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St. Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery

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Photos submitted by Nancy Oates Hazen.

St. Mary's Cemetery Listing [offsite]

Bachmeyer, Albert
Bachmeyer, Alfred and Donia
Crowe, Jack Falldree
Crowley, Robert T. [Korea plaque]
Crowley, Robert T. and Mary M
David, Alfred S., Jr.
David, Anton S. and Agnes C.
Davis, Kenneth W.
Demny, Annie
Demny, Jack G.
Diehl, Anna Mary
Diehl, Jack and Ruby T.
Diehl, Robert G. and Katherine E.
Dowell, Verna Mary
Feath, Elizabeth
Fowler, Kevin
Fowler, Michael G. [Korea plaque]
Fowler, Michael Gene and Georgia May Long
Gabriel, Paul
Gamberell, Shirley
Gard, Samuel A. and Magdelene Kowis
Gard, Samuel A. [WWII, Korea, and Vietnam service plaque]
Gust, Andrew Jonathan
Herzog, James and Mary Frances
Herzog, Joseph
Hilsendeger, Adam
Hilsendeger, Anna Maria
Hoffart, Benjamin J.
Hoffart, Ralph L., Rosalie Diehl, and David A.
Hoffart, William J. and Mary S.
Howard, Lyle William [WW II Plaque]
Hundl, Irene B.
Keifel, Stella
Kipp, Lorene Diehl
Klein, John A.
Kopecka, Agnes
Kowis, A. J. and Albina Frances
Kowis, A. J. [WWII plaque]
Kowis, Adella V.
Kowis, Conrad L. [Veteran plaque]
Kowis, Conrad L.
Kowis, Conrad M.
Kowis, John M. and Frieda R.
Kowis, Joseph
Kowis, Katherine S.
Kowis, Lucinda Kay
Kowis, Martin E.
Kowis, Martin Mike
Kowis, Michael
Kowis, Otto J. and Mary K.
Kowis, Patricia A.
Kowis, Robert Louis and Flora Elaine
Kowis, Robert Louis [WW II plaque]
Leibham, Josephine
Loewenstein, Magadelana
Long, Bertha K.
Martin, Kenneth Dean and Linda Lee
Mattern, Chris Jr.
Mattern, Christopher
Mattern, Christopher J., Jr. [Vietnam War plaque]
Mattern, Jake
Mattern, Joe M.
Mattern, Martin J.
Mattern, Mary
Mattern, Mike B. [WW II plaque]
Mattern, Ralph
Mattern, Ralph [Vietnam War plaque]
Maywald, Franciska
Maywald, Heinrich
McGill, Patrick
McMurrough, Katherine B.
McMurrough, Margaret Henry and James E.
McMurrough, Mary Ann and Patrick J.
McMurrough, Patrick J.
McMurrough, Patrick Joseph III
Metz, John
Metz, Leonard
Mock, Adam
Mock, Eva
Mock, Frank
Phillips, William Paul, Sr. and Helen Elizabeth Kowis
Plocheck, Ann Herzog
Polocek, Angelina
Rosilier, Nicolaus
Schlosser, Barbara
Schultz, Labe Laval and Mary Ann
Shearon, Robert J. and Mary D.
Smith, France
Stockert, Benedict A. and Margaret M
Stockert, Benedict [WW II plaque]
Stockert, Eugene
Stockert, Gilbert J. and Judy Ramey
Stockert, Katie
Swonke, Albert
Swonke, Bennie and Doris
Swonke, Bennie [WW II plaque]
Taylor, Anna Kowis
Wagner, Dominicus S.
Wagner, Edward D. [WW II plaque]
Wagner, Leo [WW II plaque]
Wagner, Rudy Dan [Korea plaque]
Wagner, Theresa S.
Wagner, Veronika
Whitstine, Earl M.
Whitstine, Mary Lou Mattern

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