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Willowhole Cemetery, Madison County

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Willowhole Cemetery is located at 12910 FM 1372, North Zulch. It is about eight miles south of Highway 21 down FM 39 to FM 1372 and left on FM 1372 to the cemetery.

BEVLY, Mary Alice 7 Dec 1885-17 Nov 1904 (daughter of William Louis Bevly and Mary 
Elizabeth George.)

BEVLY, Robert Lee 22 Oct 1892-22 Aug 1904 Son of W.L. & Mary E. Bevly (son of William 
Louis Bevly & Mary Elizabeth George)

BEVLY, William L. 1858-1939 (5 Apr 1858-11 Sep 1939 - William Louis Bevly father of 
Mary Alice and Robert Lee Bevly)

BURTS, D.L. 9 Apr 1882-2 Oct 1901 Wife of J.C. Burts 
(Dovie 1st wife of James Calvin Burts)

BURTS, Eddie 1900-1900 Son of J.C. & D.L. Burts (James Calvin & Dovie Burts)

BURTS, infant 11 May 1907 (only date) Daughter of J.C. & H.E. Burts 
(James Calvin Burts & Hazel Evelyn Bevly)

BURTS, Martha, Mrs. 4 Dec 1850-8 Feb 1873 Wife of William Burts 
(Martha Johnson daughter of Jacob Johnson & Lucy Ann Caldwell)

BURTS, Mary J. 6 Aug 1843-21 Feb 1866 Daughter of J.R. Burts 
(John Burts and Zerlena Johnson)

BURTS, N.A. 27 Mar 1854-6 Feb 1931 
(Nancy Adeline Barnett 2nd. wife of William Burts)

BURTS, William 17 Jan 1836-4 Dec 1919 Co C 1 Tex Cav CSA 
(son of John R. Burts and Zerlena Johnson, husband of Martha Johnson & Nany 
Adeline Barnett)

DISERENS, Dannie F. 14 Apr 1913-20 Dec 1971 Husband of Esther M. Diserens 

DISERENS, Esther M. 21 Apr 1919-ndd Wife of Dannie F. Diserens 

RASCO, Alice Lida 20 Jul 1878-31 Oct 1953 (Alice Lida Reed wife of Samuel 
Ladoevich Rasco)

RASCO, Elizabeth Lillie 'Mother' 1877-1934 (Elizabeth Moore wife of William 
Thomas Rasco)

RASCO, Floyd Lee 3 May 1934-24 Apr 1935 V.2 p.212 Son of G.W. Rasco & Ollie Denman 
(son of George W. Rasco)

RASCO, George W. 9 Aug 1895-28 Sep 1977 Husband of Ollie L. Rasco (son of Samuel 
L. Rasco and Trannie Adams, husband of Ollie Leona Denman)

RASCO, J.T. 13 Mar 1846-8 Jun 1924 RASCO, Joe Terrell 2 Mar 1900-27 Dec 1960 
(Joel Terrell son of Lodowich & Mary Ann Rasco husband of Jemima Ann Mize)

RASCO, Mary Ann 2 Mar 1811-16 Sep 1902 (wife of Lodowich Rasco, mother of 
Louisa M., Margaret A., Joel Terrell, and Georgia Ann Rasco.)

RASCO, Ollie Leona Denman 2 Nov 1894-31 Jul 1968 V.6 p.321 Wife of George W. Rasco
RASCO, Reed 1901-1902 (son of Samuel L. Rasco and Alice Lida Reed)

RASCO, Sam L. no dates, Husband of Trannie Rasco (Samuel Ladoevich Rasco son of 
Joel Terrell Rasco and Jemima Ann Mize, husband of Trannie Adams & Alice Lida Reed)

RASCO, Trannie 'Mom' 1883-1956 Wife of Sam L. Rasco (Trannie Adams)

RASCO, William Thomas 'Father' 23 Jan 1874-18 Feb 1952 V.5 p.125 (son of Joel 
Terrell Rasco and Jemima Ann Mize, husband of Elizabeth “Lillie” Moore)

Louisa M. Rasco & her sister Margaret A. Rasco (children of Lodowich/Ladeovich 
Rasco and Mary Ann) married William Taylor born 1808 England.
Louisa, Margaret, and William are buried at Taylor Island Cemetery in Grimes County, Texas.

