concrete marker}
Vance, Bill Doyle             9-15-1926/6-14-1933
                              {concrete marker}
                              {concrete marker}
Vance, Francis                2-22-1846/1-21-1923
Vance, Sallie A.              3-6-1846/1-22-1922                 w/o Francis
Vance, James E.               8-20-1917/3-16-1987                {Maj.US Army Air Corps}
                                                                 {WW 2}
Vance, James L.               1886/1964
Vance, Bessie M.              1891/1973                          w/o James L.
Vance, Caston F.              6-26-1913/11-2-1991                {SGT US Army Air Corps}
                                                                 {WW 2}
Vaughn, Billie Joe            12-6-1957/3-4-1973
Vaughn, John Davis            3-5-1911/2-21-2001                 {married 5-20-1938} Mason
Vaughn, Oma Lee               8-16-1918                          w/o John{Eastern Star}
Wade, Olan G.                 2-81921/11-24-1982                 {married 11-3-1943}
Wade, Ruby L                  3-5-1910/11-20/1992                w/o Olan
Wagnon, Ollie L.              7-26-1895/6-28-1967
Wagnon, Bessie                7-28-1900/1-10-1996                w/o Ollie
Warren, Pamel Kay             7-16-1949                          Infant
Warren, Karen Sue             6-30-1955                          Infant
Warren, Walter                7-3-1920/6-5-1992
Warren, Bobby                 1-16-1926                          w/o Walter
Watson, Erin Morgan           5-20-1917/8-24-1980                {b.JacksonPar d.Ft Bend,Co.Tx}
                                                                 {married 6-19-1937}
Watson, Cleo                  4-9-1912/1-7-1987                  {b. Grimes,Co.Tx d.Ft Bend,Co.Tx}
Wells, John T.                5-18-1894/8-10-1973
Wells, Ruby P.                1-28-1901/2-10-1996
Wells, Howard L.              4-18-1921/4-2-1936
Wells, Elizabeth              12-29-1893/10-15-1915
Wells, Guy                    1906/1907                          s/o Mr.and Mrs S.D
Wells, Clyde                  1899/1903                          s/o Mr..and Mrs S,D
Wells, Sammuel D.             10-20-1874/8-7-1949
Wells, Delia                  8-5-1880/12-8-1901
Wells, Lula                   12-30-1872/7-14-1957
Wells, James Carman           9-7-1930/11-11-1931
Wells, G.Marson               12-20-1907/12-31-1980
Wells, Hugh J.                1878/1952
Wells, Effie                  1878/1959                          w/o Hugh
Wells,Infant                  11-25-1933                         s/o Mr. And Mrs V.R.
Whinery, Nancy Lee            1847/1918                          w/o Joseph Davidson 
                                                                 {b. Oak Level,Al.}
                              {concrete marker}
White, Isham J.               1903/1942
White, Mattie                 12-24-1883/1-18-1981
White, George W.              10-27-1886?3-2-1927
Williams, Vesta B.            3-6-1892/12-8-1968
Williams, Velva               10-11-1910/11-15-1910
Willis, W.M. Claude           6-28-1903/3-10-1994
Wills, Ila Fae                8-22-1906/2-10-1970                w/o W.M Claude
Wills, Jettie B.              1-11-1879/2-21-1963
Wills, Katie M.               9-17-1880/5-29-1968                w/o Jettie
Willis, Clyde C.              1905/1919
Willis, Ruby B.               1890/1923
Willis, Matilda               1859/1933
Willis, Ava Dale              1948/1951                          {Our Darling}
Willis, Raymond               5-26-1920/12-19-2002
Willis, Docia B.              6-4-1925                           w/o Raymond
Willis, Lula Mae              2-7-1909/5-26-1997
Wingate, James Kenneth        5-18-1914/3-12-1992                {Pawpaw Junior}
Wingate, Lucille              9-2-1915                           w/o James {married 1-16-1936}
                              {concrete marker}
Worsham, Nannie Mae           2-4-1904/12-6-1992
Wren, Claudie Coree           8-21-1919                          {Together Forever}
Wren, Doris Ethel             4-19-1921                          w/o Claudie
Wren, William L.              10-28-1889/10-311964               {Mason}
Wren, Annie B.                2-21-1892/9-18-1966                w/o William
Wright, Beula Jane            11-15-1944       

Burials from death certificates. Submitted by Eleanor Colson.

RICE, Annie                     10 May 1853     08 Jan 1930

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