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Grimes County Probates, Volumes B


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Film #1006268 filmed Anderson, Texas on 08 July 1976, Roll #22
Volume B - 1870 - 1875
Volume L - 1854 - 1856
Volume M -
1855 - 1857

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Volume B, 1870 - 1875

Page 5; Henry WILLIAMS et al; TE, Wm. Henry, Sarah H?N?, Jas B. & Margaret
Page 15; William LINDLEY
Page 20; Richard WILLIAMS
Page 41; Ada TRAVIS; J.A.P. Travis guardian bond for Ada A. Travis, minor; 16 Mar 1875
Page 43; J. M. C. BOGGESS; Estate James & Charley Boggess minors; 19 Feb 1876
Page 50; L. S. MOORING; Administrator Bond

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Page 50

State of Texas} Estate of L. S. MOORING deceased,
County of Grimes} Know all these men present that we Sarah Mooring as Principle and [long list of names will give later] whose residence is in the County of Grimes, as sureties are bound unto J. L. Dickson, Clerk of District Court of the County first aforesaid, and his successors in office, in the sum of Thirty Two Thousand dollars, conditioned that the said Sarah Mooring shall well and faithfully perform all the duties incumbent upon her as administratex of the Estate of L. S. Mooring deceased.

Witness our hand 1st day of December AD 1875.

C. G. Mooring         Sally Mooring
J. S. Mooring           James Narrlin
W. P. Mooring         John E. Stewart
Kenneth Cooper       R. P. Brooks
W. H. Foster ?         W. M. Stone
H. F. Planter           W. F. McWhorter
J. L. Cobb               H. J. Allen
W. F. Hadley           J. W. McKeon
B. N. Harrison

I solemly swear that I will well & truly perform the duties of Administrator of the Estate of L. S. Mooring

Sally Mooring

Sworn subscribed 1 day of December AD 1875

P. C. McGee N.P.G.C.

Filed for record on 6 day December AD 1875

J. L. Dickson Clerk D.C.G.C.
By _____ Dept.

Submitted by Vickye White [vickye@usaonline.net]

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