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Pankey Cemetery

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Surveyed by Shirley Robison

Pankey Cemetery is located in Grimes County. Take South Hwy 39 out of North Zulch go 8 miles to intersection of Hwy 39 and FM Rd. 1696 turning East. If coming from Iola going North 3 miles turn right on FM Rd. 1696, go 5.2 miles. Pankey Cemetery will be on your left side of road next to the Shiloh Baptist Church.

Albertson, Mary               5-28-1861/?                 stone broke in half
Albertson, I. H.              6-28-1818/1-3-1903
Alexander, Otis Columbus      6-24-1916/10-25-1995
Alexander, Marjorie Merel     2-19-1927                   w/o Otis
Allen, Ida Shiflet            1-2-1890/11-6-1983
Allen,                        10-5-1870/9-29-1892         s/o J. F. and F. Allen
Allen,                        Old Headstone               not legible
Alley, Loree Harrison         10-26-1907/12-25-1982
Alley, C. T. Jake             1-9-1902/11-20-1964         h/o Loree
Anderson, Diann Richards      9-24-1943
Anderson, Thomas Jr.          12-17-1948/12-4-1988        h/o Diann
Barkley, W. Ernest            1891/1978
Barkley, L. Berence           1861/1983                   w/o W. Ernest [1861 must be a typo]
Barkley, Thurman              5-14-1915/9-11-1982
                              3 concrete markers          next to Thurman
Beard, John                   1846/1846
                              Old Headstone               not legible
Beard, Sarah                  1845/1913
                              3 Headstones in a Row       not legible
Beckman, Susie Pearl          10-29-1905/12-14-1917       buried in Yeager Plot
Beverly, Archie Clifford      8-5-1936/5-5-1992
Bodine, Floyd                 8-24-1897/4-6-1981
                              3 Headstones in a Row       not legible
Bolin, Ralph Gladney          5-4-1907/10-3-1993
Bolin, Madeline Newton                                    w/o Ralph  married 4-3-1947
Braziel, Charlie              3-8-1902/11-26-1980
Brown, Cuthal Corionous       9-21-1914/8-4-1984          Tec 4 US Army WW 2
Brown, Flora E.               6-9-1918/1-18-1991          w/o Cuthal
Brown, Walter S.              1887-1972
Brown, Nancy J.               1887/1963                   w/o Walter
Brown, Ethel                  8-1-1893/11-23-1956     
Brown, Lula Ida               1-15-1894/11-21-1975        w/o Ethel
Brown, Abner                  10-30-1916/6-22-1920    
Brown, Henry                  10-4-1889/8-17-1967
Brown, Fannie                 6-8-1888/12-5-1976          w/o Henry
                              2 concrete markers in a Row
Brubaker, Jeanett Hall        4-7-1909/3-11-1989
Buckalew, George Grady        1-18-1926/9-20-2001         S1 US Navy WW 2
Campbell, Lillie              1912/2001                   Funeral home marker
Carroll, Mollie               6-3-1872/5-11-1950
Carroll, Jess                 7-29-1874/7-4-1958          h/o Mollie
Carroll, Louie Denton         11-1-1896/9-4-1990          US Army WW I
                              4 Headstones in a Row       not legible
Carroll, Lula A.              1886/1972
Cleveland, R. C.              9-?-1850/10-28-1878
Corbin, Glauda                7-14-1896/10-10-1897        s/o L. B. and W. S.
Dagle, Eula                   3-25-1894/3-19-1974
Daniels, E. Z.                10-29-1890/8-20-1931
Darby, W. R.                  1817/18 Dec 1878            birth and death dates and corrected name from Charles Darby
Dean, Catie                   3-15-1882/6-27-1966         d/o W. W. and ? not legible
Dean, J. B.                   2-3-1859/4-5-1900
Dean, Mrs. S. C.              1-4-1861/1-27-1936          w/o J. B.
Dean, Albert L.               1907/1984
Dean, Johnnie A.              1887/1958
Dean, Hattie W.               1882/1964                   w/o Johnnie A.
Dean, Susan Elizabeth         11-27-1883/7-5-?            rest not legible
Dean, S. L.                   2-10-1884/1-9-1900          d/o J. E. and S. C.
