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Nolan Family Cemetery

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Submitted by Sandi Costa.

The Nolan cemetery used to be on Brosig St in downtown Navasota. If you turn off Washington Ave, onto Brosig, when the street crosses Cedar Creek turn right onto Sycamore St. Then turn right on Cleveland St. which will dead end at the creek. To your right a garage occupies the cemetery site. According to Marcus Mallard the cemetery existed as late as 22 years ago, however, Sandi Costa was told David, James, Margaret, Margaret (child), and Mary have been moved to the Oakland Cemetery in Navasota, Tx in Block B. The graves of William and Martha are unmarked but are in a cement curb with other Nolans.

According to Sandi Costa, many of the graves at the original Nolan cemetery are still at this location, only the stones have been moved. Several other Nolans are buried in Oakland Cemetery in Navasota, TX.

Clark, Loretta                 1874           1942     Dau of Isaac Benton and Sara Nolen; died at Texas State Hospital, Austin
Clark, Sara Jane Nolen         1853           1900     Wife of Isaac Benton
                                                       Dau of William and Martha Nolan
Nolan, David                   1757           1850     Father of James Nolan, Born in S.C.
                                                       Last name also spelled Nolen
Nolan, James                   1847           1898     born in Alabama, son of William & Martha Nolan	   	   
Nolan, James                   1807           1879     Son of David Nolan [Nolen], husband to Margaret Roberts
                                                       Died at the dinner table of a sudden stroke.  He gave generously	   	   
                                                       to the community but died a poor man.
Nolan, Margaret                1857     10-00-1859     Age 2, daughter of Margaret & James Nolan
Nolan, Margaret Elisabeth Roberts 1810  05-00-1860     Born in SC; Wife of James Nolan [Nolen]
Nolan, Martha                  1830                    Wife to William Nolan; children: James, Thomas, Jane, Mary
Nolan, Mary                 01-1859     09-00-1859     Child of William & Martha Nolan
Nolan, Sarah Jane Hamilton     1860           1924     Wife of James Nolan
Nolan, Thomas                  1850           1926     born in Alabama, son of William & Martha Nolan
Nolan, William                 1824                    husband to Martha Nolan
                                                       Son of James and Margaret
Nolen, John Henry              1877           1939     Son of James and Sarah
Nolen, William, Jr.            1848                    Son of William and Martha	 	   

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