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Grimes County, Texas
1867 Yellow Fever Victims


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This list was sent to the New Orleans Picayune by Dr. Andrew R. Kilpatrick of Navasota. In the letter he said that more than half of the population of Navasota left the town on August 24th and 25th of 1867 to escape the disease. This left about 1100 in the town and only a dozen or so escaped the fever.

  • 05 Aug---Mrs. WALKER'S daughter
  • 09 Aug---STEVENS (a youth at Dr. CADES'S)
  • 15 Aug---Captain B. DONELLY
  • 16 Aug---Thomas THORN
  • 19 Aug---BANNERMAN (a stranger)
  • 24 Aug---Dr. J. W. RUSSELL, James COOK, Kate (a child of F. MILLER)
  • 26 Aug---Cornelia BUFFINGTON and Peggy (a freed woman)
  • 27 Aug---John SMITH (a freed man)
  • 28 Aug---John GEISLER, John W. COOK
  • 30 Aug---Miss Jessie WILLIAMS
  • 31 Aug---Mrs. WOODWARD
  • 01 Sep---Annie N. IRESON
  • 02 Sep---P. THOMPSON and Mrs. J. MISKELL
  • 03 Sep---Stanhope SMITH, Mrs. J. R. WOODWIN, Jack COLE, W. R. JONES, Jessie GODWIN
  • 04 Sep---W. J. JONES
  • 05 Sep---Jesse TULOB, Jr., Charles BAPTISTE (a German), and Charles PRIEST
  • 06 Sep---Dr. J. N. JONES
  • 07 Sep---Mr. DAVIS (a writing master), Mary (German girl), William COOK, Charles FOX, Sam COOK, Mr. MILLER (German), Ferdinand MILLER, Hy SWIFT, Miss SMITH, Miss Carrie SMITH
  • 08 Sep---D. D. GREER, Dr. BEASLEY, J. GOODMAN, Mrs. E. WILLIAMS, Miss Ann COOK, Col. MORSE, Franklin VERGAL and Hermann VERGAL
  • 09 Sep---J. E. WILLIAMS, C. C. BASS, Allen POST, Dick MORRIS (barber), Robert DIXON, a freedman (name unknown), Mr. ROBERTS (of telegraph office), George, 2 Mexicans, Mr. WADLINGTON, 2 freedmen, Frenchman (unknown), John HART
  • 10 Sep---Gustave SCHRADER, Mr. PYE, Dr. A. CAMPBELL, German (unknown), William BASS, Mercer CORDIOS
  • 11 Sep---Mrs. P. H. SMITH, Mrs. WADLINGTON, Frank SMITH, Hannah BETTS (freedwoman)
  • 13 Sep---Rugus MORSE, Ella FISHER, Mrs. TUBB
  • 15 Sep---Mrs. BEASLY, B. E. HARRIS, Mrs. LEWELYN, Mrs. MUSGROVE, George DUNAWAY, Eugene FREEMAN, Mrs. CLARK
  • 16 Sep---Colored child, Jim GEORGE (freedman), freedman (unknown)
  • 17 Sep---Kate DAVIS, John ADE, Griffe (colored child), E. ACKERMAN
  • 18 Sep---Col. E. P. BLACKBURN, James WILLIAMS, Jr., Mrs. GILLEN
  • 20 Sep---Miss Jennie MOORE, Miss Ann GREER
  • 21 Sep---Miss M. MCCARTHY, Millie GOODWIN, David COOK, Sr., Mr. WHARTON, Eugene WOHL
  • 22 Sep---Sol BROWN, Jack (freedman)
  • 24 Sep---Jacob (freedman), Mrs. E. D. JOHNSON
  • 25 Sep---Mrs. BROWN, a freedman at BENNETS
  • 27 Sep---China HARRIS, T. W. BROWN, Mrs. T. S. NETTLES, William NETTLES, child of Mrs. GOODMAN
  • 28 Sep---Sarah A. BROWN, Mrs. ROBERTS, John HARRIS, Tom NETTLES, Robert NETTLES, Mollie STEVENS, Mrs. GOODMAN
  • 29 Sep---Mrs. Susan HARRIS, Mrs. Mary GODSEY, L. RAINEY (freedman), Noah TABB (freedman)
  • 30 Sep---Mrs. ASHFORTH, ___STEWART, child of Mr. KINTZ, Thomas COOK, Peyton (freedman), Kidd (freedboy)
  • 01 Oct---Dr. Paul SMITH
  • 02 Oct---Mrs. M. A. GLASS
  • 03 Oct---Mrs. Jane ROSS
  • 05 Oct---Dr. Pryor H. SMITH
  • 08 Oct---CLARK
  • 09 Oct---Calvin, HUCKABY, Jerry (freedman)
  • 10 Oct---FARLEY, a colored child, D. CLUNE
  • 12 Oct---Mrs. GODSEY
  • 13 Oct---Mrs. MCEACHERN, Mr. WALTHALL, Martha (freed woman at CHINSKI'S)
  • 16 Oct---Mrs. Tom CLARK, Neal MCCANN
  • 17 Oct---J. A. WINDERS, child of William W. STACEY
  • 19 Oct---A. TRESON
  • 21 Oct---General T. E. BLACKSHEAR, Mary MCCANN
  • 22 Oct---Thomas LYLE, Mrs. Lucy ATCHINSON
  • 24 Oct---John MCCANN
  • 25 Oct---Child of Mrs. HUCKABY, L. L. SINGLETARY, freedboy at NEWBRANS
  • 27 Oct---Eppie MCEACHERN
  • 28 Oct---L. F. HANILTON
  • 29 Oct---Robbie IRESON
  • 30 Oct---Mrs. HUCKABY, a negro girl
  • 01 Nov---Pickney ADAMS, Mrs. RINGGOLD
  • 02 Nov---Child of Mrs. HUCKABY, 2 children of J. WALLER, 3 children of Mrs. HUCKABY
  • 05 Nov---Mrs. Willie GIBBS, BUNTING'S child, Mrs. BLACK and 2 children

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