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Dedmons Cemetery

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This cemetery is an African American cemetery.

Directions - Close to Stoneham. FM 2445 to CR 345 to bend in road, intersection with Treybrook Rd. Entrance to Treybrook Ranch, gravel drive past barns, house, R.

Boyd, Mildred Venters        20 Apr 1916     03 Aug 1936     Daughter of Frank Venters and Lela Bell
                                                             Wife of Steve Boyd
Casburn, Phoebe Elizabeth       May 1851            1922     Wife of Alfred John Casburn; maiden name is Hammond
Glover, Lugene Henson           May          01 Mar 1930     Daughter of James Henson and Sahara Lawrence; age 27
Jones, Lennie Lawrence       04 Mar 1889     02 Apr 1940     Daughter of Mose Lawrence and Sallie Dedmann
                                                             Wife of Lonnie Jones
Lawrence, Lillie B. Mayes    08 Nov 1899     17 May 1958     Daughter of Henry and Fannie Mayes
Palmer, Elizabeth Franklin   10 Jul 1891     01 Jul 1941     Daughter of Eddie Franklin and Josephine Ward
Palmer, Pete                 25 Dec 1895     09 Jul 1962     Son of Monroe Palmer and Susie Smart
Richie, Sarah Lawrence       14 Apr 1882     04 Oct 1952     Daughter of George Lawrence
Ward, Odessa                 20 Sep 1906     28 Nov 1937     Daughter of Henry Ward and Carrie Ann Lewis
White, David                                 01 Dec 1930     Son of Tom White and Laura Lawrence; age about 34
White, Laura                 20 May 1856     31 Mar 1939     Daughter of Mose Lawrence

Submitted by Eleanor Colson

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