Dean, J. E.                   5-10-1885/5-3-1905          s/o W. M. and M. E.
Dobbs, Linda                  1949/1972                   daughter
Dollor, Samson                11-27-1898/3-24-1915
Dollor, Arther                6-4-1888/8-4-1895           s/o W. M.
                              2 concrete markers
Dollor, M. E.                 12-5-1848/4-24-1893         w/o J. W.
Drenanna, Robert E.           9-14-1904/9-19-1905         s/o R. H. and B. E.
                              8 concrete markers in a Row
Dydley, Tommy Cuthal          1-20-1967/9-1-1984          Buck
Ellison, Oscar Thomas         7-7-1883/6-5-1948
Ellison, Myrlie Lee           12-18-1890/10-22-1983
                              Headstone                   not legible
Ellison, Clad D.              1-4-1909/11-11-1989         US Navy Korea WW 2
Ellison, Mattie               1868-1930
                              3 Headstones in a Row       not legible
Erkila, Vicentay              4-24-1988/4-8-1989
                              2 concrete markers
Erkila, Marie Yeager          1-7-1929-11-8-2002
Freeman, Hermit               3-23-1922/11-10-1972        TxPFC US Army WW 2
Freeman, Myle                 2-5-1917/1-22-1922          s/o G. E. and L. B.
Freeman, Rosa                 1866/1907
                              Old Headstone               not legible
Freeman, W. C.                1855/1934
Freeman, ?                    11-29-1934/3-14-1946        first name not legible
Freeman, Simes                10-3-1894/5-11-1978         Father
Freeman, Effie N.             9-20-1896/5-3-1988          Mother w/o Simes
                              Old Headstone               not legible
Freeman, Charlie E.           11-16-1886
Freeman, Lillie B.            8-20-1889                   w/o Charlie E.
Forester, Virginia Isabell    1-26-1853/3-1-1914          w/o H. R.
                              2 concrete markers
Forester, Annie B.            Old Headstone               not legible
Forester, Jeff                7-4-1882/6-22-1922
Forester, Lydia F.            11-3-1886/6-26-1916
Forester, Kenneth             5-6-1911/9-6-1911
                              4 concrete markers in a Row
                              2 Headstones                not legible
Gant, J. H.                   not legible                 s/o J. P. and E. S.
                              concrete marker
Gant, ?                       not legible
Gentry, Glady                 9-8-1894/2-26-1931
                              concrete marker
Gentry, Andrew                1862/1927
Gentry, Jester                9-9-1915/9-29-1915          s/o A. J. and V.
Gentry, Barney                12-2-1927
Gentry, Mary Lou, Hanifen, Chambers 3-1-1949              w/o Barney
Gentry, Nancy Jean            1836/1918
Gentry, R. G.                 10-24-1862/9-28-1935
Gentry, Mary Annie            2-12-1873/6-25-1958
Gentry, Ralfres               2-24-1898/3-8-1898          s/o R. and M.
Glass, Inez                   4-23-1929/8-25-1994         w/o Samuel
Glass, Samuel Bo              1935/2002                   funeral home marker
Glass, Janice Marie           11-30-1960/12-30-1960       d/o Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Glass, Harless                11-9-1950/5-21-2002         funeral home marker
Glass, James C.               5-5-1923/9-1-1966           TxPFC HQ Co. BN 66 Armd Regt.
                                                          WW 2 BMS-PH
Glass, John Wayne             11-12-1957/3-27-1996
Glass, ?                      9-20-2002 not legible       funeral home marker
Glass, Edward W.              2-27-1938                   married 25 years
Glass, Donna M.               8-23-1943/12-17-1996        w/o Edward W.
Glass, Gary C.                10-27-1959/PON?             Headstone home made
Glass, Eury W.                8-24-1910/9-27-1997         PVT US Army WW 2
Glass, Ida Mae                1-26-1918/8-15-2001         w/o Eury W. married 60 years
Glass, Timothy                1-11-1961/2-24-1961         Our Darling Baby
Glass, Obie C.                7-14-1927/2-18-1987
Glass, Hugh                   9-30-1900/5-14-1973
Glass, G. Pearl               2-28-1924/8-22-1992         Mom
Glass, Anita D.               9-16-1959/9-17-1959
Glass, Grady H.               7-28-1914/3-24-1990         A loving husband and father
Glass, Frances                5-31-1918/12-4-1979         w/o Grady H.