REDDEN, A.O. 27 Dec 1885-14 Jan 1886 

REDDEN, M.D. 20 Oct 1902-11 Jun 1919 

REDDEN, Mattie J. 16 Dec 1852-21 Oct 1915 Wife of W.R. Redden 

REDING, Donald 6 Nov 1920-19 Dec 1922
REDING, Frank 26 Jul 1890-16 Feb 1966 Husband of Ola Reding 
(son of William H. Reding & Sarah Alice Sandlin, husband of Ola McClung)

REDING, Herbert Felix 12 Nov 1893-6 Apr 1957
REDING, Milton G., Rev. 20 Sep 1925-2 Aug 1960 

REDING, Ola 9 Dec 1893-2 Jan 1980 Wife of Frank Reding (Ola McClung)

REDING, Sallie A. 7 Sep 1851-29 Nov 1938 Wife of W.H. Reding 
(Sarah Alice “Sallie” Sandlin)

REDING, W.H., Rev. 18 Dec 1848-9 Mar 1919 Husband of Sallie A. Reding
(William Henry son of George Washington Reding & Betty Ann Neeley)

ROBERTS, Georgia A. 'Mother' 1855-1934 
(Georgia Ann Rasco daughter of Lodowich & Mary Rasco, wife of Jozadak Clay Roberts)

ROBERTS, Jozadak Clay 7 Jun 1829-2 Sep 1904 (son of James Roberts & Mahala Everett, 
husband of Georgia Ann Rasco)

ROBERTS, Rosa Ann 29 May 1884-11 Sep 1884 (daughter of Jozadak Roberts & 
Georgia Ann Rasco)

ROBERTS, John S. 22 Mar 1877-23 May 1962 (John Sweeney son of Jozadak & Georgia)

ROBERTS, David 19 Jan 1874-9 Jun 1950 (David Crockett son of Jozadak & Georgia)

TAYLOR, A.J., Mrs. 23 Apr 1857-27 Mar 1930 Wife of Wm. Taylor (Amanda Jane McClendon)

TAYLOR, A.J. 28 Mar 1919-13 Mar 1971 Husband of Florence Taylor (m. 31 Mar 1938) 
(son of John Lee Taylor & Emmie Gorbet, husband of Florence E. Denman)

TAYLOR, A. Lee 23 Mar 1886-20 Feb 1974 Husband of Willie F. Taylor 
(Albert Lee son of Robert Taylor & Margaret F. Diserens, husband of Willie F. Akin)

TAYLOR, Addie 14 Feb 1899-14 Aug 1899 Son of J.B.& S.F, twin Brother of Eddie TAYLOR, 
Annie Mae 14 Dec 1879-22 Oct 1957
TAYLOR, Archie Virginia Smoot 31 Aug 1888-8 Aug 1922 V.2 Wife of Oliver Taylor 
(James Oliver Taylor)

TAYLOR, Beatrice 27 Oct 1906-19 Aug 1956
TAYLOR, Callie Akin 28 Jul 1889-29 Sep 1952 V.5 p.147 Wife of Thomas E. Taylor 
(Thomas Edward Taylor)

TAYLOR, Charlie O. 23 Feb 1894-9 Dec 1897 Son of John T. & Mary F.L. Taylor 
(Charles Oscar Taylor son of John Townsend Taylor and Mary France Vernon)

TAYLOR, Emiline 10 Oct 1855-8 Jan 1884 Wife of John T. Taylor (Emiline Gemima Cryer)

TAYLOR, Emmie W. 22 Feb 1897-30 Aug 1978 Wife of John Lee Taylor (m. 14 Apr 1918) 
(Emmie W. Gorbet)

TAYLOR, Finis Lee 20 Oct 1902-4 Jul 1979 Husband of Pearl Taylor (son of Robert 
Lee Taylor & Lizzie Virginia Powell, husband of Ruth McDuffie and Pearl (nee Andrews) Burts)

TAYLOR, Florence 1 Jan 1919-ndd Wife of A.J. Taylor (m. 31 Mar 1938) Florence E. Denman)

TAYLOR, H.A. 1874-1937 (Henry Alfred Taylor son of Robert Taylor & Margaret F. 
Diserens , husband of Mary Beffal Vernon & Mollie Lee Powell)

TAYLOR, infant 1886 (Son of John T. & M.F.L. Taylor)
TAYLOR, infant 9 Dec 1890 (Son of John T. & Mary F.L. Taylor)
TAYLOR, infant 1895 (Daughter of John T. & Mary F.L. Taylor)
TAYLOR, infant 1896 (Son of John T. & Mary F.L. Taylor)
TAYLOR, J.O. 25 Oct 1879-21 Nov 1922 (James Oliver son of William Taylor & 
Amanda Jane McClendon, husband of Archie Virginia Smoot)

TAYLOR, James Henry 28 Mar 1837-16 Aug 1922 (Born in Devon, England) V.2 
(son of William Taylor & Elizabeth Townsend)

TAYLOR, John Albert 10 Oct 1883-24 Jul 1948 (son of William Taylor & Amanda 
Jane McClendon, husband of Mary Alice.)

