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Bawdy house in Seguin?
    This week's riddle in Guadalupe County concerns the operation of a bawdy house north of Scherzo.
    The establishment has been identified to various county and state officials and the The Seguin Enterprise about a house of prostitution.  The following burning question persisted Wednesday:
    Is it still open for business, or was it closed down after Enterprise News Editor Jay Nixon's investigation of the situation on Friday, January 8?
    Neighbors in the vicinity along Live Oak Road just north of Scherzo have been complaining officially for several months.  It has been ascertained that the establishment has been in operation for at least a year and a half, and within the past few weeks the following officials have heard complaints:
    County Judge Henry Glenewinkel, Sheriff Phil Medlin, County Attorney Alwin Pape, Schertz City Marshal Hugo Ackermann, Precinct 3 Constable Bruno Koehler, Texas Ranager Zeno Smith, the Bexar County District Attorney's office and others.
    Judge Glenewinkel said Monday that he was advised by Sheriff Medlin Saturday night that the place "was shut down."  But Schertz City Marshal Ackermann said he stopped a man for speeding in Schertz late Saturday who admitted that he had gained entrance to the establishment through a locked chain gate that same evening.
    County Attorney Pape said he heard a complaint on or about December 28, and referred it to the sheriff's department.  In addition, the Enterprise learned that a woman from Schertz complained to Judge Glenewinkel on December 30 and again last weekend.
    Ackermann also said that he knows of the registration of official complaints for at least the past 18 months.
    One resident of the area told the Enterprise that his family, which includes a 16 year old daughter, is often "bothered and embarrassed by prospective patrons"  looking for the bawdy house.  He, as well as another neighbor who told a similar story, expressed the hope that the place will be closed down.
Seguin Enterprise, January 14, 1960

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