                                                          A loving wife and mother
Glass, Clarence               3-16-1936/3-10-1992
Glass, Lula Mae Bellew        12-14-1941                  w/o Clarence
                              3 Headstones                not legible
Glass, ? Mathew               ?/9-20-2002                 funeral home marker
Glass, Ashby W.               1885/1964
Glass, Tessie V.              1889/1972                   w/o Ashby W.
Glass, William T. Dub         1-28-1921/6-6-1994          PFC US Army WW 2
                              concrete marker
Glass, Nell                   4-6-1938/1-30-1973
Glass, Jesse                  8-14-1934/10-18-2003
Hall, Annie H.                6-12-1855/12-15-1926
Hall, Columbus J.             7-4-1858/5-5-1943
Hall, Hannah Hill             1832/1926                   w/o James W.
                              Old Headstone               not legible
Hall, Willie G.               9-13-1891/9-29-1974
                              concrete marker
Hogue, Kelley                 3-25-1911/3-6-1976
Isabell, Virginia             1-26-1853/3-1-1914          w/o H. B. Foester
                              concrete marker
Isabell, Annie B.             dates not legible
Isabell, S. R.                5-29-1877/8-26-1895         w/o D. F.
Isabell, W. C.                4-10-1825/11-13-1894
Isabell, Susan                2-16-1806/12/1/1888         w/o Pendleton
Isabell, William L.           4-10-1825/12-12-1894        PVT Co.Georgia Cav. Floyds Legion CSA
Isbell, Martha Elizabeth      7-6-1852/8-18-1932
                              concrete marker
                              concrete marker
                              concrete marker letters G. L.
No Names                      3-4-1893/3-12-1893          8 days s/o S. F. and J. T.
                              Headstone                   not legible
Isbell, Viola                 5-28-1878/2-6-1878          d/o J. M. and F. E. [death year does not work]
No Names                      10-22-1878/10-30-1878       Infant
                              concrete marker
                              concrete marker
Isbell, Bessie R.             1888/1943
Isbell, John C.               1884/1973                   h/o Bessie R.
Isbell, Roy L.                3-2-1910/5-3-1910
                              concrete marker
Isbell, Minnie E.             10-6-1878/3-29-1973
Isbell, J. J.                 10-8-1876/1-19-1933
Isbell, Truett Vann           2-1-1915/1-26-1970
Isbell, Laverne Wooley        3-29-1916/2-19-2000         w/o Truett Vann
Jerrell, James H. 3rd         8-26-1928/12-12-1999
Jerrell, Kathleen B.          concrete marker
                              concrete marker
Jones, Virgil                 8-20-1919/2-11-1986
Jones, Aubrey Glass           8-18-1926                   w/o Virgil
Kemp, Ethel Featherstone      7-14-1892/4-21-1991
Krug, Robert Wayne            11-20-1995/1-9-2001         Baby, Our Miracle from God
Lambert, Shirley              no dates                    funeral home marker
Lambert, Bill                 no dates                    funeral home marker
Landers, T. J.                1926/1941
Landers, Marison              8-21-1923/3-9-1928
Lassitter, Slettie Bell Zora  1886/1942
Lassitter, James Madison      1884/1959                   h/o Slettie
Lawson, W. A. Buster          8-23-1913/10-1-1984         our husband and father
Lawson, Corine Ida            8-23-1916/2-15-1962         w/o W. A. our wife and mother
Lawson, Wm. Earl              7-14-1938/11-14-1938        s/o W. A. and Corine
                                                          Our Darling Baby
Lawson, Tiny Jean             2-4-1949/2-25-1949          d/o W. A. and Corine
                                                          Our Darling Baby
Lewis, Harrie Ann             10-5-1862/6-21-1954
Lewis, Johnathan              11-26-1861/10-27-1921
Lewis, George H.              5-5-1905/9-22-1993
Lewis, Bessie F.              1-9-1903/5-2-2002           w/o George H.