TAYLOR, John Emanuel 15 Oct 1879-29 May 1963 Husband of Sarah Fannie Taylor 
(son of John Townsend Taylor & Emaline Gemima Cryer, husband of Sarah Fannie Payne)

TAYLOR, John Lee 1 Sep 1898-8 Aug 1975 Husband of Emmie W. Taylor (m. 14 Apr 1918) 
(son of John Townsend Taylor & Mary Frances Vernon, husband of Emmie W. Gorbet)

TAYLOR, John T. 22 Nov 1850-13 May 1897 (John Townsend son of William Taylor and 
Elizabeth Townsend)

TAYLOR, John Wesley 1 Sep 1897-10 Apr 1898 Son of John T. & Mary F.L. Taylor 
(John Townsend Taylor & Mary Frances Vernon)

TAYLOR, Lewis Elmer 17 Jun 1894-10 Apr 1899 Son of J.B. & S.F. Taylor 

TAYLOR, Lizzie Virginia 11 Nov 1881-28 Oct 1958 Wife of Robert Lee Taylor 
(Lizzie Virginia Powell)

TAYLOR, Luel Lisle 20 Sep 1907-20 Apr 1967
TAYLOR, M.F.L. 4 Dec 1862-8 Jan 1908 Wife of J.T. Taylor (Mary Frances Vernon 
daughter of John Vernon & Nancy Harriet Diserens)

TAYLOR, M.J., Mrs. 17 Dec 1885-13 Mar 1907 

TAYLOR, M.L., Mrs. 12 Feb 1880-12 Apr 1910 Wife of H.A. Taylor (Mollie Lee Powell)

TAYLOR, Margaret J. Diserens 18 Dec 1850-25 Dec 1919 V.2 Wife of Robert 
Taylor (daughter of John David Diserens & Sarah Ayers)

TAYLOR, Mary Alice 26 Nov 1882-21 Dec 1968 (wife of John Albert Taylor)

TAYLOR, Mary Beffal 'Wife and Mother' 1893-1974 T (Mary Beffal Vernon 
wife of Henry Alfred Taylor)

TAYLOR, Mary Elizabeth 16 Jun 1882-1 Jun 1925
TAYLOR, May Ola 10 Apr 1880-16 Jun 1974 Wife of Walter T. Taylor
TAYLOR, Minnie Emiline b. indistinct-d. 8 Mar 1884 Daughter of Emiline 
Taylor (daughter of John Townsend Taylor & Emiline Gemima Cryer)

TAYLOR, Nannie M. 5 Dec 1881-2 Oct 1960
TAYLOR, Pearl 1 Nov 1897-ndd Wife of Finis Lee Taylor (Pearl Andrews 
daughter of James Albert Jr. and Mary Ella Andrews, married 1st. Johnny 
William Burts son of William Charles & Mary Lucinda Burts, married 2nd. 
Finis Lee Taylor son of Robert Lee Taylor & Lizzie Virginia Powell)

TAYLOR, Rebecca Lucenda 28 Feb 1888-28 Sep 1889 Daughter of John R. & 
Hellen Taylor
TAYLOR, Robert 'Father' 17 Mar 1840-10 Jul 1916 (son of William Taylor & 
Elizabeth Townsend, husband of Lucinda Stuckey & Margaret F. Diserens)

TAYLOR, Robert Lee 4 Oct 1881-31 Jul 1946 Husband of Lizzie Virginia Taylor 
(son of William Taylor & Amanda Jane McClendon, husband of Lizzie Virginia Powell)

TAYLOR, Rosana Burtha 10 Aug 1897-10 Nov 1898 Daughter of John R. & Hellen 
Taylor (John R. Taylor & Hellen Burney)

TAYLOR, Roy J. 11 Oct 1906 (only date) (Roy Jewel Taylor son of John Albert 
Taylor and Mary Alice Denman, husband of Vesta Vertle Rogers)

