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PRESENTATION OF CERTIFICATES of proven ancestors will be held on the September 27, 2014.
FOUNDING FAMILY CERTIFICATES are presented to those applicants who submitted the required documentation of direct descent of an ancestor who settled on December 31, 1862 or before in the area now encompassed by Kendall County

EARLY SETTLERS CERTIFICATES are awarded to those applicants who submitted the required documentation proving direct descent of an ancestor who settled in Kendall County during the time period of January 1, 1863 to December 31, 1900.

APPLICATION FORMSmay be picked up at The Family History Place on Blanco Street, Boerne, Texas
Current Chairperson - Gwen Adrian - call 830-377-9012


PURPOSE: To recognize the progenitors of those now living who were instrumental in founding and settling in the area encompassed by present-day Kendall County, Texas.

  • To qualify for a FOUNDING FAMILIES CERTIFICATE, the applicant must directly descend from an ancestor who settled by December 31, 1862 in the area now encompassed by Kendall County.
  • To qualify for an EARLY SETTLERS CERTIFICATE, the applicant must directly descend from an ancestor who settled in Kendall County during the time period of January 1,1863 to December 31, 1900.
  • The applicant must be able to prove descent from the ancestor (male or female) by an official record or records for each generation, including proof for the applicant. Proof that the ancestor (and/or spouse) resided in Kendall County Texas by the above dates should also be provided by an official document. Land or tax records are acceptable only if they specify that the individual was a resident of Kendall County since many early landowners never lived in the county in which they owned land.
  • Genealogical Society of Kendall County membership or Kendall County residency of applicant is not necessary.

    PROOFS OF DESCENT: To ensure that the certificate is the result of credible genealogical research, the followingprimary sourcesare deemed acceptable: Vital records (birth, marriage, and death);Probate records; all census records (local, state and federal); and Bible and baptismal records that are contemporary to the facts reported.

    The following sources may be cited as circumstantial evidence but must be supported with a preponderance of other evidence: land; tax; military service; church; cemetery and tombstone records; obituaries and funeral notices; and court records.
    The inclusion of the following supplemental resources is encouraged but may not be accepted as proof of lineage: newspaper clippings; published family histories; published county histories; published biographical records; and city and county directories. Private papers and personal records such as letters, diaries, journals, and reminiscences may be evaluated on an individual basis.

    Documents written or printed in a foreign language must be accompanied by a translation into English and the translation certified as a "true translation" by the translator (not the applicant or a family member.)

    INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the attached application form. Altered forms will not be accepted. If you have more than one early Kendall County ancestral line, complete a separate application for each line. If more than one ancestral line is submitted, please include a pedigree chart to show the inter-connections. Only one ancestor will be inscribed on a certificate.

    All pages must be letter size paper. All information on the application should be typed. Family group sheets and Pedigree charts may be computer generated. Please do not staple any of the material. Use paper clips to attach documentation pages. Clip documentation for each generation together behind the family group sheet for that generation. Please write your name on the bottom right-hand corner of the back of each page submitted.

    SUBMITTED MATERIALS: All applications and verifying material become the property of the Genealogical Society of Kendall County. Lineage charts and family group sheets will be open for public perusal. They may be used by others to complete their applications. No original documents should be submitted. Submit a photocopy or other facsimile copy of pertinent materials. Applicants are encouraged to include pictures and biographical information on their early Kendall County ancestors.

    Eligibility shall be determined by the First Families committee appointed by the Genealogical Society of Kendall County. The Committee's decision shall be final. Incorrect or incomplete applications will be returned for corrections and/or additions and the applicant will be encouraged to resubmit the application.

    Application forms, photocopied documents, and a $25.00 check (which is not refundable) payable to the Genealogical Society of Kendall County should be mailed to:

    FIRST FAMILIES of Kendall County
    P.O. Box 623
    Boerne, Texas 78006