Lewis, John H.                no dates                    Father
? Ray ? hard to read          5-3-1900/9-2-1900           buried by John Lewis
Marett, Z. L.                 not legible
Marett, B. M.                 2-17-1855/5-6-1895
Marett, Mare H.               not legible
                              2 concrete markers
Martin, R. G.                 9-22-1853/1-10-1920	       Robert Guyton Martin; Julia Fuchs believes he died later than March of 1920 as he was listed on the census
Martin, Claroda S.            2-12-1853/12-3-1920         Clarinda (Kate) Sadler Driskill Martin per Julia Fuchs
Maxwell, Magaret              12-21-1886/only date        concrete marker w/plate d/o
                                                          Geo. and Sena. Isabell Maxwell
Meddox, Jimmy                 5-10-1950/2-22-1971
Miller, Wade Hampton          3-31-1898/10-10-1962
Miller, Texanna M.            2-25-1870/8-14-1927         Our Dearest Mother
Miles, Lola                   2-22-1900/9-15-1915         w/o J. E.
                              Headstone                   not legible
Mobley, Mary Upchurch         10-6-1885/4-17-1931
R.L.H.                        Footstone                   next to Mobley
Mooney, Stancel M.            11-16-1883/3-28-1957
Mooney, Beulah M.             5-31-1889/1-9-1981
Mosley, no names              no dates                    Father and Mother
McCary, Annie Shiflet         7-11-1893/2-24-1959
McConey, George W.            2-1862/11-1937
McCoy, Claudie                12-6-1882/1-1-1887          s/o R. M. and M. C.
                              3 concrete markers in a Row
McDonald, Rev. John T.        11-2-1829/9-2-1892          born S.C.
McDonald, Mary E.             11-22-1833/3-2-1899         born Ala. w/o Rev. John T.
McDonald, J. A.               hard to read/8-1900         32 years
McDougald, Alma Rosie         4-9-1885/4-26-1896
McDougald, A. D.              1-9-1858/3-6-1896
McDougald, Rebecca Bean       9-3-1831/9-5-?              w/o A. D.
                              3 concret markers in a Row
McGinty, Gayle M.             11-14-1906/1-4-1984
McGinty, Cora Jerrell         1-25-1909/1-3-1999          w/o Gayle M.
                              Concrete marker
McLung, Samuel Gussie         no dates
                              4 concrete markers in a Row
McWhorther, Edwin C.          7-12-1915/9-5-1968          [name should be McWhorter?]
McWhorther, Edwin D.          6-28-1884/1-26-1966
McWhorther, W. Baxter         12-16-1881/11-12-1954
McWhorther, Dorothy Lee       2-20-1918/7-5-1919          d/o W. B. and J. R.
McWhorther, Josie Velma       11-2-1915/6-3-1917          d/o W. B. And J. R.
                              Old Headstone               not legible
McWhorther, Myrtle            11-15-1910/2-25-1937
McWhorther, Josie P.          3-4-1881/2-21-1950          h/o Myrtle
McWhorther, John M.           1886/1936
McWhorther, Vera B.           1883/1975                   w/o John M.
                              2 concrete markers
Newton, Lou                   1869/1966
Newton, L. M.                 11-21-1869/5-1918
Newton, Charles Edward        9-19-1953/3-6-1998
Newton, Marcus Andrew         4-21-1986/3-6-1998
Newton, Stanton H.            4-14-1916/5-8-1992
Newton, May Dell              4-22-1930                   w/o Stanton H.
                              3 concrete markers
Newton, Shuby H.              1909/1976
Newton, Carroll L.            6-26-1919/6-20-1994
Newton, Alline C.             1-28-1929/12-23-1972        w/o Carroll L.
Newton, Samuel Levi           12-9-1907/5-16-1972         Tx. Army SGT Air Force WW 2
Newton, Bernice Potee         9-23-1925/4-2-1978          w/o Samuel
Norman, Howell                1892/1929                   Father
Norman, Katherine Jean        2-23-1896/7-3-1918
Norman, William Samuel        6-6-1918/9-15-1918
                              2-13-1888/7-?-1890          Name not legible
Norman, Nancy K.              1874/1963                   Mother
Norman, Julius P.             1-13-1861/3-4-1942          Woodmen of the World
Ondras, Eugene                1-25-1937                   Gene
Ondras, Patricia Rigby        4-23-1947                   w/o Eugene
Panker, Clotee                1906/1992
Panker, Roy C.                1904/1968
Plotts, Horace B.             12-29-1899/6-1-1974
Plotts, Eloise                3-3-1911/10-2-1980          w/o Horace B.