TAYLOR, Sarah Fannie Payne 12 Dec 1883-3 Aug 1963 V.6 p.4 Wife of John 
Emanuel Taylor
TAYLOR, Thomas Edward 5 Nov 1885-26 Sep 1974 V.7 p.125 Husband of Callie Taylor 
(son of William Taylor & Amanda Jane McClendon, husband of Callie Akin)

TAYLOR, Tildon O. 17 Oct 1916-5 Jul 1944
TAYLOR, Velma Marie 15 Aug 1914-23 Sep 1915 Daughter of J.E. & S.F. Taylor 
(John Emanual Taylor & Sarah Fannie Payne)

TAYLOR, Vesta V. 3 Aug 1907-9 Jul 1976 (daughter of William Taylor & 
Amanda Jane McClendon)

TAYLOR, W.H. 9 Sep 1876-12 Aug 1895 Son of Wm. & A.J. Taylor (William 
Harrison son of William Taylor and Amanda Jane McClendon)

TAYLOR, Walter T. 22 Nov 1871-12 Jul 1959 Husband of May Ola Taylor
TAYLOR, Willie F. 12 Oct 1901-26 Feb 1971 Husband of A. Lee Taylor
TAYLOR, William 13 Feb 1848-8 Oct 1929 Husband of Mrs. A. J. Taylor 
(son of William Taylor & Elizabeth Townsend, husband of Amanda Jane McClendon)

TAYLOR, William Plummer 28 Aug 1877-24 Jan 1950 (son of John Townsend Taylor 
& Emiline Gemima Cryer)

VERNON, Daniel E. 1886-1947 Husband of Ophelia K. Vernon (son of Joseph Isaac 
Newton Vernon & Nancy Caroline Bates, husband of Ophelia K. Mosley)

VERNON, Edwin 6 Jun 1877-10 Nov 1951 Husband of May Belle Vernon (son of John 
Vernon & Nancy Harriet Diserens, husband of May Belle Prater)

VERNON, Eva Faye 22 Sep 1914-12 Dec 1915 Daughter of Edwin & M.B. Vernon 
(Edwin & May Belle Vernon)

VERNON, Frank 23 Oct 1907-20 Mar 1977 Husband of Leona Vernon 

VERNON, John 'Father' 14 Sep 1829-29 Jul 1910 (son of Joseph & Margaret Vernon, 
husband of Nancy Harriet Diserens)

VERNON, Joseph N. 21 Apr 1865-1 Apr 1948 V.4 p.271 (Joseph Isaac Newton Vernon 
son of John Vernon & Nancy Harriet Diserens)

VERNON, Leona 26 Nov 1908-ndd Wife of Frank Vernon
VERNON, Lilly Bell no dates
VERNON, Lonnie I. 'Father' 17 Apr 1915-13 Oct 1971
VERNON, M.A. 20 Dec 1858-25 Apr 1888 Wife of J.D. Vernon, Dau. of J.G. & F.H. 
Roberts (Adeline Roberts)

VERNON, Mary E. 23 Aug 1862-18 Apr 1890 Wife of J.D. Vernon, Dau. of Wm. M. & 
E.M. Sikes (Mary Emily Sikes)

VERNON, May Belle 1 Jun 1881-7 Mar 1958 Wife of Edwin Vernon (May Belle Prater)

VERNON, Nancy Caroline Bates 'Mother' 6 Jan 1868-19 Aug 1963 V.6 p.8 (wife of 
Joseph Isaac Newton Vernon)

VERNON, Nancy Harriett Diserens 22 Nov 1841-14 Jan 1918 V.2 Wife of John Vernon 
(daughter of John David Diserens & Sarah Ayers)

VERNON, Ophelia Kate Mosley 3 Jul 1888-6 Apr 1960 V.5 p.445 Wife of Daniel E. 
Vernon (daughter of Jessie Longo Mosley & Risby Luevenia Arnold)

VERNON, Ruby F. 29 Mar 1905-17 Sep 1906 Daughter of Edwin & M.B. Vernon 
(Ruby Flora Vernon)

VERNON, Ruby H. 1 Aug 1907-ndd Wife of Wm. E. Vernon (mar 54 yrs)
VERNON, William E. 24 Apr 1906-11 Nov 1978 Husband of Ruby H. Vernon (mar 54 yrs) 
(William Everett Vernon son of Daniel Everett Vernon & Ophelia Kate Mosely)

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