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Gresham-Ashford-Stone Cemetery

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Submitted by Sandi Costa.

Directions - Located in the NE corner of the Old Harris homeplace, in 1982 owned by Gearhart. The cemetery is in terrible condition. At one time there was a fence around the burial area but it is fallen down in a great many places. Cows find the cemetery a nice place to rest under the shade trees. Stones are knocked over and the few stones that are left are broken. There use to be an old church in that location but has since been removed. There are numerous graves outlined with bricks, and piles of rocks and concrete stacked up which could contain markers.

Ashford, George F.          1822     1855     aged 33 years old	   
Ashford, Luella             1882     1893     Age 11	   
Ashford, G. S.              1854     1897		   
Ashford, N. I.              1859     1890		   
Ashford, Mary Polly Goree            1880's   not sure of exact date	   
Ashford, Mary E.            1850     1852     daughter of J.E. & L.A. Ashford	   
Dickson, G. C.              1850     1877		   
Druckhammer                                   unknown man	   
Gresham, James              1816     1855     Age 39 years old	   
Gresham, Thomas C.                   1900's   not sure of exact date	   
Gresham, Thomas                      1860's   not sure of exact date	   
Gresham, Jonathan                    1867		   
Gresham, Elizabeth Ashford           1905     wife of Jonathan Gresham	   
Stone, M. S.                1835     1903		   
Stone, Asher                1817     1871		   
Stone, W.                     ??       ??		   
Stone, William                ??       ??     M.I.A.	 

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