Plotts, Peter B.              8-1846/4-14-1940
Plotts, Annette               4-28-1871/2-5-1953          w/o Peter B.
Pointer, Johnnie Clinton      1911/1969                   Father
Pointer, Billy Eugene         2-25-1946/2-1-1998          SP4 US Army Vietnam
                                                          Loving father and brother
Pointer, Sharon Eline         2-7-1947/10-10-1997         w/o Billy
                                                          Loving Mom and Wife
Post, no name                 1940/1940                   Infant d/o Mr. and Mrs. Tom S.
Post, Tom S.                  1894/1961
Post, Aletha                  1898/1980                   w/o Tom S.
Post, Arbol James             8-24-1919/8-1-1986          US Army WW 2 Korea
Powell, Danielle              3-4-1978/7-31-1987          
Pritchett, Thomas W.          7-24-1866/5-7-1940          Father - Dying but gone home
Pritchett, Della              4-15-1876/12-11-1965        Mother w/o Thomas W.
Pritchett, David D.           9-18-1870/8-16-1957         Father
Pritchett, Elsie Alma         1-16-1880/5-4-1950          Mother w/o David D.
Pritchett, Doris M.           4-28-1919/5-7-1930          d/o David and Elsie
Pritchett, James H.           1895/1973                   Bud
Pritchett, Tula Fay           1909/1988                   w/o James H.
                              concrete marker
                              Headstone                   not legible
                              Headstone                   not legible
Pritchett, Lettie             11-10-1888/11-8-1910        d/o D. E.
Pritchett, T. J.              8-17-1827/1-10-1903
                              Headstone Letter H
Reed, Francis                 5-27-1928/not legible       Dock
Reed, Maggie Annette          9-23-1936/12-29-1986        w/o Francis
Reed, James T.                2-6-1893/5-19-1979          PVT US Army WW 1
Reed, Laura B.                3-20-1892/12-26-1981        w/o James T.
Reed, Edward                  11-14-1911/2-15-1985        US Army WW 2
Reed, Alice Maud              11-30-1911/12-16-1974       w/o Edward
                              Old Headstone               not legible
Infants                       Old Headstone               no names or dates
Reed, William                 2-28-1916/5-14-1942
Reed, James                   9-27-1923/3-11-2003         Jake
Reed, Edna Mae                12-15-1931                  w/o James married 9-17-1949
                              Old Headstone               not legible
Rice, D. E.                   3-21-1862/10-14-1883
Rice, Freeman                 4-22-1820/1-5-1895
                              3 concrete markers
Rigby, Jesse T.               2-2-1911/7-18-1972          CPL Btry.C S 73 FA BN WW 2
Rigby, Mavis Wooten           12-13-1918/12-31-1997       w/o Jesse T.
Roberson, Alveta Whinery      10-29-1911/11-25-1983
                              Old Headstone               not legible
Russell, Homer Zack           1-5-1917/3-12-1971          PVT US Army WW 2
Sharon, J. H.                 11-19-1873/2-5-1895
Shiflet, Cecil                5-3-1914/11-15-1963         Our Beloved
Shiflet, Arch                 7-30-1883/6-9-1965
Shiflet, Albert               8-27-1899/8-2-1986          Dewey
Shiflet, Rosie                10-23-1905/4-21-1997        w/o Albert 
Shiflet, Harroll D.           6-20-1929/1-30-2001
Shiflet, Jo Myrl              5-11-1925                   w/o Harroll D.
Shiflet, J. T.                5-15-1922/12-8-1995         Daddy
                              Marker with the letter S    next to J. T.
Shiflet, Inez E.              10-2-1892/8-27-1991
Shiflet, Grady W.             10-23-1919/10-22-1944       Tx. TECH SGT Air Corps WW 2    
Shiflet, Velma                stick marker no dates
Shiflet, J. R.                stick marker no dates       h/o Velma
Shiflet, Mamie A.             1901/196?
Shiflet, J. T.                1890/1965                   Sam
Shiflet, Harlan A.            1918/1975                   Strut
                              Old Headstone               not legible
Shiflet, Ira A.               1896/1971
Shiflet, James                9-1-1925/8-23-1933          Dick
Shiflet,                      5-31-1918/6-7-1918          Little Infant d/o E. A. and L. E.
Shiflet, Annie                9-17-1887/12-12-1907        w/o W. A.
Shiflet, Willie Andy          12-26-1886/2-?-1933
Shiflet, Sarah                1-11-1855/7-12-1940
Shiflet, J. W.                11-3-1858/3-19-1928         Woodmen of the World
Shiflet, Bradey Ryan          11-19-1990/12-26-1990       Papa's Little Sidekick
Shiflet, Roy Leon             8-5-1925/12-13-1984
Shiflet, Bobbie Mae           4-11-1929                   w/o Roy
Shiflet, Ancil A.             9-27-1914/1-4-1998
Shiflet, Una J.               6-25-1921/1-18-1980         w/o Ancil
Shiflet, Ernest A.            9-30-1887/11-2-1997
Shiflet, Geraldine McAdams    1-2-1916/2-11-2000
Shiflet, Jesse Veron          10-29-1912/7-6-1964
Shiflet, Dave Carl            9-17-1892/8-23-1968         Tx.PVT US Army
Shiflet, Vida Devine T. Trammell 9-4-1897/4-18-1986       w/o Dave
Small, Lester                 4-2-1909/1-3-1997
Small, Katie Z.               9-5-1913/4-11-1994
Smith, Charity                12-7-1806/6-2-1899          "Charity Smith, consort of JAS M SMITH, Born Duplin Co. North Carolina" [correction from Julia Fuchs]
Smith, Mary Lenoa             7-13-1933/11-18-1994
Snow, Par? H. M.              4-27-1874/11-12-1900
Snow, Susan H.                8-9-1840/2-1925
Snow, John Robert             12-26-1828/4-17-1909        PVT Co.H 59 ALA REGT.
Snow, A. D.                   9-27-1881/10-30-1938        Mason
Snow, Lillie I.               10-3-1873/9-12-1915
Stephens, Ellie E.            5-2-1888/1-9-1949           CPL 360 INF 90 DIV WW 1
                              Old Headstone               not legible
Stephens, Bobby L.            4-4-1939/9-4-1997
Stephens, Ellie Ernest        5-2-1888/1-9-1947
Stepehns, Mary Fleeice        12-13-1900/4-9-1983         w/o Ellie
                              concrete marker letter S
Stephens, Willie              6-1-1907/9-28-1968
                              Old Headstone               not legible
Stephens, John M.             5-17-1925/not legible       Tx.PVT 41 rest not legible
Stephens, Bessie              1903/1916                   Our Little Sis
Stephens, Emma K.             8-13-1861/9-1-1957
Stephens, George D.           5-22-1865/1-10-1909
Stephens, Dilmous W.          10-9-1903/12-15-1995        married 5-19-1929
Stephens, H. Eloyce           1-5-1914/12-4-2000          w/o Dilmous
Stone, Robert Ray             12-28-1898/5-6-1899
                              8 concrete markers in a Row
Till, Gurie May               4-5-1910/3-11-1913
Todd, E. D.                   not legible                 s/o D. D. and M. A.
Trammel, Luther               4-25-1895/8-21-1916
Trammel, Charlie              6-17-1907/2-15-1935
Trammell, Emma                1873/1933
Trammell, J. H.               1866/1943                   h/o Emma J.
Trammell, Dollie              2-14-1893/12-18-1921        d/o J. H. and F. E.
Trammell, William T.          1891/1963
Trammell, Hattie S.           8-1-1887/10-8-1943
                              2 Headstones                not legible
Tyler, S. W.                  3-6-1863/1-23-1939
Tyler, I. E.                  9-3-1871/2-23-1919
Tyler, Charles Elbert         8-27-1891/5-3-1893
Upchurch, L. Brint            1894/1978
Upchurch, Esther B.           no dates                    w/o Brint
Upchurch, Ethel Aline         8-12-1882/5-13-1961
                              5 concrete markers          at the base of a tree
                              Foot marker letters I. Y.
Upchurch, Lee Wayne           5-30-1951/12-15-1951
Upchurch, Elsie M.            2-7-1896/7-13-1968
Upchurch, Henry J.            1-7-1893/7-3-1929           Woodmen of the World
Upchurch, Raymond             4-19-1920/7-2-1999          TECH.5 US Army WW 2
Upchurch, John Raymond        6-10-1885/6-8-1915
Upchurch, Mary                9-21-1858/3-26-1900
Upchurch, Riley J.            5-22-1856/7-1-1920          h/o Mary
                              Headstone                   not legible
Upchurch, Marie L.            9-15-1917                   w/o Eldred A.
Upchurch, Eldred A.           5-29-1913/3-16-1981
                              Footstone the letter H
Upchurch, Sarah E.            1-11-1855/7-12-1940
Upchurch, J. W.               11-3-1851/3-19-1928         Woodmen of the World
Upchurch, J. J.               11-3-1827/2-9-1902
Upchurch, Clifton             1-27-1907/4-12-1969         married 12-12-1943
Upchurch, Elsie Lea           6-14-1923/2-2-1995          w/o Clifton
Vernon, Berice Reed           1921/1978
Weathery, Ella                no dates
Webb, John N.                 4-27-1915/9-1951
Whaley, J. L.                 12-28-1884/5-7-1881         [death year must be a typo-ec]
                              Headstone                   not legible
Whinery, R. L. Bob            1932/1959
Whinery, Ray                  1905/1956
White, Susie Pritchett        no dates
Worsham, Mamie C.             11-27-1938/12-27-1938
Worsham, J. D.                9-11-1912/12-28-1945
Yeager, Alvin                 1-5-1898/3-5-1980          Photo from Mervin Peters
Yeager, Lillie May            7-25-1908/5-2-1994          w/o Alvin; Photo from Mervin Peters
Yeager, Nolan                 7-29-1952/8-4-1932          s/o Alvin and Lillie; Photo from Mervin Peters
Yeager, No name               no dates                    s/o Mr. and Mrs. Yeager
Yeager, J. C.                 9-8-1895/6-1-1952           Brother; Photo from Mervin Peters
Yeager, H. R.                 7-29-1869/5-14-1945          Photo from Mervin Peters
Yeager, John F.               11-29-1864/10-28-1929       Father let they grace be given,
                                                          That we may meet in heaven; Photo from Mervin Peters
Yeager, John Culpepper        10-9-1812/2-9-1877          Oldest stone; dates from John R. Maxwell's cemetery books
Yeager, Harless Alvin         2-12-1928/5-19-1972          Photo from Mervin Peters
Yeager, Leon Sr.              11-7-1935/1-28-2003          Photo from Mervin Peters
                              concrete marker
Yeager, Carroll F.            1895/1975                   PVT US Army WW 1; Photo from Mervin Peters
Yeager, Fred H.               8-9-1899/5-12-1992          married 12-25-1938; Photo from Mervin Peters
Yeager, Rosa Lee              9-18-1904/5-16-1990         w/o Fred H.; Photo from Mervin Peters
Yeager, E. F.                 5-3-1921/6-7-1944
Yeager, Myra Ann              7-25-1899/1-16-1975
Yeager, Peter Bruce           11-23-1893/6-5-1974         h/o Myra
Yeager, James O.              2-21-1863/11-28-1942          Photo from Mervin Peters
Yeager, Margaret              9-21-1866/11-18-1947        w/o James O.; Photo from Mervin Peters
Yeager, ?                     no dates
                              Old Headstone               not legible
Yeager, Harold L.             1-6-1923/12-25-1995         S.SGT. US Army Air Corps WW 2
Yeager, Bunyan                8-17-1890/1-29-1974
Yeager, Masceline             5-12-1893/10-7-1977         w/o Bunyan       
Younts, L. J.                 9-16-1930/1-25-2001
Younts, Donnie                4-13-1938                   w/o J. L.
                              concrete marker
                              1 pole marker   

Burials from death certificates. Submitted by Eleanor Colson.

JARRELL, Polly Ann Maddox       12 Oct 1829     05 Apr 1930     Dau of George Maddox and Rachael Bonde       

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